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Epic Family Cruise 2013

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Epic Family Cruise 2013 - Page Text Content

S: Our Epic Family Cruise: Allure of the Seas: December 2013

FC: ______________________________

1: Labadee,Haiti Falmouth,Jamaica Cozumel,Mexico

2: Friday the 13th! The pictures don't tell the story here! It was COLD and blowing snow! We had below zero temps for a couple weeks at this point and everyone was sick of it and ready for warm weather! And then I found this picture on Facebook! Perfect! Let's go...tomorrow morning! ASAP!!! | And it's only December!

3: Deb & Travis and the kids drove up to Minot on Friday the 13th, got 2 flat tires...as predicted by Haley... | December 13th, 2013 | Found these pics on my iPhone!

4: Deb got screened! | Layton & Josie's 1st flight | Here we go! Kobie and Moose are jealous and know something is up! | Left Minot at 0500 and we were in sunny Florida after lunch! Can't beat that! | December 14th, 2013 | Well, that was exciting... | Didn't even make take-off! | Fancy meeting you here!

5: Minneapolis! | Minot | Ft Lauderdale, Fl!

8: Warm and humid in Florida! So humid my camera kept fogging up! | Getting ready to go eat at the Rustic Inn!

9: Who's hungry? | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | _______________________________________ | Headed out to eat in Fort Lauderdale! We ate at the good old Rustic Inn! | Let me rephrase that... who wants frog legs and fried alligator? | no thanks!

10: Rustic Inn Seafood Crabhouse | Laken ate pasta! | Everyone had frog legs, alligator, and crab of some sort!

12: Grandpa bought all us girls a dozen roses! And we had extra so Josie gave some to some pretty ladies! ~sweet kid!

15: Food Baby! | Laken, will you accept this rose?

16: Yep! We are ALL dorks! But we look freakin' awesome! | Our shirts! | Been there... Done that.... Got the t-shirt!! | December 15th, 2013

17: We are | Yep, and now everyone knows it! | Gramps loved them so much he lost his head! | Sent Rhett and Logan down to get Grandpa and they got yelled at! Hahaha! They tried to get him to come to my room for the big t-shirt reveal, but he thought they were procrastinating and not getting their stuff ready to leave for the cruise! SURPRISE!

18: Nice sock and sandal combo Logan... | instagram-ed

19: let's go! | When it's not -40 below!

20: F | L | O | R | I | ~ | Dah | As in Dah~ why aren't we living here!!

21: Oh my God Logan! Did you see the size of that gecko? | It was this big! | Port Everglades!

22: #this ain't no titanic

23: Our Veranda Rooms!

24: Cast-a-way Part-a!

26: We have not even set sail yet and Josie is taking advantage of the swimming pool! Good job Josie!!!! | So much to do... so little time... A week is not enough when your soakin' up sunshine!

27: #annoyed | #excitedtipsytourist | #blinded | Hahahaha! I love this picture! Every vacation we have taken has always involved a booty shot (Laken's booty, see Haiti) and an elevator shot! This vacation Deb wins the"Best Elevator Shot"award! #loveit (and P.S. if you don't know what hashtag # means, get with the times! Or ask your kids!) | #WTF | #bestelevatorvacationpic

28: 1.We are sailing in ! | 3. 13 Travelers!!! | 5. Full Moon on our set sail night... (beware of vampires...they howl at the moon...per Grandpa Larry!) | 4. Deb's room was *666*!!! | 2.Deb and Travis left on 12-13-13... Friday the 13th! | "That's a lot of "almons" ~Grandpa Larry | Some superstitious fun facts... | 13 | Almons=AKA Omens | 1. | 3. | 2013 | 4. | 5.

29: Fathers and daughters... make for some weird pictures.... | Laken...are you annoyed? | Trying to take a "selfie" together...

32: Not sure how many pieces of pizza the kids devoured on the ship...But it was so good!

33: Yes, we were invited to South Africa... Dad had a lot in common with this gent from South Africa! And they loved Josie!

34: Yep... that's a ZIP-LINE! | December 16th, 2013

35: Day 2 on the ship! We woke up at sea and had a great day exploring the ship! Some of the things we did today were: 1. Explored the ship 2. Kids played golf with Gramps 3. Kids rode Flo-rider 4. The guys drank 5. Josie went to the parade 6. We relaxed and drank on the deck 7. The guys drank 8. The guys drank 9. The guys drank 10 The guys drank 11. the guys drank 12. The guys drank | Yep... that's a Rock-wall!

36: We got some skilz! | Flo-Rider!

39: Dad... DO NOT TOUCH! | Too late... | Grampa just has to touch everything! He popped the hood of this vintage car and got a little attention! We know that you know how everything works...but seriously!

40: The parade of characters! So fun to watch Josie get excited to see them and to wave at each and every one of them! In fact, you can see her little hand in some of the pictures!

44: choke-hold | Love-Grampa

45: 12.16.2013 | Our evening entertainment! | What an awesome show! These acrobats would dive into a pool that changed it's depth AND the ship was rolling a little during the show!

46: December 17th, 2013 | Haiti

48: _______________________________________ | We pulled into Labadee early in the morning, about 0700ish. We had breakfast on our veranda deck and watched the sun rise over the mountains of Haiti! We also had a welcoming party greet the ship! Jet ski's, boats, parasails...the works!

50: The sunrise could not have been more beautiful! We left the ship and went straight to the beach to look for seashells, snorkel, and RELAX! The kids all rode the Dragon's Breath Zipline, Deb lost her seapass card, and we ended the day at a gorgeous beach. Loved the day!

53: in the sun!

57: ~a little bit of R&R ~a little bit of booze labadoosie drinks and ~a whole lot of snorkeling... ~and beach gymnastics courtesy of Josie

58: Here we go with the sand castles again, only this time Rhett has corrupted Logan and taught him the fine art of sculpting...(.)(.) | Sand Sculpture

65: Haiti was simply gorgeous! Josie learned to snorkel real fast...well kinda...ask Travis! | Sea Shells!

66: Or, you could take | a zip line!

67: Dragon's Breath Zip Line! Started at the top of the mountain and ended at the beach! We could here the zing of the line as they flew by us! Fun to watch! | 792 meters/ 2,600 feet long. The Dragon's Breath zip line runs over Labadee, Haiti and is the longest zip line over water. It runs to the beach below. | Speeds of over 50mph! | Yep that's Hannah!

69: Booty shot!

73: December 18th.2013 | We spent the day in Jamaica! Dad found us a ride to Montego Bay, we shopped a little, and ended the day at Margaritaville!

74: Probably not the smartest thing we've ever done...but...Hey! We're in Jamaica Mon! What could go wrong? So we made our way OUT of the port of call and found a bus, and a driver, and took a scenic trip to Montego Bay! | What a sight to see! The island was filthy! So many people and so much trash! It could have been gorgeous, and parts were, but they just don't take care of their small island! Interesting drive! But WE HAD FUN!

75: Ussain Bolt's School where he ran track!

76: We disembarked in Falmouth, Jamaica and went to Montego Bay! It was interesting to see the country side! Once we got to Montego Bay they were having a party on the beach with loud music and dancing, and the weather was nice!

78: In Jamaica! | Patwa-Jamaican language | Pitni=Children

80: Strike a pose Logan!

81: How's that RedStripe Beer?

82: Well, that was fun! Haley, that looks really relaxing! Welcome to Jamaica! | But it looks so pretty on you!

83: Travis getting his massage!

85: Cant go to the Caribbean without a stop at Margaritaville! No wild and crazy episodes this time though! We were all pooped out from the day at Montego Bay and wanted to get back to the ship...after some drinks and Nachos of course! | f.u.n.

87: 12.19.2013 | Well we started the day off by watching a Belly Flop contest! Beautiful sun and skies for our day at sea!

89: Ah man, what are we gonna do today? | What's there to do at Sea? | Well, the morning always starts on the ship having breakfast or donuts...not sure how many donuts the kids ate...but it was ALOT! Then there's swimming, basketball, movies, | course Rock Wall Climbing! The winner....Hannah! | flo-riders...and of

91: This was fun to watch! Collin made it to the top no problem...must be the limber wrestler in him! The boys also made it to the top after a couple tumbles. Haley was just plain fun to watch as she giggled her way up the rock wall, and of course muscle man Layton had no issues...But the best was watching Spider-girl Hannah take off, it literally took her one try and no time to ring the bell!

95: Here's the deal...

96: 12.20.2013 | Cozumel | Mexico | A beautiful morning to pull into Cozumel! They said 15 cruise ships were coming to port in Cozumel this morning! We got off the ship and immediately jumped onto a "Fury" Catamaran for a snorkeling adventure! And yes, the water really is turquoise!

98: Mexico Cozumel beautiful paradise vacation senorita bonito water snorkeling fun family

99: don't wanna go back to NoDak could stay here forever Mexico when are we coming back love this place

100: Snorkeling in Cozumel

101: Wait...what's wrong with this picture? | There, that's more like it! | Here fishy fishy fishy!

103: take us to

104: Paradise

109: Laken took this photo of a Mexican caterpillar~ Can you see his sombrero?

110: Well, this ain't no Paradiso's! We ate authentic Mexican food! Laken and Collin refused to eat, something about a bad experience in Cancun!

117: Leaving Cozumel....so sad! Could have stayed here for a REALLY long time! We will have to come back and stay LONGER! | This was the little Mexican place that we ate at!

118: Good-bye Cozumel... | next time we come here we will be staying for a lot longer than a day!!!!

119: This was our last stop of the cruise. Tomorrow we will be sailing home~

121: December 21st, 2013

123: Watching the | In Action!

125: Now we are getting a little cocky on the ole' Flo-rider! Look mom! No hands!

127: Wipe out on the High Seas!

128: Come on Rhett, we look as good as him... | No Logan! No we don't! Why can't we look as good as him? :( | Life is so unfair! Some people get all the looks! | Seriously bro! Why??? | I'm sexy and I know it... | #nofair

131: Haley's last run on the Flo-Rider!

132: Logan's last run on the Flo-rider!

133: Rhett's last run on the | Flo-rider!

137: Our last supper on the ship~ we went to Chops Grill and had a FANTASTIC meal! | Irish coffee for the German! | Creme' Brulee' | Gorgeous Couple | Gorgeous Couple | Red Velvet Cake

138: Headed back to NoDak! | Ummm...who says that? Thats dumb! | Whats wrong Josie? | that's | December 22, 2013

140: Can they | be any | Cuter? | Come see the world with me....

148: Retractable stacks | 2 flo-riders!

149: Central Park was on Deck 8 and it had living plants! And the best salads ever! | The Song of Norway was their first ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. The Allure of the Seas is the largest ship in their fleet! | There was just so much to do...or not do...however you wanted to spend your day! I think it's safe to say that we LOVED our cruise on the Allure of the Seas!

152: 1. "You know I could eat more I'm just sick of opening shit up!"~Travis at the Rustic Inn 2."You got a good size ghetto around here?"~Gramps in Ft Lauderdale to the taxi driver! OMG! What if he dropped us off in that Ghetto??!! 3. What if Hannah never said "What if?" 4. Dad lifted the hood on the Mercedes, got in trouble! HAHAHA! 5.When we got to Haiti I said that it looked like a scene from 6. Gramps had a message to call or go to security, when he got there he found out his KNIFE had been confiscated! Hahahahahaha! | Jurassic Park, and Gramps said "Yeah~it does look dinosauric" | 7. We loved the meals at our beloved WindJammer Cafe, AKA The Toe Jammer or the Stomach Jammer! But boy did they have good chicken! | 8. Remember when Hannah got puked on? #Gross! | 9. On our scenic tour to Montego Bay Dave asked the driver something, and then made this comment "I bet that loosens you up like a 16 year old girl!" Crickets, Crickets, and finally the tour guide said, "Oh I don't do that!" | 10. We always found ourselves on FLOOR 15! We laughed whenever it happened!

153: 11. As we were headed home Laken said "Well, I guess it's back to the old grinding bin!" | 12. Dave told Laken she "needed a good ass pounding"...#REALLY?! | 13. After I warned everyone that the ocean water will sting their eyes, lil' Josie ran into the water full of excitement...seconds later she came out screaming "My eyes! My eyes! Someone get me a towel" and flopped herself down in the sand...."Someone get her an Oscar!"~Auntie Nicky | 14. All those rooms and yet all the kids slept in Grampa's room... | 15. Barracuda..or as Debbie would say...Bara-QUE-da. | 16. Dry sport...a type of Botox...Laken kept calling it Dry Spot! | 17. At the Airport in Ft. Lauderdale there was an oriental lady doing Tia Chi or meditating or something....or as Travis called it "Judy Chop!" | 18. Almost made it home without Dave making up a word...but then he went and said "Fobiac" I can only assume it's cross between Fobia and Maniac! #Crazy | So many more memories and laughs than will fit in this book! | 19. Little blonde haired blue eyed Josie got off the plane in MN and proclaimed "I want to go back to Haiti!" and stopped her feet!

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