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FC: Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

1: Settings | Act 1: Theater Act 2: Ragueneau's Pastry Shop | Act 3: The Baclony Area of Roxane's Home | Act 4: Battle Camp

2: Act 5: Cyrano's Gazette The Final Act

3: Major Characters! | Cyrano: Cyrano is a ugly man with a big nose and thinks really badly of himself. He may be ugly but he is very quick with comebacks. He is in love with his cousin Roxane. Roxane: Roxane is the cousin of Cyrano and is in love with a man named Christian. Although she thinks she is in love with him she doesn't realize that she is actually in love with Cyrano because the letters Christian were writing to her were actually written by Cyrano. Christian: Christian is a very handsome man that Roxane thinks she is in love with. He is quite the opposite of Cyrano and is terrible at talking to women. He gets Cyrano to write letters to her and talk to her for him.

4: Act Summaries | Act 1: In the first we learn that Cyrano does not really like people a lot and thinks that everybody finds him ugly because of his big nose, even when a younger girl was kind of hitting on him Act 2: We find out that in this act the important thing that Roxane needed to tell Cyrano was that she was in love with Christian and not him. This upset Cyrano greatly. Act 3: This act is outside of Roxane's balcony area where Cyrano talks for Christian saying romantic things to her. Roxane thinking it was actually Christian talking marries him really quick.

5: Act 4: Act 4 is in the campground where there was a battle going on between them and the Spaniards. Roxane appears suddenly with nobody knowing she was coming. She tells Christian she would still love him if he was ugly cause his letters were so romantic. Christian tells Cyrano of this because it was his words in the letter. Act 5: This act is in Cyrano's Gazette

6: Significant Quotes | "...I cannot bend this Gascon Pride of mine to accept such a kindness..." - Cyrano. This quote shows he is to prideful to accept free stuff from people Cyrano kisses the orange girl's hand and she says "Thank you, sir" after she offered him food kind of in a flirting manner and he doesn't even know because he thinks all women hate him. "My old friend-look at me, and tell me how much hope remains for me with this protuberance!" This tells of how he thinks no women find him attractive with his big nose. Talking about who he loves Cyrano replies "Yes; Roxane" revealing he loves his cousin. A quote from Roxane that was important was when Roxane tells Cyrano after he asks who it was she was in love with and she says "Baron Christian de Neuvillette".

7: "Would you dare repeat to her the words I gave you, day by day?" Cyrano says this because Christian is handsome but bad with words and wants to talk to Roxane. When Roxane is reading the letter it says "You and Christian will be married privately in your house." This is important because everyone knows she's actually in love with Cyrano's words but Christian's good looks. "Ugly even, I should still love you" Roxane says. This is very important because she loved Christian for those notes which Cyrano had written and he thought he could never have Roxane because he was ugly. When Cyrano was going to tell Roxane he loved her and it was him writing the letters he was stopped and then later when she brought it up he said "Oh that? Nothing". Near Cyrano's death Roxane says "I understand everything now: The letters - that was you" and even though he denies it and then dies she knows it was him all along

8: Text to Text/Screen | There are many examples of text to text in this book, the first that comes to the top of my head is in Romeo and Juliet in the balcony scene where he is saying a bunch of romantic stuff to her, Cyrano does the same to Roxane. Also in Cyrano and Romeo and Juliet Romeo tries to win the girl and by the end of the book they both die. In Cyrano he tries to win the girl and at the end she finds out he loved her and then he dies. The third one is in Cyrano and Beauty and the Beast one of the morals of the stories was you can be ugly on the outside but be beautiful on the inside.

9: Text To Self | One text to self I had was I wanted to date someone and when I was going to she started going out with someone else and I'm over her now. Another text to self was one of my friends that has graduated use to write beautiful poetry for his girlfriend and she was way out of his league but she loved him cause he was romantic like in the book. The last connection I have with Cyrano de Bergerac is when Cyrano goes out and fights a hundred men and I know there have been situations like that in my life. Not where I had to kill 100 men but it felt like it but I went out there and did it without fear.

10: Rumler Rhinoplasty

11: Prices | Average cost for a nose job is 4000 dollars. This does not include facility fees etc. Facility fees can range from 500-1000 dollars | What to expect after | What is normal to expect is swelling, bleeding, feeling of stuffed nose and slight pain. It will be bandaged for a while and when you come in for your next check up we will take it off and it will not look pretty for a while | Before and After of my most recent patient

12: Character Analysis | Cyrano: He thinks of his love Roxane all the time | He sees the love of his life being we to another man | He says the most witty comebacks and remarks to people and cares not of what people think | He takes actions with his sword and loves to fight | He goes to where ever he needs to go to get done what has to get done (ex. sending letters)

13: Roxane | She thinks about her love Christian 's letters all the time but it is actually Cyrano | She sees a dark silhouette thinking it is Christian talking to her when it is really Cyrano | She takes action with her words and people will do what she asks | She goes where she needs to see her husband before he takes his last breathe in war

14: Christian thinks about talking to Roxane but is scared to because of how bad he is with words | He sees a beautiful woman and wishes to talk to her but will not except with his eyes | Christian gets shot so he would not be in the way of Roxane and Cyrano's love | He will not talk for he fears he talks very dumb to girls and although he is attractive they would find him stupid | He goes to the Comedie to see her (Roxane) | Christian

15: Cyrano de Bergerac 1605-1668 Swordsman, Poet, Artist | Memorial Speech | Cyrano de Bergerac, he was a good friend to a lot of people and always wanted the best for people. He always kept everyone laughing with his witty comebacks and jokes about his nose. He was a great swordsman, poet, writer, and artist. He will forever be remembered in the hearts of us all.

16: Dear Christian, I'm not sure when this letter will reach you. I'm leaving to come see you at your camp tomorrow. If something happens before I get there I want you to know I love you with all my heart. You are the most romantic person I've ever met. The way you write your letters back to me are so beautiful I tear up every time I read them. Anyways I hope this gets to you before I come so you know I'm coming. Until then. Love, Roxane xoxox

17: Dear Cyrano, I wish you were here right now. I miss you so much already. I wish you would have told me you loved me sooner so we could have gotten married and lived a great life. I miss those amazing poems you wrote for me, pretending to be Christian. I miss your way with words, and I miss back when we were kids. You were the greatest friend I could have had and I wish we could have been more but it won't happen now. I miss you and love you so much. Love Roxane

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