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Dad's family (Copy 2)

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Dad's family (Copy 2) - Page Text Content

S: Paul Reichard's Family History

BC: "A farmer went out . to sow his seed..." Matthew 13:3 | "Then the land will will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us." Psalm 67:6 | This truth has been fulfilled in Paul's life. | Paul began sowing seed in the fields of Pennsylvania, and continued to sow "seeds of righteousness" throughout his life. | Paul died peacefully at home on February 25, 2013

FC: "Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream." Jeremiah 17:7-8 | Paul Stanley Reichard

1: Paul was the 10th child of Charles and Kate Reichard. The family lived on a small farm near the village of Macungie, Pennsylvania. | In those days the home had no electricity, indoor plumbing, or telephone. They had a root cellar (you can see the entry to it on the front corner of the house), to keep things cool. The water they used came from a cistern under the back porch, which meant hand pumping the water and carrying it into the house. In the winter the pump would freeze and that made the process longer. Then there was the out house... Kerosene lamps were used to light the house, the barn when chores had to be . done, and the horse drawn carriage at night. . Farms were far apart, and there was always hard work to be done so there wasn't much time to visit. On holidays, they would often go to town to watch a ball game or go to .the park. All their farming was done with horses or mules. The neighbors were beginning to get tractors, but the new equipment was too expensive for their family. | The family was Pennsylvania Dutch and Lutheran, like most of the families in that part of the country, but when Paul was growing up they only went to church for special holiday programs and church picnics. | S | T | The Reichard Farm house on Sauerkraut Lane | Grace Lutheran Church | Referred to as Solomon's. Solomon Wesco donated the land in 1841. | The Pump on their back porch with an unknown ancestor

2: Macungie, Pennsylvania The name is from a Native American word meaning bear swamp, or place where bears feed. The early German Pennsylvania settlers took land that had been hunting grounds for the Lenni Lenape. They cleared the scrub, planted crops, raised livestock and continually expanded their holdings. | Most of what they produced fed their families and their hired and indentured servants, but some crops were grown for their cash value. Eventually they raised enough money to buy land warrants in Philadelphia from the proprietors, William Penn's heirs.

3: Early King's Highways, (really no more than trails suitable in good weather for wagons), were laid north-south and east-west in the mid-eighteenth century. Route 100 and Hamilton Blvd. that run through . Lower Macungie still follow basically the same . routes as when they were laid out in 1735 and 1753. | The first time Charles Reichard drove a car (in a field) he got it started, but when it wouldn't stop when he said. "Whoa!" he decided it was also his last.

4: Edward M Reichard 2 Oct. 1833-15 Nov, 1916 | Carlotta Newhard 14 Nov. 1834-2 Aug. 1907 | Paternal Grandparents Married October 8, 1857 | Edward & Carlotta's Children William Heinrich - 1859 -1900 - William, Emily and another girl Maria Sophia - 1863 -1927 Oscar Danial - 1866 - - 1 son-Paul, 2 Girls- Edna&Rachael Ida Susanna - - 1868 - 1870 - Died at 2 years old Charles Milton - 1870 - 1959 - 11 children Rev. Francis Edward-1872 - 1940 -not married Nathanial Peter -1876 -1961 -no children | A page from the old Reichard Family Bible

5: Edward & Carlotta Reichard/Reichert with family (Charles Reichard is standing 3rd from left.)

6: Hannah Maria Sallade 1843-1880 and Jacob F. Rohrbach 1842-1875 (Paul's maternal grandparents) | A Rohrbach family picnic Charles 2nd from left (standing) Kate, standing just to the right of her mother, and her brother, Dr James Rohrbach. Grandmother Hannah seated in the center.

7: Rohrbach Family picnic/reunion - with all the family | Hannah Sallade 1843-1880

8: Charles Milton Reichard 30 Jan. 1870-19 Dec. 1959 | "Katie" Katie M. Rohrbach 22 Sept. 1876 - 29 May, 1938 | Parents Married 22 December 1900 | Fredrick Jacob -1 Jan. 1901 - 8 June,1903 Earl Leroy -16 Nov.1902-15 Mar.1934 Hannah Charlotte-23 Ap, 1904 - 15Sept.1996 Mae Catherine -23May, 1905 - 9 Oct. 1975 George Adam - 5 Feb. 1907 - 19 Ma.1982 Harry Charles -10 Feb.1908 - 30 Jul,1990 John Homer -2 June, 1909 - Feb. 1996 Helen Rebecca -12 Sept. 1911 - 15 Jan. 1990 Ida Elmira -23 Sept. 1912 - Nov. 2006 Paul Stanley -18 July 1915 -Feb. 25, 2013 . Wilbur Francis -16 May, 1919 -Feb. 2012 | Paul Reichard July 18, 1915 Macungie, PA | Elda Mae Thompson May 7, 1915 Franklin Co. Nebraska | Catherine Ann - July 30, 1947-Nov. 27, 1979 Margaret June - June 25, 1949- ______ Gordon Paul - Nov. 26, 1952- _____ Richard Charles -April 26, 1954- _____ | Married August 5, 1941 Oregon

9: The Reichards Charles, Ida, George, Katie (Mother), Helen, Harry,Mae, John, and Earl. Front; Wilbur & Paul (About 1925) | The family gathered for Katie Reichard's (Paul's mother) funeral in the Spring of 1938. Charles, Ida, Paul, Helen, George, Mae, Harry & Wilbur

10: The primary school, a little brick building was about a mile from home, and the children walked. There were 25-30 students at a time, and the 1 teacher taught all 8 grades. Daddy remembers making cardboard shuts and having them run back and forth in his desk. He would drop a marble into the ink well hole in the center of the desk and let it run down the shuts. | Just after turning 6 years old, Paul started school. Because the family only spoke Pennsylvania Dutch (a German dialect) he had a difficult time. | 8th Grade Diploma This meant Paul was eligible to attend Emaus High School. | Life wasn't all work. Paul's favorite time at school was recess and lunch time. Baseball was his favorite game, but kick-a-wicket was a favorite with the group at school. . | Spelling, arithmetic, history and geography were his favorite subjects.

11: Ida & Mae | John, George, Mae, Harry, Hannah's husband Charles Baerle Ida, Helen, Paul, Hannah's daughter Ruth, Hannah with Chuck Jr. | Ida, Mother (Katie), Mae, Helen, Dad (Charles), and in front, Wilbur & Paul

12: Emaus High School Paul graduated in 1933, and because of the depression, he felt it was a miracle that he was able to stay in school. In fact, Paul was the first family member to go straight through school from 1st grade to high school graduation. | E | Paul was delighted to play on the high school basketball team, and during his senior year the school finally got a baseball team. The coach invited him to join. He earned a sports "letter" in baseball. In order to play on the after school teams, Paul had to find his own way home, which often meant walking - or running the 5 miles to the house. | Paul's graduating class

13: In the summer of 1929 Paul graduated from 8th grade, and was confirmed in the Grace Lutheran Church. He clearly remembers his Mom taking him to Allentown to buy his first suit for the occasion. He faithfully attended church, and his friends began calling him . Deacon Reichard. . He was appointed to be a . deacon, and felt it an honor . to serve in that office as . well as being on the . church board for . several years before . he went west in the . summer of 1938. . . | Summer jobs . were hard to find, and meant working 10 hours for $1.00 a day. During his high school summers, Paul caddied at the Brookside Country Club. Here, if someone needed you, they would pay 50 cents to carry 1 bag, and 75 if you carried 2 bags for 18 holes. There was one gentleman who always asked for Paul when he was there, and gave a generous tip. When the club Pro gave lessons, often he asked for Dad, Paul listened to his teaching, and learned to play well. Golf was a sport that he enjoyed well into his 80's | Emaus Triangle in the 1930's | The town changed the spelling to Emmaus, but this is the same view in July, 2012

14: Standing; Dad, Ida, George, Mother, Harry, Hannah, Helen, John & Earl Front; Wilbur & Paul Right: The same group except that Mae is in the center back. She and Hannah changed places. | After the stock market crashed, to earn a little extra money Paul decided to set up trap lines. He started with a dozen steel traps and added to them as the years went by. They were set up along the creek that went through their property. Before dawn, he had to check the traps - no matter how cold and rainy it was. Then the animals had to be skinned and the fur stretched out on a frame to dry. The pelts were sold to Sears & Roebuck, often in exchange for school clothes. Muskrats = $1 - $3.50 Skunks = $3 - $5.00 Opossum = $1.00 Weasel = $1 bounty was paid by the county for sending in 1 foot. | . After Earl, Below; . was divorced, he & . his 2 girls, Arlene . and Frances, moved . back to the farm. He died shortly after that . from an infection. | Left; John never married and didn't have any . children. He had a . breakdown and . was cared for by . the state.

15: Left to right standing; Charles M. (Father), Paul, Mae, Hannah with a child , George, John, Helen, (Harry's wife), Ruth & Wilbur Down in front; Lillian and her children | Paul's mother had goiter, which she lived with for years, having been counseled not to have surgery on it. Eventually, she got sick and because Paul worked around the farm, he took care of her. At that time, he promised he would not leave her. Eventually it was determined that she needed to have the surgery after all. Paul recounts that when he saw her in the hospital the night before surgery, she was very scared. She did not survive the surgery and passed away in November, 1939. The family gathered for her funeral, and it was at that time when Paul's life changed dramatically. | ...Then there were the chickens... To earn money, Paul decided to raise chickens. He got up the courage to ask his dad for some old boards, he dug sand and gravel from a neighbor's creek bed, and was able to get cement, nails, and roofing paper on credit from the hardware store. He had never built anything, or run a business, but he paid his bills, grew his flock, and had eggs for the family to eat.

16: Ruth Baierle Parnell | Hannah & her sister Mae left home to live in Bethlehem by the late 1920's. While there, they attended some Seventh-day Adventist evangelistic tent meetings. This infuriated their oldest brother Earl and their father. They planned to "go after that preacher," but Earl injured his leg, so they were unable to go. The girls did accept the Adventist faith, and Hannah accepted the preacher's marriage proposal. A few years after this, Earl became an Adventist, but later left the church. At his death, a letter was found that was written to Elder Baierle that indicated his renewed faith. | Lois, Charles & Ruth | Charles Baierle (Evangelist) | Left Hannah Reichard Baierle, with Ruth & Charles Jr. Right, Lois, Chuck and Ruth (Chuck's 8th grade graduation) | Chuck, Lois, Ruth & Hannah

17: Lois, Hannah Ruth & Chuck | Hannah & Percy with Hannah's children Charles Jr. Ruth & Lois | Hannah Reichard Baierle | Hannah was a stately woman. After her first husband died, she made a living by caring for people in her home. Her warm heart and cheerfulness made everyone feel good. | Hannah's 90th Birthday | Grandchildren; (L to R) Mike, Kim, Gary, Sonny, Steve, Grandma Hannah, Vicki, Cassia, Scott & Lynann

18: Roy & Mae (Reichard) Walin With their daughter Sheryl | Below from left: Lois Baierle, Mae Walin holding Sheryl, Hannah Baierle and her children Chuck & Ruth | Uncle Roy was an enthusiastic idea man. After retiring, he and Mae went as missionaries to Africa. Roy's main mission was to dig wells to bring clean water to communities. | Roy Walin thought kids were quite a nuisance...until Sheryl! | Dan and Sheryl with their children after returning from mission service in Africa

19: Sheryl (Walin) & Dan Bettle With their 4 Children and Grandchildren | ROY & Amie Bettle Caleb and Giana | KATHERINE & Mark Madera . and their children . Nic and Hailey | DANIELLE & David Williams with their boys Jack & Ryan | RON Bettle

20: Leonna (Lee) Roberts | George & Lee's

21: Lee & George with his sister Hannah 1961 in California | 25th Wedding Anniversary | LaVerne (Vernie) at age 15 | Wedding | Left to right; Paul holding Ann & Elda Mae with Margaret, George & Lee, Lee's father Edward James Roberts holding his Granddaughter Sharon Ann (Micky's), and 2 of Lee's 4 daughters, Micky and Vernie

22: Harry & Helen Reichard and their only child Lillian | 3 Generations Lillian, Baby & Helen | Lillian was the photogenic one! | Kathy Kay | Lillian (Tootie) and her future husband, Charles Jaworski

23: Lillian Jaworski with Robert, Kathy Kay, Mark & Lori | Harry & Helen Anniversary pictures | Kathy and her family | Left: Lillian's children Sharon, Mark, Robert, Lori & Kathy.

24: Helen Reichard Married George Newhard With daughter - Patsy | Pat Newhard married Ruben Shoemaker | 18 months | 2nd birthday

25: Ida Reichard & her 1st husband Durrell Moyer | Left: Ida & Paul with their father Charles Reichard | Siblings: Wilbur, Ida & Paul | Ann, Paul & Elda Mae, Wilbur & Ruth Front: Gordon & Richard (in Ohio) | Ida Bittenbender

26: Barbara with her husband Richard Holben | Barbara High School Graduation | Wilbur & Ruth Schueck Reichard | Richard Charles & Barbara Louise Wilbur & Ruth's children | Wilbur & Paul studying the map | Ruth

27: ANNE (Holben) & Mark with their children Tyler and Brooke | JILL & Geoff with Rileigh, Taylor & Mackenzie | Taylor | Rileigh | MICHAEL & Heather Reichard Noah & Abigail | Matthew Holben | Ruth & Wilbur with Richard & Barbara (Reichard) Holben, and Kathleen & Richard Reichard

28: Silverton Canning Company | After his mother's death in May 1938, Paul and brother Wilbur drove back to Silverton, Oregon with their sister Mae. Her husband Roy & his brothers owned the Silverton Canning Co. and needed someone to drive a truck out to them from the factory in Michigan for their business. | Wilbur (His brother) & Paul | God works ... | The truck that Paul used to haul canned goods to their distributors | As soon as they arrived, the Walin family took them in as family. Paul attended the Lutheran Church for services, but did not find it satisfying, so he began attending the Adventist Church with the Walin family. The church people--like the Walins--were very friendly, and it wasn't long before he began attending regularly. As he says, "A seed was sprouting in my heart." Both Paul and Wilbur worked at the cannery that summer, and lived in a tent in the Walin's back yard. Having been out of work for so long, there were no complaints even though the work hours were very long.

29: Mae & Wilbur | ... And then there was Elda Mae. Elda Mae Thompson came from Nebraska to find work. She needed to earn money to finish her last prerequisite courses for Medical Technology training in California. Her grade school friend Jo Walker Walin now lived in Oregon and told her there was work. Somehow... Elda Mae got a job at the cannery, and as Paul, Wilbur & Mae drove across the country, Mae told her brothers about this wonderful girl who was living with her sister-in-law Effie Walin. The introductions happened, and Paul was so thankful that Wilbur had a sweetheart (Ruth) back home. Paul had no expectation of getting a college education, and ended up doing just that, as well as getting "the girl." | Elda Mae Thompson & Mae Reichard Walin | "Trust in the LORD, and do good. Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness." Psalm 37:3 | in mysterious ways! | Paul & Wilbur's lodging that first summer in Oregon

30: Paul worked at the cannery in the summer, and on campus in the paint shop and accounting office to earn his tuition. | Walla Walla College Paul dreamed about going to college, but never imagined that he would be able to attend. The talk of going to college by Elda Mae over lunches and other meetings started the ball rolling, and then with the encouragement of his sister Mae and her husband Roy--and the money he saved from driving the Cannery truck, he was able to attend the Seventh-day Adventist college in Walla Walla, Washington. | German Club | Cafeteria Meals | ? | "Trust the LORD with all thy heart, and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

31: Then it came time for Elda Mae to go to the White Memorial Hospital for her training in Medical Technology, and Paul to go back to Walla Walla College. The young people at the church planned to give Elda Mae a going away party, and Paul wanted to give her something. His sister Mae suggested perhaps a watch might be a nice gift, so he had a picture taken and gave her a watch. Some time later, Mae told him that giving a girl a watch was the equivalent in Adventist circles to giving an engagement ring. Elda Mae claimed she didn't know that, but she did want the watch. It was the first one that she ever owned. | Jo Thompson, Elda Mae Thompson & Paul Reichard | When Elda Mae arrived in Los Angeles, her sister Jo had completed her nursing course but had to live in the nursing dorm until her bill was paid off. Elda paid that bill and then they shared a small apartment with two other students. Jo and Elda Mae were the two youngest children of eight, and had grown up like twins, so it was good to be together in this large city. | Pictures and letters became important communication tools. Because long distance telephone calls were too expensive. When Elda Mae finished her Medical Technology training, she got a job for Dr. Steck in Challis, Washington. (Close enough that Paul could arrange deliveries to make occasional visits.) She worked in this office until they got married.

32: Wedding | During the spring of 1941, Paul--who had decided a long time before that his place was in the Seventh-day Adventist church, took a baptismal class, and was baptized. John Pearson (Uncle Jack) was also in the class, and later married Elda Mae's sister Josephine. At the 4th of July picnic that year, Paul and Elda Mae went to the usual church picnic at Effie's house. It was a gorgeous evening with a full moon. Paul asked Elda Mae if she would marry him, she said, "Yes," and that evening they set the date for August 5, 1941. | Elda Mae's wedding dress | They had a small home wedding with their close friends and relatives in the area. Elder Esteb, who had provided a place for Elda Mae to stay while in college, married them. | For their honeymoon, they rented a cabin at the beach and stayed for a few days. Then it was back to work, and Elda would join Paul as a student for their last year at college.

33: Mr. Cubley (Dad's major professor) hired Paul as his reader during his senior year, AND, wrote a letter of recommendation for him after Paul returned from the Army. That secured a job with Mr. Nelson at the Glendale . Sanitarium . & Hospital . right after the . war, when jobs . were very hard to . find. | Paul worked in the accounting office his junior year, but when he came back to school for his senior year he was told that because he was married he could no longer work there. The job he could get was to clean the Home Economics Department. He worked early morning hours there until Mr. Cubley made him a better offer. | College Graduation It was to be a celebration for them, but the draft notice said Paul had to report for basic training on their graduation day. Paul left, and Elda Mae was not allowed to get his diploma.

34: While on Guadalcanal, there were between 15-25 other Seventh-day Adventist service men. They held Sabbath services all the time he was there. Quite often a native pastor, Pastor Sassa Rora, walked for miles through the jungle to meet with them. The military men considered themselves missionaries paid by the U.S.government at a time when overseas missionaries were forced to leave. Dad was the church treasurer, and they gave their offerings to the local mission. | Because of his college business degree, Paul was assigned to do clerical work in medical records for the 20th Station Hospital on Guadalcanal. | SDA enlisted men with the local pastors | Local congregation and their church | It started with basic training in Texas. Paul's wife Elda Mae quickly found a way to tell who were native Texans. If they loved it there, they were natives. If not.... She was not a Texan!

35: George McCorikle, Calvin Hartnell, Vernon Schneider & Paul Reichard Paul's 3 close friends. | George & Paul | Calvin pointing out Paul's promotion | Paul spent the last few months in Hawaii before coming home. Amazing fruit! | Paul served for 20 months 1942-1944

36: Above: the walk from the hospital past the nurses dorm to our Glendale Sanitarium & Hospital apartment. | Vacations were spent going cross country in our Ford station wagon. (1957) We would carry a food box and games in the car. . As a family, we saw America this way. | Gordon & Ann

37: "Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories." - Cathy Allen | Our Trailer Purchased in California, this trailer was pulled thousands of miles. Every summer we traveled to see family and interesting places. Now carrying food and supplies became much easier, and the trailer was our hotel. Mom, Dad, Richard & Gordon slept in it, and Ann & Margaret slept in our station wagon. | A favorite weekend get away location. We camped in the park and enjoyed the rocky cliffs and beach. | Hume Lake We spent a week here. The only location vacation we took. We rode horses, Dad took us out in a row boat, (but a storm forced us back to shore), I watched dad chop wood for our fire, and we got to buy 1 souvenir. What adventure! | San Clemente State Park

38: ...And then there were 2 | Building a Family | Margaret June 2nd Child June 25, 1949 | Catherine Ann 1st Child July 30, 1947

39: Gordon Paul 3rd Child November 26, 1952 | Richard Charles 4rd Child April 26, 1954 | Gordon, Margaret, Richard & Ann | Gordon & Richard

40: Early 1052 Christmas 1952 May 1954 | This was taken in our home at 725 Glenmore Drive in Glendale, California

41: Kettering, Ohio The Reichard family moved to Ohio from Glendale, California in June, 1961. Paul had been appointed as the treasurer for the development of Kettering Memorial Hospital. | Signing of legal papers to get started on the hospital. Mr. George Nelson, the administrator is standing in the center. | Ground breaking ceremonies | Open house Kettering Memorial Hospital when it opened in 1964 | Novella McWilliams Paul's secretary | Comptroller (CFO) of Kettering Hospital | A fund-raiser fashion show

42: The Reichard's first Ohio home on Barrymore Lane Next door was a corn field, and across the street (behind the Cramer's house) was a ball diamond. What could have been better? | Ann | Elda Mae (Mom) as a teen, in her overalls. | Graduation Mt. Vernon Academy Anne 1966 & Margaret 1967 | Elda Mae loved to sew. (She made all of our clothes, pajamas, curtains, seat covers...) | Gordon by one of the trees Dad planted. At each house he planted trees, and we got to see them grow to be tall and healthy.

43: Pictures Spring Valley Academy Gordon 1972 & Richard 1973 | Margaret & Dennis Williams with Jeremy | Picnic at Griffith's Park before Joan & Richard's Wedding | The speedsters - Aiko & Midori in Grandpa & Grandma's basement

44: A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. | A family is pieced together with hope and faith. | Ann & Daniel Pearl | Gordon & Rebecca Reichard | Margaret & Les Hess | Jeremy Williams

45: Richard & Joan Reichard with Midori & Aiko | Aiko | Midori | Jeremy | Grandchildren Graduation Pictures

46: Christmas in Ohio The birds loved to come to the feeders on the patio. | Christmas in Denver (Where it doesn't snow...) | Above: Rebecca & Gordon Left: Paul & Elda on the back porch in Ohio Right: Back: Les, Paul, Richard, Gordon & Jeremy Middle: Joan, Elda & Rebecca Front: Midori & Aiko | The backyard trees would fill with cardinals on snowy days.

47: After retiring, Paul & Elda Mae served with Maranatha Volunteers International to help build churches in Mexico, Alaska and Ireland and were able to do some sightseeing in those places as well. Later they went as sustenance missionaries to Bangkok, Thailand; Malaysia; Enton Hall in England; and many trips to Hong Kong. On these, Paul oversaw the computerization of the Adventist hospitals, and prepared the hospitals for audit. | Still sewing... in Thailand. Later when they started going to Hong Kong, Elda bought a portable sewing machine, and Paul carried it on the plane in a briefcase. | Elda and Paul's sister Hannah when she came to visit them in Thailand.

48: 50 th Anniversary In Ohio at the Social Row Rd. house | 70th Anniversary In Florida at Les & Margaret's home | 1st Florida home at Florida Living | Dad, getting ready to go out to his 1/3 acre Ohio Garden | Zucchini from his 6' X 12' Florida Garden | Florida Living - 2009 | Jason & Midori Sliger's wedding - June, 2006 Kettering SDA Church OHIO

49: Christmas 2012 With Margaret & Les and Marie (left) | The family - Thanksgiving 2012 | Rebecca | Gordon | & | Paul & Elda Mae with their family Aiko, Margaret, Les, Richard, Joan, Jason & Midori with Evangeline | Paul & Elda's Great Granddaughter Evangeline Sliger Born: October 7, 2011 | 2nd Florida home, next door to Margaret & Les

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