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Edgar's Monomyth Project

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FC: The Alchemist and the Monomyth by: Edgar Torres

1: The Call | The thing that was calling Santiago to go on his adventure was all the dreams he was having about the pyramids. In the dreams there were children playing with his sheep, then one of the kids takes and transports him to the pyramids. As the child is going to show him where he can find the treasure he wakes up (Coelho 13-14). This sparks Santiago's Curiosity and he begins to wonder about the treasure. One very important event that has a big influence in him embarking on his adventure is his talk with the king of Salem (Coelho 21-25). The King convinces Santiago that if he follows the omens and keeps fallowing his personal legend, he will find what he is looking for (his treasure).

3: Refusal of the Call | After Santiago's talk with that "fortune teller" he begins to doubt the omen that was his dream. He even says to himself "I will never believe in dreams again."(Coelho 15) This happens because he felt that fortune teller could actually give him some useful advice on finding his treasure but the only thing she tells him is things he could have assumed on his own. For example she tells that if his dream took place at the pyramids that where his treasure will be. Then when he asks her where they are she tells him that she didn't even know the pyramids existed. This basically discourages Santiago more since there is no one to point in the right direction so he figures he might as well stay with his sheep since they understand him.

4: Crossing the Threshold | After Santiago's talk with the king of Salem, he decides he is going to pursue his treasure. So first he sells all his sheep so he can buy a ticket to go to Africa. So he sells the sheep that he has left and arrives in Africa for the first time (Coelho 33). Shortly after arriving in Africa he makes a new "friend" that is supposedly going to help Santiago get started on his journey. Then of course this "friend" (who was holding on to Santiago's money for him) takes off with Santiago's money when Santiago is busy admiring a sword. This is when Santiago realizes that he is longer in a place where he knows the land, the way things work, and the people. He is in a whole new world that he is going to have to adapt to if he wants to so much as survive.

6: Supernatural Aid | So for Santiago's supernatural aid he has a teacher that can do extraordinary things. His teacher is the Alchemist that the English men was looking for so that he could teach him how to be an alchemist himself. the book doesn't specify the things the alchemist can do that are supernatural but he does have 2 objects that go against the "laws of the universe" (these items are the elixir of life and the philosophers stone). That covers the supernatural part but what he does in order to help Santiago become an alchemist himself is put him to the ultimate test where he has to show he is part of the world. If it just so happens that Santiago cant do this "he'll die in the midst of trying to realize his personal legend".

7: Road of Trials | In Santiago's quest he has 3 main things that he must surpass in order to find his treasure. First off after Santiago's money gets stolen when he first arrives in Africa he must then work for a year to earn enough money to continue his trip (summarized on pages 62-63 Coelho). This causes a huge delay in Santiago reaching his treasure and he doesn't even decide right away if he wants to continue to pursue it. So after Santiago has the money he needs and decides he is going too chase his dream, he has to cross the desert in order to get to th pyramids. It is said that many people do not survive the journey (Coelho 72 is where he begins to cross the desert). The 3rd trial was actually presented to him by his mentor, the alchemist tells the leader of the army that Santiago is the alchemist and that he can prove by turning himself into the wind (Coelho 140 trial is presented). To put even more pressure on Santiago he only has 3 days to learn how to turn himself into the wind.

9: Goddess | So the goddess for Santiago was actually the love of his life. Fantina doesn't give Santiago an item of some sort to help on his quest. Instead she basically clears his conscious and tells him "if i am really part of your dream then you will come back to me 1 day" (Coelho 97). She also tells him that he is her personal legend, She has finally found the perfect person for her so she tells him he has to go on and find his treasure. Then he can comeback to her and they can live out the rest of their days together knowing they have both achieved their biggest goal in life. This event clears Santiago's biggest doubt that stands in the way of him achieving his personal legend (he was still extremely sad to leave her though). So he sets out with the alchemist to Cross whats left to cross of the desert and arrive at the pyramids.

10: Apotheosis | Santiago's apotheosis is happens when he is presented with a seemingly impossible challenge. The challenge is actually when Santiago is in the do or die situation of he either turns himself into the wind or the leader of the army kills him. So Santiago turns himself into the wind in order to prove that he is an alchemist and nearly destroys all of the armies camp site (Coelho 153). Then surprisingly the general was smiling because"that disciple had understood the glory of god" (Coelho 153). The alchemist was smiling because he "had found his perfect disciple" (Coelho 153). So the following day the general said goodbye to Santiago and the alchemist and provided them with an escort party to accompany them as far as they chose (Coelho 153).

12: Master of Two Worlds | So Santiago has finally reached the pyramids and is now digging for his treasure. Then a group of people force him to keep digging for the treasure so they can keep it. Then after seeing that Santiago clearly isn't going to find treasure the leader of the group tells them to stop beating the boy up and they should be on their way. Before he go's to join his group he tells Santiago that he had a dream in that very spot that told him to go to the fields in Spain where he'd find a church where shepherds slept here he would find a hidden treasure (Coelho 163). So Santiago take his knowledge of omens and decides to go back to Spain and visit the church that the group leader mentioned. That is where Santiago finds his treasure at the roots of the sycamore.

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