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Descriptive Paragraphs

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S: Descriptive Paragraphs

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FC: Descriptive Paragraphs | By: Ms Woodyard's 5th Graders | 2010/2011

1: Ms. Woodyard's fifth grade literacy class has been working on descriptive paragraphs. This book is a collection of descriptive paragraphs about our favorite foods!

2: My Favorite Food By: Julie Aguilar Rodriguez The thing that I would eat all the days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are empanadas. First, my favorite food smells good. It smells good as a flower. Next, it sounds like bubbles popping when you are frying it. Then, they taste like cheese and tortillas because you make tortillas out of masa . Finally, if you fry it too much it is going to feel hard and if you leave it frying until its brownish it is going to taste dazzling. As you can see, empanadas are the best thing I like to eat.

3: My Favorite Food By: Jasmin F Today, I’m going to describe the most mouth watering, delicious, homemade hot wings ever! First of all, when the delicious hot wings are ready you can smell the delightful smell of nothing but when you put on the hot sauce on then you can smell the amazing smell of hot sauce and hot wings. That’s why it’s called hot wings. Next, you can feel the hotness on your fingers, but be careful when you grab it because it might burn you, so be very careful! Then, when you grab one hot wing and eat it with hot sauce, it will taste so amazing, you can’t stop at all. You just want more and more. Last, when you are done and you can see that the plate of hot wings is empty, you will know they are the best hot wings ever! As you can see that’s why my favorite is hot wing!

4: My Favorite Food | By: Jennifer Nguyen My favorite food is lasagna. First of all, the lasagna smells like spaghetti with extra cheese. Then, the lasagna looks delicious and splendid with extra cheese. Finally the lasagna tastes phenomenal and unquestionable. As you can see, I would recommend it because it is steamy and delicious.

5: My Favorite food By Noel V. My favorite food is pizza from Little Caesar’s and Pizza Hut. First, I like pizza because pizza is good food. Then, pizza is a good food for parties, birthdays, and celebrations. Next, pizza is delicious so kids like it. Also, pizzas are found around the world. As you can see, pizza is good and people like it.

6: My Favorite Food By: Samantha Quezada My favorite food is pizza. First, the pizza smells like it barely came out of the oven and melting cheese. Next, the pizza feels hot and sticky. Then, the pizza looks like bread with crust and cheese and pepperoni or ham. Last, the pizza tastes like hot cheese pizza. Finally, that is my favorite food; what is your favorite food?

7: My Favorite Food By: Erik M. I’m about to tell you hints of my favorite food. First, my favorite food looks like soup. Then, it tastes like tomato, and rich and spicy. Next, it feels so wet and it sticks to glass. After that, when it’s cooking it sounds like popping and boiling. Finally, my favorite food smells like tomato sauce and yummy! As you can see my favorite food is spaghetti.

8: Guess My Favorite Food By: Odalis This is my favorite food. First of all, I like it because it smells really good and yummy. Secondly, I like it because it looks really tasty and juicy. Third, I like it because it tastes really good and fresh. Lastly, my favorite food is a fruit salad. Clearly, this is the best food ever.

9: My Favorite Food By: Scarlet J My favorite food is a hot dog. First when your mom or dad is making hot dogs you get near and they smell so good. Next when you see them you just want to eat them even though they’re hot. Then you hear your mom or dad say it’s time for dinner and you race to the kitchen as fast as you can. Then you sit down looking at the hotdog with wide eyes to see if anything happens to it. Then you taste it and it’s the best thing you’ve ever tried. Finally I’m telling you hotdogs are good for an afternoon dinner. I hope you enjoy hotdogs as much as I do.

10: My Favorite Food By: Alexis My favorite food is chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce. First, I think chicken nuggets taste greasy and juicy. Then, I think the chicken nuggets look steaming hot when they barely come out. Also, I think chicken nuggets smell greasy because of all the steam. Next, I think chicken nuggets feel squishy and bumpy on the outside. Lastly, I recommend chicken nuggets to everybody who is not allergic.

11: My Favorite Food By Francisco Today I ate spaghetti with cheese.First of all, spaghetti is my favorite food because when you smell it, it smells phenomenal. Second of all the spaghetti tastes the best to me but I don't want to eat it all the time. Then, I touch it feels normal.Only when I touch it feels so so hot you can even see the steam rise up like evaporation.Next, the spaghetti is just like lasagna but spaghetti doesn't have too much cheese.As you can see, the spaghetti is cheesy but messy too.

12: My Favorite Food By: Daniel My favorite food is pizza because it tastes so good. First, the pizza makes my mouth water. Secondly, when you touch the cheese it is hot and melty. Third, the pizza looks like a bumpy triangle. Next, when you taste the pizza you don’t want to stop eating it! Last but not least, if I were you, I would pick pizza.

13: My favorite food By; Edwin Hey what is your favorite Food? Mine is pizza. First of all, my favorite food is pizza because it tastes exquisite with cheese, pepperoni, and jalapeños. Secondly, when you open the box of pizza it smells delightful like it came fresh out of the oven. Thirdly, the pizza is tempting to eat. When you look at it you can see pepperoni over cheese, over bread. Next, when you feel the pizza it feels warm on your hand. In conclusion, if I were you I would make my favorite food pizza!

14: My Favorite Food By Alina Arias I love when my mom makes stir-fry but instead of meat or chicken, its shrimp it is delicious. First of all the smell when I smell stir-fry, it makes me go nuts. I stop what I’m doing and go to the kitchen. Then when I look at the stir-fry I almost FAINT! Its that good. Next when I touch the juicy and delicious meal, I just need to taste it. Finally I taste the stir-fry. I go blind! When I go blind, its like if I was in a happy world. As you can see, stir-fry is my favorite meal. It is delicious and juicy

15: My favorite food By: Jamie Zellner My favorite food is tuna salad, a delicious meal. First of all I help my mom to make tuna salad and what I do to help is get all the ingredients. Then when I looked at the tuna salad I almost went crazy. Next when I touched the tasty food I felt like I wanted to eat it all. After that I had to wait for my sisters. When all my family got to the table, we started eating the tuna salad. Finally, my family and I enjoyed the tuna salad.

16: My Favorite Food By: Elizabeth Martinez Hey you yes you, I am calling you because I wanted to tell you that my mom makes the best tamales just listen and you’ll already LOVE them. First of all, I love the kind of tamales my mom makes. They look like chili meat inside and a great white masa covered on the outside. After, the tamales are a great smelling dish. I think of them as great candy but, I hate the candy tamales, they are too sweet. Next, the tamales are a great dish. The tamales smell like juicy masa that has been cooked in the best cooking oven. I think that the tamales are a great smelling dish. I eat them every time my mom makes them. Lastly, if you like them, come over to my house on a holiday probably for Christmas would be the best.

17: My Favorite Food? By:Brisa My favorite food is red spicy enchiladas. First, of all the enchiladas smell spicy and good. Secondly, the delicious enchiladas look like red rolls tortillas with melted cheese inside. Then, I hear bubbles popping from the boiling chili. Finally, when I was putting them in the plate it was juicy because of the chili. As you can see, the incredible enchiladas with spicy chili and tasted phenomenal red enchiladas.

18: My Favorite Food By: Samantha Rodriguez My favorite food is green enchiladas. First of all, when I want to eat green I ask my mom if I can help her cook the food. Secondly, when the enchiladas are ready they look like green rolls with cheese melted on the top with salsa. Third, when they are on a plate they smell like green salsa freshly made. Finally, when I start to eat the green enchiladas they taste spicy and delicious.

19: My Favorite Food By: Maribel Today I’m going to talk about my favorite food. I like red enchiladas. First, they smelled like red chili and smell really good. Next, they looked so good and look melted. Third, they felt like hot and soft tortillas. Next, they didn’t make any sound but you could hear the cheese burning in the oven. Finally, they tasted so good and delicious and spicy.

20: My Favorite Foods By: Emily Rodriguez Hi my name is Emily and I am going to tell you why I love hot cheetos. First thing, hot cheetos are so yummy because they are hot and crunchy. That’s what I love about hot cheetos. Next, all the people that I know like hot cheetos because they are hot. Hot cheetos are my favorite foods even though they are not food but I describe it as food for me. After all, I feel like buying all the hot cheetos in the world, because they are so so good. That’s why I love hot cheetos!

21: My Favorite Food By Debbie Brooks Hi my name is Debbie and my favorite food is ramen noodles because it is juicy and good. First I like the noodles because I can smell what flavor I am going to taste. Second, I like the taste of the noodles because I like beef and chicken and cheese. The flavor I do not like is shrimp I hate sea food! Thirdly, I like to add ice cubes so when I take a bite it’s not so hot. I also like to add hot sauce, pepper, and lemon. Last, I like to eat ramen noodles it’s my favorite food I am so glad my mom made them for me. Now, I am done and I can’t wait till I eat them again because I love them a lot!!!!!

22: My Favorite Food By: Daisy My favorite food is the crunchy taco from Taco Bell. First, my mom takes me all the time and that makes me want to eat a million. Second, it smells so good that it makes me want to eat all of the tacos in the world. Third of all, it feels hard from the outside but soft and bumpy from the inside. Next, it looks like a yellow folded leaf with meat, lettuce, cream and cheese. Finally, it tastes so good. That’s why my favorite food is crunch tacos from TacoBell.

23: My Favorite Food By: Joshua Contreras I’m going to tell you my favorite food. They are called sopapillas. They are awesome. First, it is a type of dessert from Mexico. It is really amazing the first bite is delicious. Second, they have honey on them and a pinch of powdered sugar on them. When you cook them, they get as puffy as a baby cloud. Third of all, the thing I dislike about them is they are really sticky. The thing I like about them is that they are soft like feathers. Lastly, I hope one day you get to have one and tell me whether you like them or not.

24: My Favorite Food By: Yurith Today I will describe my favorite dish to you. First, they look like Doritos with nacho cheese, corn, and sour cream with salsa on top. Secondly, they smell good. Then, from the top it feels soft and the bottom feels hard. Finally, I think you should try them.

25: My Favorite Food By: Alyn Hello my name is Alyn and my favorite food is soft sugar cookies. First, they smell like Oreos in the oven. Next, they feel so soft I want to hold them all day. They look so good I want to cry. I would recommend them.

26: My Favorite Food By: Manny I love steak. My favorite steak is a USDA choice rib eye steak. My favorite part of the steak is lime seasoning. When you put the steak on the grill you hear the sizzle of the lime that you put on the steak. Finally, you get to eat the delicious steak.

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