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1: "Now, ladies and gentlemen, our next performance is the student who got first place in our state.Let's welcome Samuel." I walked up stage and I saw my teachers and my friends were clapping for me; however I did not see my dad. Even thought he did not supported me on music, I still really hoped he could come to see my performance.I started to play my favorite piece, after I finished playing, all the audiences stood up and clapped for me. But the only thing that was on my mind was that I hoped my dad could care more about me, not just my grades.

2: "congratulations, son!" Dad said to me. That was three months after the performance and I started to looking for colleges. "It is not easy to get into Princeton University." He kept saying. But there was one thing I did not tell him was that I wanted to go to a music college .", there is a great music college in New York gives me full scholarship to go there." I tried my best to convinced him. "But Samuel, you know playing music and being musician cannot be a job, that just a hobby," He said. "I love music and you know it!" I yelled because I was mad for I had been endure so many years that why did my dad never supported me for what I love and why did he always wanted me to be a lawyer like him?

3: "I do not care about what you like, you are going to be a lawyer to make me and your mother proud." He shouted at me, and I shouted back. "How do you know mom wants me to be a lawyer? She always support me for what I like.And you only care about yourself, because you don't want to feel shame that you have a son who is musician ."I tried rally hard not to cry because it was been a long time we had talk about mom. While I was thinking about mom, dad slapped on my face."If you want to be a musician, then get out of this house, and you are not my son anymore!" He shouted madly.

4: " I hate you !" I screamed and ran to my room, I thought about a plan to leave ,because...this is not my home anymore. I ordered a plane ticket to France, because that the country I really wanted to live. I started to packed my stuffs and I left three days after the fight. Between the three days, dad and I didn't talk to each other, so he had no idea that I was leaving;however, the most important was that I felt like he had became a stranger...he is not my dad anymore.

5: When I first got to France, I found out even though I had been learning French for so many years, but I still had trouble finding jobs. That was why my first job was at fast food place, and I worked more 10 hours everyday, so I could have my own apartment. During that one year in France, I learn a lot thing, for examples, that my dad work for so many hours a day when I was a child and I complained about that, but now I found out he did it for me. Some time there was something made me think about my dad; however, I still did not want to apologies to him. When I saved enough money to go to the next country , I chose the place that mom had the car accident at ....Japan.

6: Japan was so different that I thought because I though Japanese were rude,mean and selfish. The reason was that my mom had to came to Japan for a meeting when I was 8 , but she never came back. Not until when I was 12, I really thought her company send her there . On my 12 birthday ,dad told me the truth that mom got into a car accident a long tome ago. With my little Japanese was really hard to do anything ,but the Japanese tried their best to understand what I was saying and helped me as mush as they could.

7: The first thing I always did when I got a country was to find a job, so I went to a America restaurant for piano accompaniment. ''Samuel, this is Skyler, she had work here for many years. If you have any question, just ask her."My boss said to me slowly and nicely on my first day of work. I smiled and nodded to my boss and her. ''Nice to meet you!" I tried my best to said it in Japanese. | On my first day of work, it was pretty good. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, especially, Skyler. She asked me where I am from? And I told her that I was from America and I was here because I had a fight with my dad and my mom died when I was 8.

8: I really enjoyed the time in Japan...and sometime I missed my dad, but I did not know what to . ''Tomorrow is father's day, so I have go back to my home. Hope you guys have great time with family.'' The boss said to us one day after I had been there for many months. | ''Hey, Skyler, what are you doing with your family tomorrow?" I asked. Suddenly, everybody stared at me. I just realized there was something I didn't know. ''It is okay .'' She smiled to everyone and said. I walked home with her as usually on that day, and we didn't talk for a few minutes. '' I am sorry for what I ask.'' I said to her. Then she said, '' I never seen my parents in my life and I don't even know where they are...especially, why did they leave me?'' Even though she said it with a smile, I still can felt the sadness.

9: ''I am so sorry. '' I was the only thing I could said to her.'' I remember the reason you are here is that you had a fight with your dad. You should be thankful to have a parents who care about you so much.'' | She said to me .'' But he only cares about himself, I wanted to choose what college I want to go.''I was trying to think about a best excuse.''When I was little, I was always dreaming about one day my parents will be back, but as I got older I just realized that will never happen. The reason you had a fight with your dad is because you don't appreciate what you had. You have a great parent , but you just didn't know that.'' She said to me and I saw her tearful eyes.

10: It was two in morning, but I couldn't sleep. Because of what Skyler had said to me today , maybe she was right. After mom got in to accident, dad became the only family member I have.TWO YEARS.I suddenly thought about this.I wonder how was his life without me? Did he feel glad to live by himself? Or he is still mad at me? I...don't know. I still remember after mom passed away, dad carried on the shoulder of being a dad and a mom.He woke me up every morning, he worked so hard everyday, and even thought he wasn't a great cook, he still did his best on every meal. '' You are so lucky to have a great parent who cares about you so much.'' That was what Skyler said to me. I turned on the light and started to write a letter to my dad to tell him how sorry I am and I hope he could forgive me.

11: After a few weeks, I got the mail from my dad. He told me about his life in these two years, and hope I can go home some time. But the most important thing was he said he was sorry ,too. When I went home, I realized how much my dad loves me, and he decided to let me follow my dream. I got back to Japan to go to the same college Skyler is, and of course, I chose music for my college department. On my first performance, my dad came and I saw him similed proudly to me. the end :)

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