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Famous Missourians

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S: Famous Missourians

FC: Famous Missourians | Ms. Stuver's Fourth Grade Class

1: Welcome to my Mixbook technology curriculum project! The following pages are examples of work that students might create and publish following the directions of my Famous Missourian lesson plan found at the end of this Mixbook. Technology is a powerful motivator for students. They can create projects that are aesthetically pleasing and that can be published to share with other students, family, and friends. In addition to being viewed on the Web, a Mixbook creation can be printed out as a hard copy book that can be housed in the classroom, presented to the school library, or purchased by parents and guardians as a keepsake of their student's work. Ashlee Stuver

2: Laura Ingalls was born on Febuary 7, 1867 near Pepin, Wisconsin. She was the second of four children. Laura and her family pioneered west. At age 15, she received her teaching certificate. She later wrote about her adventures on the frontier in The Little House books. These books were geared toward children, and soon became a best-selling series. Laura wrote nine books in all at Rocky Ridge Farm near Mansfield, Missouri, where she and her husband Almanzo Wilder settled after they married in 1894. They had one daughter, Rose. Laura Ingalls Wilder was 76 when she finished the last book of the Little House series. She passed away at the age of 90 at her home, Rocky Ridge. In 1974 a television series based on the Little House books debuted and ran for nine seasons. | Laura Ingalls Wilder | By: Amy Anderson

3: Harry S. Truman | Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. After graduating high school Truman held various small business positions and farmed his parent's land. He began his political career in the 1920s serving as a county judge. In 1934 Truman was chosen U.S. senator from Missouri. In June of 1944 President Roosevelt chose Truman for vice president. 82 days later, Truman became the 33rd President of the United States after Roosevelt died suddenly, making him the only president from Missouri to date. During his presidency he created the Truman doctrine. Truman was reelected for a second term in 1948. During this term he made the decision to defend South Korea against communist invasion. Truman died in 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri. | By: Corey White

4: George Washington Carver | George Washington Carver was born a slave in 1864. After the Civil War Carver was left orphaned at the age or 2 to a white guardian. He attended an African American school in Neosho, Kansas. Upon graduation Carver attended Simpson College and Iowa State. In 1896 he earned a master's degree in agriculture. He went on to tech at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. During his time in Alabama, national farmers as well as international farmers contacted him for advice. Carver was very interested in crop rotation and soil conservation. He also produced over 145 products from peanuts. Carver died on January 5, 1943, leaving behind the George Washington Carver Foundation at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. | By: Brad Mosier

5: Susan Elizabeth Blow | Susan Elizabeth Blow was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 7, 1843. Susan's family was wealthy, and because of this Susan received a good education. Susan attended private school in both New Orleans and New York. She traveled to Germany after working for her father in Brazil. While in Germany she observed classrooms designed by Friedrich Froebel. After these observations Susan decided that children in America needed these educational opportunities too. After careful planning, the first public kindergarten classroom opened in St. Louis in 1873. By 1879 the St. Louis school system had 53 kindergarten rooms. Susan traveled the country teaching about the kindergarten movement until her death in 1916. | By: Taylor Young

6: Jesse James | Jesse James was born in Clay County, Missouri on September 5, 1847. The Jameses owned a few slaves and supported the Confederacy during the Civil War. Union soldiers visited the James farm in 1863 wanting information about Confederate guerrilla bands. Afterwards the Union soldiers threatened and hurt Jesse James and his family. This day would change Jesse's life forever. He joined the Confederate guerrilla bands, and after the Civil War he and his comrades began robbing banks and stagecoaches. Jesse claimed he was a Robin Hood type figure that supported the Confederate cause. Jesse James and his gang terrorized people in 6 different states. Jesse James was shot to death by Robert Ford, a comrade. at his home on April 3, 1882. | By: Jeremy Black

7: Harriet Robinson Scott | Harriet Robinson Scott was born a slave in Virginia around 1815. She was owned by Major Taliaferro who took her to Fort Snelling around 1830 to be his house servant at the fort. Slaves were not allowed in this part of the country according to the Missouri Compromise, however members of the military often took their slaves with them when they traveled. Harriet married Dred Scott around 1837, whom she met during her stay at Fort Snelling. On April 6,1846 Harriet and her husband each filed petitions in the St. Louis Circuit Court to gain freedom from their slave owner, since they had been living in free territory. Although it was a long drawn out battle with several different decisions Harriet and her husband finally received their freedom on May 26, 1857 | By: Megan Cross

8: To the right is the lesson plan I created for the MixBook project about Famous Missourians. This lesson plan has been aligned with Missouri Grade Level Expectations and Show-Me Performance Goals.

9: MixBook Lesson Plan SECTION ONE Author: Ashlee Stuver Email Address: ashlee.brooke.7@hotmail.com Semester Created: Spring 2010 LESSON OVERVIEW Title: Famous Missourians Brief Description: Students will choose a famous Missourian to research. They will compile a small report of their findings and include a picture of the famous Missourian they chose for the MixBook project. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/GENERALIZATIONS: The student understands the contributions of the Missourian they choose, as well as some background information about that person’s life. ENGAGING QUESTION/SCENARIO: I will allow the students to pick any famous Missourian they want. I will introduce the lesson by using an example of a MixBook made by a previous class. SUBJECT AREA(S) (Put an X by all relevant subject areas.) ___ Math ___ Science X Reading X Writing X Social Studies/History ___ Foreign Language ___ Art ___ Music ___ PE X Information and Technology Literacy GRADE LEVEL (Put an X by all relevant grade levels.) ___ Kindergarten___ K-12 Secondary ___ Grade 1___ Secondary ___ Grade 2 ___ Grade 3 X Grade 4 ___ Grade 5 ___ Grade 6 ___ K-12 Elementary ___ K-12 Middle DETAILED LESSON DESCRIPTION GLE #1: The student will be able to identify and describe the significance of the individuals from Missouri who have made contributions to our state and national heritage. (GLE Social Studies, Missouri, United States, and World History, Strand 3a Knowledge of continuity and the change in the history of Missouri and the United States, Concept B – Grade 4) (Performance Standards 1.2, 1.4) GLE #2: The student will be able to during reading, utilize strategies to paraphrase and summarize. (GLE Communication Arts, Reading, Strand 1 Develop and apply skills and strategies to the reading process, Concept G – Grade 4) (Performance Standards 1.5, 4.4) GLE #3: The student will be able to compose a text showing awareness of the audience, and in a format appropriate to the audience and purpose. (GLE Communication Arts, Writing, Strand 2 Compose well-developed texts, Concept A – Grade 4) (Performance Standards 2.2) STUDENT ASSESSMENT Students will be encouraged to create a checklist, using the rubric to ensure all of the requirements for the project are being met. At the end of the project students will be required to write a self-reflection indicating how the experience went and what they learned. The teacher will also order a copy of the MixBook for the classroom. She will share the book, one or two famous Missourians at a time. The MixBook will also be placed in the classroom library, and students will be able to check it out to take home to show their parents. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA COLLABORATION The librarian will be used in this lesson. He or she will help the students find resources the day the teacher has set aside to use the library. The computer lab assistant will also be used during this lesson. He or she will provide assistance to the students during the times the teacher has set aside to use the computer lab. LESSON IMPLEMENTATION This lesson will last for the duration of five school days. The students will work on the project during the social studies time of each day. Students will have about 30 minutes each day to devote to this project, giving them a total of 2 hours to complete this project Prerequisite Skills: Students must be able to use the card catalog in the library to find resources. ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS ELL/IEP Students: Accommodations will be made based on the IEP of a student. Assistive Technology Needs: ELL/IEP students could use a voice thread instead of typing their report into the MixBook. Someone will also be made available to assist the student with their research and typing if needed. MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION TIPS: Add to resource requirements Have student do two pages instead of one, if research allows MATERIALS AND RESOURCES REQUIRED FOR UNIT: An assortment of resource books and articles dealing with famous Missourians Access to school Library TECHNOLOGY Web-based resources (name and link) Computer for each student with internet access Access to school computer lab Some web-based resources already listed for students: The State Historical Society of Missourihttp://shs.umsystem.edu/famousmissourians/famousmissourians.shtml Missouri Kids http://www.sos.mo.gov/kids/history/famousmissourians.asp Famous Missourians http://schoolweb.missouri.edu/smithville.k12.mo.us/uptegrove/famousmo.html UNIT PLAN FLOW CHART/TIMELINE Day One: Teacher will introduce project, explaining guidelines, expectations, and showing an example or two of student work. A scoring guide will be passed out and the teacher will go over it in great deal. Students will ask questions and voice their concerns with the project. Students will choose the famous Missourian they want to research. Students will be encouraged to pick both men and women, Missourians from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Each student must pick a different Missourian, no repeats. Day Two: Research will begin. Students will be required to use at least three different resources, only one of them can be the internet/computer. Day two research will be conducted in the classroom. Resources will be made available for students. Day Three: Research will continue. Day three research will be conducted in the school’s library to ensure students have they access to resources they need. Day Four: Building of the MixBook page will begin. The teacher will reserve the computer lab for this day. The teacher will demonstrate some of the tools available at the MixBook site. The teacher will also introduce the template the students will use to complete their MixBook page. Student must create one page summarizing the contributions of the Missourian they choose, as well as some background information about that person’s life. Day Five: Building of the MixBook page will continue. The teacher will reserve the computer lab for this day as well. This will be the last day in the lab, so student will be encouraged to revise their final project. Projects need to be finished and turned in by the end of the social studies time on this day.

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