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Family History

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S: Meek and Quinn Families

FC: Our Family History | "The Meek and Quinn families"

1: THE MEEK FAMILY | John William Meek 1851-1930 wife Alwilda Porter Quinn 1851-1930

2: The Meek family can be dated to before the Revolutionary War in Maryland, Pa, & Ky. The eldest generation is a John Meek born about 1752 and his wife Margaret. John served in the Revolutionary War and had a out station in Kentucky. He lost an eye as a young boy by an accident with a crossbow. | John Meek also had a son named John. He was born in 1772 in Maryland. He lived in Henry Co., Kentucky | THE MEEK FAMILIES | This John Meek, moved to Indiana, He was called "LittleJohn". He married Margaret Erwin on 1 July 1792 in Kentucky. They moved to Wayne Co., Indiana in about 1812. They were the parents of nine children. One being Joseph Meek, born in Kentucky in 1795 before going to Indiana. Joseph grew up in Indiana and married Gulielma Smith daughter of John Smith Jr. & Thise Trueblood who were Quakers. They were the parents of eleven children. One of those being James Rariden Meek born in 1823 in Wayne Co., Indiana. | James Rariden Meek lived with his family in Indiana on land that was bought from the government by his Father, they continued to reside there until their respective deaths. James married Catherine Adair on Dec. 31, 1848. She was the daughter of Alexander Adair and Matilda Hoover.. Catherine was born near Springfield, Ohio in 1831. Her parents came to Indiana in about 1842. James Meek had studied medicine before his marriage, and after his marriage, began the practice in partnership with an older brother. After a few months, he decided he did not like it and returned home. He bought a small farm adjoining the Meek homestead. He taught school in the winter months and farmed in the summer. He passed away on July 29, 1900 as a result of an argument with a young man who had trespassed on his land to pick berries. James and his wife were the parents of eight children. One being John William Meek. John William was born in 1851 and grew to manhood in Indiana. He married Alwilda Quinn in Indiana before moving west to homestead in Nebraska. He and his family came in about 1889 with five children. Their land was on Snake Creek in Box Butte Co., Nebraska, living in a dugout while their sod home was being built. One more child was born in Nebraska, a son Roy. Their daughter, Florence, was our Grandmother, who married Lou Hood in 1905. They also lived on a homestead on Snake Creek in Box Butte Co., in a sod house and were the parents of five children: Robert, Harold, Ida, Oliver and Earl and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

3: John William Meek The John Meek family was one of the early families in the Good Streak area in the southwest corner of Box Butte Co., Nebraska. They came from Indiana in 1889 by train to Alliance. After spending a night or so at the Hotel, they hired a Mr. King to take the family and their few belongings to the Lemser dugout near their homestead. They lived in the dugout while some neighbors helped them build a small sod house. It rained and part of the house fell down before it was completed and then it had to be rebuilt. It was a year or so before they could get a well dug. In the meantime, they hauled water from Snake Creek. Some days, while digging the well, John would spend all day in the well, with his wife pulling up the dirt a bucket full at a time. A neighbor would help John out of the well in the evening. Their land was in Snake Creek Precinct, Township 24, Range 52 Box Butte Co. He also had a Kincaid Claim which was the west half of section 31. A tree claim was also taken out in Morrell Co., of 1/4 section.

4: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | Florence Alice Meek 1885-1950 | John Meek 1851-1930 | Joseph Meek 1795-1883 Gulielma Smith 1800-1883 & Alexander Adair & Matilda Hoover | John Quinn 1784-1852 Sarah Bright 1793-1866 & Thomas Manning & Elizabeth | James Meek 1823-1900 wife Catherine Adair 1831-1914 | Jonathan Quinn 1823-1912 Wife Mary Ann Manning 1826-1901 | Alwilda Quinn 1851-1930

5: At left is Florence 1885-1950 with her husband Lou Hood and the two older boys Harold in the middle and Robert. They were ranchers all their lives and raised a family of five children. | Above is Clarence Edgar Meek who was born Sept 10, 1887 in Indiana before the family came to western Nebraska to homestead. Clarence married Nina Moyer in 1926. They lived in Wyoming most of their lives. . He served in the US Army during WW1 from 1918-1919 as a Private. He received enemy gas while serving in Europe. They did not have children of their own but had one adopted daughter, Dorothy, who lives in Wyoming. | Florence Meek Hood | Clarence Edgar Meek 1887- | Below is James Bright Meek 1881-1943 born in Indiana and came west with his family as young boy of about six years. He never married and was a ranch hand. He died of food poisoning while out herding sheep. His dog also died from eating some of the food. | Clarence & Nina | Jim | Florence, Lou, Robert & Harold

6: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Photo at left is the Meek family: Boston, Florence, Grandma Meek, Roy & Jim. | Jim, Alwilda & Clarence at the sod house

7: Above left is Mary Catherine Meek 1879-1973 She married Cornice Bass in Nebraska and they were the parents of eight children. At the birth of one of her children, she was alone and gave birth then went to milk the cows in the evening. Mary lived in Nebraska & Oregon. She lived to be 94 years old. | The photo on the right is of the Roy Meek 1892-1975 Roy married Jennie Nation and they were the parents of six children: Leonard, Roy Claude, Archie, Clarence, Ruby and Earl. Roy had a trucking business and lived in Wyoming. | Above is William Boston Meek 1892-195 He came west with his family when he was only three years old. He never married and was a ranch worker all this life. | Children of John Meek


9: James Rariden Meek 1823-1900 wife Catherine Adair 1831-1914 Farmer, Teacher and Doctor Wayne Co., Indiana | James R Meek was the fifth child of Joseph & Gulielma Smith Meek. He grew to manhood on his father's farm in Abington Township, Indiana. He obtained a good education, and taught school for twenty-five years, mostly in Wayne Co. He married Catherine Adair daughter of Alexander Adair(stepfather) and Matilda Hoover and settled in Abington Township. He owned a good farm of 180 acres all well improved. Politically he had always been a Republican. He was a Township Assessor and Constable for several years. They were members of the Methodist church. Parents of eight children: John, Joseph, Marcus, Alexander, James Jr., David, Charles and an infant who died young. James R. died on 29 July 1900 of a blow to the head by a young man who was trespassing on Meek's land to pick blackberries. Two trials were held with the young man receiving a verdict of assault & battery with a fine of $50, He died shortly after the trial. | . | James Rariden Meek

10: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | The Hoover Families | Matilda Hoover who married Alexander Adair was a descendant of the famous Hoover family of Germany. (Same as Herbert Hoover the President.) Her daughter, Catherine Adair, married James Rariden Meek. The Hoover family came from Koblentz, Germany. Sebastian Hoover was born in Germany about 1723 and traveled as a teenager to America. He is the first on record in this country of this family. He married Catherine Mueller on February 7, 1744 at Tulpehocken, Berks Co., Pa. They lived in Pennsylvania but when Indiana opened up for settlement around the 1800's, many moved on to Indiana and new land to settle. The Hoover families were many and of the Quaker faith. | The above photo is of the Issac & Elizabeth Sutton Hoover family taken in about 1903 in Union City, Indiana. Front: Margaret, Martha Jane, Luella, Father Issac, Florence, Mother Elizabeth, & Lillie. Back row is Joseph Heath, Michael, Cornelius, Peter, & Issac James. (Issac is a brother of our Matilda.)

11: Father | Grandfather | Mother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Matilda Hoover 1814 Virginia | George Washington Hoover | 1790 Virginia Quaker | Michael Hoover 1753 1842 Pendleton, Virginia | Catherine Simmons Randolph, Virginia | Sebastin Hoover 1723 Koblentz, Germany Abt 1808, Virginia | Catherine Mueller 1723 Abt 1807, Virginia | Grandmother | Mary Jones | 1796 Georgia | Michael Hoover 1753-1842 | Michael Hoover was born, lived and died in Pendleton Co., Virginia Even though he was a Quaker, he served a few months in the Revolutionary War. He applied for his Rev. War pension at the age of 79 yrs. It was granted on Jan. 11, 1833. Quakers were moving west at that time and they seemed to move and settle together. Michael and first wife Mary must have spent some time in Ohio, as his wife, Mary, died there of childbirth according to Quaker records. They were the parents of at least eight children. Michael married again to Susanna Crummit on Nov 13, 1830 when he was 77 years old. She had children of her own so the Hoover house was full. Michael 's granddaughter, Matilda, married in 1836 while her parents were living in Clark Co., Ohio. Later the families moved on to the Richmond, Union City, Indiana area in the early 1800's.

12: THE QUINN FAMILY 1700- | James Quinn, our forefather, was born about the year of 1740 in Country Armar, Ireland. This country is located in the northern part of Ireland and in the protestant district. James was of Scotch-Irish descent, a Methodist, and a very strong Democrat as were all the Quinn's in the early days. He died March 29, 1824 at the age of 84 years, and is buried beside his first wife, Mary who had died at the age of 49 years on January 22, 1807. They are buried in the Fiches Cemetery in Fleming Co., Kentucky, near Flemingsburg. This cemetery is located near the Kentucky Quinn homestead. In the early days there was a Meeting House connected with the cemetery and it was here our ancestors attended church. As a young man, James came to America with a brother, John, locating in Pennsylvania where he taught school and married his first wife Mary. They were the parents of twelve - fourteen children. In about 1795, James and Mary moved to Fleming Co. Ky near Flemingsburg, on a track of land. At first they built a crude cabin, and later built the large two-story frame house which was still standing in 1927. This farm joined land later owned by Edward and Anna Bright, The Bright family would later become part of the Quinn family which will be found on later pages. (Note: this is taken from a Quinn Family History written in 1953 by Ruth Winters Justice and is based on oral history told by family members throughout the years.)

13: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Jonathan Bright Quinn 1823-1912 & wife Mary Ann Manning 1826-1901 with their seven daughters. Their only son, James died at two years of age. Back: Left: Louisa, Rebbecca, Mary, Flora & Sarah Front: Sophia, their parents and Alwilda | QUINN

14: Jonathan Bright Quinn & Mary Ann Manning Union County, Indiana | According to family tradition, Jonathan was a two week old baby when he came with his Mother Sarah on horseback to their new home in the wilds of Indiana with the other family members. They lived for two years near Hanna's Creek in Harrison Township, Union County. The year was about 1821.(this may not be correct) In the spring of 1823 they moved to Brownsville Township on a tract of land they later purchased in 1826 at $7.00 per acre which consisted of 152.5 acres. In his youth he assisted his father in a Tannery on the farm operated the tannery with his brothers, William and Harlan. Later he bought the interest of his brothers, he continued the business alone until he decided to close it in 1860. In connection with his tannery, he carried a stock of boots and shoes and harness for some years and enjoyed a good trade in those lines.

15: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Jonathan B Quinn 1823-1912 age 89 yrs | Sarah Bright 1783-1866 age 83 yrs | John Quinn 1784-1852 age 68 yrs | Anna VanSchoick 1771-1856 age 85 yrs | Edward Bright 1769-1804 age 35 yrs | VanSchoick | Unknown | Bright | Unknown | Coats | Unknown | Quinn | AWULIDA QUINN | James Quinn 1740-1824 age 84 y | Mary Coats 1762-1805 - 45yrs | Margaret Marooupsa 1735-1817

16: Edward Bright & wife Anna Vanschoick & Margaret Marouspa Mother of Anna | The family story of the early Quinn, Bright and others is just that - a "story" told by the Grandson of Anna, John Jay Dickey. I have found that he was interested in the genealogy of people and I suppose it is true. It is very interesting to read. | Margaret M. was born in Holland about the year of 1735, and died Sept. 25, 1817 at the age of 84 yrs. She married a man by the name of Vanschoick, first name unknown. Margaret and her parents came to America before the Rev. War living near Mammouth, New Jersey. Their daughter, Anna told her grandson, John Jay, that she remembered the War and that she was about eight years old. | She said that she would climb up in a cherry tree and could hear the roar of the cannons. After her parents would go out on the battlefield to help the wounded. | While still living in Maryland, Anna married Edward Bright who was English. After the death of her Father, Vanschoick, the family came to Kentucky, emigrating down the Ohio River in a flat boat, and landing at Limestone later called Maysville. in about 1795. At night on the trip, they had to cover their windows on the boat to keep the Indians, who were on the shore, from shooting at them. There is a record of a deed in the Fleming County Clerk's office made out to Edward Bright in 1800 for a tract of land which joined the James Quinn farm, where he, Anna, and their five small children, and Anna's Mother, Margaret, lived. Their two story log house still stands on that tract of land. Edward Bright was born in 1769 and died January 12, 1804 at the age of 34 years. His parentage is not known at this time. Anna was 34 years old when he husband died and she remained a widow for four years and in September of 1808, she married her neighbor, James Quinn who was 68 years old. | EDWARD BRIGHT 1769-1804 & WIFE ANNA VANSCHOICK 1772-1856

17: Anna Bright Quinn | After her marriage to James Quinn, Anna left her five children, John, Sarah, Lewis, Margaret and Mary at the Bright homestead with her Mother, Margaret. and went to live with her husband in his home across the field. At this time. John Quinn was unmarried and living at the home of his father. James and Anna were the parents of two daughters, Malinda born 1809 and Matilda. Malinda married William Dickey and their son, J.J. Dickey is the family member that remembered the family stories that his Mother had told him through the years. Anna was a small woman and a devoted Christian, of gentle manners, reserved and quiet. At all times she moved to and fro between the two homes like a weaver's shuttle caring for the members of both households. After the death of James Quinn, Anna remained at the Quinn home until her death in 1856 at the age of 84 years. \ a | Edward Bright Father of Sarah 35 years | James Quinn Jr. 1837 50 years | Fitch's Chapel Cemetery Flemingsburg, Kentucky | Mary Quinn dau of James Quinn Sr. 2yrs & 4 months

18: Thomas Manning 1790-1865 & Elizabeth Kopp 1793-1880 | Thomas was born in 1790 in Pennsylvania. His father was probably John Manning and Mother was probably Barbara Ziegler. (still working on this line) John Manning was from London, England. He came to Philadelphia around 1752 and was "sold" to a farmer to pay for his passage across the Atlantic. John would have been a teen of about 15 yrs. The farmer took him to Lancaster Co., Pa where he became the first Manning in the county. In 1772 he bought 165 acres of land off of William Penn on Turkey Hill in Manor Township. He had several children with one being Thomas Manning who married Elizabeth in 1814 in Manor Co., Pa. They went to Wayne Co., Indiana via Ohio where some of their children were born. They were in Abington Indiana by 1816 when he built a sawmill at which much work was done as a result of the many improvements were being made around Abington. Thomas died at the age of 75 yrs in 1865. His wife Elizabeth lived with a daughter MaryAnn Quinn when she died in June 1880 at age of 87 years. They were the parents of eight children.

19: Self | Mother | Father | Grand Father | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Grand Mother | Elizabeth Kopp 1793- | Thomas Manning 1790-1865 | Anna Marie May 1769 Pa. | Ludwig Kopff 1760- | Barbara Ziegler 1749 -Pa | John Manning 1737- | Unknown | Unknown | Kopff | Mary Ann Manning 1826-1901 | Ziegler | Manning | Unknown | May

20: This card was given to our Grandmother Florence Meek Hood when she was about 10 years old in 1895 by her Aunt Rebbecca Quinn | This card sent to Florence Meek by her Cousin Bright Winters | Sophia Quinn Winters

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