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Elementary School Memories

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FC: 2011 | Elementary Memories

1: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. | -Emerson

2: Bean Bags Reading in the beanbags was cool and fun. It was warm in the beanbags. It makes you want to sleep in them. There are 3 beanbags. | Our Fourth Grade Trip Right when I got there guess, what I did? I stepped into a tepee. My favorite thing about Big Island Rendevous is to go shopping there. | States Test When I took the states test, I got forty-six states and fifteen capitals, which I think is good but that was the first one that we took. It's called the States Test. Every 5th grade year you have to take that test to see if you know your states. I had fun practicing on the computer, trying to get as many states as I could.

3: Laughing Tre’ and I were laughing in the beanbags because of a picture in the book. It showed a girl that worked in the Penny Pantry where the *Frindle was held. * Frindle is a pen | When I Went To Florida When I went to Florida, I sent a post card to my school in Clear Lake, Iowa. It had a dolphin on it. My trip was exciting because I got to go to all the parks in Disney World. That was fun because I got autographs from the creatures. In fourth grade, we went to Florida again to see my grandma. I thought of sending a post card to my class in 4th grade. | Blake F.

4: Gym One of my favorite classes is gym. We get to play all sorts of sports. My favorite sport is soccer but I am also learning how to play other sports. Gym is fun because at the end of gym you get to answer questions and if you get it right you get to be the first person to get a drink. | Favorite Teacher Mr. Weber is also one of my favorite teachers. He encourages us to stay healthy by running for 10 minutes and by doing the fitness test. I like Mr. Weber because he wants us to improve at sports. | Clear Creek Elementary I have enjoyed my time at Clear Creek Elementary. It is a great school. I have made some great friends over the years and had some great teachers too. One of my favorite things is my friends. We like to get together outside at recess and play football. We also play other sports such as kickball and basketball. I like spending time with my friends.

5: Art Class Another favorite of mine is art class. I enjoy different things and doing paintings. I also like art because I want to learn all about the famous artist and to draw what they did. I also like it because you can draw whatever you want when your done when with your project. | Lunch with My Friends Last but not least, another favorite of mine is lunch time. It gives me time to fill my tummy and to talk with my buddies. Sometimes I get in trouble laughing with my buddies .These are just some of my favorite things that I have enjoyed at Clear Creek. | History One of my favorite subjects is history. I like to learn and hear all about the old facts of people, places, and things .I like it too because you can study what they did for a living and you can write report about them. | Nikolas P.

6: When I first met Blake at Clear Creek School, we were in the same class. Our teacher was Ms. Christensen and she is very nice. I think she is the nicest teacher I have had so far. | We started laughing a lot. Then we got in trouble. Just like I said, we got in trouble of course. Blake was very funny, even though we got in trouble a lot. He is my friend because we get along and have good times. | After a while Blake and I became friends. We sat by each other too. But that did not last long. You know why? He started making me laugh, I just had a feeling that something was going to go wrong.

7: Clear Creek is my favorite school. I like it here because you get to play sports. You get to have recess too. It is fun to go to school here because you get to do fun activities. | My favorite class is math class, because you get to do fun packets. I like gym class because you play a lot of fun sports. Plus you get to run the mile. I almost made it. | My favorite memory was in P.E. because I beat my old record last year and I only had 5, this year I got 10 pull ups. | Tre' G.

8: Parent Day One of my favorite memories was when my dad came for “Bring Parent to School” day. He was a cop. He showed us his police car. He also showed us his gun. I got to be in the front of the class with him when he was talking. | Fire Alarm I remember when the fire alarm went off in 3rd grade. The firefighters came. It was not a drill. It was just smoke. It was like 30 degrees outside. Thankfully a lady let us in her house. We were in her house for a while. | Hospital I remember when I tore a muscle in my neck in 1st grade. I missed 4 days of school. I had to go to the hospital. I could not even lift my head. It felt like it weighed 100 pounds. My class wrote letters to me.

9: Science I liked it when we did floating and sinking in science and we got to use all the equipment. I liked it when we did hands on things. We also got to work with a partner. My partner was Ian. I also liked it when we did hydrometers. | Returned to Iowa In 5th grade I came back to Clear Creek School and Clear Lake, Iowa, because I had moved to Minnesota. I moved in 3rd grade, then I came back in 5th. It felt good coming back. It was amazing when I came back and at recess I played football. | Joey M.

10: In 1st grade, I met Brandi . We met each other on bus 5. At first she was mean to me, I called her bad names, and we both argued with each other. One day I asked to read a book with her and she said “yes”. We both gave each other our address and phone number. I realized we lived 6 houses away from each other. When my mom met her mom they could talk for forever. We will always be Best Friends Forever. | Ms.Christensen I will always remember that name. When I walked into my new Homeroom I knew that year would be a challenge for me. My brother Michael had her the year before me. The very first lesson I learned from her was not to lie, because the consequence is always doubled. My Mom, Dad, and I did not think I would have her 4 years in a row. She is my favorite !

11: Author of a book In 3rd grade all third graders got the opportunity to write and illustrate a book. I wrote a book about horses being free and how a community can help keep them free. I enjoyed the project. | Zoe j. | My best friend and I | A wild Shetland pony

12: This part is about my friends, Aimee and Carson. We first met each other at the first Tech Club (The second one at least, the first one, I was not in it.) Every Monday my friends and I meet at our table. Tech Club is awesome! This Tech Club can let you make announcements! | Have you ever thought that Ms. Christensen is very strict? Well think again! She only does it when you get in trouble. If you are ever in her class, do not be scared! Trust me, I am in her class.

13: This is in Science and we made great boats! It was awesome! We held about 80 marbles! My Science partner was Tre’. One of us made a small boat, medium boat, and large boat. The large one held the most. | The last is, dancing about all around in the classroom! It was very funny. Ms. Christensen put on some music and we all danced around. We also did the “trust fall". I got really hot! | The greatest thing I did for Morning Announcements in Tech Club is filming Band! Even when I am not in band, I love filming it! It is my only chance to see how band is like. The only problem is it gets very hot in there, Whew! | Mimi L.

14: Gym with Mr. Weber Weber has always been firm, but nice. But when I was slipping, he came down on me. But now him and I both are nicer to each other. | Class with Ms. Christensen- Ms. Christensen helped me with lots of things, but the thing she did was she always tried to redirect me and show me the right way to do things. Now I think that I should have done it that way from the beginning! | Mrs. Quintus- She was one of the most supportive teachers that I have ever had. Like when I did wrong, she said she knew I could be better. | Jacob

15: Lunch Posse- The LP taught me to be responsible and if you take it serious, it will feel just like a real job. One time I had to do the same job for 5 DAYS STRAIT, but I kind of liked the job. | Big Island Rendezvous was my favorite field trip. I liked it because we got to learn to live like the people who lived on the frontier. My favorite place was the gift shop.

16: In 2nd grade I met Kaylee who is my best friend. When I was at recess I played alone. One day my teacher put me by Kaylee but I did not even know she ever existed. From then on all we did was talk; sometimes it even got us in trouble. Since I met Kaylee we have been best friends. | In 4th grade we did a science project with little frogs and crabs. At the end we got to pick whether we wanted the frogs or the crabs, I picked the frogs because they didn’t stink as much. I liked the project because it was like having little class pets. That was the most exciting project of the year! | When I was in 3rd grade a fire alarm went off in the middle of winter. All the other classes did not have coats but we did. Mrs. Tremmel said we had 3 seconds to grab our jackets. We went across the street to other people's houses. They let us in because it was so cold. A fire never started we guessed it was because of all the smoke. | Kaila S.

17: In 4th grade we took a field trip to Big Island Rendezvous. It was the best field trip in 4th grade and the only field trip. We went to a store and I bought a rabbit skin, a rabbit skin pouch, and my favorite a bottle of homemade sarsaparilla. We went to learn about the Native Americans. It is one of the best field trips I ever went on. When I got home that was almost all I talked about. | On April 11th Abbi , Kaylee, and I tried out for the Variety Show. We did a play called Cindy-Ella. I was Cindy, Kaylee was Izzy, and Abbi was Fairy-God Mother 1 and 2. It was like a Cinderella remix in Jersey style. We were so excited when we found out we were in. | My 5th grade teacher was Ms. Christensen. When I 1st found out I was scared because of the stories I heard. When I started I knew the stories were lies, now I can not remember the stories told. She helped me realize things no other teacher had, and now I think she was the best and most helpful teacher I ever had.

18: These are some of my favorite things about Clear Creek Elementary. One day in 3rd grade I dragged Kaila to go meet Abbi, and Joellen. Before I did Kaila told me not to go up and ask them to play with us. Then Joellen and Abbi told us they would like to play with us at recess. Kaila and I did not even know they were in the same class as us until we asked them. | I made an elf owl presentation in 4th grade. When I did I felt like a real producer in a movie not just a 4th grade student. I felt a little humiliated though because at the end when I told extra facts the special effects made the words move too fast for me to say them. | One day in 5th grade I went to teacher conferences for the first day of school, and I was a little frightened of Ms. Christensen because everybody I asked told me she was mean. When I met her I felt nervous. After a few days of school I figured out she was really nice. Now I am proving everyone wrong.

19: On April 15, 2011 a fire alarm went off unexpectedly and I was in short sleeves. Ms. Christensen counted us and had people warm us up. Trinity warmed me up by putting her arms in the chest hole and my arms in the arm holes of her sweatshirt. Later Jos, Mimi, and Kaila joined us and we got warmer. 5 minutes later we finally got to go inside. | On April 26, 2011 Abbi, Kaila, and I all did the Variety Show. The audience cheered and the skit we did, Cindy-Ella was a blast, I had a little problem though with the headsets, my headset was not working and I had to use a microphone, but it was okay. We practiced every recess Kaila, Abbi, and I were outside to get it memorized. When we tried out we got the most claps, it was HUGE. Thursday we found out we were in! We started jumping and we were very excited. These are my favorite memories at Clear Creek Elementary. | KAYLEE

20: Here are some memories from my years at grade school. In 3rd grade I had a brain tumor. My mom and I found out that I had a tumor on April 6th, 2008. I had just had a MRI at Mercy Hospital. When we were done we drove up to Iowa City by the time we arrived it was 10:00 p.m. After a day I went into surgery and I came out fine. | In 3rd-5th at the end of the year we get to have a General Store, it only happens if you're in Ms.Christensen's class. It is so much fun if you have a lot of tickets. You get tickets by doing well on comprehension tests and A.R.

21: In 5th grade I got on principal council for a good role model. The class voted me on I got 16 votes Zoe got 7 we both ended up on p council [principal council] but later she got kicked off for making some bad choices and Anna got on. | I had my first concert in Nov. or Oct. 2010. It went great we only had a few mess ups. We played 3 songs but I can not remember them. | I was on morning announcements with Trinity. It was awesome. One time I said sliced teachers instead of sliced peaches. It was on accident, but we laughed any way. | Gage B.

22: My favorite place is the outdoor classroom. It is my favorite because it is a special place in modern-day history. One day I found a salamander out there. | One strange time was in third grade, in science, in the electricity subject. We were trying to make lights work. The whole class was divided into groups of four. The rules were someone with long sleeves is the one who makes the lights work by connecting two wires, and I was the only one with long sleeves in my group, so I had to do all the work. | Another of my favorite times was when I wrote my first hard-cover book. It was one of my most favored accomplishments, well, by me anyway.

23: My favorite subject is science. Technically it is math and science, but a great majority of math is in science. Science has been my favorite subject since I was four, especially the part about prehistory. | One of my favorite teachers is Miss Christensen. She is because she was the strictest and nicest teacher I have ever met. | IaN .W

24: In 4th Grade I Shared All About Asperger Syndrome and ADHD Not a lot of people knew about my disorders. They did not understand when I told them. Then I brought a book to help them understand. I read them some parts and now they accept me for who I am. | Bean Bag Chair Once I didn't get a lot of sleep at home. I couldn't stay awake in class. Ms. Christensen decided to let me sleep in a bean bag in front of the class. I felt better. I slept for 15 minutes. | Braiden D.

25: Read Aloud In Front of Class In fifth grade, I got to read in front of the class. I was nervous because most of the kids I did not know, but I managed to calm down. It turned out pretty good. I really liked it when I got to sit in a special chair. | Announcements We have video announcements every morning. Once they had Anna and I explain about science. I gave it my best. I blushed when I saw myself on the TV. I did pretty well. Next time I hope I will be one of the announcers. | Advertisement Once Ms. Christensen told us we had to make an advertisement. I decided to make a company similar to Life Alert. I called it Life Alarm. When I shared it, Miss Christensen said I used the scare tactic.

26: There are a lot of things I will miss about Clear Creek. There were many things that were different from my old school. My old school didn't have an Outdoor Classroom.

27: I got a paper cut on my eye about a month into 5th grade. It hurt so bad I can not even tell you how bad it hurt, so I will just tell you how it happened. Someone was going to give me a sheet of construction paper and she accidentally hit me in the eye. I like art because we made clay face cups and it was really fun. I like science too because we made boats out of tin foil. We had three sizes of foil to make them. We had a small one, a medium one, and a large one. I got to make the medium and large one. They were the really easy ones. A hilarious thing that happened in 5th grade was when I tricked Blake on April Fool's Day when I flipped his desk around so he could not open it. Later on I made someone think they lost something. | Josh G.

28: I was happy to meet Sarah Stephany. It was on homecoming. It was in Ms.Christensen's class right after recess. Sarah is a high school student. She helped me with school work and was a good friend to me. | On the first day of 5th grade, I met Hannah. It was fun to make new friends. We laughed together. I like glitter and so does Hannah.

29: In 4th grade, Jackson and Sean were singing in front of the class. It was at the end of the day. They used a expo marker as a microphone. | I was in the Variety Show in 4th grade. I was at Katelyn’s house with Cam, Gabbie, Sandra ,Katelyn, and Sadie. We were at art and we saw ourselves on the t.v. | I was nervous to work with Mrs. B. I had fun with Mrs.H. I will miss them. | Olivia P.

30: Here are some of my favorite memories of Clear Creek. My memory about an injury is when I was in 4th grade. I was playing outside in the winter. I was playing tag with my friends Jordyn and Dalton. Dalton was throwing ice and one chunk hit me in the mouth on accident. My lip got cut and so did my gums. My lip got swollen and when I went to the doctor he said if I would have had a tooth there it would have been knocked out, and that if the cut would have been any deeper I would have had to get stitches. | Injuries | My most favorite memory will always be when I became friends with Jordyn in 3rd grade. We were in Mrs. Uhlenhopp’s class. Even though Jordyn and I might not be in the same class, we will always be best friends. She is such a great friend. I'm lucky to have her. | My Friend Jordyn | ANNA

31: Another great memory is when I ran the mile in 4th grade. I had to run four big laps in a certain amount of time. I could not talk because it wasted my energy. When I was running I thought to myself “I do not think I can make it.” I could not believe it when I finally made it. I was so proud of myself. | Gym | There is a memory that will always help me throughout school. That memory is when my teacher Ms. Christensen helped me limit my talking. She helped me by turning my desk to the back of the room by myself. She did not completely cut it off but she helped make it a little better. | Teacher/Discipline | One of my favorite field trips was the one where the whole 5th grade went to Living History Farms in Des Moines, IA. The trip was fun because we got to see how people throughout the 1700’s and the 1900’s had lived. Our class got to bring flip cameras to video tape cool places. We also got to bring our own personal cameras. When we got back we made a booklet about what we saw and what we liked. | Field Trip

32: FRIENDS I loved meeting a lot of new friends in 5th grade. I like friends because they play with me and they are always there for me. That is why I loved meeting a lot of new friends at Clear Creek. | LUNCH POSSE In 5th grade, I started a job called Lunch Posse. I started Lunch Posse because it looked fun and because my friend wanted me to be in it with her. If we did not have Lunch Posse, the teachers would have to do the jobs and if they had nice clothes on they would have a mess on them. We do not want them to get dirty or sit in YUCKY clothes all day. | JERSEY SHORE My funniest thing at school was when Olivia, Anna, Joey, Blake, Riley, Trinity, Tre’, and I acted like people from the awesome show Jersey Shore. Olivia was Snooki (Nicole), Anna was Dena ,Joey was Vinney, Blake was Pauly D., Riley was Rodger, Trinity was JWOW (Jenni), Tre’ was the Situation, and I was Sammi (Sweetheart). | Hannah R.

33: FAVORITE FIELD TRIP My favorite field trip was Living History Farms because it was cool listening to the cool facts. Did you know that the toothbrush was made from whale bone and the bristles were made from pig hair? I learned a lot at Living History Farms. My favorite place was the Flynn Mansion because it was beautiful and large. Did you know that a real person named Flynn owned that house? It was amazing when that girl told us that he owned that house, I could not believe he could buy that house. That is why I loved Living History Farms. | MY FIRST DAY When I came here, I knew only three people Grace, Zach, and Niko. I knew Grace from my dad, he has a girlfriend which is Grace's aunt. That's how I knew Grace. I knew Zach from my dad. He knew Zach's mom and then told me he was going to be in my class, that's how I knew Zach. I knew Niko from my aunt Melisa because she was Niko's mom's friend since I was in 3rd grade. That's how I knew Niko.

34: Football I had a great time at Clear Creek Elementary. I am Trinity and in 4th and 5th grade I was one of the only girls that played football. Even though I was always picked last I still played because it is one of my favorite sports. I like football because you get to run catch and have fun. | Morning Announcements A really fun time was when Gage and I were on morning announcements. It was really fun because we were able to do a lot of fun things and the whole school gets to see the video. here's how we make it. All we do is go in a room with green paper behind us. Then we do our lines and say what we have to say. It is shown every Monday morning. | Jersey Shore One time it was really funny when Olivia, Anna, Hannah, Joey, Niko, Blake, Riley, Connor and I acted like characters off of Jersey Shore. It is one of our favorite television shows because they do a lot of funny things on that show. | Trinity S.

35: Court In 5th grade in the beginning of the year my bio dad in Washington State wanted me to live with him. So my teacher Ms.Christensen helped me calm down and think about what I wanted. a few months later we found out that I would get to stay with my parents so they could adopt me. | Lunch Posse In 5th grade Blake, Jacob, Hannah, Mikayla, and I were on lunch posse. in the washroom, I accidentally sprayed Mikayla once. See what lunch posse has to do is dump treys, wash barrels, watch and make sure treys do not fall off of the barrels. We all help do this so teachers do not get their clothes all icky. I liked Clear Creek and I wish I could stay but I have to move to the middle school next year. | FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER

36: My favorite teacher at Clear Creek is Mrs. Anderson. She is my favorite because every last recess she would let me go out and play with my friends and she was a very friendly teacher. Mrs. Anderson also helped me with homework. | My favorite special is music because in 4th and 5th grade we got to play instruments and we got to play pianos in grades 3rd-5th. My favorite instrument that we played was the piano because we got to learn how to play it a little bit. | My favorite class is science because I like to do floating and sinking. I like Floating and sinking because you get to test to test to see to see if an object floats or sinks. Once we got to bring 5 objects to school and got to test them to see if it would float or sink. | Samuel H.

37: My favorite field trip in Clear Creek was Living History Farms because we got to see draft horses up close when I never had before. My favorite part in Living History Farms was the Blacksmith because I learned what Blacksmith means. The Blacksmith also made Ms. Christensen an S-hook. | My favorite memory of Clear Creek is being with my friends. We have fun when we talk on the way to the bus. These are my favorites at Clear Creek. One thing I like doing with my friend Matthias is playing at recess when I get it and to talk on the bus. Another thing I like do with my friend is talk to Jacob at lunch.

38: One of my favorite times was when Niko and I could not stop laughing. He would not stop making faces at me and we were running around in Mrs. Mareel's room. I tripped on a desk and hit my head. | One day Gage and I saw everybody doing the trust fall so gage and I decided we wanted to try it too, and when I went to fall Gage dropped me on my back.The reason he said he dropped me was because he said he was not ready. When I fell it knocked the wind out of me, and I could not breath.

39: I remember a time when I wore a dress to school on field day. Everybody laughed at me, and a couple people made fun of me when I tried to get in the school. I had to sneak in because I did not want anyone to see me. | One day I decided I was going to bring my hockey gloves to school. When I saw Jordon I asked him if he wanted to have a boxing match in the pod, and he said okay. When we were in the pod I threw my hockey glove at him and it hit him in the face. He got a bloody lip. I got sent to the principal's office. | Riley B.

40: Friends- All my friends have been helpful and everything I expect of them. Usually Mrs. Christensen lets us choose who we want to sit by so I sit by my friends. Sometimes we have tendencies to talk. I think it is important to have friends to teach you life lessons and important skills. | General Store- I like General Store because Mrs. Christensen has a bunch of items and when we get good grades we get tickets for General Store. We get the tickets for AR and comprehension tests and we get to spend our tickets on whatever we want to. | Art- I love art because we get to talk and we get to have freedom and I just love doing projects. Even though Mrs. Brant tells us what to do we usually get to make some choices. | Joslyn G.

41: Big Island Rendezvous- My favorite field trip was Big Island Rendezvous because there was so much to see and do. I liked seeing the teepee and walking around and exploring. I had a blast! | Special IMC Projects- Special IMC Projects are fun because they teach you how to work with technology and you learn new things about technology by working with it. I like doing slide shows and special activities. My favorite project was when I did the Christmas slide show in Mrs. Butz’s class. | I cherish my memories and always will!

42: Field Trip to the State Capital- The first time I went to the state capital was when I was in fourth grade. My class got to go to the capital because it was the last week of school. I got to see the horses on top of the building. We went into the voting room and in the movie theater. The voting room was huge and awesome. | Friends- My friends live in Minnesota and Iowa. All of my friends have been very helpful. In class I get to sit by my friends. My friends make me smile. When I am with my friends we like to go in the woods and explore. | Skylar A.

43: Art- I love art. Art is my favorite subject. In art we make clay projects and self portraits. We also make hallways and art rooms. Once in art I made a clay monkey. Art is a time when we are very quiet. | Math- I like math because math is really easy for me. Also you need to know how to do math for the future, and every night I need to do a math page. Some math is very hard and some is easy. People use math for a bunch of things. | Reading- Reading is very helpful in life. My reading class is very small. I had eleven kids in my reading class. Reading is awesome. In reading we learn about proper grammar and how to be a good reader. Also we learn how to write in cursive.

44: Field Trip-Arthur 2nd grade was an amazing time for me. I loved the program that we saw at NIACC, it was called Arthur. They did great at playing the Arthur program. The characters did what they were supposed to do. It was very fun and I know you would like the program too. | Teachers Each grade I loved all the teachers that I met. They were so nice to me and helped me with my AR. My favorite teacher was Ms. Christensen because she helped me make my AR better. She also helped me read more. | AR Every year I had trouble with AR and I did not have many points at the end of the year. 5th grade I got so much better at reading, I still hope I can improve more. I made progress getting more points because Ms. Christensen pushed me. AR means reading books. | Mikayla B.

45: Sister Sick In February 2011, my 4 year old sister was having fevers and she could not go to school. Her fever got so high she went to the hospital and every night I was so sad to see her in the bed. Every day I saw her teacher I had to say that she is still in the hospital. She also had a bad disease called Pneumonia. At the end she got healed and she got out of the hospital. | Friends Every grade it was very fun and I met so many new friends. Fifth grade I met so many amazing friends like Zoe, Skylar, Hannah, Jos, Anna, Trinity, Mimi, and last but not least Olivia. All of these friends are so fun and nice to me. | Monkey Bars When I was in second grade I would always play on the monkey bars with my friends. One day I played on the monkey bars to much and I got a hole on my hand and my hand got wrapped around with this bandage. Each morning I went to the office and got bandages on my hand. When I got the hole in my hand blood came out and I was so scared because I was only in second grade.

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