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Egyptian Inventions

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FC: Inventions Journal | Amisi

1: Dear Journal, My dad is an inventor. People come to him every day to ask him to invent something that will help them with their daily lives. He takes their order and starts working. He is constantly in his workshop. Personally, I think people are taking advantage of him, but he loves what he does, so I can't complain. Every time he invents something new, I will write it in this new journal. That way my dad will have a written record of his work.

2: This is the finished papyrus paper. | This is the harvested papyrus reeds.

3: My dad just recently came up with a way to make paper sheets out of papyrus. To make the papyrus sheets, papyrus reeds had to be harvested. First, he peeled the green outer layer off. Then he cut the inner layer into strips and placed them in water. Once they became soaked, he placed the strips side by side in a frame, just overlapping. He placed another layer of strips on top of the first going the other way. Finally, he pressed, dried, rolled, and polished them.

4: This is a sketch I made of my dad's first completed pen. | These are a few of his best pens.

5: When my dad came up with a way to make paper, people soon started to demand something to write on it with, so he invented black ink. To make it, he mixed soot with vegetable gum and bee wax. To make different colored ink, he would substitute soot with any other organic materials. To make red ink, he would use ochre instead of soot. He also invented something for the ink to be used with, a pen. He used a simple reed and fashioned it at the tip into a tiny brush.

6: This is the sketch I made when my dad was demonstrating how to use the lock.

7: There have been many robberies lately. To prevent these robberies, my dad invented a lock. He first made a wooden crossbar that only had a small space for the key and pins to go through. He would drop the pins into the cavities, locking the door. To unlock the door, he slid the key into the opening, pushing the pins aside, and enabling the door to open. People were very excited when he came up with this invention. Now people don't have to worry about robbers stealing their possessions.

8: This is the water clock. It is very fun to watch!

9: My dad recently came up with two different clocks. The first one was a sun clock. You have to watch the moving shadows throughout the day. He eventually divided the day into morning, afternoon, and night. His invention led to the discovery of the longest and shortest years. The second one was the water clock. They were like pots made of stone with long, slanting sides that allowed water to drip down through a small hole in the bottom. I was amazed!

10: These are my dad's first sandals he ever made. They became neater as he made more of them.

11: Recently, people have been coming in complaining of cuts on their feet. Some came in telling us they lost a loved one to a venomous snake. This disturbed my dad, so to protect their feet from scorpions and snakes, he wove papyrus into a sandal shape. People loved the sandals, but most only wore them when outside.

12: This is one of my dad's calendars. Sadly, it became cracked from an earthquake.

13: A few people came in today asking for a way to keep track of time. My dad eventually came up with a lunar calendar. My dad told me that he is the first person to come up with a solar calendar that consisted of twelve months. Each month consisted of thirty days plus five extra days at the end of the year.

14: This a sketch of the farmers using my dad's new invention.

15: Yesterday, my dad went to the market to get our family some food. He passed a field where farmers were working hard to plow it. That is when he had an inspiration. He raced home (without food) and ran into his workshop. It turns out that he realized that there is a way to make plowing easier: attach oxen to the plow. He attached ropes from the farmers' plows onto the oxen. The farmers were delighted. It made plowing so much easier for them.

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