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BC: This is just a short book on everything we have learned for the 1st seek weeks in DCS taught by the best teacher in the world... Ms.McMahan -Caleb Cody | DCS

FC: D.C.S. | By: Caleb Cody | ught by:

1: Authors Note: This is just a short book on what we have learned this year in my DCS class taught by the best teacher in the world... Mrs. McMahan. -Caleb Cody

2: Obj 1: Computer Fundamentals:

4: 3 Components of a Computer...

5: 1) Hardware 2) System Software 3) Application Software

6: 4 Types of Hardware.....

8: 4 Types of Software.....

9: 1) Commercial Software 2) Shareware 3) Free-ware 4) Public Domain Software

10: Viruses....

11: 1) Bombs 2) Worms 3) Phage 4) Trojan Horse 5) Hoax

12: Obj 3: Speech Recognition

14: Speech Recognition Software...

15: -Speech recognition software converts spoken words to machine readable input. You just speak the word into a microphone or headset and computer automatically types it without you having to move your hands!

16: Obj 4: Alternative Input Devices

18: 6 Input Devices...

19: Flatbed Scanners | A device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image.

20: HandHeld Computers | A hand-held computer is a pocket-sized computing device, typically having touch input or a miniature keyboard.

21: Generally a tablet PC refers to a laptop or a slate-shaped mobile computer that has a touch screen or a graphic tablet. You use a stylus, your finger, or digital pen to operate it instead of a mouse and keyboard. | Tablet PC

22: Web-cam | A web-cam is a video capture advice connected to a computer or computer network, usually through a USB port or, if connected to a network, WI-FI ot the Ethernet.

23: A touch-screen is a device in which it detects presence and location within the display area allowing the user to interact with it. | Touch-Screen

24: Keyboard | A keyboard is another input device that uses an arrangements of buttons or keys, to as mechanical levers or electronic switches.

25: Second Six Weeks

26: Obj 9: Leadership

28: Leadership...

29: Accountability | Accountability is being responsible to someone or to some activity. The Steps to accountability is this... 1) See it 2)Own it 3) Solve it 4) Do it

30: See it: See the truth of the situation. Understand the situation fro all sides Own It: Become accountable for your part in the situation. Decide to face the situation and deal with it effectively.

31: Solve It: Be accountable for finding a solution. Focus on your goal and involve others wherever they are affected. Do It: Implement the solution. Embrace your full responsibility for results and remain answerable for your progress in attaining results.

32: Obj 5: Word Processing

34: Letters....

35: Letters can be divided into 2 groups: 1)Business Letters & 2)Personal Business Letters. In business letters it doesn't matter who your sending it to, it matters who your are representing. But in a personal business letter it is toward a business or a certain person and it is from YOU. Words like "we, you, and as" are used in a Business Letter.

36: Tables...

37: A table is a spreadsheet used to record data and information on the computer.

38: Emails and Memos....

39: Email -Is electronic mail used to communicate to people over the computer that does not have to stay within a company | Memo - a written proposal or reminder that does have to stay within a company

40: Reports....

41: 2 Kinds of Reports - Academic & Business Unbound Business Report - Typically short report without binders or covers. If its multiple pages it can be held together with paper clip or staple Bound Business Report - Typically longer report that is held together by a folder or binder

42: Reports (cont.)....

43: ACADEMIC STYLE (BOUND AND UNBOUND) -No title page. Instead key a heading in the top left corner -Name of student, name of instructor, course title, and date military style -Double space the body of the report

44: Special Business Documents...

45: Job Application- Is a form(s) that a employer has a person fill out before hiring them to find out info about that person Resume- is a form that you make up and fill out to give to an employer for them to find out info about you Purchase Requisition- is a form to be completed by individuals within a business to request that items or services be purchased. Purchase Order- is a form prepared by a business and sent to another business to order items or services

46: Special Business Documents (cont)...

47: Invoice- is a form that seller/supplier completes and sends to the buyer during the month indicating how much is owed for items bought or services rendered and the due date for payments. Agenda- includes the order of topics to be covered at a meeting and the individuals responsible for each topic Minutes- is a summary of the events and business conducted during a meeting Itinerary- is a list which includes the dates, times, schedules, lodging, and method of travel to be used on a trip.

48: Spreadsheets

49: A spreadsheet is great for calculating formulas. Spreadsheets use rows and columns of data to manage, predict, and present information. Columns go up and down, and rows go left and right. Call them out by (column #, row #) Spreadsheets are fast and accurate and can answer what is..? and what if..? They can be used for school, sports, personal use, business use, and even government purposes to keep information in an organized way.

50: Database...

51: A database is like a container. 4 things are in databases: tables, reports, forms, and queries They are used to organize data into a table Use to be called relational databases. Databases use criteria to search for specific things you want.

52: Skill Analyses....

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