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Delphie's memoir

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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful | So in conclusion my past years in school have been quite mixed and jumbled! But as I said before they’ve influenced who I am today and so I don’t mind as much! I know that my future life in school will much more fun because I know that I’m a balanced student and that my friends will always support me!

FC: Life is beautiful so smile :) | The Chronicles of my School life: | Awkward, sad, random & crazy | By: Delphie

1: Table of Contents | Quote 2 Introduction paragraph 3-5 Kindergarten 6-16 1st Grade 17 - 25 2nd Grade 26- 36 3rd Grade 37 - 49 4th Grade 50-53 5th Grade 55 - 64 6th Grade 65 - 82 7th Grade 83 - 89 8th Grade 90 - 99 Back cover page 100

2: Appreciation Quote | "This is an honest, thoughtful & ultimately inspiring piece of autobiography, punctuated with wit & Delphie's own inimitable style of communication. I highly recommend it!" Michael Cochrane

3: I have always loved school, even though there were the usual ups and downs! I adored school! I love learning and most of all I get to see all of my friends at school! Because, guess what? Without school I’d be an anti-social freak who would stay at home and watch tv or play video games ALL DAY! And face it! You would too! Everyone would be like that! We all owe school a big fat hug because school is just awesome and it opens us to who we are (or will be) today (or tomorrow). | Introduction

4: Even if you’re a bajillionaire or someone who works at McDonalds (if you do work at McDonalds, I suggest you put this down and go back to college!). School lets us become who we are! I wrote this memoir as an English project as an 8th grader! I wasn’t pleased to do it but now I’m really happy I did this because some of the stuff in here has NEVER EVER been told to anybody! Why don’t you go ahead and explore my life from Kindergarten to the present and if your shocked don’t think “OH! That poor unfortunate soul!” because quite frankly

5: (this may sound like pure crazy talk) I’m happy this all happened to me! Without these experiences I wouldn’t be who I am today! I wouldn’t be Delphie Juneau! And to be more precise I wouldn’t be Delphie randomness laughter happy care green friend love Juneau (That’s not my real name! Don’t worry my parents weren’t crazy people who decided to call me a weird name). Have fun reading my memoir, knock yourself out, I don’t care! Just remember one thing! You are who you are and the only thing that defines who you are, are your experiences!

6: Chapter 1

7: Kindergarten

8: Say Cheese!

9: Kindergarten | I moved to America when I was in my mid four’s! America is completely different from Canada, language, scenery, the people, the streets. EVERYTHING! My relatives all lived in Canada except for my distant cousins who lived in Hong Kong; so not having them experience this with me was hard. I remember arriving to our house which was located in Ohio on Amelia Street, in the small cul-de-sac at the end of the lane. .It was much different from the block apartments and small houses in Canada. This one was big, bright and it smelled like the forest!

10: Stepping out of the car, the first thing which struck me was the kids playing on the street! In Canada if you let kids out on the streets, they would probably get kidnapped! I also noticed that all the parents took their chairs out and sat together outside to chat! It was so unusual! My whole family stood there dumbstruck though the word bizarre can’t explain what we felt when our neighbors came up to us and started talking in a foreign language! “Hello, I’m Beth! Welcome to America and if you need us just come to our door!” Canadians aren’t very social with their neighbors at first so thiswell it was interesting! | Stepping out of the car, the first thing which struck me was the kids playing on the street! In Canada if you let kids out on the streets, they would probably get kidnapped! I also noticed that all the parents took their chairs out and sat together outside to chat! ! It was so unusual! My whole family stood there dumbstruck though the word bizarre can’t explain what we felt when our neighbors came up to us and started talking in a foreign language! “Hello, I’m Beth! Welcome to America and if you need us just come to our door!” Canadians aren’t very social with their neighbors at first so thiswell it was interesting!

11: Our house was cozy and just perfect! It had 3 bedrooms and one bathroom! Downstairs there was a big living room, a kitchen and a sort of small dining room! Though the best part was outside! Our house was located just behind a prairie but the amazing thing is that there were dears, rabbits, foxes tons of wild animals that you could approach! We had a humongous back yard! The grass was greener the evergreen trees and smelled just like an ensemble of flowers and freshly cut grass! We had a small patio, and a swing set further in the backyard!

12: Right behind the swing set there were cut up logs which were neatly stacked and packed with slimy snails! The yard and the prairie were separated by brown wooden fence, but it wasn’t high enough to keep the animals out so we could see the brown, shy dears jump over and walk across the street to the forest. My neighbors, the White family instantly became our best friends! Their daughter, Katie, taught me the basics of English! I remember she would point at objects and say their name and I would repeat them. But there is a certain memory which changed the course of my kindergarten:

13: Say Cheese!

14: We were both on my purple and blue swing set, it was hot outside and she was wearing a yellow dress and I was wearing my favorite red shorts! The air smelled fresh and the grass was cold! I still had a hard time understanding English but we still managed to communicate! “I know all of the numbers until one hundred” Katie told me. And she started, confidently reciting me numbers quite quickly. But I didn’t know what they were and when she was done I said “.. Elle est bonne, en tout cas! Maman! Comment je faire! Moi je parle meme pas anglais!” ( Well, she’s really good ! Mom ! How am I going to manage!? I don’t even speak English!)

15: Then she said “I also know how to recite my ABC’s” and she started saying her ABC’s! I just sat there with the sun in my eyes, blinking and thinking “Oh Mon Dieu! . Comment je vait faire?!” (Oh My God! How am I going to manage?” But what I didn’t know is that, Katie was in advance compared to the other kids. So I decided that it would be smart to memorize what she was reciting, even though I didn’t know what I was saying! When school started, I was introduced to my teacher who had very puffy hair. The class was extremely noisy and kids were running around everywhere!

16: My teacher asked me “Delphie, what do you know in English?” and I instantly, just like a recording machine, responded “A,B,C,D...” and “1, 2, 3...” and my teacher said “Wow! Very good Delphie! Do you know what those are?” and I just shrugged and said “No! Sorry!” Some of the only words I knew how to say in English! But Kindergarten wasn’t hard! I could always rely on Katie, Mrs. Cann, Mrs. White and my mom who were always there to support me in my learning.

17: Chapter 2

18: 1st Grade

19: Say Cheese!

20: 1st Grade | The first time I experienced public humiliation was in first grade in the middle of the class. We were writing in our little journals and it was a sunny day outside. It was very quiet and all you could hear was the scritch scratch of the pencils on the paper! I wasn’t feeling good that day and my stomach kept rumbling! In the middle of my sentence, I farted. But I didn’t think anyone noticed though I was wrong, very wrong.. a couple of kids started laughing and I was upset so I started crying (the kids hadn’t stopped yet).

21: The teacher told the class to settle down and again the scritch scratch of the pencil to the paper started. Ms. Davis called me to her desk since I was still crying from the embarrassment! But I kept telling “MY stomach hurts! My stomach hurts!” So she sent me to the doctor’s office, but I was crying so hard that the doctor had to call my mom and dad (who were both at work) to notify them that she couldn’t understand me! I explained everything to my parents through the warm and plastic smelling phone with cracked sobs. The next day I wouldn’t go to school because I was so afraid that my pears would make more fun of me.

22: It took everything to make me get on the school bus! In the end, I made my parents write a note to my teacher explaining what had happened and that she shouldn’t be too harsh! I was so scared that I stayed out in the hallway and my teacher had to convince me it was going to be okay and that I would be allowed to be teacher’s helper for a week! Eventually things straightened out but it took about a month for me to be secure about my “status” and to know for sure that my classmates wouldn’t tease me! Public humiliation is always something we experience since then I’ve never had a “accident” in class!

23: When I was young my parents often told me “Delphie! Tu es un porte-panier persee!” (An expression which means you don’t mind your business!) I used to tell on my sister and tell her what to do all the time! In America kids take the bus and on my bus there were these kids that used to fool around and I used to always want to tell them to stop because they were extremely noisy! My parents used to tell me “Delphie! Mele toi de tes affaires!” (Delphie! Mind your own business!) But unfortunately, my name is Delphie and I when I was small I loved to mind other people’s business.

24: Say Cheese!

25: So the next day, I got annoyed that they were shouting and it gave me a headache so I went up to them and told them “You aren’t allowed to do that! Can you stop?” Well, I came home with a swollen lip and a bruise on my check! My parents knew straight away that I had gotten punched and even though I tried to explain to them that it wasn’t my fault, they didn’t mind. I still remember those people in my class because first grade was very. if you can say. Interesting! There were moments with Jessica.O and Lauren where they introduced me to perfume and lipgloss! With Jessica.P, Rachel.F, Katie and Rachel.S, I read books in the library! And I fought with Megan.

26: Chapter 3

27: 2nd Grade

28: Say Cheese!

29: 2nd Grade | I moved to China right before 2nd grade. I remember the limo ride we took just to get to the airport; the smooth black leather of the seats, the strong smell of air freshener, the curved champagne bottles, the shiny coat of the car. Moving to china was crazy! I had to learn how to speak what I thought was the hardest language ever! I remember watching a movie in Chinese about a super-hero which was born in a pear. I found it absolutely absurd!

30: 2nd grade wasn’t the exact experience I was hoping for, because even though I was in an International school 99% of the school was Asian I had no friends. I remember people would steal from my pencil case, they would push me, make fun of how I wasn’t used to eating Asian cuisine such as sushi or spicy food. One girl told me once “Delphie! You look like a Barbie, you have big eyes, you’re so smart in English you’re not allowed to hang out with us!” I felt so lost in a world that didn’t accept me! Rose (the girl who told me I looked like a Barbie) was so mean. She made fun of me every single time she had the chance!

31: The only friends I had were Chanel (a fifth grader who lived in my compound), Hana or sometimes I called her Seung Yeon (was my best friend because she was the sweetest girl who was always there when I needed her help! She helped me with math and I helped her with English) and Takumi (a Japanese boy in my class), those three people were the only people who were nice to me! I remember at night, I would cry because I had no friends and everyone in my class hated me. That year I learned what desperation was and as a small child I hated the feeling.

32: Something extremely hard for me to understand was that Asians are very good in arithmetic’s and science, though I wasn’t so everyone (including rose, who was the one who told everyone) made fun of me. I struggled for a long time in math. Sometimes I re-encounter those hard nights I spent, as a 2nd grader, doing only math! I would start my math homework at 4 (school ended at 3 but I arrived home at 4) and end my math (yes only math) at 6, then I would move on and do 2 hours of English homework! I don’t complain of too much homework here because this is nothing compared to 2nd grade!

33: Say Cheese!

34: Another big thing is that, in my entire life, I have only failed one class and that was Chinese! I hated it! It was the one class that I ignored! Every time I entered the class room I felt like crying because I couldn’t stand the people around me, my teacher and the “stupid language that I hate” as I used to call it. I remember one specific class. The class was learning about some character and I was thinking on my own, or to be more precise I was day-dreaming. I always sat in the far corner of the class because the teacher never paid attention to me. I remember quite distantly hearing the clickity clackety of her

35: high heels, I remember the snap of the ruler meeting my desk and her voice screeching “DELPHIEEEEE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? GO TO THE BOARD AND WRITE DOWN THE CHARACTER!” I was so horrified because never had a teacher yelled at me loud enough to make me feel like crying and running away! I knew that this couldn’t last! I stood up, went close to her and yelled “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID LANGUAGE!” The teacher stood there shocked and asked in a frisky voice “What did you just say?” and I repeated: “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID LANGUAGE

36: SO STOP ASKING ME! I WON’T DO ANYTHING! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Obviously I was sent to the principal who then called my parents. I was mostly scared of my parents reaction. I didn’t want to be screamed at two times more in a row! I was agonizing in my chair she called my parents and told me to go back to class the teacher was quite surprised to see me back in her class so quickly. When I got home, my parents, surprisingly, didn’t yell at me. They gave me a hug and said they were proud of me and that it was okay if I failed because it it wouldn’t be a subject I would learn for my whole life.

37: Chapter 4

38: 3rd Grade

39: Say Cheese!

40: 3rd Grade | I spent half of my grade 3 in China, then I split the other half of the grade into two parts: Canada and France. My grade three was quite jumbled up because in the middle of grade 3 in China I moved to go to France. But we weren’t allowed to get a house in France yet so I spent a month in France. I went to the school I would be going to when I came back. I was sure that people would make fun of my accent there because of the difference. But actually it was quite the opposite I was like a flower in the middle of a swarm of bees. People kept asking me questions about who I was, where I come from, how my life is? For once I felt like people appreciated me I finally found out what a play-date was.

41: For once I felt like people appreciated me I finally found out what a play-date was. I remember the school because I loved it there! The sandy playground, the soccer field in the middle of the school, those ropes where all of the girls used to hang out! I also remember my CM1 class. The first time I went people smiled at me. I was shocked so I slightly frowned every time but I could tell my parents were respective of my reaction. We lived in a hotel. And they gave us discounts on food and the pool because we became good friends over time..After a month the French government told us we would have to wait 4 months until we would be able to get a house.

42: So my mom, sister and I went to Canada to live with my mom’s mom! It was so great to see my family again but I had to learn French My mom enrolled me into a French (from France) school so that I could get used to the system. I made many friends but not with my teacher. Madame Patricia was the harshest and scariest teacher that I’d ever seen! She had black slick hair that was cut square. She was mean but effective. I remember vividly the day I came she humiliated me in front of the class. Right before the class I made friends and they all told me “Don’t get her mad she’s not in a very good mood”

43: I didn’t understand what they meant but I understood during our writing lesson. In American schools, the teachers don’t focus on the neatness of your handwriting but in French schools they do! I was writing down the notes that were on the board. I remember the room was quite stuffy and I was boiling in my uniform. I had just learned how to write cursive and sometimes I had to open my desk to look at how to write some letters. I was looking inside my desk and I hadn’t heard the teacher come up to my desk. .

44: Say Cheese!

45: She slammed the desk down and yelled “DELPHIE! C’ÉST QUOI CA?!” (Delphie what is this crap?) She lifted my paper as if it was something a dog had done its business on, and showed the class whilst saying harshly and quit loudly “TOUT LE MONDE! REGARDER CE TORCHON QUE TOUT DELPHIE A ECRIT” (Look everyone! Look at the rubbish that Delphie wrote) She went to each desk and showed my work to everybody. I involuntarily started crying (not loudly) but I remember her straight, blank face, with no expression or slight pity as she returned my work and whispered “ Tu me refais tout ca” ( Re-do this now.)

46: But what re-assured was that the whole class said after the class “Don’t worry Delphie! We all went through it!” and they each gave me a hug but now I’m too scared to get yelled at by a teacher so I always try to hand in my work neatly! Later in 3rd grade, I experienced public humiliation once again! Though this time it was in the cafeteria and it involved yogurt. For lunch we went to the gym and ate; I would bring my lunch because the school didn’t have a cafeteria and my mom would put the big drinkable yogurts in my lunchbox.

47: Say Cheese!

48: That day I had a strawberry one and those yogurts are extremely hard to open! Me being quit stupid, started banging the lid on the table That didn’t work. So I tried ripping off the lid Didn’t work either! So then I decided the smart (not) thing to do would be to put the lid towards me and have a friend pull. That worked... in a way. As the yogurt opened I realized that the yogurt was going to get all over my uniform and I was right! I tried to dodge the spill but I fell off of my chair AND I spilled a whole bottle of yogurt on myself. My friend started laughing and so did I until I realized I had nothing to change in!

49: The teachers weren’t in the cafeteria at that moment and the bathroom was across the recess court! I had to walk across the recess court smelling like stinky strawberries which were soaked in sour milk, in front of all my friends! One of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

50: Chapter 5

51: 4th Grade

52: 4th Grade | I moved to France, the crazy country where everyone is ALWAYS hungry! I remember going to school and seeing every single person on the street with a croissant in their hand and a coffee cup in the other! I also that a lot of the language in Canada is not appropriate to French people! I learned that you must NOT say “Je suis bourree!” (I’m full) in France because that either means I’m drunk or I’m pregnant! I also learned that some swear words in Canada are not curse words in France and vice versa! An interesting thing that I learned in France

53: was that it is mandatory that you learn how to sail as a class, when you live near the beach! I learned how to sail and we used 1 week for this “class” It was one of the funnest things that I’ve ever experienced in school! We used to go in groups of 3 or 4 in one boat and we would have to follow the instructors. We would picnic all together on the beach for lunch and we would lay out all of our food and share! It was just an amazing course that brought me and some people that I barely knew together!

54: "Little girls have a magic all their own."

55: Chapter 6 | Romania

56: 5th Grade

57: Say Cheese!

58: 5th Grade | In 5th grade my year was split in half between France and Romania. In France the 5th graders have the tradition of going to the mountains and learn about volcanoes for 8 days! We went to La Bourboule! A place in the mountains which was 7 hours from the school! We were in an establishment which consisted of many rooms, a cafeteria and a HUGE room on the top floor for any uses. I remember the first I rode a double-decker, it was during this trip! And it was awesome!

59: You Make My Sun Shine

60: I remember the smell of paper, kids (yes the smell of kids), the smell of the seats and the engines! It was one of the funnest 7 hour drives I’d ever had! When we got there, I had a minor spasm (like a spazz attack – as they say now-a-days)! I went crazy! I was so happy to be here with my friends, far from my parents and in a dorm with my best friends! It was AWESOME! I remember I was rooming with Jessica, Clarisse and Sarah-my-lan. We had so much going to bed at 3 in the morning, sneaking into our friend’s rooms, telling each other scary stories and just plain talking! Though the bummer of the whole trip

61: was that I didn’t know we were going to have a test on all of this, so I didn’t pay attention! So obviously my teacher made me re-do it. Though while I was re-doing it, the teacher was checking the test with the other students and I was right next door and let’s just say that the teacher has an EXTREMLY loud voice! When I moved to Romania I came right after the ski trip and right before the exhibition. I was quite scared of everyone! But most of all one person and that one person was none other than Alex.M! I was terrified of him because he was MUCH taller than me, he was extremely strong (back then) and he

62: very smart! It scared me so much that I couldn’t even look at him. Though later on I became good friends with him and Marcus. I remember during reading time we used to poetry together! It was so funny!I also remember the exhibition quite clearly because this is when I met Yann. I didn’t get to choose my topic for my presentation because all of the groups were full and so I was put with Yann in technology addiction! When we met to discuss the project the first thing he said was “Hey loser!” and instantly I knew this was not going to be easy! I remember the countless times Yann made fun of me which resulted

63: in me going home in tears! It was hell working with Yann! He never wanted to work and when I messed up something he blamed it on me! He also tore down my whole entire side of the board with his homeroom teacher because “It wasn’t pretty” He also yelled at me because I’d forgotten to bring my memory stick to the presentation which resulted in me crying and then Yann getting mad and also crying!

64: Say Cheese!

65: Chapter 7 | Bleh

66: 6th Grade

67: "Little girls have a magic all their own."

68: 6th Grade | Grade 6 is a year that I will never forget not because it was fun and awesome but because it was horrible! During 6th grade I learned (most probably) the most valuable lesson of life that I will ever learn; and that is “Never let someone else choose your life for you” and I learned it the hard way! (Note: the names will be changed in this section) I was always a social person, as my teachers told my parents “Delphie, is a social butterfly” but this year someone decided to make my year complete crap and turn everyone against me!

69: The first time I met Bailey, was in September. I’d invited her to my birthday because my friend Jessica had told her about my party (I hadn’t invited her) unfortunately Bailey couldn’t make it but she still brought me a present! After a while we started hanging out together more. Though I didn’t enjoy it too much because Bailey always made me feel guilty and she did these really stupid jokes! For example: If I didn’t want to go to the park she would look down, pretend to cry and say “Delphie It’s not fair.. You always make me do what you want and you never do what I want to do! Why are you so mean?”

70: and she fake cry like crazy and then I would feel EXTREMLY guilty for making her cry and I would say “I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t really feel like it.” And then she would walk away from me and then I would start crying thinking she was mad at me. Suddenly she would turn around say “Delphie! Why the hell are you crying I’m just kidding!” She would laugh but I would fake it and inside I was really hurt. This happened every single day but with stronger topics like “let’s skip class”; “Let’s be late to look cool” or even “Let’s go burn all of our notes” I remember once she said:

71: This happened every single day but with stronger topics like “let’s skip class”; “Let’s be late to look cool” or even “Let’s go burn all of our notes” I remember once she said “Delphie I’m embarrassed to be around you! You’re not cool enough! You’re too smart and you’re not fun!” and truthfully it hurt me when she said that kind of stuff because I thought she was my best friend I remember I used to help her with her homework because she was a low achiever and it bugged me because she would tell me “Give me your answers! You have to because you’re my best friend!”!” and she would FORCE me into giving her my answers!

72: She bullied me so much that I lost all taste in life! I had no friends because she wanted me for herself therefore she told people “OMG! Delphie said you were a b****” and other mean things like that. She also called once and she said “Delphie! You’re such a geek, a nerd, a dork! You need to be cooler!” “How do you do that?” I said! “Well first of all, you need to stop getting good grades! I mean look at me! I’m getting really bad grades but I’m really popular and everyone likes me!” “But I don’t want to get good grades. I want to get into a good university! And how low would my grades have to be?”

73: “You need to stop getting 7’s and 6’s! Get only 4’s and 5’s!” “But I don’t want to! It’s going to ruin my personal file!” “They only calculate your grades in high school!” “No they don’t! It starts from kindergarten! If you want a good university, you need to be a high achiever in all of your grades!” “Delphie! If you don’t get bad grades I’m not going to be your friend anymore!” I remember the anguish and negativity in her voice! I started crying and she said “OH MY GOSH! DELPHIE! Are you crying AGAIN? You’re such a cry baby!” and then I was crying a lot and I was wrapped around the cover my grandma made me!

74: Friends are Flowers that Never Fade

75: I told her that I needed to go to supper and she said “DO NOT tell your mom! I’m going to be in serious trouble!” I remember going downstairs crying and I tried to tell my mom but she didn’t understand and she said “Delphie! Stop crying for stupid things!” I was in total despair! No one was there for me! I was too scared to get in trouble so I didn’t tell a teacher, my parents didn’t understand and my best friend was my bully! I also remember she told me once that I looked like whore because I was wearing sparkly eye shadow and a lip gloss that I’d just gotten the day before as a present from my dad! And so the

76: And so the next day I didn’t wear any but I saw her and she was wearing lip gloss AND eye shadow! It was frustrating that I couldn’t do anything that I wanted! I also distinctively remember one time where she made extreme fun of me when I told her I wanted to be a cook! She said “Yea right! HAHAHAAHAHA! I see you working McDonalds! C’mon Delphie! Be realistic that’s never going to happen!” though when I asked her what she wanted to be she said “I want to be the secretary of a celebrity! That is a very realistic job” and when I said “HAAHAHHAHA!!! Seriously?! Oh my gosh!

77: I see you working as Hilary Duff’s secretary!” she said “Delphie! You’re so mean! Why don’t you believe in me?”I also remember math! Bailey was HORRIBLE at math! She never understood so she always asked me to help her but when I did she never said thank you she said “Delphie! You make me feel so stupid sometimes! You’re so mean!”I remember once when I learned what the word thank you really meant! One of my friends (I had just really talked to her) came up to me in math class (I was sitting with Bailey) and asked “Delphie! I don’t understand how you do this problem? Can you help me?” I told her how to

78: do the problem and I explained it to her and she responded “Thank you SO much Delphie! You’re so smart in math! Man! Thank you! I finally understand!” I was awestruck because thank you was never said to me by Bailey. It made me feel happy that someone on this finally appreciated what I had to offer! But obviously, Bailey was mad because she thought I was setting her aside and that’s why she never let me sit with the others or even say hi to them! The first person who noticed that I wasn’t talking to anyone, that I didn’t give my opinion in class and that I was always sad or as he said “Mellow” was Mr.Carter!

79: I remember he used to always ask me “Delphie! You’re so quite! Whats wrong?” I wanted to tell him what was happening but I knew Bailey would find out and I was too scared Mr.Carter was my English and Humanities teacher and above all my favorite! I remember the day when he found out what was happening we were in humanities class. Everyone was quietly working on their cities! Me and Bailey were sitting together and we working on our flags (for our cities) and I saw something that I liked on Bailey’s flag so I drew it a bit differently onto my flag. Bailey noticed and said (quit loudly)

80: “Delphie! Why are you copying my flag?!” “I’m not! See it’s different!” “You’re copying!” and again we started fighting and she kept saying mean things to me such as “You’re the worst friend I’ve ever had!” “You’re such a liar! You’re mean and you never want to help me with my homework!” Of course since I was a very fragile person back then I started crying silently because it put me in pain that my friend was telling me these things; though I never noticed that my teacher was watching us attentively! ! And once again Bailey said “Delphie! Why do you always cry! Seriously! You need to control yourself! It’s embarrassing!”

81: and after that class was over! I was gratefull because I was able to escape to the bathroom which was my usual “cry spot”! But I never knew that Mr. Carter had called my mom to talk about it with her. That night my mom finally opened up and asked me; “What’s going on with Bailey? I heard you guys had a conflict in class” I finally knew this was the right time to tell her everything! The next day I told Bailey that I thought we should be friends with other people! And I felt free though it was hard to make new friends because she was mad at me therefore she spread rumors about me!

82: But I managed though I never got the chance to tell Mr. Carter how grateful I am for his actions! Without him I’d probably be stills sitting next to Bailey, crying everyday and not having other friends! So I’d like to dedicate this section of my memoir to Mr. Carter for opening new horizons for me!

83: Chapter 8

84: 7th Grade | Vampires

86: Grade 7 | *Names will also be changed in this section* Grade 7 wasn’t exactly what you can call “the typical year” Many things happened all at once; some were good, some were bad! Many people arrived and I made new friends. During the course of the year there were 2 girls who were hated the most: Makayla and Annabelle. Makayla arrived in October and she moved into the same compound as me. We instantly became friends though not for long. Makayla, Mish and I were really close in the beginning of the year but when Makayla was introduced to Annabelle things didn’t work out as we planned.

87: Many girls hated them too because they spread rumors such as “I don’t know why she’s so popular! She’s so fat and ugly!” They also took the attention of all the guys but only by the way they were dressed. They were never invited to the parties made by some of my classmates and they had no friends. The only people who hung out with them were the guys. Those two were the subject of all gossip! During the winter sports of CEESA, I decided to try out for the swim team and of course Makayla and Annabelle tried out too! We all made it. It was so much fun but after a while I realized that I was beginning to act like them

88: and so I stopped hanging out with them.Though I only noticed this during the competitions when one of my friends (I had met her during the competitions) and I were hanging out. She looked over to where they were and asked “OMG! Who are those whores?” I then replied “My team” The most embarrassing thing though was when one of my friends from AISB had moved to ASW came in the gym to talk with me. Annabelle and Makayla stood up and went up to him and they start to dance around him. The most embarrassing moment of my life! I felt like punching them because he couldn’t go away.

89: They held him in place and used him as their pole! He was crying and I was furious! Every time he saw me during the course of the weekend he would walk away! I hated them for what they did so I started to distance myself though they took this badly and spread rumors about me! When Makayla moved Annabelle was surprisingly relieved! She became instantly nicer with everyone else and she changed a lot. Now were friends though I know that if Makayla hadn’t left then Annabelle wouldn’t have changed!

90: Chapter 9

91: 8th Grade

93: Grade 8 | 8th Grade so far has been a pretty great year! Except for the fact that there has been only 1 social event but that’s okay! This year (so far) has been pretty calm nothing much has been happening and I’m quite happy! Though 2 major things happened this year. This year I also found out that I had testaphobia! Which would explain my grades which were sinking due to my under-taking of tests. I found this out through all of my math tests. My grades started out perfect but then each time they lowered by one mark! I’ve been doing tutoring for math and science so that I don’t fail my exams

94: and it has been helping with math but not so much with science.I know that I’ll get through it but I just hope that I’ll be soon because I’m sick of having to be ashamed of myself and having my grades to myself because I got the worst grade out of the whole class! The Major thing this year was Mish! Mish and I were best friends! We did everything together! We were like sisters which were separated at birth! I knew I could tell her anything and that she wouldn’t tell anyone! I wasn’t scared that she would make fun of me! I didn’t have many classes with her but it was okay because we did something together every single weekend!

95: I loved her as my sister and she practically was my sister because I remember this one time. We were at my house! Both in our PJ’s, in the kitchen! We were talking to my mom and mish spilled some Coke! (At my house, when I spill something, I don’t bother to bend down I throw the rag on the floor and wipe the floor with my feet.) Mish threw the rag on the floor and wiped the coke with her feet! It was then that I knew that she was family. Also I didn’t need to tell my parents that Mish was crashing at our house! She practically lived here anyways.We would randomly say “So, wanna come over tonight?” and she would come over and borrow clothes!

97: I also remember the countless mall trips and all those times we “planned ahead” and looked for prom shoes, dresses, bags and everything! I also remember one mall trip and I’d forgotten to ask my mom for money and she wasn’t at home! I had to climb over the fence, ask my cleaning lady to open the doors for me and then I had to scout the house for change! I also remember the countless times I took the blame for what Mish did and how many she did the same thing for me. We were like partners in crime! Though Mish had to leave Romania some day and she decided to do it in December. She told me two months in

98: advance and I decided that we had to make the best out of it so we had sleep over every weekend and she would stay for the whole weekend! There was one time before she knew she was leaving, my mom had to go to America and my dad had to go with her for the papers. My sister was hard to place in a house! My parents didn’t know who wouldn’t mind to have her over for a week (during school time too). Though for me it was easy! They knew Yasmin (Mish’s mom) wouldn’t mind! That week was probably the bst week of my life! It was so much fun! When Mish left, I cried every night because I didn’t know how I would do without her

99: since there is NO ONE like her! Eventually she got Skype and say at I don’t miss her but it doesn’t kill me because I know that at the end of the week I can talk to her and she still knows everthing that happens during the week and it’s funny how I know everyone in her school, even though I’ve never met them!

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