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Elizabethan England

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1: Elizabethan England included England and Whales. In Elizabethan England it was easier to get around on horse back.

2: The people of Elizabethan England believed in superstitions including: The bad luck of stirring the pot counter clockwise, The importance of saying bless you to someone after they sneeze so the devil doesn't enter the body... etc.

4: In Elizabethan England many great painting were produced and music was very important in the lives of the people. There were many instruments that were played, such as the harpsichord, trumpet, hauteboy, spinet, etc. The Globe theater was in London and a very popular place where theater was prepared and preformed.

6: The Queen created many laws about religion because she feared that the people would make a plan against her. The punishments were very strict and included execution and torture.

7: The people of Elizabethan England were ruled by a monarchy. During this time there were many different laws made to cope with the problems going on at the time. The political aspects of Elizabethan England along with the punishments were very harsh. Since Queen Elizabeth was a religious lady, the people in this time all had to attend church and if they didn't there would be consequences such as death/ the rack.

9: In 1601 The Poor Law was passed, which provided relief for those who needed it. During this time there were many who were poor due to the Feudal System break down. During the Elizabethan period your social class determined your income. Also in this period, there was a boom in wool trade and many creations of art and architecture. To the Elizabethans iron, cooper and tin were very important.

11: In Elizabethan England social classes were very important. In this part of the world 3.4 million people were in poverty and the life expectancy was only 40 years old. In the Elizabethan social hierarchy it was easy to move up and down the ladder. At the top were the nobles, then the baronets, next the knights, after the yeomen, then the merchants and citizens and finally the workforce.

13: William Shakespeare was the first child of John and Mary to survive past age 1. His parent then added on to the family by having seven other children. William was born on April 23, 1564,in Stratford Upon Avon. He was baptized 3 days later on April 26th. When he grew up he had a family of his own. He married a women named Anne Hathaway and had 3 children, Susanna, Hamnet and Judith. At age 11, Hamnet died due to the plague.

15: William later left his family behind and went on to London with a group of actors, King's company (before know as Lord Chamberlains men). He was also a playwright, who wrote around 37 plays and 154 sonnets. He wrote many different plays in different genres. Romeo and Juliet was one of his tragedies, while A Midsummer Night Dream was one of his comedies. His plays include the famous quotes, "O Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Rome," and "To be or not to be."

17: The Globe theater was a venue for preforming plays. It opened on September 21,1599 This theater could seat 3,000 people. It had pillared porches, and vertical/diagonal timbers. Most people stood during the performance, unless you were rich and afford to sit down. The Globe theater was co owned by Shakespeare and a man named James Burbage. In 1608 the Globe theater had to close down for two years due to the plague. In 1613 another terrible thing happened, when the theater caught on fire.

18: Anne and William

19: The was born, three years after the Globe Theater caught on fire, William Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616. This was the same day that William was born. William died at age 53 of unknown reasons. Seven years after William died, Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare's wife) died, on August 6th, 1623.

20: Hello everyone! My name is Daniela and I have taken the job as secretary for the Montages. I am just 18 and my daily routine is to answer phones. Thats a good job though, because I am viewed in the middle class. It's not the upper class of course, but ill settle for it. I went to the university and was then found by Romeo's dad who liked my talkative, explosive personality, but was sceptical. He wasnt sure if I was able to answer his phone calls. But I showed him I was, when he saw how calm and collected I could be at work. Then I was hired! Of course I couldnt bring my mother, father and brother with me to work, so they were left behind. Theyre still happy for me though. Anyway, I think Romeo's father was very impressed with the way I dressed on the first day. I am a girl with dark brown wavy hair, no taller than 5'5 and no more than 130 pounds. To work on the first day I put on the fanciest dress I had. Maybe thats why they feed me so well. I always get 3 course meals with them, which is so nice of them. Theyre a very nice family. I hope they like me, and I hope they like the medium- fast tempo of my voice. I wouldnt want them to get annoyed, or think I speak to fast, but all is well for now. 'Till next time.

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