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Despicable Me

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S: Despicable Me Archetypes and Heroic Cycles


FC: Despicable Me Archetypes & Heroic Cycle Jordan Freburg

1: About Despicable Me A master Villain named Gru, grew up always wanting to go to the moon. When unexpectedly another unknown villain stole the Pyramids from Egypt, a thought in Gru's brain appeared. Since his minions and himself haven't stole anything after they stole the New York Times Square JumboTron, he knew he needed to do something to keep his title. So, he had this brilliant idea of stealing the shrink ray and then build a rocket and fly up to outer space to get the moon. Right after Gru recovered the shrink ray, his enemy Vector steals the shrink ray from him. As his minions tried to come up with a way for them to get the shrink ray back, Gru gets the idea of adopting three little girls who sold cookies to Vector, named Margo, Agnes, and Edith. After adopting the girls, he made cookies that were robots dressed up as cookies . He controlled the robots to go to find the shrink ray, as the girls gave Vector his cookies. When he recovered the shrink ray, and was about to make the biggest appearance to history he realizes that the three little girls actually care about him. He then realizes, its come down to making a final decision of either being a good parent or getting the moon. He takes his rocket to get the moon, but then realizes that Vector has the girls and decides to give the moon to Vector and rescue them.

3: Gru. In the beginning of the movie, Gru was a popular known villain that was skimpy, stuck up, and head strong. After another villain took his spot by stealing the pyramids in Egypt, Gru loses he place as top villain. He gets the idea of adopting three little girls that will help him get his spot back as top villain. In the process however Gru comes to find that he actually cares about the girls and doesn't know whether or not he wants to be a villain or father.. What does he do? First, Gru decides to be a villain, but after accomplishing his task, he feels he needs to be a father to Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Stepping up to the plate, he becomes the hero by taking on Vector who stole the girls from him and getting them back.

4: Dr. Nefario This old scientist is also Gru's sidekick or right hand man. Anything that Gru needs Dr. Nefario is there to help him. He gives Gru all of the tools he needs to help Gru conquer his missions. He is only talented in the topic of science. He also influences Gru to get his missions done and to not push them away.

5: Dr.Nefario would be classified as the mentor in Despicable Me because he gives and helps Gru with whatever he needs. He also trains him and tells him what he needs to do in order to succeed in the mission he is given. He is Gru's knowledge.

7: Vector! Also known as Gru's Enemy. He steals the Pyramids in Egypt, which sets Gru off. As Gru comes closer and closer to getting the moon Vector does everything he can to stop Gru. He ruins his car/airplane, he steals the shrink ray, and in order for Gru to have his daughters he must give Vector the moon. Vector was just out to get Gru, and in the end everyone's a winner. Vector wins getting the moon, Gru wins getting his family back, and the planet Earth wins by getting the moon back. Vector the enemy and wanna be destroyer of Gru can be described as the shadow. Vector is dedicated to get Gru, he wants to be better than Gru. He is the unexpected villain that started the mission on getting the moon.

9: Edith, Margo, & Agnes. In the beginning of the movie,the three little girls are living in an orphanage. After Gru sees that the sisters sold cookies to Vector he gets the idea of adopting them. Once he adopts the girls, notices that being a dad is a lot harder than he thought it would be. The girls are hyper and curious, they want to explorer his house and get to know him as their "dad". As Gru's project goes along, Dr.Nefario realizes that Gru is getting attached to the girls and that Gru needs to get more focused in the project, so he sends the girls away. In the end Gru sees that the girls mean more to him then being a villain. Edith, Margo & Agnes could also be known as the threshold guardian. They create an obstacle for Gru the hero. If it wasn't for the girls being so connected to Vector, Gru wouldn't need the girls, but the girls hold a big place in both his life and Vectors life.

10: Minions! The minions are a great deal to Gru. They help Gru do everything and anything, especially with any plans that Gru is trying to make. When Gru tells everyone that he might not be able to succeed his new task because of money issues, all the minions take a step in and try and donate money so that they can make the rocket to get to the moon. They also take care of the children while Gru is at work, but Gru learns that the girls can control them and make them act like kids as well. The minions are both helpful and immature too. In the movie, the minions, can be considered the shapeshifter. Each and every single of them, can either have the attitude of a man and want to work and make sure things are done perfectly or they can have the brain of a five year old and want to play and giggle all the time.

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