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FC: D-Day By: Austin Ewing

1: Timeline: 1943-1945

2: U.S. troops landing in Normandy, France. First was an air assault, followed by a n assault by ship/land. | British soldiers landing on Sword Beach. The weather conditions were rough.

3: Aug. 19, 1942- Allied raid fail on Dieppe, Frace. Hitler gains confidence from this victory. Nov. 1943- At the Tehran Conference U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with Churchill of Great Britain and Stalin of the USSR decide to embark in a second front in France on Germany. Spring of 1944- General Dwight D. Eisenhower set the date June 5, 1944 for the invasion of Europe.

4: June 10, 1944 Dear Anne, Today my troop set out for the first time. Mobilization of the Allied Forces troops has begun, and I don't know if my side will be able to handle it. I should not be pessimistic, for my country has defeated them before, and I have fought in the previous battle with them. My country is fighting for something different than freedom, and that's where I begin to think we will fall. Having the will to fight and something moral to fight towards gives them the advantage over us because unlike us they will be putting their heart and souls into this battle....

5: ...Never the less, I do not think negatively of my troops and our ability to take what we want. I do not lack support in my leader either. He stepped up to take charge when our country was struggling. I cannot blame him for attempting to put us on top. There is not much time, but I wish to put all of my thoughts in one place,so that my family can look upon them when I return. I do miss them dearly, and i think about the every minute of every day.

6: Late in the evening of June 2, 1944, Eisenhower, his top generals, and British Prime MInister Winston Churchill meet to review the weather forecast of June 5. They change it to June 6,1944 because of sever weather.

7: Survivors of a sunken troop transport wade ashore on Omaha Beach. Death did not only occur on the battlefield. | June 6, 1944- land, air, and sea forces of allied forces invade France. A total of 9 battleships, 23 cruisers, 104 destroyers, and 71 landing craft took part in the first front.

8: The Allied forces were attacking with all they had. Germany was about to get pummeled.

9: June 6, 1944- American soldiers land on the coast of France under heavy Nazi machine gun fire. June 6, 1944- Allied push ashore 75,215 British and Canadian troops and 57,000 U.S. troops---coming close to around 1 million men within the first month. June 19-20 1944- Force 6 to 7 storm blows out Northwest and severely damages Mulberry A in the American sector July 25-31- Operation Cobra in effect. Allied moves forward, and France is now home to the Allied.

10: Aug 15, 1944- Allied come ashore on the French Mediterranean coast in operation DRAGOON- the Germans are now in full retreat. | Above: Nazi soldiers raise their hands in surrender.

11: This shows Allied dominance in the battle. The German's were slowly falling behind. | This also shows the Allied forces seriousness about the war. They were killing anybody that got in their way.

12: August 21, 1944 Dear Adole, It's been over two months since you have left, and I think about you everyday. I don't know if I can live happily with you not in my life. You are out in the middle of a war serving your country, and I can't help but feel helpless. The kids continue to ask me where you are, and I have no answer. I don't know if it would be right to tell them the truth, but at the same time I feel horrible for lying to them. I'm maintaining the house the best that I can, but things just are not the same. I do not agree with what Hitler is doing, and I feel that he should surrender, but whatever you do, I support. The forces are just too strong, and I fear that I might lose you. Just know that you are protected, and that you are in our prayers.

13: Poem... Through the heart of battle I give it everything I've got We will fight until the end And give up we will not June 6, 1944 was the day it began, And Hitler apparently is prepared As the Allied forces begin mobilization, It is evident that war has been declared Any moment now The landing craft Will move for the beaches Defenders to remove | Any moment now I will be watching comrades fall Be ready lord, above the noise Listen for my call Please stand by my side I am going to need you more than ever The battle will last a lifetime But when will I give up?...Never

14: Personal equipment included a pistol belt, rigger-made extra capacity ammunition pouches, canteen, folding stock carbine, scabbard, | T-Handle shovel, compass and M-3 trench knife. A first aid kit is also tied to the soldier's suspenders. | Luminous Disc glows in the dark. This disc was actually included a low level radioactive material. The small device was used to mark equipment bundles to find them in the dark, and it was also worn on the clothing to help soldiers and aircraft identify friendly soldiers

15: This is an Airborne First Aid Kit. It included a bandage, tourniquet, and morphine. This was very useful to soldiers who were wounded in battle

16: This shows that there was tension between the Allied forces and Germany even before D-Day occurred. The tension built up until the allied forces realized that something had to be done.

17: During WW2 the economy was down. All of the money was being spent on war supplies. Also, factory jobs were lost because the factories were converted in army factories.

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