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Exterrestrial Life

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1: Have you ever seen a UFO? There are more than 100 UFO sightings a month. Have you ever seen an alien? I believe aliens truly exist. The reason I think this is because so many people have reported sightings of extraterrestrial beings of the unknown. There are recordings of UFO's dated back to the stone age, such as cave drawings. I want to prove to my readers that aliens do exist, I believe just like millions of others around the world.

2: I really don't understand how you could not believe in aliens. I really don't think that some people realize how huge the universe really is. Did you know what one out of every 37 sun-like stars could be harboring an alien world? There are so many stars out there it would take you over 3,000 lifetimes to count them! According to NASA in February of 2011, the Kelper space telescope wowed the globe by discovering more than 1,200 possible alien worlds, including 68 potentially earth-sized planets.

3: The first demand by most everyone is 'WHERES THE PROOF?" The proof is there, but it is a matter of perception. There are thousands of cases. They all have these similarities and patterns of abduction experiments. The claims are much | more than mass hysteria or coincidence. To say this is hysteria, which was created by the media, is demeaning to those who have had the experience. It is also incosistent to an earlier history of similar cases documented long before the media even existed.

4: Stones in Peru, dated 12-14,000 years ago have carvings of disc-like UFO's on them. In Mexico, petroglyph's were found and they dated back to 5000 BC, they show four figures with out streched arms standing under an interesting object which appears to be imitating light rays.

5: Lloyd Pye has found a skull that is over 800 years old. It is believed to be an "Alien Skull.' the eye sockets are larger and less deep than humans. The bone is much thicker than ours, but yet weighs half of what a Humans skull would weigh.

6: I bet you think people who have said to be abducted my aliens have a serious problem with some kind of mental disorder. I would probably agree with you...if the cases were not similar...but they are. Abductees have reported being used as some sort of medical experiment. They report being taken, often from there bedroom, or in their vehicle, into a room that resembles the inside of space-ship. The aliens preform painful tests on the humans that involve needles, and injections of unknown liquids into their bodies. Females report having a fetus put into their body, then taken out in another abduction a few weeks later. They think its to repopulate their species with human-alien hybrids. Some abductees report being taken to underground facilities, where they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of human fetuses, and other humans being drained of blood, mutilated, flayed, dismembered, and stacked like piles of wood. Some abductees have been threatened that they, too will end up in this condition if they do not co-operate with their alien captures.

8: On March 16th, 2009, three people underwent a surgical removal of foreign objects from their bodies at a private medical facility in Granada Hills, California. Two of the three of them, before reported being taken captive of alien beings.

10: There is little evidence to support the UFO community's theories about aliens at Area 51, other than videos of strange lights flying in the airspace over the base. Several witnesses have come forward over the years claiming to have seen or even worked on alien technology. For decades, rumors have circulated that the government is storing and testing alien technology at Area 51, allegations can be traced to the Roswell Incident in 1947, where an alien spaceship supposedly crash landed on a New Mexico ranch before being covered up and sprinted away to a secret government installation.


13: On March 20th, 1995, Ten Million U.S. TV viewers seen for the first time what seems to be a Extraterrestrial Alien Autopsy video. The film is said to be made in 1947. The alien is said to come from a UFO crash in California. To this day no one knows who submitted it or if it is indeed fake.

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