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Cyrano de Bergerac

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S: Cyrano de Bergerac

FC: Cyrano de Bergerac | By: Edmond Rostand

1: Acts 1-5 Settings | Act 1 The theatre at the Hotel de Bourgogne in 1640. France. The "common people" sit on the main floor below the stage, while the noble people sat in theatre boxes above. It is dark, only stage lights illuminate the Hall. | Act 2 Ragueneau's bakery. The air is filled with the smells of baked goods, and the noise of the pastry cooks announcing what has been made can be heard over the sound of poets gathering to share poetry.

2: Act 3 Outside Roxane's house at night. A wall with a garden is outside her window. | Act 4 The Guard post occupied by Cyrano's regiment at the siege of Arras. Drums, weapons, and other junk is scattered around on the floor. | Act 5 Paris, 1655, 15 years later. The Park of the Convent, Paris, France. A lovely garden in late October.

3: Major Characters | Cyrano Cyrano is a brave, witty poet who is part of the Guards. He is not afraid to fight and will do so if provoked, whilst humiliating the person in the process. Cyrano loves his cousin Roxane, but his insecurities about his nose keep him from pursuing love. He believes himself to be ugly because his nose is rather large, and her can be overly sensitive of the fact. His best friend is Le Bret, he is cousins with Roxanne, he is Christian's babysitter, and is not entirely fond of de Guiche. Christian Christian is the love, and later the husband of Roxane,. Cyrano is entitled to look over him. Christian is a handsome, but slow man. He represents the shallowness of beauty over brains, and is Cyrano's spokesman when it comes to talking to Roxane. Christian genuinely loves Roxane, but cannot find a way to express his love. De Guiche is entirely jealous of him and sends him to the front lines.

4: Roxane Roxane is in many ways, every guy's dream girl. She is beautiful, witty, kind, and rich. She has many suitors, but seems disinterested in them all but Christian. Almost every character in the play is affected by her in some way. Roxane is Cyrano's cousin, Christian's love, and the object of many men's - including de Guiche's- affections. Comte de Guiche De Guiche is the antagonist in the play, Cyrano's opposing double. He is a vengeful, conceited, and bitter person. He attempts to have Cyrano killed many different times, and is not afraid to say so. He isn't respected at all by his soldiers, and is a terrible leader to boot. He loves Roxane although he is married. He resents Cyrano and Christian. His uncle is the cardinal, and Valvert seems to be his only friend.

5: Summaries of Acts 1-5 | Act One The Scene opens with the theatre's patrons finding their seats, while randomly focusing on snippets of people's conversations. We also learn that Ligniere has offended someone by writing a song mocking them. Ligniere now has a sort of angry mob consisting of one hundred men wanting to kill him. Ligniere however, chooses to ignore the problem and drowns himself in wine. Montfleury opens the play, to Cyrano's displeasure, and therefore cancels the rest of the play. Cyrano later has a battle of wits along with a sparing match against Valvert. After the crowd had all gone home, Cyrano confesses to Le Bret about his love for Roxanne. Roxanne's maid comes to tell Cyrano hat Roxanne wishes to meet with him. The act ends with Cyrano leaving to fight the hundred men waiting for Ligniere. | Act Two The pastrycooks in Ragueneau's shop are busying themselves with making the day's baked goods while Ragueneau himself is awaiting his poet friends. Lise, Ragueneau's wife appears and fusses at him for trading pastries for poems. Cyrano appears and tells Ragueneau that he his expecting someone. Roxane comes in the shop and Cyrano shoos everyone away, distracting the duenna with pastries so she will leave them alone. Roxane then proceeds to tell Cyrano that she loves Christian and to ask Cyrano to take care of him and be his friend. After Roxane leaves, Cyrano's company of guards burst into the shop, eager on news about Cyrano's triumphant battle against the hundred men. However, as Cyrano tries to recount his story, Christian makes several remarks concerning his nose, which forces Cyrano to have a private conversation with him concerning Roxane, During which Christian asks Cyrano to write for him, since Christian is a bit of a dim-wit. A shaky alliance is then formed.

6: Act Three Ragueneau is found in Roxane's house telling his story. His wife ran off with a musketeer, leaving Ragueneau so distraught that he decided to hang himself. Cyrano then cut him down and thwarted his attempted suicide,and gave him a job as Roxane's steward. De Guiche then enters telling Roxane that he's off to the front lines of the war with his garrison of troops Since that part of the guard includes Cyrano and his cadets, Roxane persuades de Guiche to leave Cyrano behind, since he loves the thrill and glor of war. Roxane's purpose for doing this is not to protect Cyrano, but to protect Cyrano so he can protect Christian. Cyrano then comes to the house after de Guiche leaves and Roxane tells him about how she wants Christian to tell her about how much he loves her when he visits. Cyrano the tells Christian and tries to help him with some lines, but Christian refuses, insisting that he can handle it all on his own. That ends up being a disaster, so Cyrano pretends to be Christian, and instead of making up things to make Christian sound smart, Cyrano ends up speaking from his own heart. A Capuchin then enters with a letter for Roxane. After twisting some of the words in the letter, the Capuchin agrees to marry Roxane and Christian. De Guiche then returns to Roxane's house, but is distracted by Cyrano with an absurd story about falling from the moon.By the time Cyrano gets done with his story, Roxane and Christian are already married. Their happy marriage is then followed by an order from de Guiche that both Cyrano and Christian are to go to war.

7: Act Four The scene opens on Le Bret and Carbon at the Siege of Arras. The cadets are going hungry and the front lines draw nearer. The past month, Cyrano has gone every night to deliver a letter from Christian to Roxane, although Cyrano has been writing most of them instead of Christian. De Guiche then enters stating (in short) that they are all about to die. Roxane then comes bursting in with her carriage. She had come all that way because of Christian's letters and she is going insane because she misses him so much. Even with the impending danger, Roxane chooses to stay and die with Christian if she has to. Christian learns that she is now in love with his letters instead of his face, and since Cyrano writes the letters, Christian believes that Roxane now loves Cyrano. While Cyrano is about to tell Roxane the truth, Christian is shot and taken down from the battlements. As Christian breathes his last, Cyrano tells him that Roxane loves Christian, and he dies relieved. Roxane, upon finding the letter with Christian's blood on it, faints, and is carried away by de Guiche. The battle then continues with the cadets on the losing end. | Act Five For the past fourteen years, Roxane has been living in a convent as a widow in mourning. Cyrano visits her every Saturday and has become very popular with the nuns. Ragueneau then rushes in and tells Le Bret about Cyrano's accident, and that they needed help taking care of him and keeping him safe. After they leave however, Cyrano appears at his regular time, heavily leaning on a cane and looking very much pained. Roxane doesn't seem to take notice however, and has him tell her about what happened during the week. Cyrano then asks to see the letter with Christian's blood on it, and as he reads it aloud, Roxane realizes that Cyrano had been writing the letters all along. Le Bret and Ragueneau then return as Cyrano begins to become delirious. The curtain then closes just as cyrano finally dies a valiant death in his mind.

8: Quotable Quotes | ""CYRANO- I will not so profane the dignity of sorrow. Never any tears for me!. (pg49) This quote is often significant in life because many people often try to cover up their own sorrows. Some individuals believe that sadness doesn't help anything, and that being sad makes one uglier to boot. So going around acting like nothing is wrong makes one more dignified. | Cyrano- Dangerous without meaning; exquisite without imagining. Nature's own snare to allure manhood. (pg48) Roxane is dangerous because she is beautiful, and can often bend the will of a man to her own. We all know that girl that turns heads wherever she goes. Roxane is that girl, and Cyrano calls beauty nature's trap for men. | Roxane- And such a man!- he is proud- noble- young- brave- beautiful- Cyrano- Beautiful!- (pg74) Roxane has just been describing her love to Cyrano, who loves Roxane. All the traits she has said apply to Cyrano, except when she says her lover is beautiful, he knows it isn't him. Cyrano doesn't believe he is beautiful in any way, so in that moment his heart is shattered. This is an epiphany in the play. | De Guiche- Windmills, remember, if you fight with them-... - may swing round their huge arms and cast you down into the mire. Cyrano- or up- among the stars! What De Guiche was saying was that if you fight with an unstoppable force, you will be cast down. De Guiche is warning Cyrano not to cross him. But Cyrano counters saying that you may be sent up by the arms and triumph among the stars. | Le Bret-Stop trying to be Three Musketeers in one!(pg88) This is important in the play because it is often Cyrano's desire to be invincible that gets him into trouble. Plus this is often true in life. People often overwhelm themselves and stress themselves out trying to do everything at once.

9: Christian- Once I write, that ruins all!... Because... because I am a fool! Stupid enough to hang myself!(pg98) Christian acknowledges that he is not smart enough to write Roxane a letter worthy of winning her heart. Cyrano has accepted earlier that he is too ugly for Roxane to love, so this is the moment when the romantic duo join forces and sets the rest of the play around winning Roxane's affections | De Guiche- Oh woman- woman!. Who but a woman would have thought of this? (pg111) Women always seem to know exactly what makes a man tick, and they can exploit that expertly. Roxane knows that Cyrano loves to fight, so to keep him out of the war would be a great distress to him. But women also know how to exploit grievances to their advantage, because if Cyrano is at home, he can protect Christian. | Roxane- It is yourself i love now: your own self. (pg187) Roxane has -very stupidly- traveled through Spanish lines through the war in order to see Christian and tell him about the letters that he- actually Cyrano- wrote. This is important to the plot line, because Christian knows that Cyrano wrote the letters to Roxane, so now that Roxane is in love with the letters, Christian believes she is in love with Cyrano. Roxane though meanwhile, is hopelessly desperate over the letters and the words on the page. | Cyrano-Why so am i-for I am dead, and my love mourns for me and does not know(pg197) This Quote has double meaning. It could mean that Cyrano's hope of love has just died. But most likely it meant that Roxane was weeping for the man who wrote the letters, which is him, but she thinks it was Christian. | Cyrano- i said: Excuse me- this is Saturday- I have a previous engagement, one I cannot miss, even for you- Come back an hour from now. (pg213) Cyrano now realizes that he is going to die, but his dedication to Roxane is so compelling that he goes to visit her anyway. Death is an old friend of his, he has defied it in many ways, but never feared it. So now he is politely asking his old friend Death to wait an hour before coming to take him.

10: Text to self/ text to screen | Text to Screen: "You remember when Beauty said 'I love you' to the Beast that was a fairy prince, his ugliness changed and dissolved, like magic... but you see I am still the same." (pg224). Cyrano is making a reference to the classic fairytale "Beauty and the Beast". Belle Loved the Beast so he transformed into a prince. Cyrano is saying that even though Roxane loves him, he still remains ugly. Text to Text: Balcony scene at Roxane's House, Act 3. (pg121) This scene is very similar to the balcony scene in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Romeo calls sweet nothings to Juliet while she stands at her window looking down. Romeo then climbs up for a kiss, but unlike Christian, Romeo gets the actual chance to kiss his love. Text to self: "Dangerous without meaning; exquisite without imagining. Nature's own snare to allure manhood." (pg48). We all know that kind of girl; the girl is so beautiful you feel ugly just looking at her, and every guy drools at the sight of her. She can also have the tendency to be a bit dramatic and ditsy. That's Roxane, she is the "IT" girl in the play. Text to Screen: Cyrano's delusions before death, (pgs225-227). Have you ever seen that cliché death scene in a lot of TV shows and movies? "I can see the light..." Cyrano is right now having delusions due to his head injury, and he realizes that he is dying. When a main character is on his/her deathbed, they often have delusions and visions. Text to Self: "Stop trying to be Three Musketeers in one!" (pg88). Cyrano always tries to take other's troubles along with his own, plus the fact that he is a very prideful and independent person, means that Cyrano takes too much upon himself. Juggling school, athletics, clubs, youth group at church, and family obligations can be a hassle, and thinking that we are invincible and all powerful can lead to some serious stress issues. Even superheroes need help sometimes. Text to Self: "I will not so profane the dignity of sorrow. Never any tears for me!." (pg49). Cyrano believes that he is too ugly to be sad. But in most cases, people bottle up their feelings because they want to hide their problems from the world. Always pay attention to how you treat people; you never know what they're hiding.

11: Rhinoplasty | Co$t $10,000-$15,000 in the US & around $7,000 in France | During Surgery Incisions are made inside the nose so that scars will be unseen after surgery. Bone, cartilage and tissue are then removed as necessary. after a splint is placed on the nose, nasal stuffing may be placed in the nostrils for added support. | Recovery A splint will be put on the nose immediately after surgery. it will remain there for five to eight days. An overnight stay in a hospital is often required. Some bruising and swelling of the face can be expected. Most doctors suggest that the patient refrains from blowing their nose for the next week. Nasal dressings and splints can be removed six or seven days after surgery. | After Surgery

12: I Think; that I am ugly, and no woman will ever love me. Poetry is the best way to express yourself. I will never back down from a fight. | I See; Roxane, and her stunning beauty. I also see my grotesque nose peering out into my vision. I see how much Roxane loves Christian and not me. | I say; the wonderful lines of poetry that flow from my lips. I speak my mind whenever i m inclined to do so. I also speak my heart when I can. | I feel; like singing whenever Roxane is around. I feel like I will forever be alone because i am ugly. My heart weeps to think of Christian with Roxane. | My actions; are often indicated toward violence, but I tend to persuade someone otherwise. I tend to humiliate anyone who in the least stares at my nose. I will fight for my friends and comrades till the very end if necessary. | I go; off to fight the hundred men and win. I go to Roxane's house to help Christian with his words. I go to the front lines of the war to fight.

13: Memorial Speech | Friends, Family, we have come here today to honor the memory of Monsieur Cyrano de Bergerac. His death was the result of an untimely... accident, and we should all cherish the time we had with him while he was with us. Cyrano was known for a great many talents; A witty playwright, an incomparable poet, a wonderful musician, and a fierce and valiant fighter. One would have been most unfortunate to get in a duel with him, he would have been as good as a dead man for sure. Cyrano even took on a hundred men at once on his own... and won too! He was an important member within the Guards, and his plays could be seen on the stage at the Hotel de Bourgogne. But what he was not so known for was his ability to love. He was indeed a passionate lover, with the object of his affection being Madeline Robin, who was so moved by his letters that she rode through enemy lines during the siege of Arras. He did believe himself to be ugly however, and mentioning his nose was as good as signing your own death certificate. But although he had a rather large nose, he had a heart to match. Poet, playwright, musician, fighter, lover, all these words describe Cyrano de Bergerac, May he rest in peace.

14: Here lies Cyrano de Bergerac A brilliant poet, witty lover, and a valiant fighter. may his soul reside with God.

15: Dearest Cyrano, How I wish I could have known sooner! My heart cries from longing to see you alive one again, so I can truly tell you how I feel. If only I had known all these years that my love was my dearest friend, and that it was you saying all those things! My dearest love, if only I could have you in my arms once again. It all makes sense now, thinking back on all the letters that you- and not Christian- had written me. Those beautiful words, I had memorized almost every line on every page, and to think that you wrote me everyday, especially during the war. I remember when we were small children and we spent our summers together, those are some of my fondest memories, and i miss those days. I love you, I love you so very dearly Cyrano de Bergerac! Then right as I had you, and knew the truth, then you left me, I am a widow twice in my heart and I shall never love again. It would be so painful, and absolutely no one could ever take my love away from you. With all my love, Roxane, XOXOXO

16: Dearest Christian, Beauty and brains! You are truly the perfect man. Your face is what first attracted me, but now that I have heard your words of proclaimed love, I know that I truly do love you! That night out in my garden, when those beautiful words- pure poetry,- poured out of your lips, I knew at once I was in love! Then when the Capuchin came, the perfect opportunity to remain yours presented itself, and I do wish the wedding hadn't been so hasty, but with de Guiche on his way, we didn't have much of a choice. But then it was done and you had become my husband, and I believe I was the happiest woman alive! But then we got the most horrible news that you would be sent off with Cyrano to war! How frightfully dreadful! Then as the war pressed on, but your letters came everyday without delay! As I read the pages, memorizing line after line, the longing became so great that I feared I would go mad! So I traveled through enemy lines all the way to your post so that I could see you and tell you how I feel, I shall be there by Friday. With all my love, Roxane. XOXOXO

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