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Don't Discriminate, Apprciate

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BC: Thanks for Reading!

FC: Don't Discriminate. Appreciate.

1: Discrimination effects many, but what does it really mean? Discrimination is treating people differently based on their differences. It is often ignored as a problem, and just laughed off. ("Sexism") It's not taken serious enough. It's not a physical issue it's mental. ("University") | What is it?

2: Where & When | Where does it happen? It is most easily recorded in the work place. That's not to say it doesn't happen many other places. It effects our society still today. ("Sexism") The work place probably does have the most instances of discrimination. It happens first when people go in for the interview. As soon as the employer sees you they start to form an opinion. You're always told to dress nice and act appropriately. However does that really matter?

3: Who Does it Effect | Everybody and anybody can be affected. Discrimination an hatred don't pick favorites. But people do. The biggest reasons people will discriminate is because of sex, race, age, sexual orientation, and disabilities. One woman had to quit her job because she was so badly affected by the sexism in her work place. She still suffers from extreme anxiety because of what she was afraid the men in her office would say or do to her everyday. An no one ever tried to stop this behavior the men had. ("15")

4: Why? | The reason people like to discriminate, is usually based on up bringing. Think about it, if all your life everyone around told you for example woman were not equal to men. Or that you should be scared of black people. That mind set would effect you through out your life. Another reason is just general stereotypes. Sometimes it seems like the only people who aren't hated are young, straight, white males. Which is really only a small part of the population. It's a hard issue to find a solution to because how do you change somebodies mind set?

5: What's the problem? | It's simple really, the answer is slowly over time, an not to let the wrong ideas slip into the minds of younger generations. But it has to be more complex than that right? Right. It can never just be that easy. First step is to recognize the problem. Once it has been Identified an conformed that there is a problem in the first place, you may then start to take action. (Antidiscrimination) Make sure that you can prove that there was discrimination taking place. Don't start making Assumptions.

6: What's a good way to make someone not do something? Make it illegal of course. (Antidiscrimination) Without a doubt people are going to try an challenge it, but no body wants to risk losing money. Next you might be thinking how do we establish laws like this? Where would you start, an what exactly needs to be protected? Well heres the good news, those laws have already been made. So what are they? | Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

7: First we'll talk about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This protects against employer's who won't hire because of race, sex, color, religion, or national origin. (Laws) The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects the fact that pregnant woman will a have job an won't get fired because of their condition. It however does not garenti that you will have the same job after you come back from maternity leave. It also doesn't say you have to have paid leave, or that you even have to have maternity leave at all!

8: The Equal Pay Act says that woman an men, who do the same job, at the same place must be paid the same amount. (Laws) Next The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects people who are at risk of being fired because of age. For example say people who have been working somewhere for a long time an have many benefits and high pay get fired. An than new younger people who have to work for less get hired. (Mrs.Turner) This is age discrimination. Title 1 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is the last Major Law that needs mention. This protects people with disabilities from not getting hired or getting fire because of their disabilities. As long as it's not preventing them from performing their job efficiently.

9: Have You Heard? | Now the bad news. That's not working. If you hadn't noticed all of those laws were made quite some time ago. So than if not laws how else can you make someone do or not do something? The answer is, you don't. Just make them aware of the situation. (Broughton) Give people the cause an effect. Why things are like this, how to change it, an the consequences of it.

10: Now you must learn how to inform properly. Start by defining what it is, where an how it happens. An most importantly, get the word out. Awareness can't be a solution if people aren't aware. (How) Take an approach that may even be more useful in todays society. Technology! If you're reading this right now than you're proving it works. Something most people check everyday an pay attention to, like Facebook would be a great way to get word out.

11: Another way to help is to support others who generate awareness. (Prasad) For example say it's election time, an you need to vote for a governor. It would be best to vote for someone who promotes equality. Lastly teach these laws to younger generations. If you make them all aware of their rights. Then they're more likely to recognize things like discriminations when they're grown their rights are violated. An easy way to bring this awareness to the younger generation is teach it in schools. This solution is actually taking place right now, in classes like history and Foundations.

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