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English 12 Journal

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English 12 Journal - Page Text Content

FC: The Journals of the RealWalrus By: Wesley Grigg

1: The Journals of the RealWalrus

2: Table of contents | pg1&2.............................................Table of contents Assign1.............................................Plans after high school Assign2............................................Background info. Assign3.............................................Boast Assign4.............................................One English liked/not liked Assign5.............................................hobbies Assign6.............................................What's in a name Assign7.............................................Personal alphabet Assign8.............................................Likes/Dislikes list Assign9.............................................Sensory Experiences Assign10...........................................Metaphorical definitions Assign11...........................................Color your world Assign12...........................................Room sweet room Assign13...........................................Personal metaphor Assign14...........................................Symbolic recipe Assign15...........................................Ultimate all purpose excuse Assign16...........................................Telling Tales Assign17...........................................Unfinished sentences Assign18...........................................Mysterious places Assign19...........................................In other words Assign20...........................................Flashback Assign21...........................................Remember things present Assign22...........................................As time goes bye-bye

3: Table of contents cont. | Assign23.................................................My own list of list Assign24.................................................Map of life Assign25.................................................A day in the life Assign26.................................................Cheer yourself up Assign27.................................................Look who I look up to Assign28.................................................One medium suitcase Assign29.................................................The perfect present Assign30.................................................Memorable event Assign31.................................................How to... Assign32.................................................Always say never Assign33.................................................Are you hungry? Assign34.................................................The examined life Assign35.................................................Annual report Assign36.................................................Ekphrasis Assign37.................................................visually speaking Assign38.................................................Lesson I learned too late Assign39.................................................Advice to the young Assign40.................................................Who am I? Assign41.................................................Rewarding Experience Assign42.................................................Valuable lesson Assign43.................................................Futures-Fantasy and fact Assign44.................................................Epilogue

4: My plans for life after high school are to go to Gaston collage for two years for my core classes then switch into a four year university for my major. I plan on being undecided for the first two years at Gaston college. I have no idea what I want to do for a lifelong job. In Gaston College, I do want to work at a part-time job for the experience and a little bit of living money. | Plans after high school

6: Background | My background is not one of great interest. I lived in a trailer for the first ten to twelve years of my life. I have had four dogs and a guinea pig. I have never gone any farther North then North Carolina, but I have been as far South as Florida. I have only gone to three schools in my life Woodhill, Grier, and Ashbrook. I do not change unless my grade makes me go to a different school.

8: My name is Wesley Grigg. I am the son of the angry Angie and the coughing Barry. Over the last seventeen years I have accomplished only a few feats. In the Eighth grade, the president gave me his award of excellence along with his signature. I am certified in the Microsoft program word and am currently working on Excel. I have ventured as far South as Florida and as far Hickory North Carolina. As a bouncing baby my life was filled with hurt. I have fought everything from ceiling fans to pots and pans. Most people say I am a wise guy and a smart mouth. I have also been told that I am brutally honest. I stay as laid back as possible, but I have opinions and I am not afraid to let you know about them. I speak as much truth as possible and I do not care who it upsets. I tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear. I look at it two ways if I make you mad you get over it or you do not talk to me it is a win both ways. I am venturing out and trying new things thanks to my sister. My latest venture with my sister was the yogurt of the Sweet Frog. As far as friends go I have a lot of friends. I am also a realist meaning I see the world how it is not how I want it. The world is a terrible place so I do what I can every day to make one persons life easier. I try to be open minded and see everything from both sides of an argument. I try to avoid trouble which I believe I do a pretty good job of doing. When I do get into trouble it is usually for something stupid. This concludes the boast about me and the few things I have accomplished. | Beowulf Boast

10: Favorite/ Least favorite English activity | My favorite activity was eleventh grade college project for Mr. Paul’s English class. The project consisted of picking a college, researching it, and then making a presentation on it. Georgia Tech was the college that I picked because North Carolina State was already taken. At first I did not consider going to Georgia Tech until after I had researched and presented my project. My least favorite class was tenth grade English with Mr. McAlister. I hated everything about that class. If I had to pick my least favorite part over all it would have to be the papers he assigned. My class had about one a week.

12: The hobbies I am most interested in is spending time with my sister, reading, and playing video games. Those are the things I do throughout my week. I do like to figure out how things work. Taking items apart is easy putting them together is where the problem arises. I try to dividing my hobbies evenly into my time frame, but that hardly ever works. My favorite hobby out of the things I like to do is spending time with my sister. | Hobbies

14: the name | I have never really thought about the unity between myself and my name. My name does not make me who I am. These names are the ones I would have given to myself, but I have never thought about giving myself a different name. The story behind my name is simple. My first name is from my uncle on my dads side, my middle name is from my uncle on my moms side, and my last name is from my dad. My name has some symbolic meaning it is a memorial to my uncles. My name does not have any ethical, historic, or literacy meanings. My mother did consider naming me Zachery Storm, but my sister was there to stop that name. My mother got my name form some movie she watched. I live with my name, but I do not really care what people call me. I have been called worse by better people.

15: Steven Seagal played a character in some movie and his last name was Storm.

16: Personal Alphabet | A)Assertive: I have a take charge personality. B)Belligerent: I will argue about things I am passionate about. C)Capricious I often do things on impulse. D)Discrete: I do not do things in the open. E)Empathetic: I try to connect with people. F)Funny: The conversations I have often lead to some form of joke. G)Gauche: I am not a sophisticated person. H)Height-challenged: I am not a tall person. I)Intelligent: I think I am smart some may disagree. J) Joyful: I am usually a happy person. K) Kind: I help people when i can. L) Languid: I do not show much enthusiasm. M) Mulish: I I am stubborn N) Negative: I always see the bad side of things . O)Odd: When my family calls me this i just laugh and go on about my business. P)Proud: I am happy with everything that i do. Q)Quantitative: I let you know what i feel like. R) Random: I think of the most random things sometimes. S) Stressed: People say i am high strung. T) Tenacious: People say i am stubborn U) Uninteresting: I hardly ever say or do anything interesting. V) Veracious: I speak mostly the truth. W) Worshipful: I am a Christian. X) Xenial: I try to be hospitable to everyone. Y) Youthful: I am not old (even though i joke about it sometimes). Z) Zealous: I am motivated to achieve my goals.

18: Likes vs. Dislikes | Likes Reading History Family Food Dogs Walrus Cool weather Sleeping Technology Baseball | Dislikes Writing Spelling Cats Kids Hot weather Large Crowds Math Basketball School Public transportation Stuck up people

20: Sensory Experience | My birthday is March 18th the temperature is a cool 68 degrees. The burgers burn on the grill as my family yells at each other. The grass is green and my family leans into the circle they have made with their chairs. The trains roar by on the tracks next to my grand parents house. This happens almost every year weather allowing. We set up the grill and have a cook out. Every year the same thing happens. I hope nothing changes for a long time.

22: Metaphorical Definition | 1)Sadness is a rainy day 2)Love is the warmth of the sun 3)Happiness is a lot of money 4)Excitement is the sound of a carnival 5)Fear is the dark of night. 6)Courage is the roar of the lion 7)Communism is the obstruction of imagination 8)Imagination is a child playing 9)Joy is a gospel song 10)Calmness is the sound of the ocean

24: Color your world | Color Blue Red Green Yellow Orange Purple | Adjective Sad Rage Envy Mellow Warmth Royalty | The color correspond with the adjectives on the right

26: Room sweet room | In my room, everything in my room is red. This is because i am an North Carolina state fan. My room is messy, but everything in my room has its place. Most of the things in my room others have bought for me so there is a lot of sentimental value. The only thing I would really be devastated by losing is my collection of books. I would not really be that mad about losing them i would just regret having to spend all the money to get the collection back where it needs to be. The only problem i have in my room is when people go in it and start moving things around. When others do that i have to look for things for a couple of days.

28: Personal metaphor | Animal) Walrus: The walrus is lazy and to those around it looks like it has no idea what is going on, but it knows more then you may think. Car)1969 Camaro: The car i would like to have. Day of the week) Tuesday: This is the most productive day of the work week. Food) Country fried steak: It is my favorite food. Color) Yellow: I am a very mellow person. Movie) Star wars: Two sides to every story there is. It is also a great movie. Fragrance) Rose: Even the best things have thorns. Type of building) Library: I am full of knowledge. Musical instrument) Bass Guitar: I am not loud, but i am always helpful. Geometric shape) Square: My family says i am a killjoy

30: Personal metaphor continued | Piece of furniture) End table: I am useful, but i can also cause pain. Song) Good bye Blue Sky(Pink Floyd): I see mostly the dark side of life. Season of the year) Fall: I can change day by day depending on the situation at hand. Television character) Raj(Big Bang Theory): I's a nice guy, but i only talk to a select group of people. Cartoon/Comic Character) Wile E. Coyote: I am persistent Appliance) Refrigerator: I have been known to give a frosty reception Natural phenomenon) Volcanic Eruption: I am calm most of the time, but i can go off. Word) Lazy: I do not do a lot in the day. Some days i barely do anything.

32: Personal Metaphor paper | The cartoon character I chose for myself was Wile E. Coyote. I am very persistent. I finish what I start, unless some force prevents it. Wile E. Coyote was also very creative. I have a lot of ideas just like him. The ideas I have are more practical that his, but still they are inventive. I and Wile E.Coyote are a like in almost every way except he fails all the time. The natural phenomenon I picked is a volcanic eruption. I do not do much. I am usually just there and people tend to ignore me. The volcano will one day make everyone pay attention to it. The volcano is just there until it erupts. The animal chosen for me was the walrus. The walrus lies around not doing much. This is like me, but even if it is asleep it pays attention to its surroundings. The walrus and I always pay attention if it does not look like we are. Our day consists of sleeping and eating. The song I chose to represent myself was “Good bye blue sky” by Pink Floyd. This song talks about the evil in the world. I have a problem seeing the good in anything. The song and I both look on the dark side of life. I also think this song talks about how even the most pure thing can be corrupted. This is exactly how I feel. A musical instrument that represents me is the bass guitar. This instrument is important, but you hardly ever hear it. The bass helps the other instruments just like I try to help other people. Both I and the base tend to fade into the background, but we let others know we are there if they need us. We are important to everyone and everything we meet, but we hardly ever try to make a name for ourselves. We help when we can and as much as we can. Everyone knows that we will help all they have to do is ask.

34: Symbolic recipe | 2 cups humor 2 cups intelligence 4 cups patience cup ego 5 cups nerd 1 teaspoon common knowledge 3 cups smart mouth Put the ingredients into a bowl and stir for ten minutes. Bake in the oven for one hour. Allow for twenty to thirty minutes cool time. Please avoid eating for ten to eleven months. This may produce a bitter and unsatisfying treat. Some may find this treat to be enjoyable but most will not.

36: The ultimate all purpose excuse | The reason i was tardy was because of a 30 car pile up on the interstate. It was not a wreck. Some people were trying to break a world record. The record was the most cars welded together.The news crews and police had every lane blocked.The police blocked off the exit i get off at. So i had to turn around. The problem was the police had a license check on the way back so i was stopped by that also.After i made it to the Ashbrook campus a fight started. Security broke the fight up, but i was wanted for interrogation. The officer told me "you can make it to class on time". He then sent me on my way. That is why i am late. I believe that the officer left the campus so i can no longer get a note.

38: Telling tales | Every so often during a storm my grandfather tells a story about a farmer. One day during a lightning storm the farmer's barn was struck by lightning and caught fire. The barn burned to the ground despite the farmer's effort to try and save it. After the barn was destroyed and the fire was out the farmer looked to the sky and said you missed this old bald head that time and pointed to his head. A bolt of lightning came down struck the farmer and killed him. My grandfather swears this to be the truth. A lesson you can learn is never challenge God.

40: Unfinished Sentences | 1.I usually worry about things that are not important. I worry about the simplest things. Things most people do not worry about are what I worry about. 2.I feel angry when I am running late. I would rather be a few hours early then to be one minute late. I hate being late for anything. 3.I am moody when I am running late. Running late makes my whole day mess up. 4.I am happiest when I can sit on my front porch listen to music. I sit on my porch and watch the cars go by as I listen to music. 5.I am confident when I am home alone. I think that I have to take care of everything I can accomplish my goal. 6.I feel frustrated when my cousin leaves her kids at my house. She drops them off and leaves to go to an unknown place. 7.I feel depressed when I realize that I have to get up and go to school. 8.I am comfortable when I am sitting in the rocking chair in my room. This is where i am at my house most of the time. 9.I feel nervous when I go places with my sister. She cannot drive. 10.I feel sentimental when I am with my grandparents. They will not be around forever so I make the most of all the time I have with them.

42: A mysterious place | There is a house in the Rocky Mountains. It was in plantation owners hose in the 1800’s. There are a dozen dead trees leading to the front gate. The drive way was almost clear of now. The town below the building said that no leaves have been on the trees for generations. At the start of the drive way there was a Native American man who was sitting in a rocking chair. He told us the story of the plantation owner who was killed in the civil war. He was not a soldier, but the story goes that no bullet killed him. It was a wendigo. The wendigo was said to still live in the house after all these years. We proceeded toward the house anyway. After you enter the gates from the long drive way there was a fountain which had been dried up for many years. The shutters on the windows had fallen off or were hanging on by a hinge. The front door open with a single push or as the case was fallen off with a single push. The furniture in the house was covered with a grey cloth. The stairs creaked as the three of us slowly walked up them. We heard scurrying across the rafters above us. St the top of the stairs there was a door. It looked as though a giant could use it. We opened it and it led into a bedroom. The ceiling was at one time made out of glass that now littered the floor. The bed had white sheets with red spots on it. We decided to go before we could be blamed for breaking anything. As we left we attempted to put the door back on. It would not stand however so we just propped it up on the side. As we drove away we heard a howl. We will never know what made that noise.

44: In other words | 1.Time for me is nothing because I am counting no age. Gorillaz 2.Intelligence has never won a war, because intelligence would never start one. Unknown 3.I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow. Woodrow Wilson 4.An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Mohandas Gandhi 5.Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former. Albert Einstein 6.Wise men do not need advice. Fools will not take it. Benjamin Franklin 7.Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow: do not walk behind me I may not lead: walk beside me, and just be my friend. Albert Carnus 8.For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson 9.We must laugh at men to avoid crying for him. Napoleon Bonaparte 10.Yes, time flies, and where did it leave you? Old too soon.. Smart too late. Mike Tyson

46: Flashback | A day I go back and change would be the day I was thrown into a ceiling fan. My grandfather was throwing me up in the air like people do to babies and he threw me to high. If I was able to go back and be like I am now. I would go back and turn off the ceiling fan. My family was sitting there and not one of them thought it was a bad idea to have the ceiling fan on. I do not know if the fan hit had any lasting effects but it is better to be safe than sorry. That would be the thing I change. If I had to go back the same state I was in, however I would not change a thing. This story has given me something interesting to tell about myself. Why would you change something interesting about you?

48: The books I read The music I listen to (I hope my bands will still be around) My family The place I go to get my hair cuts (I have been going there since I started getting haircuts) The people I went to school with The days sitting on my front porch The simple things in my life are what I want to remember. I just want to be able to remember where I came from. I do not want to forget who I am. I will want the simple things back. | Remembrance of things present

50: The thing I want to do before I am thirty-five is to open my restaurant. I want to open a steakhouse. The reason being that I want to make money and that Gastonia does not have any place to get a good steak. The things I have said goodbye to are the innocent days of youth. The idea of not worrying about anything is great. Now it seems that all that I do is worry. Farewell: Becoming a baseball player: When I was young that is what I wanted to be, but I realized the chances were slim. I decided that there was a bigger chance to start a successful business then to become and athlete. The idea of the restaurant was also helped along by my sister and cousin. The rest of the family talked about it, but those two were the people who really pushed for it. | As time goes bye-bye

52: My own list of list | 1.People who influence me: a)My Grandfather b)My grandmother c)My sister d)My uncle e)My mother f)My father 2.Places that make me happy: a)The beach b)A museum c)My porch d)A bookstore e)The library f)In front of a computer 3.Places I would like to go: a)Tokyo, Japan b)Washington, DC c)Paris, France d)Moscow, Russia e)Africa f)Australia | 4.Things in people I like a)Kindness b)Humor c)Generosity d)Intelligence e)Confidence f)calmness 5.Things in people which I dislike: a)Rudeness b)Overconfidence c)Loud people d)Better- then- everyone attitude e)Obnoxiousness f)Unintelligent people 6.Things that worry me: a)School b)Money c)family d)the world e)losing someone close to me f) my spelling

53: Tokyo Tower

54: 7.Things I would like to know how to do: a)Ski b)Scuba dive c)Sky dive d)Fly a plane e)Pilot a boat f)Surf 8.Things that have moved me a)Music b)Family c)Books d)Friends e)Animals f)Religion 9.Ideas that intrigue me: a)Religion b)The class system c)Business d)Mythology e)Politics f)Governments | 10.My personal favorites a)Computer design b)Opening a business c)Designing buildings d)Program design e)Video game design f)Website design | My own list of list cont.

56: Map of Life | *Birth 3/18/1994 *6 months-hit the fan *1st birthday *Learned all the important family *5 years old- started school *Realized I can't spell *5th grade- battle of the books *Started learning distant family *Learned I went to the same school as my cousin *8th grade- issued the presidential award *9th grade- started high school *12th grade first semester- certified in word *Still learning all the family *Present

58: A day in the life(3rd person) | As Wesley sat on his porch he noticed something. A white truck slowly passed in front of the house. In Wes’ neighborhood, there are only two rules: rule one unless you are in a car you stay in the house and rule two you do not talk to the people walking up and down the street. He then notices two people walking towards his front porch. Having already broken rule one the fight or flight response kicks in. Having already been spotted running is out of the question. The thought goes through his mind that this is where he dies. The people slowly walk onto the porch and announce that they are from the church down the street. They gave him a coupon for a free bible if he visits the church.

60: Cheer Yourself Up | 1.Sky die: falling a couple thousand feet out of a plane sure to take my mind off of things. 2.Scuba dive: avoiding animals that could kill me would give me a whole new list of worries besides that. 3.Get my pilots license: It is something I want to do and trying to land a plane takes a lot of focus. 4. Sail around the world: It would get me away from everything. 5.Go on vacation: This would get me away from whatever is bothering me without the boat. 6.Listen to music: Some songs will clear my mind. 7.Ski: Going down a mountain at a hundred miles an hour would help clear my head. 8.Learn another language: It would help in life and I would get to learn about another country. 9.Read a book: I block out the things around me when I read. 10.Go to outer space: I would have to go through training but then I would leave the world behind.

61: I need drama in my life to keep making music.

62: Look who i look up to. | Alexander the great Alexander was the ruler of one of the largest empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to the Himalaya. He did all of this by the time he was thirty years old. He went undefeated in battle. At the age of eighteen he was the leader of a Calvary unit. When he was a child he was tutored by Aristotle and Leonidas. In Egypt he founded the city of Alexandria. Alexander did more by the time he was eighteen then most people do in their lives. Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla invented the alternating currents which we use today for electricity. Thomas Edison even tried to discredit Tesla saying that his AC (alternating currents) was more dangerous than his DC current. During World war one Tesla thought of using energy waves to locate German submarines. Tesla is sometimes referred to as “the man who invented the twentieth century”. Tesla received over eight hundred patents and was awarded the Edison medal. Without Tesla we may still be using the DC current that Edison created. John Brown John Brown was an abolitionist who lived in the 1800’s. He believed he could arm slaves and they could start a rebellion. Him and a group of his men snuck into Harpers ferry (a military base at the time) and stole guns. A smart plan however he walking out the front gate holding guns was not so smart. HE and his men headed to a village where Robert E. Lee and his men cornered Brown in the fire house. Lee charged the building. The fight ended with ten Of Brown's men dead and seven captured Brown among them. He was tried and convicted of treason against Virginia. He was convicted and hanged. He later became a martyr for abolitionist in the North. He was one of the first to take steps to freeing slaves.

64: Medium sized suitcase | The things that I would take in a medium sized suitcase would be clothes so I would have something to change into. I would also take some of the books off of my shelf so that I could have something to read on the way to where ever i am going. I would take a couple of photos so that I can remember the people in Gastonia.

66: Perfect Gift | The perfect gift would be the ability to play music. With this I could spend time doing something relatively productive. This could also help me gain money in the future. I could also make people happy with the songs I would play. I do not really need it. It is something I want. I am fine with everything that I have so I do not need anything. I could do something that could help me in life. I would also be the only one in my immediate family who can play music.

68: Memorable event | The event that is important to me is passing my word exam. I talk about it a lot. I do not do much during the year so I do not have that big of a catalog of things I can write about. I was one of the few people to pass the exam in my class. I can proudly put that on a job application, For as long as we use word 2010 I can use that certificate. I am extremely proud of it so I have mentioned it in a lot of journals.

70: How to... | Get arrested 1)Go to a doughnut shop (Buy a dozen doughnuts.) 2)Go eighty down the interstate 3) Get pulled over 4) When the cop asks you “do you know why I stopped you? 5) Look at him with a serious face. 6)As he is laughing drive off. 7)Lead him on a chase right back to a doughnut shop.

72: Always say never | Books: Pay it forward, Romeo and Juliet, Metamorphosis Places: Hospital, Devry classes: P.O.B, English 10 with McAlister These lists are not very long because most things I do not mind. The books that I never want to read again are pay it forward, metamorphosis, and Romeo and Juliet. Pay it forward I could not get into it. I read most of the book, but I did not like it. Metamorphosis I did not understand. It did not make sense. Romeo and Juliet would have been good, but I associate with the class I was in. So I do not like it. The places are the hospital. My grandpa had to go there a couple Christmas past. I do not want to go back to Devry. I went there for a tour and it took almost three hours. It was supposed to take an hour at most. Most classes I have to take I do not mind. The principles of business class I took were so boring. The teacher was good but we only did one thing a day. The one thing took about ten minutes to complete. So the rest of the time we just sat there. Most things though I do not have a problem with. These lists are not long because I do not mind most things. I go with the flow. I added English 10 just because I hated that class. I did not find the things that we did in McAlister’s class interesting.

74: Are you hungry? | My favorite food is country fried steak. This is served at my house, my grandmother's house, and several other places. It is served whenever someone has the time to cook it. The one who usually cooks it is my mom, but my grandmother will cook it sometimes but hardly ever. The dishes included are the steak, gravy, rice, macaroni, and mashed potatoes. My favorite part of the meal is the steak. The only problem with the meal is how long it takes to cook it.

76: The Examined life | Good/Bad Friendly/Untalkative Dimples/Lazy Helpful/Unimaginative Loyal/Short Funny/Sarcastic Thankful/Forgetful

78: Annual report | A year ago I was a junior counting down until my senior year. Now I am a senior who is counting down to graduation. A year from now I hope to be starting my restaurant. I expect to be a minimum wage worker trying to go to college. I do expect to make progress. My last year has proven that I can shift between what is important and what is not. A year ago I think that I was happier. Last year I did not have to worry about all the senior stuff. Now everything outside of school is bearing down. I need to start applying for college, hunting a job, and hunting an apartment.

80: In the wasteland of time, a boy is walking through the area. The boy had heard of this place from his grandparents, but he never thought he would see it. They told him if he looked into the clocks hard enough he would be able to see his past, present, and future. The boy stopped to look into one of the clocks. The boy was so entranced by the clock he did not notice the man standing behind him. The boy was watching the clock so hard it took him almost a full thirty seconds to realize he was not alone. The boy turned to see a glowing blue man carrying a scythe. The boy stared in shock as the man speaks "my name is Virgil". The shocked the boy and he does not respond. Virgil continues “I will be your guide. Follow me." The boy follows without question. They walk for an hour in complete silence. Finally the boy asks "who are you?” Virgil sighs and says “were you not listening? Then I shall repeat myself only this once. I am Virgil your guide". The boy starts to speak, but stops as the two come over a small hill. The two are facing a cave entrance. Virgil begins to walk to the cave as the boy follows. When they get there the boy notices a door. "Who stays here?" the boy asks. Virgil responds "the king lives there, but you must enter alone." The boy enters into a dining room arrangement. At the head of a long table sits a yellow thing. On the table, there is food that is being dumped into the monsters mouth. The thing came up to chew. That is when he noticed the boy. The thing became enraged at the thought of someone entering during his meal time. The thin lunged at the boy. The boy rolled and avoided the attack. The thing kept attacking after the boy had rolled around the room he noticed a sword hanging on the wall. He also notices the sword is too high for him to reach. An idea occurs to him. He rolls under the sword and waits. When the monster lunges he waits until just the right moment. He rolls and the monster hits the wall. The sword falls and pierces the monster. The monster explodes into dust. After a few minutes the boy walked out of the cave. Virgil was waiting on him. Virgil smiled and said “congratulations you have done your good deed for this place". Virgil teleported himself and the boy to a giant gate, he then turned to the boy and said you must go now. Once again I cannot enter with you." The boy turned and said "wait I was never able to see my future". Virgil replied that "the clocks show you a possible future, but you must path your own path". Virgil suddenly disappeared leaving the boy to enter through the gates by himself.

81: Ekphrasis

83: visually speaking | Christianity

84: Lesson I learned too late | The lesson I learned too late and am still learning is that I cannot spell. Throughout elementary school I had spelling test. I always failed them. The lesson I am still learning in words that I should know how to spell, but do not. I think that my problem is that some words look funny to me. To solve this problem I type as much as I can. Spell check became my best friend on the computer. Most words look weird to me so I think they are spelt wrong. If I type something wrong spell check lets me change it to the correct spelling. I try to memorize the spelling of the words but I usually forget the spelling not long after I try to learn it. I do not memorize spelling because I know spell check will give me the correct spelling. Spelling would be a useful skill, but I believe I will be able to look up whatever word I am trying to spell. I should have learned this skill, but I did not. Now it would be good to have, yet I feel it is something I will never be able to do. So spelling is the skill that I waited too long to learn. I suppose that I can still learn some, but I will always try to remember the words I need to spell. This is a lesson that I will never learn or I will learn so little that it will not matter.

86: Advice to the young | The advice I would give to the young would be that life is to short to be serious all the time. Also life is to long too be alone. So my advice to make as many friends and laugh whenever possible. Enjoy life for what it is worth. Take the good with the bad. Accept every new challenge with the I can do this attitude. Every new task can be completed with the right attitude and the knowledge available. Get an education and learn everything that you can. Do not let anyone tell you what to think. Come up with your own ideas.

88: Who am I? | Brother- I play my role as a brother whenever I am with my sister or my brother. I play it a lot since me and my sister are together a lot. Reader- At my house you can find me sitting on my porch with a book. Student- I play the student a lot more than I should. I used to play it only at school. Now I play it all the time. Son- Whenever I am with my parents I play this role. Friend- I am always a friend if you ever need anything i am there too help. My view of myself is shaped by the people around me. with every person I am around I adapt my attitude to what I believe they would find appropriate.

90: Rewarding Experience | Getting certified in Word: It is something that few people can say that they have done. Passing McAlister: I was worried that I may not pass the class. My bee for Mr. Paul’s class: it took me forever to get the bee set up just right. Supporting relay for life: most of my family dies from cancer so that is one thing I always support. Making an A on the Canturbury tales assignment: my entire group worked hard to get that project finished. Surviving 18 years in my family: my mother jokes all the time that she’s going to kill us. (I hope it’s a joke). I passed the principles of business exam with a 95: I do not remember anything that we learned in there and the test was a foreign language to me. I passed the permit exam: I missed five of the six questions that you could miss before you failed. I have never failed a class: I take pride that I have come close but never actually failed. I have never been suspended: I have avoided trouble so far.

92: Valuable lesson | 8.How to swim: I know that i have the ability to survive if I am ever on a sinking boat. 1. How to talk: I can express my emotions with my voice 7.How to walk it lets me move from place to place. 9.How to drive: I can travel long distances faster. 2.How to use a computer: Technology is taking over the world using a computer is extremely helpful. 5.How to use Microsoft: it will help me in the work place. 6.How to write: A skill every one needs so they can apply for different things. Such as a job or a loan. 3.How to type: I can put what I want to say on the computer. 4.How to cook: I can cook just about anything I want so that I will not eat out all the time. 10. How to tell time: Now i know when I have to be somewhere and i can get there without being late.

94: Futures - fantasy and fact | If all my wishes came true then in ten years I will own a chain of restaurants. I will be sitting on my porch reading a book and listening to the ocean. I will not have a worry in the world.I can sit around all day read and watch television. For the realistic view I will end up at a dead end job with no room for advancement. I will never do anything of great importance. The best I can hope for is being related to someone famous. I will die in debt never owning anything. The difference between the two is that is in my romantic paragraph. If I start the businesses then I will probably have to work in it for the rest of my life. At least this way people would remember my business. I doubt that I will ever make enough money to retire on the beach house.

96: Epilogue | The stranger would conceive the author as a family person or someone who knows what he wants. He would also perceive that the author is not organized. He jumps from one subject to another. He would also think that this person is not very interesting and has no big accomplishments to his name. The character came from a trailer and has had many pets with nothing that sets him apart from other normal people. He prefers to fade into the background instead of trying to stand out. He always wants to help, but sometimes just does not know how. He would also learn that this persons favorite past times are sleeping and gaming. Most importantly he will learn "I am the Walrus"

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