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Family - Rob's Graduation Quotes

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FC: FAMILY | Quotes from Robbie's Graduation

1: To the most amazing mom in the history of ever.... you once said, "Some families do family photos; Kelsey does family quotes." I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together. Happy Birthday Mamacita!! J'taime ma cherie! xoxo Kelsey

2: Lexa: OMG! We have a 7 Eleven back home! Mom: Umm... this isn't a foreign country... | You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. - Desmond Tutu | Day Before: Pre-graduation

3: Dad: If the security guard comes to talk to me, I'll just pull a Texan. "Howdy offser, how's it goin' meester? We just gon get on outta yer way n head on down this here road..."

4: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | Mom: I don't do weird faces.

5: Mom: Kinda after 35 they start doing testing for genetic defects. Lex: So I was almost mentally retarded?? Mom: I got you in one year under the mental retardation age! *High five!* | Mom: That dog kind of looks like him. | Happy Mother's Day!!

6: A family in harmony will prosper in everything. | Rob: Dad, are you going to eat your twinkie? Dad: I'm going to wait until your mom gets back so she can enjoy it with me. *Mom gets back in the car* *Dad begins to eat twinkie while making noises to ensure he is noticed* Mom: Oh my gosh, gross. That needs to stop!

7: Lex: Dad and I can go get pizza if the girls want to just stay here... Mom: Did you just exclude yourself from the girls? Dad: Yea, I noticed that too.

8: Lex: You're so negative! Kels: Umm can I have a glass half full? Kels: Actually, super size me with that glass half full, please! Mom: You want a side of optimism with that? | Dad: Everything is better in red. Unless you want to be in first place. Then it's it's blue. Yea, it's got to be in blue. Mom: Yea, I want blue. Dad: Your mom is always in first place... in my heart! Lex & Kels: Awww!! | THE Day Of: Pre-graduation Ceremony

9: Lex (to Robbie and Dad): I like when you talk about cars, I learn just enough to dabble in conversations with boys. Mom: Yea, she knows a lot about cars. "Oh my gosh! It's a CSI, take a picture!" Rob: You mean Civic? Kels: SI? Mom: SI, CSI, whatever. Haha!

10: Lex: Want to hear a funny story about Mom?? We were at Olive Garden, and we saw these really skanky college age girls. Dad: They looked like they were off of that MTV show, Jersey Shore. Lex: Yea! Dad goes, "Look! It's the Jersey Shore of Denton!" And Mom whips out her camera, but she forgot the flash was on. Dad: So it makes this click noise and a big flash. They all look at us. Mom: I didn't know!! So then I was like, "Lean together Lex and Caroline! Smile for the picture!" Lex: Bahahaha good save!

11: Lex: Speaking of, have you chosen a meat yet? Mom: *not paying attention* Lex: Is she photo shopping? Dad: *looks over her shoulder and nods his head* Mom: *guilty face* Mom (to Rob): I just sent you a text! Rob: I'm at lunch with my family, I'm not going to take out my phone. Kels and Lex: Ohhhhh! | Rob: *looks at phone* Holy schnikies! Lex: He has like 800 new messages. Mom: See? That's what happens when you don't check your phone at lunch!

12: Mom: Oh, hold on, SD card is almost full. Rob: Do you need another one? I have an extra one. Mom: No, I have another one. Rob: Are you sure? Mine is empty. Like it's an extra you can have. Mom: Nope, I'm good. Rob: I mean, I can just grab it so you have it just in case. Mom: I've got an extra one. Dad: Robbie, can you get your extra one? | Lex: You went through 4 years in a Fraternity. How do you not know how to tie ties? Rob: Soki ties my ties for me. Why do you think that red one is already always tied? That's my interview tie.

13: Laugh until your heart overflows. | Rob: Yea, you see this Illinois grad neck thing? We're supposed to give it to whoever helped - I was going to give it to you guys, mom and dad - but yea, whoever helped us most in college. I was gonna cut it in half... Mom: *looks up from ironing with quizzical look* Huh? Wait what? | Mom: Is it ironed? Rob: Uhh, no? Does it need it? *Everyone looks at wrinkled gown* Mom: Uhhh, yes. Rob: We don't have an ironing board. We just put a towel on the table. Mom: Let's get a towel then!

14: Your laughter makes my heart smile. | Graduation Ceremony

15: Kels: Every time I burp, it tastes like omelet and bacon. Lex: Ew. Gross. That kind makes me wanna *hand gesture from mouth to air* Kels: Vom? Lex: Yea. That. | Lexa: You handle your nasty knee gooeyness Kels: I'm squirming inside. Lex: Hahaha Kels: That's why I don't buy correct size band-aids. I have to distract myself from the scary nasty wounds by making my own band-aid out of smaller ones. | Lex: For blood! Which one is the good one? O+ or O-? ... Yea, I'm the bad one.

16: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | Kels: There are many places where that may or may not be appropriate to wear... This is not one of them. Mom: When things that should be dry cleaned get thrown into the dryer... Kels: Ouch. Quote. | *Looking through pictures on phone* Lex: This if from when Brownie took off with me and ran me into a tree... I thought it would be smart to run him into some sticker bushes, teach him not to do it again. He turned... my leg went into the bushes instead. Fail.

17: Good times are even better when they are shared | Kels: He better come soon, we're running out of space! And I refuse to believe we missed him. Mom: Maybe his whole life has been a sham. Maybe he never even went to college! | Kels: Check this picture out of Rob getting his diploma! *shows picture* Mom: Nice! Dad: Did you already put it on Facebook? Kels: Uhh yea!! Facebook! Facebook! Dad: *smiles* So 30 seconds ago.

18: Delight in Everything | Rob: Yea, that's when my lock picking skills come in handy. I commandeer toilet paper from the Engineering building. Kels: What? Dad: *laughs* Rob: I mean, it's not like I don't pay enough money to that school for some toilet paper... | Mom: This was cool. You guys were fun! It's cool that we don't have any duds. You know, some families have duds. | Lex: My favorite thing from tonight, well, besides you walking across the stage, cuz that was pretty awesome, but yea, my favorite thing was that President girl talking about the corn fields... I was like "LOL (pronounced "lull"), knee slapper!" | Post - Graduation

19: Mom: Oh no! I forgot I pinned my bra strap to my dress! Houston, we have a problem. Fail.

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