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Egypt (Copy)

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S: Egypt Adventure April 2008

FC: Egypt Adventure April 2008

1: Map of Ancient Egypt

3: 5 hour lay-over in the Paris Airport

4: On our way from the airport to the hotel. What an experience and Jessi kept her eye's on everything!! | These picture's are our first impression's of Egypt.

5: View from our room | Ceiba Speciosa also called the Silk Floss Tree | When Alex was ordering room service and asked for beer with our pizza , he was asked how many beer's did he want !! They didn't even ask if he was an adult. | Our room

7: The Great Sphinx, Horus of the Horizon. The Sphinx was chiseled from a limestone rock by Chephren, builder of the second Giza Pyramid. It is the largest piece of sculpture ever carved by man. The word sphinx means "living image" in Egyptian. Over 4,500 years old, and the height from ground to the top of the head is about 65 1/2 feet and the length from the front paws to the tail is about 240 feet. The greatest width of the face is 13 feet, The ears measure about 5 feet and the mouth about 6 feet. The nose is estimated to have been 3 1/2 feet long. From the chin hung a long beard, fragments were found by Napoleon and given to the British

9: Birthing Chair.

10: Great Pyramid Earth's Largest | Built by Pharaoh Khufu, the 2nd ruler of the 4th dynasty. | Built in 2550 B.C. 481 feet high using 2.3 million stone blocks. | Pyramid of Menkaure Pharaoh Menkaure was the 6th ruler of the 4th dynasty. Built in 2490 B.C. 213 feet high | Last of the Great Pyramids. | This is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence. | There are Three Main Pyramids of Giza

11: Pyramid of Khafre Home of the Sphinx | Built by Pharaoh Khafre in 2520 B.C. 471 feet high | The Sphinx was carved from bedrock and depicts the pharaoh as a human headed lion, wearing the headdress of the pharaohs. The Sphinx is the embodiment of Khafre, the 3rd ruler of the 4th dynasty, as the god Horus.

12: DiDi took us to one of the pyramids so we could go inside. | We went through the opening and down about 100 steep steps, bending over the whole time because the opening was narrow & the ceiling low. | We came to an area that leveled off where we could stand up-right. The further into the pyramid we went and the deeper we got, the thicker the air was. Then we started up about another 100 steps until we reached the burial chamber. | It was dark, cool and very hard to breath in the chamber. We stayed there for about 10-15 minutes. Our guide told us about the person who had been buried there (not nobility) and that the chamber had been looted by tomb robbers many yeas ago. The sarcophagus was long gone. | We took the same steep low passage way back, first down and then up to the outside. I think we were all glad to be out of the stuffy pyramid and glad we went inside for the experience.

14: Egypt on the move---

18: Our last day in Egypt was very relaxing. We slept in, repacked (well some of us did!!), wrote post cards and just hung out by the pool

19: Pool side menu--- "SHIPS" with my fish would be nice!!

20: Alex and Jessi learning the proper technique of making carpets. Not as easy as the experts make it look.

21: Jessi and two customers at the carpet factory. | Alex with DiDi and Ahmed

22: I guess the trick to riding a donkey and not falling off is keeping your mouth "wide open"!

23: Light show at the Pyramids

24: The Great Step Pyramid at Saqqara. This was the start of a period that would eventually see the polished smooth surface of the Pyramids in Gaza. | In Memphis, Egypt, the step pyramid is 197 feet high - has six steps with 11,668,00 cubic feet of clay and stone. | Excavating is on-going.

25: The SCARAB is an important religious symbol in Egypt and in other cultures through out history. | Our guide, DiDi, explaining ancient writing. | On-going repairs to the Step Pyramid

26: Making Alabaster Statuettes

28: Cloth Camels made by Egyptian children, Alex and Jessi just had to buy one.

32: A perfect landing in a farmers field. Great help in pulling us out. What a wonderful flight!!! | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

37: Alex and Jessi peeking through a hole in the basket

41: Excavation is still uncovering wonderful treasures. | Modern day community

46: View of Thebes' Ramesseum The memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II. Shows the Pylons and secondary buildings. | Valley Of The Kings

47: Beautiful cultivated crop field's. Shows the importance of the Nile River. | Enormous statues of the Colossi Of Memnon

49: Contrast between green fields and the desert. | The Rock-Cut Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the first Female King. Considered one of the "incomparable Monuments of Ancient Egypt". Built as a dedication to the god Amon-Re, her father.

53: Paintings showing the Roman influence on Egypt. With the death of Cleopatra, Egypt passed into Roman hands. She elevated her son, from the liaison with Julius Caesar, to co-ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra was not Egyptian, but of Greek Dynasty who's origin ruled Egypt after Alexander The Great's death.

54: Welcome aboard | Lobby of the ship

58: Playing Ping Pong with the ship's staff. | Local man selling jewelry and other items from the small boat we were sailing on around Elephantine Island. | Alex and Jessi bought an Elephant letter opener

62: We had several tour guides while in Egypt. Ahmed was the main person we went to for any reason. He met us at the airport and was there for us every morning at the hotel while in Cairo. Ahmed always said "I like it too much" when we were all talking and having fun. He really enjoyed Alex and Jessi. DiDi (Mohep) was our local guide while in Cairo and the surrounding area's. He really "clicked" with the kids and with Kelli and me. We learned so much about Egypt and the people and history from DiDi. Our local guide while on the cruise and with shore excursions was Waleed. He was a lot of fun and helped Kelli a lot with making long distance phone calls to the insurance company -- trying to find our luggage. All of our guides have a degree in Egyptology. We had the best guides ever!! | "Linda" written by Ahmed | DiDi and Ahmed | Waleed

63: A view from the vantage point in the middle of High Dam towards the monument of Arab-Soviet Friendship (Lotus Flower) by architects Piotr Pavlov, Juri Omeltchenko and sculptor Nikolay Vechkanov

65: Egyptian "sit toilet". Sand was pored into the chamber below.

70: Alex going into town with a couple from the ship | Kelli and Alex coming back from town. | Jessi and I stayed on the ship--she still wasn't feeling well and my sprained foot was still hurting. | The local kids watching our ship and all the activities. | Lowering the platform so passengers | re-board the ship and we don't get | the passengers | could leave the ship. | stowaways. | Guards posted to make sure only

76: "Vendors" selling souvenirs to tourist are chased off by the security guards. | VALLEY OF THE KINGS

78: Kom Ombo | About 28 miles north of Aswan is the Temple of Kom Ombo built on a high dune, overlooking the Nile. Ptolemy VI built the temple in the 2nd century B.C. and Augustus built the outer enclosure around the B.C. The temple is dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Horus.

79: Elephantine Island is one of the most ancient sites in Egypt with artifacts dating back to the pre-dynastic period. | Old Cataract Hotel Built by the Russians in 1899 is located across from Elephantine Island. Reported that Agathia Christie stayed here when she wrote the book "Death on the Nile" | While taking pictures I stepped off the side of the stone path and sprained my foot.

82: About 8:00 pm and we are waiting for the overnight sleeper train from Luxor to Cairo. Guess it's a good thing most of our luggage is still lost!

83: We were given the wrong tickets for our cars. We were to have a car that slept 4 but we had to settle for two doubles.

84: The hallway with sleeper cars on the left and bunks on the right.

85: Jessi on "Charlie Brown" | Kelli | Alex

90: Rameses II flanked by Plah and Sekhmet | Tongue and groove bricks

91: The Colossus of Ramesses II Enormous statue carved in limestone is about 33.8 feet long. Found in 1820 by an Italian traveler. | Local street market

92: A trip to the mall for McDonald Hamburgers!

93: Our ship's captain guiding us through the locks. This was a very special opportunity to visit him in the "Captains Quarters". Our guide made the arraignments for the 4 of us. | The captain and the crew's sleeping bunks. Someone has to be "on duty" 24 hour's every day for the safety of the passengers. | This makes the area more comfortable and 'homey".

94: Alex took pictures of the locks opening so the ship could go through. | A local man selling carpets from the dock. He throws the carpet up and the buyer drops the money down to him. | The ESNA LOCK

95: The ship behind us waiting for their turn to go through the lock. | Other ships also waiting.

97: Pigeon Houses Pigeon are valued for their eggs, meat and dung (excellent fertilizer). Pigeon's were one of the earliest domesticated livestock-- dating back 10,000 years.

99: Jessi and Alex called this "Kentucky Fried Camel" ---KFC | Forehand | Eyes | Nose

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