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S: Cyberbullying Project

FC: Cyberbullying

1: What is Cyberbullying? To most people cyberbullying is using technology to send mean, harassing, aggressive messages in the intent of harming someone.

2: For Parents to Prevent Cyberbullying They Should: | -Keep the computer in a busy part of the house so that you can keep an eye on what the child is doing. -Set up any accounts with children so that you know what accounts they have, so you can control the personal information they put online, and what their account password and username is. -Regularly go over the list of people your child talks to and ask how they know them -Describe cyberbullying and ask if they know anyone who has experienced it before. -Tell children its not their fault if they are cyberbullied and privileges won't be taken away if they are.

4: Cyberbullying Parent Victim Story | A newscaster in Wisconsin received an email that said he was, "Surprised her physical condition hadn't improved for years" and also that she wasn't a good role model, especially for teenage girls. The man has never met the woman and only saw her for a short time on a news morning show, but still judged her and bullied her. Her name is Jennifer Livingston and she responded to this email on a live show by saying that she knows about her condition and bullying her about it, isn't going to help it. She also sent a message to victims of cyberbullying, that they can overcome the bullies because the bullies are not better than them.

6: Pennsylvania State Law On Cyberbullying | Each school "entity" is required to have an Anti-Bullying Policy. The policy must contain consequences for cyberbullying. Prevention, education, and intervention programs may be issued also. The acts of bullying may be punishable even if it takes place off of school grounds if other statutory requirements are met. There is also a harassment law which can be used to punish cyberbullies.

8: How Students Can Prevent Cyberbullying As a student you have many ways to stop/prevent cyberbullying. - You should not respond to a message. This can turn you into a bully and/or cause the bully to become more aggressive. -You can also save all messages and tell an adult. If you do not save the messages then you have no proof that you were ever bullied. -These messages can be shown to an adult that you trust. This adult can help you through the problem and if needed step in. -Never give out passwords. The passwords are yours and should only be known to you. -Block out the bullying. If you receive any bullying messages that repeat over time then block them. This blocks off most of their communications with you. -Do not feed the fire. If you are being bullied to not act back with anger, do not talk back at all. Only talk back to the bully if you confront them in person and have it all preplanned.

10: What Happens When You Are Cyberbullied Here is the story of Ryan. This 13 year old has encountered years of bullying. It all started because of his learning disabilities. One kid in school and some of his friends started picking on him because of it. These problems never got bad and came on and off in the years, but one summer things got worse. His bully has gotten to him through the Internet. They had been talking all summer online and his bully has been bullying all summer. This got to the point that Ryan could not take in, and unfortunately things got out of hand that he took his life.

12: The Definition of an Acceptable Use Policy The behavior that is expected from a person using a computer or service. Some websites provide people with an AUP which prevents scamming and commercial use. Some schools provide an Aug to students when they are working in a computer lab, it states unacceptable behavior.

14: My Schools AUP | My schools AUP states ways that we can't use technology and also it states the consequences if we disobey these rules. Each student and their parent must sign the schools AUP. An example one of the schools rules is, "The students can't use their personal electronic devices to access the district-maintained networks during school hours." This is one of the many rules that the school has about technology.

16: Teachers Can Stop Cyberbullying | One way teachers can stop bullying is take it seriously. Its not just kids being kids. A second way is to respond the signs. Know if a student is feeling down. A third way is to ask students to report it to you. The students have to report if they know about bullying. The fourth way is to respond to the incident, encourage the victim to save the message and report it. The fifth way is for teachers to encourage parents to get involved it their kids social lives.

18: A Real Life Story About a Teacher Getting CyberBullied | Some teachers in North Carolina were being cyberbullied by their students. A student had sent sexually sexually explicit emails about a teacher to other students. Another incident involved a student posting false allegations about having been groped by her instructor. Students first irritate or bait a teacher until he or she cracks, filming the incident on their mobile device so they can post the footage online, embarrassing the teacher and the school. Their had been a law made in North Carolina protecting students and teachers being cyberbullied. Students who cyberbully teachers can face up to a $1,000 fine, jail time, or a switch to another school.

20: My School's Discipline Code | It addresses bullying. It says something about cyberbullying and that it will not happen in school and if it is there will be serious consequences. The consequences of this are not stated in the student handbook. What should be added is that students may be expelled from school. Cyber bullying has a bigger affect then what many think. If nothing is done, then things such as death may occur. The school should have a meeting with the students parents to inform then what they are doing online. Maybe this will stop the bullying.

22: 1.More than 80% of teens have a cell phone which makes it the most used technology for cyberbullying 2. Around half of young people have experienced a form of cyberbullying and 10-20% go through it regularly 3. Only 1 in 10 cyberbully victims have told a parent about it. 4. Only 84% have seen the cyberbullying victim being defended by someone else 5. Only 7% of parents in the United States are worried about cyberbullying 6. 85% of parents say that their 13-17 year old child has a social networking site 7. Approximately 20% of students have witnessed a form of cyberbullying around the world 8. 6% of 9-16 year olds have received hurtful messages through the Internet 9. Over half of the people who received hurtful messages were upset afterward | Cyberbullying Statistics

24: What Happens To the Principal? Students and kids are not the only ones who are being cyberbullied. In some places it is the principal who is being cyberbullied. In one high-school a student created a Myspace account for his principal. The student used the page to mock the principal and said things the principal never said or did. One thing that was written was “too drunk to remember” his birthday. So, like kids, principals are also losing their lives because of bullying and mocking.

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