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Dads book

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S: James Roscoe Hunt June 4, 1934 80 Years of Memories

FC: James Roscoe Hunt June 4, 1934 80 Years of Memories

1: The year was 1934. A loaf of bread was $0.05, a gallon of milk $0.45, and a gallon of gas $0.10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (F.D.R.) was president of the United States. This was also the year that was the turning point in the great depression. The unemployment rate dropped to 22%. Public works projects started such as the Interstate System and the Hoover and/ or Boulder Dam. The mid-west was being devastated by a two year drought (Aka) "The Dust Bowl". Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary opened in San Francisco Bay (Aka) "The Rock". Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by the FBI near Black Lake, Louisiana. The Flying Scotsman becomes the first steam locomotive to be officially recorded at 100 mph. Hitler names himself President or Fuhrer of Germany. The population was 126,373,773. And on June 4, 1934 James Roscoe Hunt was born in Peru, Maine. By: Briant C. Hunt

2: Ezra H. Hunt | Ezra Harlow Hunt Miriam Denning Dawe Hunt | Ezra H. Hunt Canadian Expeditionary Force c. 1919 | James Roscoe Faulkingham | Lillian Faulkingham

3: GrandfatherFaulkingham and Everett | Grammy and Grampy Scott | Grammy and Grampy Scott | Grammy Scott with Baby Margaret

4: Ezra S. Hunt and Winifred L. Hunt (Nee Faulkingham)

5: Jimmy Hunt at Grammy Scott's House across from Peru School

6: "...to hear the voices of my mother and father"

8: Nancy Elizabeth Margaret Claire James

9: DIFFERENCE OF OPINION My story: Margaret and I used to make mud pies when we were kids. My story is that Jimmy used to steal them and eat them. Jimmy's story: Margaret and Elizabeth used to make mud pies when they were kids. They forced me to eat them. ~Elizabeth~ | Elizabeth Margaret

10: Top Left: Elizabeth Bottom Left: Nancy and Jimmy Top Right: Nancy and Claire Middle: Margaret Bottom Right: Claire

12: Why I Gave Up Skiing By: Elizabeth Lane I used to like to follow my brother and Timmy Magoon around when they went around on skis, One day they took off and I followed. We went through the field on the Ridge Road and up to the Gammon Road. Jimmy and Timmy went sideways down the steep plowed banking into the road. I did not. I did not have a chance to straighten out my skis and went straight down. My skis separated, the front tips were in the road and the back of the skis were still on the snowbank. I was left dangling between them. I got no sympathy from either Jimmy or Timmy because I should not have been following them anyway. At that point I quit. Many years later I did try skiing again with my daughter and I did not do any better; I was right to quit the first time.

13: SCHOOL DAYS | Peru Grammar School c. 1940

14: Peru Eighth Grade Class of 1950 Back Row left to right : Ruby Palmer, Carol Donahue, Norma McGuire,Rosalie Chenery, Clarence Aslin, Joyce McGuire, Violet Wing, and Joyce Irish Middle Row: Chester Gammon, James Dragoon, James Hunt, Lois McGuire, and Alan Wooley Front row : Ellery Turner, Ernest Gerrish, Robert Dolloff, Elmer "Tim" Magoon, and George Stevens.

15: Peru Eighth Grade Class of 1950 Reunion 2000 Front Row-Left to Right Carol Donahue, Joyce McGuire, Norma McGuire, Violet Wing, Lois McGuire, Rosalie Chenery, Joyce Irish Back Row-Left to Right Elmer Magoon, James Hunt, Ruby Palmer, Robert Dolloff, George Stevens, Chester Gammon Absent: Ernest Gerrish, Alan Wooley, Ellery Turner

16: Hunt Saw Mill Peru, Maine | "...to hear the saw mill on a crisp morning"

17: Peru Baptist Church | Peru Post Office | "... to hear the church bell on Sunday mornings"

18: CPL James R. Hunt US Army Camp Drum, New York c. 1953 Ended tour of service as Staff Sergeant | DUTY HONOR COUNTRY

19: Gary and Lori playing on the tanks at the Barnett Place c.1966 | LCpl Gary G.Hunt USMC 1977-1981 | SSG Lori A. Hunt US Army 1984-1994 | SMsgt Edward M. Feeley "Mickey" USAF 1982-2004

20: "...If I had it to do over again, I would want the same person to spend my life with" ~Jim~ | L O V E

21: Farrar Family Back Row Left to Right: Pauline, Francis, George, Patricia, Marion. Front Row Left to Right: Amy, Sharon, Frank

26: Love you, Dad. During all the years in the military you always wrote to me every week. Those letters were always full of encouragement and good advice...they meant the world to me...as do you. Your not just Dad, you're a great friend...Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

29: Church on Sundays | "...talk to God and thank him often"

30: Greg | "...When Greg was small he would call bread and milk, bread and cereal"

31: Gary | Kathy, Dustin, and Jill | "...to hear Gary laugh"

32: Lori and Mickey (Hamster) | Lori and Mickey (Husband) | Lori

33: Greg, Gary, and Lori First Day of School 1968 | Top Right: Hunt Home Ridge Road built by Jim Middle Right: Pat, Greg, and Gary Bottom Left: Gram Farrar | "...To hear gram puttering in the kitchen"

34: Leslie

36: Briant | "If you're tired, hop on my back, I will carry you" ~Briant~


41: WORK

42: Gary, Jill, Mammy, Jim, Dustin

43: Pat, Jill, Gary, Gram Farrar, Dustin

44: Grammy Scott, Mammy, Marlene, Pappy, Jerry, Margaret

45: Jimmy was doing wheelies on this bike and going as fast as he could. He flipped it up and went over backwards with the bike landing on top of him. I laughed so hard I couldn't move. He was shouting at me to pick up the bike off him. He wasn't laughing but I thought it was a riot. ~Patty~ | Dad was teaching me how to ride the mini-bike so I could go one my own. He was careful to explain where the throttle was and how to use the brake. When I took off, all I remembered was the throttle. I drove through the lilac bush and was headed for the orchard with dad running full tilt behind me trying to catch up before I crashed. ~Lori~

46: Lily | Dustin and Jill | Jill and Lily | Dustin and Lily

47: Jill and Lily | Lily | Dustin | Dustin | Zachary

48: Back: Kathy, Gary, Dad, Greg, Lori Center: Leslie, Mom, Peggy Front: Jill, Dustin

49: Mark, Leslie, Lori, Mickey, Peggy, Greg 2009

50: Ron and Bonnie Dyment | Margret and Marlene | Jake

51: Peter, Sandra, Russell, Elizabeth, Barbara

52: SERIOUS CONVERSATIONS | One of the funniest and most endearing things I ever saw and heard was the following: I guess it was 1990. Summertime. Uncle Jimmy would have been 55 or 56 and my dad (Russell Lane) would have been 57 or 58 depending on what time of summer it was. They were sitting on a bench up back by our pool discussing the merits of Pampers. ~Barbara Lane~

53: Uncle Jimmy likes to tease me. Sometimes I do not know enough to keep my big mouth shut. I have never had him tease me more or heard him laugh any harder than when I told him the following (not overly bright) thing I had done. Before going to bed one night my mom (Elizabeth Lane) suggested to me before we have another fire in the wood stove we ought to check the chimney. The next morning is was chilly and I thought I'd light a fire. Before doing so I recalled what Mamma had said so I grabbed a little mirror, opened up the little door on the chimney and frantically checked for light up through that chimney. Deciding we must have an issue I did not light the fire and went upstairs. About that time Mamma got up and I told her the problem. She said, “You know you should wait for daylight”. Very funny, but big mistake telling my uncle! ~Barbara Lane~

54: Front: Abbie Adams, George Allen, Becky Allen Back: Kathie, Erica Adams, Bill Allen, Emily Allen | Claire Hunt Allen | Dee Anna Allen | George Allen

55: Richard, Debbie, and Eddie Holman | Terry | Nancy Hunt Holman

56: Dad-isms | "Don't Stand up when you can sit down... Don't Sit down when you can lay down." | "Tough times don't last: Tough people do" | "A farting horse will never tire and a farting man is the man to hire" | "This is not a restaurant, eat what was put on the table or go without" | "The cow kicked Nellie in the belly in the barn. Another little kick wouldn't have done her any harm" | "There is no such thing as a free dollar; someone has to pay for it" | ""Enjoy the moon" | "The truth never changes" | "a NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN" | "THE CHICKENS ALWAYS COME HOME TO ROOST" | "Keep your powder dry" | "By tHE first of February half your wood and half your hay should be gone" | "When you know you are right, stand on it. If you are wrong, admit it" | "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"

57: "We are never handed more than we can deal with" | "This too shall pass" | "You need a lean horse for a long race" | "Watch out for the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves" | "The more you stir a turd the worse it stinks" | "An hour in the morning is worth two hours in the afternoon" | "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face" | "You can fool half of the people half of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" | "a GOOD AGE TO BE IS THE AGE YOU ARE" | "iT DOESN'T HURT TO WANT, BUT IT DOES HURT TO NEED" | "It is better to try and lose than to never try at all" | "Sometimes you must put a little extra into your job" | "It is time to fish or cut the bait" | "Be careful about burning bridges, you might have to cross the same river" | "All that starts well does not always end well" | "You can get angry but at some point you have to learn to live with it or get past it" | Everything happens for a reason; you have to look at the big picture"

58: Restoration Projects

60: This engine was dragged out of a creek bed. | Completely torn apart and rebuilt

61: And viola! It ran again.


63: The Birdhouse was a tiny bar in Bird Creek, Alaska originally built in the early 1900’s as a place for travelers to stop and get warm. On Good Friday, in 1964, Bird Creek and most of Alaska felt the effects of the largest magnitude earthquake on record in North America (9.2 on the Richter Scale), and second largest in the world at that time. As a result of the earthquake and permafrost, the entire building sloped at about 10 degrees. Patrons could listen to goofy music on the jukebox and people hung various items all over the walls, i.e., underwear, drivers licenses, business cards, notes, etc. There were no chairs...only stumps to sit upon and the floor was merely sawdust. The atmosphere was friendly and informal. Sadly, the Birdhouse burned flat in the late 1996 due to an electrical fire. | The Birdhouse

64: We drove all over Alaska during this visit and had a great time. We visited the Wildlife Museum in Anchorage, the lovely Birdhouse, Portage glacier and many other notable sites. Good times for sure.

65: Clowning Around

66: Siblings

68: "Most of my family celebrates birthdays in June, but my birthday is in September and when I was small, I would cry because I felt left out of the June birthday club. Jimmy very seriously offered to trade his June birthday for my September birthday so I would not feel bad." ~Elizabeth~ | "When we were small and living in South Portland, I remember a kid picking on Jimmy and giving him the horrors so in Jimmy's defense, I grabbed the kid by the arm and gave him a ride down the stairs; the kid never picked on my brother again." ~Elizabeth- | Looking Out for One Another

69: In Loving Memory

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