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English Honors Portfolio

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S: Roxxy

FC: A Year's Worth of Stories By:Rebecca Moran

1: A Year's Worth of Stories. This title came to me when I was writing many of these entries throughout the year in my English class. This year has molded so many stories into my life. There is only four days of school left and this whole album is reflecting on everything that has happened in the school year of 2009 -2010. I hope you see what I see.

2: Table of Content. Introduction. Likes & Dislikes. A Good Song. Lesson I Learned After it was to Late. Who am I? Personal Metaphors. Room Sweet Room. Extraordinary Pet. Remembrance of the Past. Remembering the Child. Personal Symbol

3: So, I am Rebecca Moran. This is an album on who I am right now so that my family, friends, and I can remember who I was as a teenager. Since as everyone does, I will continue to change as I become older. So who am I besides my name? I am a liberal, that drives my family mad, along with a lot of my dearest of friends. I love to laugh and I hate change. I feel passionately. I live one day at a time. Writing and Photography is what I do if I am not with friends, I love to express my self. I am closest with my father and brother Sean in my family, they just understand me. I was born on April 15, or better known as tax day. For the rest of it, turn the page and we will find out, shall we?

4: Likes - Those moments when the music is blaring, my daddy is laughing, I am dancing, and the traffic is never ending. - In a Chinese restaurant opening the wrapper awaiting my future. - Sunday afternoon and everyone and I can't decide who's house to go to. -At one a.m. when I have no intention to get off the phone with you. -When my handwriting seems to flow with the words. -Waking up early in the morning to realize I have more time to sleep. - Holding the camera, while moving for angles, believing the beauty is in my eyes. - Its dark, chilly, and I sit on the drive way with the stars in my eyes. - When ever I have four hours before I have to go, but I am already trying to figure out what to wear. | Dislikes - Fish for dinner and then to top it off we don't have ranch. - Thinking my biggest regret is that I didn't get to do half the things they said I did. -Tears in my eyes. - The questions running through my head leaving me with nothing, but more questions. - When ever another birthday comes around, making another candle to blow out. -The feelings of being replaced. -When I step on the scale in front of the doctor and the numbers seem to grow. - Trying to forget the past regrets. - A song plays and it reminds me of a breakup. -Realizing that I misspelled a small word.

5: Emily is one of my favorite people in life.

6: A | d | My father comes and goes with money call Those crickets chirping - their never ending. My mother's firmness on everything. Fire flies dancing in the night. Sean - hes the first one I ever knew I loved. Smell of humidity. Jeffrey thinks his responsibilities are what matter most of all. Dim Lights. My brothers. Safety - I miss that feeling like a good song. | A Good Song

7: Lessons Learned One of the hardest lessons I think I have ever learned was to be strong. Heartache is something that trails behind people like shadows. I always wondered why things had to be like that, but I doubt I will ever get the answers. Yet I have learned to just deal with it and smile. Everyone has to sooner or later. I have no clue when ever I did finally learn this fact, but I feel I learned it to late. I have made so many mistakes in my life because I didn't know how to handle reality and the pain that comes with it. Break-ups, arguments, best friends, etc. There is so much wish I could go back and redo. I have let so many people hurt me because I didn't understand that people can be so harsh. I as a child, thought I must be at fault. I do not know why, but I felt like in a sense that I couldn't do anything right. People just had it better together to me. Today however even though sometimes I still feel like rolling my eyes at my self. I have grown up and figured out people along with life. I have learned that there is a lot of good and bad, including inside of me. Yet I know their is more good and I can believe in myself.

8: If I Was... | An animal I would be a Kiwi bird. | A car I would be a mustang | An article of clothing I would be heels. | A day of the week I would be Saturday. | A color I would be green.

9: A type of food I would be sushi. | A movie I would be "Walk the Line." | A fragrance I would be the smell of rain.

10: If I was... | A cartoon character I would be Eyore. | An appliance I would be a radio. | A natural phenomenon I would be a hurricane. | A word I would be rad.

11: A piece of furniture I would be a love seat. | A song I would be "Pocket Full of Sunshine." | A season I would be Spring. | A television character I would be Tony from NCIS.

12: If I was... | A building I would be an apartment. | A flower I would be a white rose. | An instrument I would be the triangle. | A shape I would be a diamond.

13: Who am I? Tears in her eyes. who am I? Something has happened in between her lines. Why does she cry? There is nothing I can do, all i can do is sit here and listen to time chime, mentally counting the seconds in my mind. who am I? A bell of laughter - a sparkle coming through her black binds. That is me. Exhaustion in his eyes. who am I? All I can do is watch crows legs engrave in his skin they mold and in twine. Why does he make such a sigh? Who am I? An easy snicker - a smile comes through his load staggering high. That is me. Adventure in his eyes. Who am I? He cannot sit still, he feels so alive. His smile widens making me want to feed his never tiresome soul, I am mesmerized. I give way to the silence and join in his insanity. That is me. Fear in his eyes. Who am I? He shakes uncontrollably and his stare is wide. All I can do is hold him to tight, embellishing kisses every time he shutters in his fright. That is me. Anger in her eyes. Who am I? She grabs, she screams, she will not let me breath, and she will not cease. There is nothing I can do, all I can do is listen to the instinct of an unknown strength. That is me.

14: Room Sweet Room The walls are light pink. The desk and dresser is white. The couch is icy blue. It looks young at heart, but yet their is an old fashion look. However I have given it a modern twist with the Ikea furniture. The closet is filled with clothes. My shoe rack is over flowing, but some how it looks neat. My book shelf is filled with Nicholas sparks, Stephanie Plum, and many other chick reads on one side. On the other side is books of poetry, the zodiac, different translations of the bible, books on evolution, Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. Every thing some how flows together and puts a vibe that is all its own. I have paintings by Mary Titus and a poster of my favorite spurs player. I have pictures of friends and I on the desk. It is girly, yet sophisticated. It is young, but mature. It is me. Odd, random, out of place, but beautiful. It is Rebecca.

16: Angel Pure and white as snow. Came a around from somewhere, anywhere, I don't even know. His eyes were a tone of gold with such a glimmer in their gaze. He licked my tears and seemed to understand this life, this age. He looked at my wounded caged soul. My heart began to feel a pull. To home I brought him with a smile. He was sold.

17: Remembrance of the Past 20 years from now who will I be? That I don't know, what I do know is who I am now. Yet I wonder will I remember me? Or will faded memories be all that remains? Right now I eat ranch with everything and I mean everything. Will I eat ranch with everything 20 years from now? My dad thinks that sooner or later that I will stop, however I can't even grasp that thought. I am in all honesty addicted to ranch salad dressing. Plus I value my cell phone like its life support. Every night I talk on my phone, I text, I take pictures, I pretty much live through it. Will I not even think about text messages and picture mail? What if Apple is out done by some new company that makes computers look like Aztec symbols? Marriage, pretty much my worst nightmare. Kids, my worst nightmare on steroids. Will both these things be the biggest aspects of my life? Will I drive a minivan? Will I be fatter than fat Albert? At the same time I ask myself will I be lonely and depressed? Will I have fifty billion cats? I mean I seriously doubt either opposites will ever happen, but I still cant help but wonder. Will these silly fears even be acknowledged of even existing or will their existence be completely forgotten at a tick in passing time. In a sense I hope my life's better. I hope I look back and smile at the new and approved person I will myself to become. I hope I will roll my eyes at the mistakes and cherish the better. 20 years from now I will be 36 years old. Will I remember how much I just wanted to be happy, to be free, or will I just think I was a kid with a childish spirit? I guess one day I will find out. I hope I remember enough to realize that this 16 year girl has her answers 20 years from now. I want to remember I even had these questions. | The Child. Pretty dresses and sitting like a lady my mother said. Climbing trees and jumping in mud is what I did. Tea parties and barbies said my friends. raced the boys on my bike instead. I was care free and did what I pleased. No vegetables for me. Wild child. Got away with anything with simple ease. Youngest and the only girl. Frogs, snakes, trees, anything that made momma scream. daddy's favorite. Sean's best friend. Grandparents joy. Mothers terror. Jeffreys responsibility. I was what I was - A child.

18: The Child. Pretty dresses and sitting like a lady my mother said. Climbing trees and jumping in mud is what I did. Tea parties and barbies said my friends. raced the boys on my bike instead. I was care free and did what I pleased. No vegetables for me. Wild child. Got away with anything with simple ease. Youngest and the only girl. Frogs, snakes, trees, anything that made momma scream. Daddy's favorite. Grandparent's joy. Mother's terror. Sean's best friend. Jeffrey's responsibility. I was what I was - A child.

19: The Stars All my life I have looked to the stars for understanding. Just seeing them shine makes me feel a peace. I remember being on camping trips with all my closest friends and in the early hours of the night laying in the grass, staring at the stars with Andrew. Just talking and thinking. I to this day go and sit on my drive way, just laying in amazement. No emotion can explain, no ear can comprehend the advice the stars give to this earth. They remind me of diamonds laid across velvet. I have a particular star that I look to in certain moments when I can't help, but smile. I hear the star say silently - "everything is going to be okay." I believe my star, just like the three wise men did.

21: The End

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