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Deployment 2010-2011

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Deployment 2010-2011 - Page Text Content

S: 864th Engineer Battalion | Jonathan Michael Watson

BC: I'm leaving on a jet plane....

FC: Jonathan Michael Watson | Deployment 2010-2011

1: May 5, 2010 B, Just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that I love you more than anything in the world. I am always thinking about you and I miss you A LOT. Love you! ~Jonathan | The night he left, April 22nd 2010. | Horsfield, Watson, & Clisby | Deployment Ceremony | 2nd Platoon | Pre-Deployment Luau | Iraq Balad April-August | Send off party

2: May 9, 2010 I just wanted you to know that I think about you all the time. You are always on my mind...ohh and I checked my pay we got all of our combat pay its nice!! Love you!! | May 13, 2010 I can't wait to see you and D dog. I bet that little fat butt is missing me a lot... | May 16, 2010 Its just been really crazy around here lately. I love you a lot!! I can't believe I've almost been gone a month. It is getting really hot here I think its around 110 today. Anyways, I love you and hopefully I will talk to you soon. Love always,Jonathan | May 17, 2010 I love and miss you more than anything sorry I will be pretty busy for the next couple of days but as soon as I can get to a phone I will give you a call. LOVE YOU | May 20, 2010 I got your boxes today thank you. Those will come in handy when I'm out working on this culvert. There are going to be some 15 hour days. LOVE YOU!! | Williams & I taking it easy in 1st class...

3: Jonathan M Watson | Deployment 2010-2011 | May 28, 2010 I am getting very frustrated with the fact that I cannot see you on the web cam or anything. It would be nice to get to see you every once in a while and dixie too of course. I enjoyed messing with you last night. I have enjoyed every minute that we have ever spent together (just wish we had more minutes together). Remember how weird it was too see me in the hotel that day you drove into Georgia its going to be like that only a little better.Love you with all my heart Cant wait to see you Jonathan | Loaded up on the plane and ready to go to war...

4: June 7, 2010 I love you so much and I cannot wait to get home to see you. I just want you to know that you mean everything to me and I would do anything in the world for you. | June 3, 2010 I know its hard without me but do your best to have fun...LOVE YOU B BEAR | With the Iraqi Police | Getting lined up to go out on a mission... | Windsor with the Iraqi Police | Lt. Barron & I | Shelton & Greenidge

5: June 16, 2010 I just want to hang out and spend some quality time with you. You are most important to me. A winter getaway sounds pretty good right now I’m getting tired of the 125 degree weather. Happy Anniversary by the way. Hopefully you have gotten your present by now! I hope you like it. I know you have been talking about it for a while. Love you Brandy! | Re-enlisting SSG. Walker & SSG. Harper

6: Sand storm covering the roads... | HETT carrying a 5-yard loader | Going into Mosul | Going into Tikrit | D-9 Dozer hauling a 2.5 loader | Iraq sunset

7: Repairing a bridge. Took pictures with an Iraq soldier who was in charge of the bridge security.

8: OUR HERO | "T" for Texas! Flavin & I | My reflection off of a blue force tracker | Digging a hole with a track hoe | Hydraulic excavator digging a ditch... | Cleaning off the skate ramp...

9: June 16, 2010 I saw pictures of you at the wedding and you looked beautiful in the dress you wore. Happy anniversary I wish I was there to see your beautiful face and kiss your forehead. Love you with all my heart Jonathan | June 16, 2010 I am writing you back to tell you that I got your e-mail. I am happy to hear about that RMS. I guess you just could not stop thinking about me all day haha. Love you! | Going back through Mosul | They use sticks to hold things up while they build | Tigirs river | My platoon sergeant, Windsor & I

10: Fixing the approach to a bridge

11: Tanner hit his head on the top of a MWRAP & this is how they bandaged him! | Fixing a retention pond..

12: June 17, 2010 God brought that to my attention, I just have to worry about what’s under my control and what’s in my lane. Everything else out there is out of my control. I just have to take care of myself and my soldiers and come home safe to you. Love you June 18, 2010 Hey HUNNY BEAR, I guess your wondering why I did not call you last night. Sorry bout that. I had an extremely long day out at the job site. Anyways, I love you a lot and I can't wait to be back in your arms again. Got to run love you! June 22, 2010 Just wanted to write you a quick note! I love you more than anything. Have fun and we need to look at getting you some golf clubs so we can play together. I can't wait to spend time with you. That’s the one thing I miss the most. Even if we are doing nothing I just want to hang out with you. Love you

13: Piling up the water that came undone | Doc sawing the horns off... | Longhorn sticker Brandy sent. Placed it on the door to my room. | Chus where we lived. Rob V. was my roommate | Phelps dusting Vicks off | H Pod where I lived... | Breaking up a cement pad | Loading up jersey barriers | Drainage basin 2nd Platoon built | Dozer pushing some dirt around... | Hydraulic Excavator digging a hole

14: June 26, 2010 What's up Hottie, I know it sucks when the phone goes down but don’t worry its not good bye anyways its talk to you later. Sorry I did not get to call you tonight but know that I love you more than anything and I am always thinking about you. Soon we will be together again. One more day down one more day closer to seeing you. I love you! Can't wait until I can hear your beautiful voice again. BYE! | July 2, 2010 Anyways I love you and I can't wait for R&R. LOVE YOU! | July 5 , 2010 I’m ready for R&R I just need to see you and give you a hug and a kiss. School will be starting soon I know you are excied about graduating. I am going to be so proud of you. You worked hard over the last couple of years, except in Sociology you just copied off some hot guy in that class haha. Anyways I love you more than anything. BYE! | July 6, 2010 Very nice pic. You're hot I can't wait to be home next month! Only a few more weeks to go! I love you! | July 7, 2010 Hey B Bear, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and you are always on my mind. I’m just happy we will be saving a lot (2 words) of money on gas and miles on your car. Plus it will be better for you less time on the road equals less of a chance for an accident. Anyways I can't wait to see you and little D. See y’all soon! Jonathan

15: My driver Reed. | Cruising along hwy 1... | Iraq kids playing in an irrigation ditch... | Dowtown Baqubah

16: Entrance into FOB Edge | Iraqi checkpoint | Iraqi police checkpoint | Iraqi mud hut | Iraq/Iran border checkpoint | Their gas stations.. | Iraqi military humvee | My truck, RG-33+ | Small town we passed through

17: July 10, 2010 My replacement should get here on the 12th so expect me to have a lot more free time then. I don't know exacally when leave is going to be yet just some time in August. The thought of being with you is what helps me get out of bed everyday. I love you. Jonahtan | July 12, 2010 The last thing in the world I want to do is upset you. Im sorry I just get a little stressed out sometimes. I love you more than anything in the world. I know being in a situation like this we both have to work harder to make things work. I know I am not perfect and I know you go through a lot waiting around on me all day. I want you to know that I appreciate everything that you do for our relationship and the last thing I want to do is take that for granted. It’s very stressful being apart from the one that you love most for an entire year! I love you and I will call you in a little while. | July 18, 2010 Hunny Bunny, Im just laying here fixing to go to sleep wishing you were on the computer screen so that I could say goodnight to you. I know things will be better for us now that I have the internet. Im sorry it took me this long to get it. I love you more than anything in the world and you mean everything to me! I can't wait until the day we are together again. I love you and drink a couple of glasses of wine for me. P.S. I LOVE YOU! | Girls leaving an Iraqi school | Big truck ran over car | House blown up | Bobcat leveling ground.

18: My driver & my gunner | Doc & I made a bet & I won... | IED | Tigirs River | HET with my D-9 Dozer | Mac my interpreter | Baqubah

19: September 17, 2010 What's up Love, I made it to Kandahar, its a lot cooler than Iraq I think the high today was around 75. It's going to be a lot harder to find internet and phones around here but I will do my best. I love you more than anything and I cannot wait for the day when we are together again. DFACs are pretty good about the same actually. My CHU is about a third of the size of my one in Iraq but I will make due. LOVE YOU.. Johnny | July September 18, 2010 Well you lucked out I got here yesterday and the Battalion XO told me I was prolly going to be taking over a bridging platoon in the 814th. He said the BC would make the final call and she would be back later tonight. I did not volunteer or ask for anything just so you know. I came in this morning and he told me that the BC wanted me to be the Assistant S-2 and they were going to get a new LT to take over that platoon. I was sad for me but very happy for you. I love you. I hope you get to go to the game you will have a lot of fun. Yea remember last time those fans are rude. The only thing I ask is that you DONT WORRY ABOUT ME! I want you to have fun don't spend your whole time worrying about if I am going to call. I love you and I want you to enjoy yourself while I’m gone. LOVE YOU B BEAR | September 21, 2010 HELLAR B BEAR, Yeah, I like loving you and not fighting with you it puts me in a better mood through the day. | Afghanistan KAF September-March | R and R

20: October 2, 2010 Dude I would know if something was wrong with you because I talk to you everyday and if I could not get a hold of you I would then check my email. You can always answer the what are you gonna do question with HAVE BABIES, or start a Bulldog farm. Both are very logical answers. And yes it is a very big deal it is a big accomplishment in your life! | October 2, 2010 Your advisor is a D-BAG you should have gone back up to his office and thrown your paper on his desk and said look what a REAL advisor can do. Anyways write me back so I know your not dying | November 6, 2010 Just letting you know the address of your awesome husband... Jonathan Watson HHC, 864th EN BN APO, AE 09355 | November 20, 2010 Sorry about the missed Skype date. I was trying to log on to the internet account and it was telling me that I was already logged on. Anyways I was pissed. I could not even go to sleep I LOVE YOU and I miss you more than anything. Can't wait to be home with you. | C-17, that brought me to Afghan from RnR. | Dry support bridge, AKA transformer

21: September 19, 2010 Hey B Bear, I just want to tell you that I love you more than anything! I think about you constantly. I cannot wait until the day I am home and I can give you all the hugs and kisses you deserve. I know these last couple of days have been stressful for the both of us. I want you to know that it is going to get better once I get settled in and get into a good baddle rhythm. I am going to get up early in the morning and find a internet cafe or some kinda phones. We are over half way done with this deployment I know that dont sound like much but it is a huge accomplishment. Just keep hanging in there and be strong like I know you can be. (you gotta earn that "ARMY WIFE Toughest job in the Army" bumper sticker. I Love you and cant wait to hold you in my arms! | November 22, 2010 Dude you wrote me a facebook message telling me not to skype you. Sorry about that. I am heading to class now I will call you as soon as I get out of class. I hope everything is going well with your paper. | Hook'em horns!!! | MATV

22: Julio & I | Afghan kids... | Round about in Afghan | Stop or get SHOT! | COP Howz-e-madad | Kandahar City | Afhgan motorcycle

23: November 7, 2010 Just wanted to say, LOVE YOU! | Hanging out at the bridge site.

24: November 23, 2010 Sorry its been a rough couple of days for me changing from nights to days and then back to nights in a three day span. LOVE YOU and I will talk to you soon. | Working without my armor on. | BEFORE | AFTER | D-7 Dozer | 50 ton crane moving bridge parts

25: November 24, 2010 Just wanted to be the first to wish you happy thanksgiving. Im just sitting here enjoying myself some peanut butter and tortillas. I just wanted to say thank you again its very good. I love you and I think about you more than ever during the holidays. I know it seems rough now (and it is) but it will be over with before we know it and I will be back in your arms. As you can tell the internet is still not up I did not get a chance to talk to Doug I was sleeping when he came in and he was sleeping when I woke up. I will get the net up as soon as I can. I love you more than anything and cannot wait to see you! | November 24, 2010 Glad tater is liking the car, but seriously take him for a ride around the block if you can he will love that. | November 26, 2010 Brandy my love, You mean more to me than anything in the world. I would rather have you than all the riches in the world. I have spent every day of this year thinking about the day we will be together again. Oh, what a glorious day that will be. I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives growing old together (even if you think I’m already there). I love you, and cannot wait to see you on skype. Talk to you soon my love. | December 16, 2010 Im glad I've got you I love you so much. I can't wait to get off work so I can talk to you LOVE YOU!

26: Taking damaged pieces back to KAF... | Afghan tea | Working on approach ramp | Eating Afghan flat bread | Don't have to shave...

27: March 7, 2011 Very nice. Sorry I was not on when you got back. We had to go show the new guys around. I love you very much and can't wait to see you and your sexy body. | January 1, 2011 I love you too B! Thanks for all you have done for me this year. Listening to me as I gripe and complain about CPT K. Planning our R&R trip. Always being there when I need you, waiting around on my phone calls. I have learned to appreciate you so much more and value every minute we get to spend together. I know our relationship is so much stronger than it's ever been. I do agree that we spent too much time hanging out on facebook. I am really excited about getting to spend the next year together. LOVE YOU | Interperter | Where I slept while on mission | Afhgan has a lot of mountains | Afghan Sunset

28: Lance Armstrong | Robin Williams | Kix Brooks | Sunset in Afghan | Through the RPG cage | Romanians playing soccer-tennis | My Romanian friends | Afhgan civilians | We park where we want...

29: Afghan machine gun post. | Pan'ji | Discussing the road project. | Mosque | Afghan kids wanting water from us. | Grape hut | Canadian Tank

30: My RLB "home" | Poo pond | Canadian hockey rink | Inside my RLB. My bed in the back. | Traditional Afghan dinner | Interpreter Manager, Warris | Warris' pets

31: Toni's shirt in Afghan | Kandahar International Airfield | Slovakian Church on KAF | Jon in Jaymee's mural she painted at Cpl. Ray's Coffee Shop in Andrews

32: RnR just began. Picked him up at the airport! | Unlce Tony & LT | Mom, Jon, & Granny | Jon, Mom, & Allison | Jay & Jon | Olivia, Samantha, Baylor, & Dylan | Setting up for the party! | Jay & Kason | Dison's best friend! | RnR August

33: Jon with Jaymee's amazing mural. | Off the Balcony on the riverwalk in San Antonio | Jon and his babygirl :) | Brandon | Dixie having a blast at the lake! | At the Alamo in the Garden | Dixie on the seadoo for the first time. | Jaymee & Jon @ the concert | On the dock at the lake house. | Hillbilly Golf

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