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English 160-01 Journal

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FC: Kelly Leslie's English 106-01 Class Journal

1: Still I Rise This poem was mainly about the fact that no matter what, she will rise up from anything. Nothing will get her down. An example of this is the first line of the poem. "You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt but still, like dust, I'll rise.

2: Phenomenal Woman This poem was basically about many of Maya Angelou's strengths and weaknesses in her life. One example of a weakness of Maya was in the line of the poem that read "I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size." She shows that she is not perfect, that there are still fkaws. She also spoke of how she doesnt have to walk around showing off, that she is proud of who she is.

3: How Do I Love Thee? This poem was written about love. Browning seemed to write this poem to the love of her life, and this was her way of expressing her love to him.

4: She Walks in Beauty In the poem it mentiones starry skies. Starry skies are beautiful, as well as this woman. Another good line signifying that the author is speaking of a beatiful woman is where it said in the poem..."O'er her face; where thoughts serenely sweet express."

5: Le Belle Dame sans Merci This poem was mainly about the end of a season. Proof of this is where it said about sledge has withered from the lake. The author was speaking of the passing of a season.

6: Marrying the Hangman This poem is a very dark poem. I speaks about prison and hanging people, and is a very dark poem. This poem also speaks of alot of death.

7: The Lady Of Shalott This poem mainly spoke of freedom, and of movement. Some of the poem also seemed to be dark, as when the author spoke of the flowers in the story, being overlooked by their gray walls.

8: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner This poem talked about three young men on a ship. The mariner on the ship was recalling a voyage that he took in the past and was telling them about it.

9: To My Dear and Loving Husband This poem was about the love that | the author shares with her husband, and how strong her love is for him. She shows that she has alot of love and admiration for her husband, seemingly an | undying love. It was a very beautiful poem simply about love, about undying love.

10: Sonnet 116 This is a poem about love. It seems to be talking about the strength of love, and what love truly is about

11: If You Forget Me This poem is mainly about love. It is saying that if you let love leave you, its gone forever. But if you keep it strong, its always going to be with you no matter what. Love is a very strong thing.

12: The Canterbury Tales The author starts off the poem with a description of the return of spring. He describes everything about the season and what it entails. He also comes out at one time and proves that he is the person in the story.

13: Song of Myself | The author seems to be talking about himself throughout the entire poem. There were alot of times in the poem where the author was describing things that he was doing at that moment. An example of this is: Houses and rooms are full of perfumes, the shelves are crowded with perfumes, I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it, The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it.

14: The Lamb(Songs of Innocence) This poem was about innocence. The Lamb signifies youth, innocence, similar traits of those to a small child.

15: The Tyger(Songs of Experience) This poem was about the idea of experience. The tyger signifies the older people of society who have "experienced" life and can share their wisdom and everything they had learned in life to the children of today, the "innocent" ones.

16: When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be This is sort of a poem about the act of creation. Also talking about self-harvesting. I didn't quite understand it, I looked up some notes online to better help me understand the poem.

17: The Raven This poem seems to be about someone who is a very tired person. It seemed to be a very depressing poem to say the least. Poe used words to symbolize a feeling of depression such as: bleak, dying, and ghost.

18: The Rape of the Lock I looked up information on this poem, and it said that Pope based this poem on a real incident that happened among families of his acquaitance. He seems to be mocking his society as well.

20: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas This story was basically about these people that came into the town of Omelas and was given a decision, they could either live there under the rules, or they could leave. One stipulation was that they could not move or take the child from where he was, it was against the rules. People left the city there, but the funny thing is that no one would ever go for help for that child. It was almost like they cared but were to scared to do anything to help him.

21: To Build A Fire This story was basically about this man's journey across the country with his dog. His goal in mind is to reach a certain area to get gold, and he doesn't seem to care what he has to do to get there. Him and his dog travel through the extreme cold and surroundings and he just doesn't seem to care what happens. His dog even gives him hints, as to say it's extremely cold, maybe this is a bad idea, but he disreguards the dog's attempts, and continues on. He eventually dies from the cold, but in a way, it was his own fault.

22: The Birthmark

23: A Jury of Her Peers

24: The Brothers

25: The Necklace

26: Marrying Well

27: Nobody's Story

28: A Good Man is Hard To Find This story is about a family who goes on vacation every year, and this year they go to Florida. Along the way, the grandmother wants the son to stop at this road because there is this house that she used to go to when she was younger and she said it would be a learning experience for the children. The cat jumps onto the son, he gets distracted and they get into a car accident. The grandmother tried stopping an oncoming car to get help, and its these 3 guys with guns, who take the family one by one behind a tree and shot them all. The grandmother notices that the one guy is really her son, and when she says something, he shoots her on the spot.

29: The Story of an Hour

30: The Minister's Black Veil

31: The Tell-Tale Heart This story was about a young man who had it in his mind that he wanted to kill this old man. It had said in the story that the young man was freaked out by the old man's one eye, saying that it reminded him of the eyes of a vulture. He had it in his mind that he waws going to kill him and do away with the body by hiding it under the planks in the floor. When the cops come by, he starts off by lying to them and saying he didn't know what happen, but then ended up feeling guilty for what he did, and ended up confessing what he did to the cops.

32: Young Goodman Brown

33: The Lottery The story was about this town that every year, took part in a "lottery". What the lottery was was all the townspeople got together in the center and each picked a piece of paper. The person that had the slip of paper with the black dot on it was the chosen one to get stoned to death by the rest of the townspeople. The one who got stoned to death was Mrs. Hutchinson. Now a days, this would never take place.

34: Dante's Inferno This was a story about this man named Dante who was in love with a woman and both people were married. The woman died in child birth. Dante wanted to kill himself, but the woman had another man named Virgil take Dante through a tour of hell, and the different layers he could end up on if he committed certain crimes. They left on Good Friday and came back on Easter Sunday.

35: Dante's Inferno-Circle One-Virtuous Pagans Here rest souls who are not in torment, the virtuous pagans. They lived without the revelation of Christ, but still lived just lives. This was pretty much like purgatory so to speak. They were in hell but not totally.

36: Dante's Inferno-Circle Three- The Gluttonous The circle of the Gluttons is a dump of garbage and filth. The souls here, guilty of gluttony, did nothing more with the gifts of God than to consume food and drink--they themselves produced nothing but garbage, and therefore, that's what they recieve and live in for all time. They are further tortured by freezing rain and are ripped apart by the jaws of the beast, Cerberus.

38: Harrison Bergeron

39: Dante's Inferno-Circle Two- The Lustful This is the layer of hell where people that committed lustful acts, such as being in love with someone when they are married themselves. These souls are caught in a constant whirlwind. Just as they gave up reason to be caught up in their passions, forever are they caught up in the wind of Hell.

40: Dante's Inferno-Circle Four- Hoarders and Wasters The hoarders kept everything they had to themselves and would not give a thing to anyone, even if they needed it. The wasters were the opposite, they wasted everything they had, till they had nothing to waste.Their punishment is the same: great weights, boulders, they push upon and strain at, clashing them against each other again and again for all time.

41: Dante's Inferno-Circle Five- The Wrathful The souls that are here are covered in a filthy slime and they violently attack each other. They are here because they committed very wrathful acts and are subjected to the punishments at hand.

42: Dante's Inferno-Circle Six- The Heretics Heretics are those that deny God's existence, and they don't believe in eternal life. Therefore they are put to eternal death in this vast firey cemetery. Basically, these people dont believe in God.

43: Dante's Inferno-Circle Seven- The Violent This is where the all the people went that ever committed a violent crime in their lives or did something violent. This is also a place where the violent people had to suffer like the people suffered the violent crime was done to.

44: Dante's Inferno-Circle Eight- The Fraudulent It said that this circle is shaped like an arena. It has like little areas where sinners are tortured. The Fraudulent are set in each ditch, or Bolgia, as follows: 1) Panderers & Seducers 2) Flatterers 3) Simoniacs 4) Fortune Tellers 5) Grafters 6) Hypocrites 7) Theives 8) Evil Counselors 9) Sowers of Discord 10) Falsifiers

45: Dante's Inferno-Circle Nine- The Treacherous This layer of hell is the coldest layer of hell in the whole place. Everyone thinks that hell is this hot place with tons of fire, but in Dante's Inferno, it is as cold as anything could ever be. Treachery lacks all love, and therefore, these sinners are denied any warmth. Since they denied God's love, they are the furthest down in the pit of Hell.

46: The Quilters

47: Block One- The Rocky Road to Kansas In this block, they discussed to dangerous trip or the "rocky road" to Kansas, and how they were not able to overcome the horrible cold weather and how most of them died because of it.

48: Block Two- The Dugout In this block, they discussed the first place that they ever lived in, which was just a simple dugout. It was basically just a large single room dug under the ground. The mother said that she had the feeling of being closed in down in that dugout.

49: Block Three- Baby's Block In this block, the mama made a quilt for one of the neighbors who just lost her baby.They used that quilt, which was made out of blue silk to cover the baby with. They had also quilted a lining for the casket for the baby as well.

50: Block Four- The Rebel Patch In this block, the one daughter was a great quilter and the younger one was sort of jealous, so she decided to make a quilt that she called the "Demise of Sunbonnet Sue" It showed the sunbonnet sue getting eaten by things and etc.

51: Block Five- A windmill In this block, the father decided to dig this well where they lived. The child was remembering how, it was her job to hang a bucket on the spout and climb the tower when there was no wind and turn the wheel by hand.

52: Block Six- Robbing Peter to pay Paul In this block, it basically told about how the father went to the market and bought some material for the mother and daughter to make red calico quilts. It also talked about how Joy got baptized also.

53: Block Seven- The Butterfly In this block, it basically spoke about how the daughter was adopted and her real mother died, and she found the quilt.

54: Block Eight- Schoolhouse In this block, it basically was a scene in school where the teacher says that they will be the first students to be able to have the oppertunity to have geography offered at the school but before they worried about that, they had to work on their quilting.

55: Block 9- Four Doves in a Window. In this block, it basically talks about the one girl reaching puberty, and getting her period for the first time. Her mother calls it the curse, and she is mad that she has it.

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