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English Journal Scrapbook

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BC: The person writing this journal, has changed a lot in the past year. She has become a strong, goal-oriented adult who is ready for the real world. She has a heart of gold and a good head on her shoulders. She has also found a wonderful, loving, caring, sweet boyfriend who treats her like a princess. Her family means a lot to her. She is excited about attending Lenoir-Rhyne in the fall! She has great plans for her future and she is reaching them, one day at a time. | Epilogue

FC: English Journal Scrapbook

1: The Life of Brittney Lewis | By: Brittney Lewis

2: After high school, I plan on attending a four year University. I was accepted to Western Carolina, Gardner-Webb, Methodist University, and Lenoir-Rhyne. Out of all of those, I will be attending Lenoir-Rhyne in the Fall of 2012. I plan on majoring in nursing, specifically Pediatrics. After college, I plan on moving out on my own and beginning my career and life as an adult. | Plans after high school | 1

3: When I was younger, about two or three, I had a little puppy and a bird. We eventually ended up giving them both to my Grandma. Then, I had a black lab, she ended up running away. My brothers got a white lab for one of their birthday's. We also ended up giving that one away too. I was raised in Fort Mill, SC. I went to school there all the way up until two months into my 8th grade year. That's when we moved to Gastonia. I've lived here ever since. | Background Information | 2

4: I am the daughter of an awesome and amazing mom and dad. Most would find my mom to be eye-candy. I understand why because she is beautiful inside and out. My daddy is the only man I'll ever trust. Throughout high school, I've taken AP/Honors classes, even though most were killjoys. I'm planning on getting my four year degree at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Nursing will be my profession as I continue on with the crazy college life. I have made the cheer team at Ashbrook every time that I tried out. I have pride in everything that I do. Nobody will ever take that away from me! My mom always tells me that happiness helps hate disappear, that's why I'm always happy! I may not be perfect, but my life surely is! And you will do nothing to bring me down. | Boast | 3

5: My favorite English activity was in 9th grade when we read the Odyssey. We had to take the characters and find modern day famous people to replace them with. I enjoy making posters and picking the people. My least favorite activity was when we listened to Night in 10th grade English. It was hard for me to pay attention. Another one I enjoyed reading was A Dollhouse. | One English liked/not liked | 4

6: My favorite hobby is snowboarding. I recently just learned how to, but I think I have it down now. My favorite sport is cheerleading. I cheered my freshman, sophomore, and senior year. If I have a good teen romance novel in front of me, I could read all day. I also enjoy going to concerts or going to Coyote Joe's when they have some good singers coming. | Hobbies | 5

7: I don't see any connection between my name and personality. I probably would have kept Ann as my middle name, but I would have chosen Stephanie or Nicole as my first name. I share my middle name with my aunt and grandmother, but there really isn't any story behind it. My initials aren't really that weird. My parents considered naming me Shirley Ann after my grandmother, but instead they just kept the Ann after her. I just accept that it's my name and I can't change it. It's what my mom and dad wanted to name me and I really didn't have any say in it. | What's in a name | 6

8: A: American- I was born and I live in America. B: Blessed- I am blessed with a wonderful family, friends, and boyfriend. C: Confident- I have confidence in myself. D: Determined- I am determined to be successful. E: Easy-going- I don't worry about things a lot and I'm easy to get along with. F: Feminine- I am a female. G: Gentle- I'm kind and not violent. H: Hungry- I am almost always hungry. I: Intelligent- I am pretty intelligent when it comes to some things. J: Jubilant- I stay joyful, most of the time. K: Kindly- I am kind to people. L: Loveable- I am a loveable person. M: Mild- I'm kind in manners. N: Natural- I'm spontaneous. O: Opposite- I am the opposite of rude, mean, and lazy. P: Pesky- Sometimes, I'm annoying. Q: Queasy- I get queasy easily. R: Radiant- I'm always happy. S: Sarcastic- I have sarcasm. T: Talkative- I'm talkative around my friends. U: Unexpected- I have some unexpected things happen in my life. V: Varied- I like variety. W: Weak- I'm weak when it comes to some things. X: X-rated- I can see movies. Y: Young- I'm young. Z: Zoophagous- I eat meat. | Personal Alphabet | 7

9: 1) Spaghetti 2) Boyfriend 3) Receiving flowers 4) Sports (football, baseball) 5) Sweet tea 6) My car 7) Dirt tracks 8) My iPhone 9) Bonfires 10) Sleeping 11) Saturdays 12) Coyote Joe's 13) Being happy 14) Shopping 15) Cheerleading | 1) Girls (Homewreckers) 2) School 3) Rude people 4) When parents fuss about nothing 5) Heartbreaks 6) History teachers 7) Snakes 8) Slow drivers 9) Being sick 10) Presenting things in English class 11) Being too cold/hot 12) People that stare 13) Drama 14) Reading boring books 15) A high school whose colors are red and black and the mascot is a red raider | 8 | Likes/Dislikes List

10: Christmas is the time of giving. Every Christmas I smell the fresh cooked meal my family is cooking and the smell of my Grandma's sweet smelling perfume. I see the apple pie sizzling and bubbling in the oven and the hot chocolate boiling on the stove. All I hear is my families joyful laughters and the Christmas music that my uncle has playing. The taste of the sweet honey ham makes my mouth water and the hot chocolate burns my tongue. I feel the smooth wrapping paper as I begin ripping it off of my presents and the feel of my newborn baby cousin in my arms. | 9 | 9 | Sensory Experiences

11: 1) Sadness is a heartbreak. 2) Happiness is being with my boyfriend. 3) Tastiness is chocolate covered strawberries. 4) Love is the feeling of tasting homemade lasagna. 5) Saltiness is the ocean. 6) Sweetness is Krispy Kreme donuts. 7) Sourness is sour punch straws. 8) Excitement is Friday Night Football games. 9) Disappointment is when people let you down. 10) Anger is when people lie to me. | 10 | Metaphorical Definitions

12: I associate the color red with anger. The color black makes me think of gloominess or sadness. Pink reminds me of happiness and something girly. Orange and yellow remind me of summertime. All of the sunshine and flowers that are around you are mostly orange and yellow around summertime. Blue reminds me of the ocean or the pretty blue sky on a bright sunny day. Red-orange is what I associate fire with. Tan, is what i associate with the skin tone of teenage girls during the summer. | 11 | Color Your World

13: My room is the biggest room in the house and it's not the master bedroom. I have a lot of stuff, because other than my mom, I'm the only girl. My walls are pink and black which could represent my personality because on some days I just don't feel like talking to anybody. My closet is huge, because I need room for all of my clothes. My bed is a full size bed which is enough room for me to get a good night of sleep. | 12 | Room Sweet Room

14: Animal: I am like a cat, because I am gentle and kind. Car: I am like a honda civic. I am easy-going and I love my honda. Article of Clothing: I am like a bra. I give people support when they need it. Day of the Week: I am like Friday. Friday is always a happy day for people and I'm happy. Food: I am like a chocolate covered strawberry. I am sweet. Color: I am like yellow. Yellow is a mellow color and I'm a mellow person. Movie: I am like the movie Pay It Forward. I like to help others. Fragrance: I am like the fragrance Pink Ice. It's a sweet smell. Type of Building: I am like a beach house. I love the beach and spend my summer there. Plant: I am like a daisy, bright. Musical Instrument: I am like a drum. I like to have fun and be out-going. Geometric Shape: I am like a diamond. Every girl loves diamonds. Piece of Furniture: I am like a bed. I love to sleep. Song: I am like the song Blessed by Martina McBride, because I really am blessed. Season: I am like summertime. It's my favorite season and I love not having school. TV Character: I am like Hannah off of Pretty Little Liars. I try to protect the people that I care about. Cartoon Character: I am like Jerry off of Tom and Jerry, because that's how my brothers and I are. Appliance or Machinery: I am like a fireplace. I enjoy making people feel comfortable. Natural Phenomenon: I am like a volcanic eruption. Sometimes I am such a mess and when I get mad, I explode about everything. Word: I am spontaneous. You never know what's going to happen when you're with me. | Personal Metaphors | 13

15: I am like the song "Blessed" by Martina McBride. In the song she talks about how at the end of every day she has been blessed. This relates to me, because at the end of my days, no matter how much I went through that day, or what happened, I realize how blessed I really am. She also says that God has given her more than she deserves. I sometimes realize that I have also been given more than I deserve. I'm not always the best person that I could be, so I don't believe that I deserve good things all the time. I am like Hannah off of Pretty Little Liars. She tries so hard to protect the people that she cares about. Much like her, I would do anything to protect them. She even lies to the cops to protect her boyfriend, knowing that they BOTH could get in a lot of trouble for it. Her and her group of friends lie just so they can protect each other. I would definitely do that for my friends as well. I am like a fireplace. People will sit by their fireplace to get warm. At the same time you're getting warm, it also warms your heart. If you just sit and talk with me, I can easily warm your heart. Sitting by the fireplace also makes people feel comfortable. I don't like feeling awkward so I try to make everyone feel comfortable. I am like a volcanic eruption. Volcanoes make a mess when they erupt, and I can sometimes be a mess. They always erupt at random times. When I start getting mad, I just keep thinking about other things that upset me, then I just explode with anger. After I get mad, I get hot. Just like a volcano does. I am like a cat. Cats are cute, gentle, kind, and cuddly. I absolutely love to cuddle. Especially during the cold, winter nights. I am kind to others as long as they are kind to me. Cats are also quiet and everyone knows that I'm quiet at times. | Personal Metaphors | 13

16: -1/2 cup of attitude -2 cups of friendliness -1 tsp. of patience -6 cups of happiness -1/2 tsp. of meanness -3 gallons of respect -4 cups of sweetheart | First, you must mix together the 1/2 cup of attitude and the 1/2 tsp. of meanness, then bring it to a boil. Then, add in the 4 cups of sweetheart. Let it boil for 3 minutes before turning it off. Then, you must mix in the 1 tsp. of patience. Then, separately mix together the 3 gallons of respect, the 6 cups of happiness, and the 2 cups of friendliness. Bake those three ingredients for 6 minutes at 450 degrees, then pour the other ingredients on top, then put back in the oven until a crisp tan color. | Symbolic Recipe | 14

17: My excuse would be that I got a flat tire on the way to drop my brothers off at Forestview. Once I got that fixed, I then got stuck in traffic while I was trying to drop them off. On the way to Ashbrook, I ran out of gas and I was nowhere near a gas station. My mom had just got to work when I called to tell her. So, I had to wait thirty minutes for her to get to where I was from Charlotte. Once she got to me, we had to go find a gas station so she could get me some gas. We then figured out that we had nothing to put the gas in. So, we had to go to Wal-Mart, get a gas jug, then go back and fill it up with gas. We finally made it back to my car to put the gas in it, then I was FINALLY on my way to school. That's why I was tardy today. | Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse | 15

18: Every Christmas we go to the beach to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. My Granny always tell the story of when she would come to visit us, I would always beg her to pick me up from daycare. Instead, she would just let me stay home with her which made me happy. She would also tell about how she would be making my brother's bottles, and I would get jealous and she would have to heat me up some sweet tea. | Telling Tales | 16

19: 1) I usually worry about exams and report cards. Whenever that time comes around, I get really stressed. Even though I know I'll do fine and my grades will be good. 2) I feel angry when people lie to me, especially when I already know the truth. Just tell me the truth, and I won't be as mad. 3) I am moody when I have to wake up early on the weekends. Weekends are my days to sleep in. I am even more moody when I wake up hungry. 4) I am happiest when my boyfriend comes home from App on the weekends. I love spending time with him and a week without him is too long. 5) I feel confident when I study hard for a test, because then I know that I'll do good on it. 6) I feel frustrated when I'm trying to do a math problem, and I can't figure it out. 7) I feel depressed when someone I'm close to passes away. My family means the world to me and losing any of them would break my heart. 8) I am comfortable when I'm around people that I'm used to being around. I don't like being around people that I don't really know if I'm by myself. 9) I feel nervous when I have to get in front of people. 10) I feel sentimental when any of my friends or family are hurt. | Unfinished Sentences | 17

20: A mysterious AND exotic place that I've been to is Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. They now have one in Myrtle Beach too. My first thought when we pulled into the parking lot was, "WOW!" The whole outside of the building was built to where it looks like it is upside down. They even have cracks in the sides, fake palm trees hanging upside down and everything. When you walk into the lobby, it looks upside down as well. The pictures are hanging upside down on the wall and the ceiling is built like it's about to fall. When you walk into the actual place, everything in there is almost like a mystery. You're trying to figure out how the stuff works the way it does. Most of them have something that you can read and it tells you how it works. There are things like how spaceships work, illusions, a thing that you sit on and use a rope to pull all of your body weight up, a cylinder filled with green and blue little beads and you have to find the ten orange ones that are in it. You also have a room where you can feel what it's like to sit through an earthquake, or one that shows what wind from a category five hurricane is like. There is also this thing filled with ice cold water that you stick your hand in and see how long you can keep it there. I visit this place every chance that I get, because some of the things inside are still a mystery to me. The whole place is exotic and fun. I mean where else can you lay on a bed of nails and they raise you up? If you ever visit this place, you definitely will NOT forget about it. | Mysterious Place | 18

21: 1) "If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney 2) "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." -Bill Cosby 3) "Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place." -Jennifer Aniston 4) "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln 5) "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the one's who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it." -Harvey MacKay 6) "You're lucky enough to be different, never change." -Taylor Swift 7) "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." -Marilyn Monroe 8) "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost 9) "Only you can control your future," -Dr. Seuss 10) "Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -A.A. Milne | In Other Words | 19

22: If I could relive one day, I would choose to relive the day that my little brothers were born. That was a life changing day for me. I love my brothers, even though they get on my nerves sometimes. That was possibly one of the best, most special days of my life. They've taught me so much throughout the years and I love learning from them. | Flashback | 20

23: What I want to remember in twenty years are my high school years. These have been the best four years of my life. I've met new people, made a lot of new friends, made the best memories, and had the time of my life. I know college will probably be ten times better, but I will forever cherish my high school years and all of the people that I've met along the way. | Remember Things Present | 21

24: One thing that I want to do by the time I turn thirty-five is to go sky-diving. Sky-diving isn't one of those things that everyone gets to or wants to do. It seems adventurous. I've already had to say good-bye to my hometown, all the people that I grew up with until eighth grade, the sorrow of the death of my cousin who helped my mother raise me when my dad was working out of town. I've said good-bye to all of the guys that were jerks to me and found someone who makes me happy every day. I've said good-bye to the people who hurt me and try to bring me down. Leaving my hometown and all of the friends that I grew up with, was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. Fort Mill was a small town where everyone knew everyone. I went to school with the same people all the way until I moved in eighth grade. i had to leave the place where I'd been raised, the place where my childhood was spent, but most of all, the place where my best friend was, and still is. | As Time Goes Bye-Bye | 22

25: People who have influenced me -Parents -My bestfriend -Joel Osteen -Grandparents -Brothers -My cousin that is battling cancer Places that make me happy -Beach -Mall -Home -Cook-Out -Gatlinburg, TN -Race tracks Places I would like to go -Hawaii -Sky-Diving -California -Disney World -Panama City -Washington D.C. Things in people which I like -Good personality -Honesty -Fun to be around -Trustworthy -Sense of humor -Kind-hearted Things in people which I dislike -Lying -Drama -Untrustworthy -Making fun of others -Rude/disrespectful -No personality | My Own List of Lists | 23

26: Things that worry me -Getting cheated on -Failure -Feelings hurt -First day of college -Losing a loved one -Making it through college Things I would like to know how to do -Play the guitar -Do hair -Draw -Sew clothes -Manage my money -Design things Things that have moved me -Music -My Brothers being born -Poetry -My Mom being strong -Joel Osteen Books -My Grandma surviving cancer Ideas that intrigue me -Graduation -Grad week -College -Weekends -Living on my own -Summer My personal favorites -Cheerleading -Spending time with family -Shopping -Vacation -Seeing my boyfriend -Driving | My Own List of Lists Cont'd | 23

27: 1) I was born :) 2) Started school 3) Brothers were born 4) They began school 5) Parents divorced 6) Moved to another house in Fort Mill 7) Started Middle School 8) Close cousin died 9) Moved to Charlotte 10) Moved to Gastonia 11) Began Grier in the middle of eighth grade 12) Started High School 13) Got my license and car 14) Moved again 15) Started my senior year 16) Officially became a Lenoir-Rhyne Bear :D 17) Present | Map of Life | 24

28: Brittney was an eighteen year old girl that had a lot going for her. Her college search was stressful, but she chose the one best for her. She found a sweet guy that she fell in love with. Her senior year is flying by and graduation is just around the corner. As the time approaches, she finds herself getting sad. She's not ready to leave High School and move on into these next four years of her life. However, there is a part of her that is excited and ready to be on her own. | A Day in the Life | 25

29: 1) Dance in the rain: There's nothing more fun than dancing in the rain and not having a care in the world. 2) Swimming with dolphins: They're the cutest things and swimming with them would be a blast. 3) Snorkeling: I've never been but it seems like it would take away some stress. 4) Road trip with my close friends for a weekend: My friends are amazing and always seem to help me forget about my problems, because they constantly keep me laughing. 5) Sky Diving: It seems like a lot of fun and my problems would be the last thing on me mind as I'm plunging to the ground. | Cheer Yourself Up! | 26

30: 6) Create a Flashmob: They always look fun to do, and I definitely wouldn't have a care in the world while dancing with a lot of other people. 7) Finger paint something fun: Finger painting has been fun since I was a kid. 8) Make a funny video with friends: Act crazy and not care what people think. 9) Go for a run: Running and listening to music is a good way to release stress and worries. 10) Go bungee jumping: It's got to be a fun thing to do. | Cheer Yourself Up Cont'd | 26

31: One woman that I admire a good bit, is Rosa Parks. On December 1, 1955 she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. It takes a lot of gut to do that, because that wasn't something that someone did every day. Her refusal triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It also launched Martin Luther King Jr. to the forefront of the civil rights movement. You rarely see women standing up for their rights, but she is one that did, and I admire her so much for that. I admire Thomas Jefferson, because without him, we probably wouldn't have the American Declaration of Independence. He was disappointed that a reference to the evil of slavery was removed at the request of delegates from the south. He was very influential in everything that he did. He was kind-hearted and that's a good trait for a man to have. I also admire Abraham Lincoln. He was an excellent lawyer, and his debating skills were good. What I admire most about him, was that he was actually able to end slavery. He issued his Emancipation Proclamation that declared the freedom of slaves. After four years, the federal forces secured the surrender of the defeated south.Lincoln saved the union AND ended slavery. He was a successful man and saved the torture of slaves. | Look Who I Look Up To | 27

32: If I was leaving home forever, I would definitely pack some clothes. My laptop would be packed so I would have something to do.I would pack my cell phone and charger, so I could keep in touch with everybody. My feather pillow that my aunt made me when I was born, is the most important thing that I could bring, because it means a lot to me. I would pack my straightener and make-up. | One Medium Suitcase | 28

33: The perfect present for me would be self-confidence. I don't have much of it, so when I'm about to do something that I know I'm good at, like cheerleading, I get nervous anyways because I feel like I look weird. I always worry about how I look or what people say about me, even though their opinions shouldn't matter. It will make it easier for me to walk around and not worry. Confidence is a great trait to have, and I wish that I had it. | The Perfect Present | 29

34: When I was in second grade, Backstreet Boys were "cool." They were coming to Charlotte for a concert. I remember that Ace and TJ were giving away tickets on the radio. I rode to school with my best friend and her mom that morning so that I wouldn't be late. On the way, we were listening to the radio and all of a sudden i hear them say, "Congratulations Denise, you were caller twelve for the BSB tickets." Then, I hear my moms voice and my friend and I both got excited. Once she got off of the phone with them, she called my friends mom and told her that I wasn't going to school that day because I was going with her to the radio station. When we got into the studio, they put us on air and let me tell my dad that I loved him. Then, they told my mom that she would have to spin the wheel that had different things that she would have to do in order to get the tickets. I remember one of them on there was that she would have to shave her hair. I remember her telling me that if the spinner landed on that one, she wasn't going to do it. Luckily, it landed on her having to wash the studio car in the freezing cold. She did it and received our two tickets. That was a night to remember. Just my mom and I went and that was the best concert that I've been to, considering how we got the tickets. It meant a lot to me. | Memorable Event | 30

35: -Not being trustworthy -Lie -Cheat -Be mean -Not care -Don't have a lot of communication -Talk to other guys -Make them mad all the time -Leave them | How to...Break A Heart | 31

36: Books -The Odyssey -Night -Things Fall Apart -A Raisin in the Sun Classes -Principles of Business -Civics -AP Calculus -World History People -DeVry guy -Kings college women -Ex boyfriend -Girl in this school Places -White water rafting -CiCi's -Hot Topic Things -Get a shot -Get blood taken -See another math problem -Go to the hospital | I never want to have to read The Odyssey again, because for one, it was confusing and I couldn't get interested in it at all. Night just wasn't an interesting book. A Raisin in the Sun bored me and I couldn't find the purpose of the book. I do NOT want to see the DeVry guy ever again. I've seen him way too many times and it's the same thing every time and if you give them your e-mail address or phone number, they aggravate you.The King's college women are rude and they don't make the college look interesting. My ex boyfriend is nothing but a jerk. He is constantly trying to make my life miserable and cause drama between me and my boyfriend now, and me and him have been broken up for almost a year. Then, there's the girl that goes here, she dated my ex and felt the need to cause drama about it. Like I cared that they dated. I haven't liked her from day one and probably never will because she's nothing but drama. I do not want to go white water rafting again.The first time I ever went, I was the first and only one to fall into the water out of the boat. Not to mention that the water was freezing cold. | Always Say Never | 32

37: My favorite meal is my mom's homemade lasagna. She cooks it at home every once in awhile. We don't eat it every weekend, but on special occasions she will decide to cook it. With the lasagna, she usually cooks BBQ chicken, biscuits, and green beans. After all of that is cooked, lasagna is still my favorite part of the meal. | Are You Hungry? | 33

38: Best Things -Eyes -Smile -Friendly -Happy all the time -Honest -Trustworthy -Loving | Greatest Faults -Quiet -Jealous when it comes to my boyfriend -Care too much -Get mad easily -Trust people too easily -My hair -Braces | The Examined Life | 34

39: A year ago, I was someone who cared about what people thought about me. Now, I could care less. If you don't like me the way I am or what I do, that sucks because I wasn't put on this earth to please you. I hope to be successful in my college work. My last year has proven my ability to progress because I've come a long way. I've made a lot of progress within myself and my school work. I'm most definitely better off than I was a year ago. I've learned from my past and the mistakes that I've made within the last year. I'm stronger now and I've put my past behind me. | Annual Report | 35

40: The girl had a date with a guy that she's had the biggest crush on since fifth grade. They are now seniors in high school. They have Biology together and were assigned to be partners on the last project. They worked very well together and they both began to get strong feelings for each other. He eventually ended up asking her out. He planned to take her into the city for a nice, romantic dinner. After dinner, they decided to just sit on the bed of his truck and talk. That's when they realized they had a lot in common, especially their love for the night sky filled with stars and a big bright moon. It was such a beautiful night sky, that they BOTH fell in love under. | Ekphrasis | 36

41: Visually Speaking | 37

42: I've learned the hard way to watch who you trust and how quick you trust them. I've trusted way too many people in my past who have either screwed me over, or just shouldn't have been trusted in the first place. When dating one of my ex boyfriends, we were together for six months. It took me that long to realize that his definition of "love" was seeing about four other girls at the same time, not to mention while we were together. I also felt pressured around him because he got mad easily, so I had to let him go. That relationship taught me a lot and I'm glad that I let him go AND learned from it. I've also learned not to hang out with people who are going to be a bad influence on you. I used to hang out with this girl almost every day. Well, one night she told her mom that she was staying with me, when she was really staying with her boyfriend. She told her mom that my mom was out of town and that my grandma was staying at my house with us. Well, she wouldn't answer her mom's phone calls so her mom called my mom. My mom was at home and knew exactly where I was and who I was with, and it was not with the girl. Her mom told mine that I was at a party with her daughter and my mom told her no, that I was at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. After that night, I learned that you need to watch you choose to hang out with. | Lessons I Learned Too Late | 38

43: Advice to the Young | As you're growing up, make sure that you make your decisions wisely. You don't want to regret anything, so just use your head. Don't rely or depend on ANYONE except for yourself. You can do anything that you set your mind to. Once you get to your teenage years, begin making goals for your future. Don't do anything that you're not going to be successful in doing, or anything that you're not going to have fun doing. Most importantly, ALWAYS believe in yourself. | 39

44: Who Am I? | 40 | 1) Sister: I play the role as a sister when I'm at home with my brothers. I make sure that they're safe and that nothing bad is going to happen to them. I also make sure they have a ride home from school, so I go pick them up. Since I live with them, I play this role every day. 2) Friend: I play the role as a friend every day that I'm with my friends. I'm there for them when they need me. 3) Daughter: I play the role as a daughter every single day. I make sure that I do the things that I'm asked to do since it will help my parents out. 4) Girlfriend: I have played the role of being a girlfriend for the past almost three months. I make sure that he's always happy and that nothing is wrong with him. I make sure that I'm there for him when he needs me and that he never worries. 5) Student: I play the role of a student while I'm in school. I do as my teachers say and get my work done on time. I also study and make good grades to make my teacher's job easier.

45: Rewarding Experiences | 41 | -Beta Club in Middle School: It was rewarding, because not everyone was chosen to be in it. -Passing the Microsoft Word/Powerpoint Certification Test: It was rewarding because not everyone passed, and all my hard work paid off because it wasn't easy. -My little brothers being born was a beautiful experience to me. -Passing all of my EOC's throughout school. -Meeting all of my friends in eighth grade. -Moving to Gastonia in eighth grade. -Finishing and making an A on the Canterbury Tales project. -Being accepted to all of the colleges that I applied to. -Receiving a scholarship for Lenoir-Rhyne. -Graduating high school next Saturday.

46: Valuable Lessons | 42 | 3 -Learning how to read is a valuable lesson because you need to know how all throughout life. 4- Learning how to write, because you won't get far without knowing how. 9- Learning how to watch who you trust, because not everyone is going to be trustworthy. 5- Learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, because you will need that all through school and in the real world. 6- Learning manners, because it will get you far in life. 2- Learning how to walk, because it helps a lot. 10- Learning how to forgive, because life's too short to hold grudges. 8- Learning how to treat others the way they treat you, because if they don't treat you with respect then they don't deserve it. 1- Learning how to speak, because you need to know how to communicate with people. 7- Learning what's right and what's wrong, because it could help in the future.

47: Futures - Fantasy and Fact | 43 | I see myself being very successful in ten years. I will be driving the newest camaro, living in Florida on the beach in a nice, big, house with my husband and children. I'll be a surgeon and living life well. I wouldn't have a worry in the world and wouldn't be a failure. Being realistic, my life in ten years probably wouldn't be as dreamy. I probably would stay in North Carolina somewhere close to here. I would live in a house that would be just big enough for my family. I most likely won't make it through nursing, so I'll probably be a psychologist or an accountant. I'll go through some trials and problems, but it won't bring me down. My fantasy life and realistic life are very different. My fantasy life is mostly me being rich, which in reality I know it won't happen. I'll be an average woman with an average job and life. I will be content with my life even though I won't be rich like I stated in my realistic life.

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