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Deanna, Who am I

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FC: Who Am I | Mary Deanna Flores

1: Who Am I | Deanna Flores

2: Introduction | My name is Mary Deanna Flores and I am 14 years old. I completed this Who Am I Portfolio as a freshman at Caldwell Early College High School in 2011-2012. I learned alot about myself from this portfolio, including that I am very artsy and love to write poems or songs. My favorite pages are My personal metaphor, my greatest accomplishment, and Self Image. This year flew by for me with some memories of Preston getting stuck on a kiddy slide during shake-n-bake, running in the rain from redwood to early college, laughing at people who got stuck on the side of the rivers during the tubing trip on the new river, and the fun I had watching everyone preform during the Renaissances banquet. I hope that after these five years me and my new friends will spend together that we will keep in contact with each other. I dedicate this book to all my friends on April 12, 2012 for the hope that I am memorable enough for all my friends to think back on the time we spent together and say yeah I remember Deanna she was unlike anyone I have ever met.

3: Life Timeline | Birth: September 22, 1997 Cousin Born: 1999 Dad left: 2000 Started Elementary School: August 24, 2002 Brother Born: December 26, 2003 Mom remarried: 2004 Met Abi Sanford: 2005-2006 Started Middle School: August 24, 2007 Went to Charleston 8th grade trip:2011 Started High School: August 9, 2011 Met all my new friends: 2011-2012

4: 5 Relics | 1.My ipod because it holds my favorite music and reminds me that I'm not always alone. 2.My notebook because it contains some of my artwork and some poems I have wrote. It also reminds me that I don't need words to express myself, all I need is a pencil and some paper. That is how I speak and express myself. 3.My books because they let me escape the real world and I get to see a new and different world. 4.My picture of my little brother because I love him so much and he has made me more responsible. Since my mom works all the time, I'm left to take care of him and he reminds me that I have to keep going even if things get tough. 5. My camera because it reminds me that I need to enjoy and cherish things. With my camera I can take pictures of precious moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

5: My greatest accomplishment is meeting my best friend Abi Sanford. We met in fourth grade, when we were both in battle of the books. We never really talked to each other, until we wear selected to be on the same team together. She was the one who spoke to me first because I was always a shy student. From that point on, we always spoke and hung out together. In battle of the books, we were an epic duo. As long as we were on the same team, we could answer any question that was throw at us. We continued to be in battle of the books all the way through fourth and fifth grade. Then we went to middle school and we had separate classes every year we were there. Now that we are in high school we are even more separated. She goes to west and I come here to Early college. But we still talk and hang out. No distance can break the bonds of the friendship we have built together. | Greatest Accomplishments

6: Living Links By: Deanna Flores For my living Links paper, I selected to interview Gregory Casper about Hurricane Hugo. I chose to interview Gregory Casper because he has always told me stories about his life. I decided to interview my Uncle about Hurricane Hugo because everyone has always said that it was a really bad and devastating hurricane. Hugo was one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the United States since Hurricane Camille in 1969. It went through North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and other northern states. On September twenty-second it hit Charlotte, North Carolina with winds over eighty-five miles per hour. Most people were without power for about two to three weeks. Hugo caused more than 2.7 million acres of forest were damaged in North Carolina alone. This story is told from Gregory Casper’s point of view. I was living in Caldwell County, in a small town named Gamewell when the hurricane hit. The days before the hurricane hit were peaceful and no one was really worried that the hurricane would come inland. According to the news reports, Hurricane Hugo was not supposed to come as far inland as it did. It was only supposed to hit the Outer Banks and maybe just a little bit farther inland. Everyone in my neighborhood continued a normal daily routine. We went to work while the children went to school. Then all of us would come home and the kids would go off to play because it was a nice September day. Before the hurricane hit, I started to feel ill and had very sharp pains in my lower regions. My mother took me to see a doctor when the pains got worse and I could not take the pain. My mother was extremely worried about me. The doctor examined and questioned me until he reached the conclusion that I had a kidney stone. He said that I would be fine, my mother was very relieved to hear this, but the doctor gave me a shot to help with the pain. We went back home so that I could get some rest. The shot I was given made me really sleepy. But before I went to sleep, I think I passed the kidney stone when I had gone to the restroom before going to bed. While I was asleep, I dreamt that something terrible had happened to my mother, step-father, and two sisters. In my dream, I was standing over the life-less bodies of my entire family. Little did I know that while I was dreaming, a Hurricane had swept through North Carolina and destroyed about everything in its path. I awoke to my family sitting around my bed, looking at me with solemn faces. I was worried that someone had died or something much worse had happened. But my mother told me that everyone was fine. My two sisters, Alma and Rhonda, were the ones to break the news to me that a hurricane came through. I was in complete shock; I did not know what to think. I walked outside to see what the damage was, but I did not expect to see what I saw. There were so many trees and power lines knocked down. Water was flowing in the streets because those who had city water, their water had backed up and the pipes had busted. The people in my neighborhood were basically stranded and had to live as if they were pioneers. But luckily my family and house had survived the hurricane. We had a well to dip water out of and a septic tank to keep our waste in. My family was better off than most people were because we had a well and a septic tank. During those tough times, my neighbors would ask for water and we would usually provide them with some. In return, my neighbors helped us clear the trees that had fallen. It was very hard to live as the pioneers did. We had to cook any meat we had on an open fire. Most of the food in our refrigerator went bad within a few days of losing power. Once we ate all the meat we had left in our refrigerator, I and my two sisters had to go hunt so that we could have some meat. Luckily my mother cans, so we could eat vegetables that she had canned. For the next two weeks, we had to live off the land. It was a usual routine of starting a fire, going hunting, eating, and clearing trees. But once the power companies got to our neighborhood, everyone was relieved to see them fixing our power lines. Even though our power was being fixed, thing never really seemed to go back to being like they were before the storm. You can still see the damage Hugo caused this state even today. Once the power lines and water pipes were fixed, people returned to living their normal lives. But now when the news says that a hurricane may come close to North Carolina, we are prepared and ready just in case it is going to be like Hugo was. Even though Hugo was an awful hurricane, I felt like my neighborhood grew closer while trying to survive after Hugo hit. I was twenty-three years old when the hurricane hit and it had a major effect on my life. When I look back on that time, I’m just so glad that I, my family, and friends survived. This interview was told by Gregory Casper about Hurricane Hugo. I now have a valuable eyewitness account about Hurricane Hugo and this is something that will become a family artifact. When my uncle told me this story I was really surprised that this hurricane actually hit North Carolina on my birthday, which is September twenty-second. Every day I see fallen trees, I think nothing of it but now when I see the trees I think of hurricane Hugo and that it is leftover damage. | Living Links

7: 3398 Rocky Rd. 4973 Ike Starnes Rd. Nov. 22, 2011 Dear, Preston I’ve always wanted to thank you for all you do. No matter how mean or angry I am, you always stick around. Everyday you make me smile. I’m so glad your my friend. All my life I’ve wanted and dreamed of a friend like you. But now that I’ve found you, I just can't let you go. I know that I’m mean alot, but being mean is how I protect myself from getting hurt. I just want you to know that no matter how mean I am, I will always care about you and that I don't mean the awful things I say to you. I just have a really hard time showing my true feelings. No matter how mean I get, just remember that I will always have your back no matter how bad things get. With you I don't feel like its just me against the world, but its us against the world. I’m just glad that you never leave me alone, remember that one day when I was sitting alone at lunch and you offered me a seat, but someone else set there. Then you told me to wait right were I was and said that you would come and sit with me. That was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for me. That day I knew that we were going to be the best of friends. Now that we're best friends and that you know all my secrets, I’m terrified that I’ll lose you. But I know that you won't leave leave. So I just wanted to thank you for being the reason why I look forward to waking up each and every morning. How much I care and how much I love you can not be expressed in words, actions, or gestures. I want you to know how thankful I am for meeting you. I know that I’m not the perfect friend. That I’m mean, cruel, and unwilling. But you have help me to become a little more willing to do things and to be nicer. You do so much for me even if you think you don't. To me your perfect and you'll never do anything wrong even if I act like you did something wrong.I may not be great or amazing to you but to me your the best. Your the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m so glad that I can say Preston is my best friend. Now it is my turn to thank you for everything you do for me and that we are closer than friends, we are family! | Thank you letter

8: Genogram | "Loudermelt" Buck Mary Clyde Casper "Hollar" "Vite" Greg Joey dad Alma Hilario Casper Rhonda JJ Deanna LJ Hollar Flores Vite

9: Family History | My mom's side of the family came from Germany and Ireland.My dad's side is from Mexico. I don't know much about my family's history. But I do know that my dad is a full blooded Mexican. He came from the state of Hildalgo. The same as my step dad. I'm not sure exactly where my real dad is from. But my step dad is from a little town called Cattsunja. My mom is one fourth Irish and one fourth German. She is not sure what else is mixed in. Her step dad is part Scottish also. But her real dad was Irish. I'm half Mexican from my dad. I'm also one fourth Irish and German. I tend to embrace my Mexican heritage more because it's a part of me that I never really knew admit helps me keep a part of my dad with me. For my ancestry project I made Fruit Atole.

10: Describe your favorite family tradition. My favorite family tradition is going out to stargaze on Christmas eve. How was this tradition started? This tradition was started when I was out one night bringing in my dog and I stopped to watch the stars for a few hours. How often does the family participate in this tradition? Almost never it's a tradition that I do by myself, but my family can join in. My cousin and brother sometimes comes out with me to stargaze. What purpose does this tradition serve in the family? This tradition allows me to unwind and get away from my family for a while. How could this tradition be improved? It would be better if my friends could stargaze with me. | My Family Tradition

11: Family Recipe | Flitter: Ingredients: -1 cup flour -enough milk to mix the flour Directions: -Put 1 cup flour in small bowl -Mix it with enough milk to get all the flour -put batter in frying pan -fry about 5 minutes at medium heat

12: Technology Timeline | July 17, 2002- second generation released | October 23, 2001- ipod first released | 2012- sixth generation released

13: 3 Tech Favorites | ipod- my ipod keeps all my favorite music and videos. It also lets me keep in touch with my friends. Computer- my computer helps me do my homework and also lets me keep in touch with my friends. Phone- my phone lets me talk to my friends and keeps music I like.

14: 50 I Cans | I can draw I can be loud I can speak my mind I can fight I can be a leader I can do what I want to I can be independent I can hide my pain I can smile when I'm hurt I can ignore the pain I can be protective I can be aggressive I can be brutal I can be merciless I can be kind I can tell who I can trust I can let you close to me I can be caring I can be loving I can be outgoing I can be the first to do something I can stand up for what I believe in I can take a one person stand I can be afraid I can use a gun | I can be unique I can argue my point I can be strange I can act odd sometimes I can be fierce I can be artistic I can write well I can be funny I can do something if I put my mind to it I can write a winning book for nanowrimo I can fight with swords I can read an entire book in one day I can be friendly I can be your worst enemy if you make me I can be your best friend if you let me I can act rebellious sometimes I can farm crops I can speak Spanish I can be boring sometimes I can use big words when I'm talking about science I can be a perfectionist I can fun to be around I can be violent I can have a short-temper I can be a good person

15: 50 Favorites | 1.Drawing 2.Hunting 3.Poetry 4.Books 5.Rain 6.Soccer 7.ipod 8.phone 9.computer 10.Fall 11.Winter 12.Writing 13.Dogs 14.Traveling 15.Science 16.History 17.Tarheels 18.Wolf Pack 19.Breaking Benjamin 20.Three days grace 21.Papa roach 22.Black veil brides 23. Fit for rivals 24.Eyes set to kill 25.Linkin park | 26.Foster the people 27.Simple plan 28.Skillet 29.snakes 30.wolves 31.black 32.The edge chronicles 33.The great tree of Avalon 34,Inkheart series 35.Mountains 36.Mexico 37.Van Helsing 38.The league of extraordinary gentlemen 39.Let me in 40.Walled in 41.Bridesmaids 42.You again 43.myths 44.Last Dragon Chronicles 45.Selena Quintanilla-Pérez 46.enrique iglesias 47.Anime 48.Art 49.Nature 50.being with my friends

16: My Personal Metaphor When I am at my best as a friend, I am a wolf, protective and always looking out for my pack.

17: I Am I am strange and creative I wonder what its like to be someone else I hear time going by I see my secret desires I want to achieve my goals I am strange and creative I pretend I'm fine I feel the hatred of the world I touch the sky I worry that I don't belong I cry because my world is falling apart I am strange and creative I understand that I can't do everything by myself I say life isn't perfect I dream that I'm the best at everything I try to fit in I hope that I will achieve my goals I am strange and creative

18: My secondary shape is a squiggle. Characteristics: -Creative -Unique -Acts without thinking | My personality shape is a square. Characteristics:: -Loyal -Hard worker -Organized -Dependable -Logical | My strengths are: -hard worker -good listener -Creative -Organized -Dependable | The shape I want to be more of is a circle because I want to be kinder to people. | Personality Shapes

19: -Loyal -Dependable -Honest -Logical | -talkative -helper -too nice -loves team | - Confident -Outspoken -Enjoys power -Good in Crisis | -creative -disorganized -enjoys being unique -acts without thinking | Freja 2 | Preston | Taylor | Alex | Josh | Ashleigh | Matthew | Jeimy | Amber | Skylar | Chassidy | Katie | Mary | Jessica | Katie B. | Kenny

20: What I like to do, how I feel, and where I like to go Play soccer Go hunting Go to the mountains Reading Drawing Alone | Self-Portrait

21: What defines me | Character Traits Integrity Pride Respect Responsibility Confident My Personality Shy Quiet Creative Artistic Logical Loyal

22: How I see myself | How I See Myself Quiet Shy Strange Artistic Alone Nerdy Outsider

23: My Image | The Image I chose was the Mexican flag because where I came from is very important to me. Where I come from somewhat determines who I am

24: My Favorite Photos | My friends, family, soccer and self-expression really tell who I am. I'm very artistic and creative. I'm caring and kind

25: My Favorite Place My favorite place is the mountains because its very peaceful and beautiful. The cold doesn't bother me when I'm up there. I love the mountains so much because there are so many different animals and plants there, than you would normally see. In the fall I like to go up there and see the leaves change colors. It is very beautiful at that time of the year.

26: Ecological FootPrint | If everyone lived like me then We would take up 4.4 planets. Shelter 16% Food 17% Services 45% Mobility 9% Goods 14%

27: Smart Anti-social Shy Hard-working Determined Loyal Organized creative artistic Quiet Logical nerdy | Leader Nice Good worker on task awesome smart sweet friendly Intimating thoughtful honest hardworking cool | Self Image | What I think about me | What others think about me

28: Do you enjoy reading? Yes, I enjoy reading What types of stories do you enjoy reading? Adventure & Mysteries & Fantasy & Folktales Do you prefer nonfiction or fiction? I prefer Fiction Do you prefer novels or short stories? I prefer novels Do you prefer magazines or books? I prefer books Are you reading a book at this time? If so, what is the title? Yes, it is called the fire within Why did you select this book? I selected this book because i like the author that wrote the book. What is your favorite book of all time? My favorite book of all time is The great tree of Avalon book 1 Do you have a favorite author, character, or series you enjoy reading? My favorite author is C.S lewis Do you have many books at home? About how many books? Yes, I have about 30 -40 books at home. Do you have someone you share titles or discuss books that you read? If so, how often? Yes, about once a week. If you had your choice, would you prefer to read or watch TV? I would prefer to read. Do you prefer reading the book or seeing the movie first? I prefer reading the book first. Do you go to the library when you are not in school? If so, how often? Yes, about once a month. What is your favorite TV show or movie of all time? My favorite movie is the league of extraordinary gentlemen. Who are your favorite movie or TV stars? My favorite movie star is Peta Wilson. What do you like to do best when you are not in school? I like to read, hunt, or hang out with my friends | Reading interest

29: Interests- Explore- Watch- 1. Animals 1.Art 1.Science Channel 2. Science 2. Science 2. NCIS 3. Art 3. Nature 3. Animal Planet Collections- Hobbies- 1. Guns 1. Read 2. Cards 2. Draw 3. Books 3. Explore | My Job

30: Linguistic 83% Logical-Mathematical81% Visual-Spatial 58% Intrapersonal 63% Interpersonal 81% Musical 56% Bodily-Kinesthetic 42% Naturalistic 75% This is very like me because I love to write songs and poetry. | Multiple Intelligence Results

31: My Personal Goals | Immediate goal- To be less shy | Short term goal- To graduate from early college | Long term goal- To be a great zoologist.

32: My wildest dream is to get my songs out into the public domain. This is my dram because I have always been a good writer, so I started to write poetry. Some of my friends have read my poetry and said that it is very good, so I decided to try to write songs. During my second semester freshman year, my friend Katie W. looked at one of my poems and we made that into a song. She took the song home and recorded it. I want to achieve my dream before I die. My obstacles are that I do not know any talent agents that I can show my song to. To overcome these obstacles I need to find a person thats is really talented and can sing so we can get people to listen to my songs. | My Wildest Dream

33: Resume | Mary Flores deaflores@mycfnc.org 7579483 3388 Rocky Road Lenoir NC 28645 Objective: I aspire to find a job where I will be able to work around animals as well as to be able to enable the use of science in my work. Skills and Qualifications: Analyzing and interpreting science data Explaining science concepts Operating computers to record and analyze data Researching scientific data Experience with animals Employment History: August 2009 - September 2009 Bill Carlton Pet sitter Lenoir, NC Supervised his dog Trained his dog to do simple commands such as "sit" and "fetch" January 2002 - present Oreo/Sniffer Pet owner Lenoir, NC Trained dogs Responsible for caring for these dogs

34: Education and Training: August 2011 - present Caldwell Early College High School High school diploma and associates degree Hudson, NCAccomplishments and Activities: Participated in oratorical competition AIG third grade to fifth grade Volunteered at happy valley school Perfect attendance all through middle school Had all A's and B's through school Interests: Drawing Music Writing sports Animal Care Camping Hunting Astronomy/Space Computers: Reading Vacation/Travel

35: April 16, 2012 Dear Deanna Flores, You have been through a lot over the past years. Since your dad left, you have stepped up and took care of what family you had and your home. You told yourself that you would never let anything stop you from being exactly what you want to be. To this day you have kept true to that and no matter how many people got in your way, you have pushed them out and continued. You have dealt with alot of pain from your dad leaving to you being bullied. But yet you never let that stop you, you never even showed that you were in pain, you just bottled it up inside. Through school you were always very shy but throughout the years you have overcome that and made so many wonderful and great friends. You never had Amuch of a family but your friends have become all that you cherish and care for. You would risk everything to protect your friends, they don’t realize how much they mean to you. Now that you are in high school, you have made many friends and have left an impact on others. But you need to improve on a few things to change your life for the better. Even though you have many friends, you are still mean and might want to think of treating them better. If you treat your friends better they will always be there for you. I know that some of them are always going to be there for, no matter how you act. Another thing you might want to work on is being less stressed. You need time just to relax and kick back. But not until you have all of your work complete. Then after you have your work complete then you can relax grab an xbox controller and play video games or grab a good book and read for hours. Sincerely, Mary Deanna Flores 2012

36: April 20, 2012 Dear Deanna, you are now officially 50 now, what a joy that is. I hope you have accomplished all of our plans. I hope that you have a master or phd in biology and are a zoologist. I also hope that you have had so much fun traveling the world and helping all kinds of animals. I bet you have at least one wonderful, smart girl and a kind, loyal husband. Who would have ever though that from our background that we would end up so successful? Well I knew from the beginning that we would excel at everything that was put in front of us and along the way we have made many friends and I hope that we have made many more too.

37: I enjoyed finding out who I am by laying out all my past, goals, dreams for the future. My favorite pieces were my 50 favs and Self Image because its shows my good traits that people see and compares to what I see in myself. If I could I wouldn't do anything differently. I wouldn't take out any pieces because I wrote each one of them with so much though and they reflect my personality. Over all I think the Who Am I is alright because I already knew most of these things about my self. | Self Reflection

38: College I hope to attend App State or a major Biology College. Career I hope to be a zoologist after I graduate college. Life I see myself traveling the world and when I am not doing that I will be talking and hanging out with my friends.

39: Dream Speech | I have a dream that one day this nation. will accept those who are different. I have a dream that one day people won't. be bullied because of their differences. I have a dream that one day people won't. be labled as goth, emo, freaks, or ect. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day we won't. have to hide. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day people can come out and tell others what they are. This is my hope and faith. With this faith we will be able to overcome the label "outcasts" and join society as we are. This will be that day when society will accept us as we are.

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  • This scrapbook is suppose to help me figure out who I am. I really and truly don't know exactly who I am but I'm slowly figuring it out. I know that I wouldn't be able to find myself without my friends. People say that home is where the heart is, I know that if I find my heart I will find the real me, and my heart is with my friends. So if any of my friends are reading this know that I wouldn't be able to find myself without you and I want to thank you.
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