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Dinner at the Homesick Resturant

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S: The Tull family

BC: The End

FC: The Tull family

1: Name | Table of Contents | Pg. 2-3.....Ezra Pg. 4-5.....Cody Pg. 6-7.....Jenny Pg. 8-9.....Beck Pg. 10-11.....Pearl Pg. 12-13.....Slevin Pg. 14-15.....Luke Pg. 16-17.....Mrs. Scarlatti Pg. 18-19.....Josiah Pg. 20-21....Ruth Pg. 22-23.....The Archery Incident Pg. 24-25.....The Separation Pg. 26-27.....The Homesick Restaurant Pg. 28-29.....Author's Page

2: good eats | Ezra | Ezra's Restaurant where he served his famous tacos and bbq. He was always trying to get the family to eat together at his restaurant, he was the only one who was trying to keep us together. | The old farmhouse that Ezra helped me clean. He was always so willing to help me. He was defiantly my favorite.

3: October 1945 Mom, I have been doing great. I have learned a lot about my rifle. Now I can march twenty miles without getting tired. How is Mrs Scarlatti doing? I think about her restaurant a lot, and how it smells. Love, Ezra | Ezra when he was drafted into the army in Korea. I think he became a man when he went into the army. He learned a lot, and would always write about it. Although he did get discharged because he was sleepwalking. | "He'd cook what people felt homesick for...He would call it the Homesick Restaurant" (pg. 122). Ezra decided to call it the Homesick Restaurant so people could come there to get some home cooked meals.

4: Cody | The window that Cody broke, then blamed Ezra for it. He was always doing something to get in trouble. He was such a troublemaker. | Cody loved playing Monopoly, or any other game. He just had a problem with winning, he always wanted to win. He was very competitive. | "Just Ezra breaking another window" (pg. 40). This is what Ezra told Pearl when he really broke the window. Everything bad that he did he blamed it on Ezra. | time out

5: The factory that Cody inspected when he got hurt and was in a coma. I did not really feel that bad for him during this time. | You are cordially invited | Cody, Ruth and their new baby Luke. I remember Ezra was so made when he found out that Cody took Ruth which was his girlfriend, and later married her.

6: Jenny | February 1952 Dear Diary, I had another dream about my mom. She was "talking like a witch and accusing me of sins" that I have never done. She said "that she was raising me up to eat me." (pg. 70). I am so scared of my mom, she is a very dangerous person. I am afraid that she is going to hit me again. Jenny | Jenny's graduation picture from going to school to be a doctor. That was always her dream, although I could never see her being a doctor.

7: My Husbands 1. Harley 2. Sam 3. Joe | Jenny in her room working at her desk. She would always ignore me when she was sitting there, this always put her in a bad mood. | Jenny and I walking to the store. This was back when she was always home, and when I saw her everyday. Now she is always gone with the boys. | "DR. TULL IS NOT A TOY"(pg. 196). Joe made Jenny a sign with this engraved in it. He said he wanted her to make her patients show her some respect.

8: Beck and I when we were younger. Back when we used to really love each other, and when we cared about each other. I really miss those days. | Beck when he came back for Pearl's funeral. He was nice, but he kept bringing up things that had happened in the past, which all of the kids tried to forget. For example, the archery incident.

9: Beck | When Beck was in the bus leaving me and the kids. I told the kids along with everybody else that he was just leaving for a business trip. I hope I can keep them thinking that. | "Pearl, I'm leaving" (pg. 301). Beck said this to Pearl when he finally had enough of her, and things were not perfect anymore.

10: Pearl | Dear Diary, "New Year's Day, nineteen-fourteen. I hope this little diary will not get lost as last year's did. I hope I will not put anything foolish in it as I have been known to do before" (pg. 267)" Appleappleappleapple "put a flaxseed poultice on my finger" (pg.268). | Pearl trying to read a book. Since she was blind Ezra would read it to her. Some days she wanted to try and read it by herself so she could be more independent. | "Beck was on another trip" (pg. 28). Pearl used this excuse for him leaving her. Hoping that no one would find out where he really went.

11: Cody and Pearl getting ready to perform their skit: "The Mortgage Overdue." This was one of Cody's favorite things to do with his mom. It was the only thing that Pearl would do with him, since she did not really like him. | Pearl in front of her work, the Sweeney Brothers Grocery and Fine Produce. She claimed she got the job to keep her busy, but some think that is a lie.

12: Slevin | Slevin and Joe before Jenny came into their lives. Jenny and Slevin never did get along, they would always fight, and she would always play jokes on him. | Slevin sitting at his desk "doing homework." He never did well in school, he would have so much trouble with his learning disability. | Homework | Incomplete | 0

13: Slevin when he was very young. Back when he did not steal, and get in trouble. Also back before he could understand the fact that he did not have a mom, until Jenny came. | Report Card | Math F History F English F Science F P.E. D+ | "Not you; you're always laughing and having fun. It's not you" (pg. 203). This is Slevin telling Jenny that she is always joking around when they were simply just talking about a picture. This shows how Jenny did not really care and hwo she just wanted to have fun.

14: Luke | Luke when he was three years old. One of the few times we saw him smile. He was so sad all of the time because they had to keep moving with Cody's job. | Luke playing baseball. He used to play with Cody all of this time. Cody would complement him on his trowing. This made Luke some what cocci.

15: ___ | __ | ___ | Cody when he was in the hospital after his accident. Luke became really sad, because all of the attention was on Cody, not him. | Cody said, "Sometimes it's more like you're Ezra's child, not mine." (pg. 224). This made Luke feel miserable. He made him feel unimportant, and he eventually ran away.

16: Mrs. Scarlatti working in her restaurant, Scarlatti's Restaurant. She loved this restaurant, and she always wanted to make it the best she could. | Mrs. Scarlatti and her son Billy, when he was young. Way before she got sick with cancer, and he went off to Korea for the war. Where he was killed.

17: Mrs. Scarlatti | Mrs. Scarlatti eating Ezra's famous Gizzard Soup. She always said that it "settled her stomach, soothed her nerves and changes her whole perception of the day" (pg. 113) | "Tell Ezra to change the sign...It's not Scarlatti's Restaurant any more" (pg. 129). Before Mrs. Scarlatti died she told the nurse to tell Ezra this, she wanted her restaurant to be in good hands.

18: Josiah when he was in school and all of the other kids would make fun of him for being so tall. He was close to seven feet tall. They also made fun of the way he talked. He used to come home so upset because of the bullies. | "You piece of trash," Pearl said to Jenny. "You tramp. You trashy thing" (pg. 79). Pearl said this to Jenny when she caught her and Josiah kissing. She became very mad and hit Jenny, Josiah never saw Jenny again after that.

19: Josiah | Josiah working at the Tom 'N' Eddie's Body Shop. He would work there a lot, and every time Jenny passed he would be swinging his mallet at some car, he always worked hard. | Josiah and Jenny right before they kissed and Pearl caught them. After Mrs. Payson made them dinner. Pearl became so mad, and was Jenny so embarrassed.

20: Ruth when she was cooking in the restaurant. Before she had Luke, and when she was Ezra's girlfriend. | Cody, Ezra, and Ruth when they were younger. Before all of the competitiveness was going around between Ezra and Cody. | "Cody Tull! What a thought" (pg. 224). Ruth said this to Cody after he claimed that Luke was more like Ezra's child, not his. This shows how Ruth really does care a lot more about Luke than Cody does.

21: Ruth | AMAZING OFFER! | Ruth and Luke when he was one years old. She was a good mother to Luke, especially compared to how Cody treated him. | Dear Ruthis, "Your old thing, don't you keep in touch with your friends any more? I told Mama the other day, Mama that Ruth Spivey has forgotten all about us I believe" (pg. 156). See Ya, Paula

22: "Did I do that?" | Cody, when he was pointing the arrow at Ezra. This is when Ezra came running towards Cody thinking he was going to shoot him. When he did this, Ezra knocked Cody down, which made the arrow shoot off and hit Pearl.

23: The Archery Incident | Pearl, right before she got hit with the arrow. It was really Ezra's fault, but she blamed Beck for it instead. | "She blamed Beck, who through sheer thoughtfulness if not intention had shot her through the heart" (pg. 28). Even though it was not Becks fault she blamed him. She was just asking for him to leave.

24: Pearl and Beck's Separation | Pearl and Beck arguing. They would argue twenty four seven, and it would be over little things. | "I packed a bag and walked out" (pg. 301). This is what Beck said when he was explaining how Pearl and him split up to the kids at her funeral.

25: At Pearl's funeral, Beck off to the side. When he came he decided that it would be a good idea to bring up things from the past. Everyone else did not think it was a good idea, but he still did it.

26: Ezra working in the kitchen, probably making his Gizzard Soup. Everybody loved that soup, it was a hit. | "He would call it the Homesick Restaurant"(pg. 122). This is when Ezra decided to change the name of the restaurant from Scarlatti's Restaurant, to The Homesick Restaurant. He said he wanted people to come there to get food that they are homesick for.

27: The Homesick Restaurant | Inside the homesick Restaurant after Ezra had remodeled the whole thing. It really made a nice touch on the place.

28: About The Author | Ashley Armstrong

29: Ashley was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, but was raised in Midland, North Carolina. Her hobbies are playing basketball and softball, and hanging out with friends. She went to Hickory Grove Christian from K-12th grade. She graduated from there and moved on to play basketball at Methodist University. She made this scrapbook for her English final exam. She thought it was a fun and creative idea, but realized through out doing it that it was time consuming, and was not a night before it was due project.

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