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Education 409

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Education 409 - Page Text Content

S: Education 409 Final Project

FC: EDUC 409 (01) Literacy Learning Activities March 21, 2012 Dana Fraser & Kate Pike

1: "Belonging" in a Grade One Classroom

2: Balanced Literacy | Balances the skills of reading and writing with reader-based concerns

3: What readers and writers know is just as important as what they see | Meaning resides with the reader | Meaning results from interactions between reader and text

4: Traditionally, a balanced approach to literacy incorporates the six strands and five skills of language

5: Six Language Strands | Reading | Writing | Listening | Speaking | Viewing | Representing

6: Five Skills | Phonemic Awareness | Phonics | Comprehension | Vocabulary | Fluency

7: Instructional Focus of Balanced Literacy | The development of skills and strategies in meaningful contexts

8: Alberta ELA Program of Studies

9: General Outcome 1 | Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences | 1.1 Discover and Explore 1.2 Clarify and Extend

10: General Outcome 5 | Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to respect, support, and collaborate with others | 5.1 Respect others and strengthen community | 5.2 Work within a group



14: ACTIVITY 1 | Can I Play Too? by MoWillems | READ ALOUD

15: Introductory discussion about belonging (podcast, 2 minutes) Foreshadowing and Walk Through Discussion throughout the reading about the concept of the feelings that accompany belonging and not belonging (paying close attention to the characters' facial expressions)

16: Purpose and Objectives of Activity: | *To introduce the students to the concept of inclusion and belonging, i.e. the overarching theme of all three literacy activities

17: *To determine the students' familiarity with the notion of belonging and community, and to have them relate that back to their own personal experiences - and ultimately, to the importance of feeling you belong in an inclusive classroom setting

18: Materials: | Story Book on 'belonging' | ITunes Podcast (Sesame Street) | Comfy pillows, mats to sit on during the activity, and manipulatives | Readers to 'play' Piggie, Gerald and Snake (optional)

19: During the discussion/read aloud activity, the teacher will assess the students' engagement and learning by: *Asking them what they think each character is feeling and why *Asking that they make connections during the read aloud - teacher models what this means and how it is done (e.g. the nose-touching activity) | Formative Assessment:

20: Outcome 1.2: Clarify and Extend | LEARNING OUTCOMES | Consider the ideas of others | Combine ideas | Extend understanding - ask questions and get additional information

21: LEARNING OUTCOMES | Outcome 5.1: Respect Others and Strengthen Community | Use language to show Respect - use appropriate words, phrases, sentences to ask questions , to seek and give assistance, and to take turns


23: Brainstorming about vocabulary and story ideas | Choice of medium, i.e. traditional vs. digital (for example, storyjumper)

24: Purpose and Objectives of Activity: | Materials: | *To have students at all levels work on their five skills and the six language strands | *To encourage students to make meaning both collectively (during the brainstorming session) and individually (during their story writing) | Paper and/or notebooks, art supplies | Computers with internet to access online story making tools

25: White Board and markers to record vocabulary students think is important to telling their stories and to record possible story ideas, i.e. personal experience, something they've witnessed or something they've heard about | Formative Assessment: | *Circulate and observe the students during the "writing" process; support and guide as necessary | *Prompting when necessary and taking note of how students respond to them

26: LEARNING OUTCOMES | Outcome 1.2: Clarify and Extend | Consider the ideas of others | Combine ideas | Extend understanding - ask questions and get additional information

27: LEARNING OUTCOMES | 5.2Work in Groups Ask questions and contribute ideas related to class investigations on topics of interest Take turns sharing ideas and information

28: 1.2 Extend Understanding Ask questions to get additional ideas and information on topics of interest | 1.1 Express ideas and develop understanding Share personal experiences that are clearly related to oral, print and other media texts. | LEARNING OUTCOMES

29: 1.1 Experiment with language and with forms Experiment with different ways of exploring and developing stories, ideas, and experiences | 1.1 Express preferences Express preferences for a variety of oral, print, and other media texts | LEARNING OUTCOMES

30: ACTIVITY 3 | Sharing with Others

31: Children have opportunities to share their stories during a class meeting or in a smaller group | Class (or group) discussions, encouraging students to ask each other questions and give comments to their peers

32: Purpose and Objectives of Activity: | Materials: | *To showcase the students' individual work *To continue creating a sense of community *To encourage students to respond to, and appreciate, other people's experiences and their expression of ideas | Computers with internet to access online story making tools | Comfy pillows, mats to sit on during the activity, and manipulatives

33: Formative Assessment: | *Observation of interpersonal skills and ability to respond critically to a variety of "texts" | Summative assessment: | *Refer to observational notes taken during the learning processes (all 3 activities) to see which learning outcomes have been achieved and which may require more work

34: LEARNING OUTCOMES | 1.2 Clarify and Extend Consider the ideas of others Listen and Respond appropriately to experiences and feelings shared by others | 5.1 Use language to show respect Use appropriate--words, phrases and sentences to ask questions to seek and give assistance and to take turns

35: LEARNING OUTCOMES | 5.1 Celebrate accomplishments and events Share Ideas and experiences through conversation ... to celebrate individual and class accomplishments | 5.1 Appreciate diversity Share personal experiences and family traditions related to oral, print and other media texts

36: Four Resource Model | Meaning-Making | Using texts | Encoding and Decoding

37: Recognising and Using the fundamental features and architecture of written texts including alphabet, sounds, spelling, conventions, and patterns in sentence structure and text *Brainstorming *Composing personal stories/experiences | Engaging with texts that are tied to personal interests and goals *All 3 activities fulfill this

38: Social Literacy | Our three activities on belonging also serve to help students with mastering other forms of literacy (which also translate nicely to their lives out of school) | Digital Literacy

39: Our theme and all three of our activities work in an inclusive classroom and focus on practices that foster inclusion in the classroom The appreciation of diversity - found in outcome 5, and highlighted in all three of our activities - is particularly relevant here

40: What are some of the ways that our activities relate to balanced literacy?

41: Reading and writing in these activities is neither top-down nor bottom-up | Meaning results from the interaction between reader and text, but also text and text, and text and world | The instructional focus is on the development of skills in contexts that are meaningful to individuals and to the community

42: In closing, we would like to point out that, because of the spiral-like nature of the K-9 curricula...

43: ... all of the activities outlined here could very easily be adapted to any ELA classroom from K-9

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