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Finding Laura Buggs

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FC: Finding Laura Buggs Scrapbook | By Carter Schmidt Hour 4 Sandy/Laura

1: Table of Contents 1. Writers Craft 2. Newspaper article 3. Dear Abby 4.Obituary 5. Menus 6. Favorite Album 7.School

2: Writers Craf For the Scrapbook project I choose the character Sandy and her views in the story. I chose sandy because the author of the story uses her point of view throughout the whole book. Using Sandy’s views in the story I changed my writing style to fit how she would have wrote it if she would have been making the scrapbook to remember things that she did. Also using Sandy as the view taught me a little about her. I learned that she went through a lot of heartbreaking and emotional things during the search for her mother. And if she would have made the scrapbook it would have been a lot about death and sadness. Sandy’s adventure changed my writing so much that I felt I was writing for her. 1.

3: Not only did the views of the characters in the book change my writing but also the time period did as well. I learned that travel was a lot different than what it is now. They used streetcars back then and today we use busses. Another thing that I learned was the type of language they use was a little different, they used words like swell. This affected my writing by making the voice of my writing sound like I was writing back in their day. It was a little weird at first reading and trying to write like they used to talk but I eventually got use to it. 2.

4: The first thing that I did before starting the scrapbook project was finish the book, then tried to relate some of the book to my own life so it would be easier to write about. I began to look back through the book to help me write with as much detail as possible. This made writing for the scrapbook a lot easier. Some of the biggest challenges that I faced was changing my writing to fit the time period that the book takes place in and the type of language they used back then. But as I looked back in the book and reread some of the passages it became easier. 3.

5: During the creation of the scrapbook I really enjoyed using and getting to use some creativity. I also liked using a little creativity on the writing pieces. The strength of my scrapbook I think is my newspaper article or the creativity I used when making the book. The weakest part of my project I think is my obituary for Mr. Shapiro. I really enjoyed this project and hope that we get to do another one. 4.

6: Prank Pulling Pulling pranks as a kid in school has been around forever. It has been evolving from stealing the teacher’s pen to blowing up chemicals in class. These new pranks are angering teachers and faculty to their breaking points. As kids have evolved so have their pranks, which are becoming more complicated and crazy. Chemicals to Mice on the loose, kids are driving teachers mad. This is especially true for St. Paul Central High School. The High School has recently been experiencing a barrage of pranks from their senior class. One of these pranks includes a bottle of hydrogen sulfide that students would shake and pass around until the chemical reacted and popped the cork off the bottle. The object of this prank is to not be the person holding the bottle when it pops. Students preformed this prank in the class room of Miss Mauleke. | Found a newspaper article today about are school copied it down because i was a part of it.

7: The prank led to some students receiving detention after school. Another one of these disruptive pranks was pulled on D.B Sandersen. The helpless teacher was explaining some questions one afternoon when the students began pretending that there were mice running around the room. As any good teacher would do Mr.Sandersen went over to catch the mice that he assumed was the classroom pet that got out.Then another student screamed that it was over by them and then another so that poor Mr.Sandersen was left running around the room looking for mice that were never there. No detentions were given out. As students are learning they are beginning to develop more complex pranks. They are tricking teachers instead of each other. The laughs will continue to come; schools just have to be ready. The only thing there is to do is to wait and to see what the youth will come up with next, and hope that no one is hurt.

8: Dear Abby, my name is Sandy and I am in need of some advice. My problem starts off like this; I am an adopted girl and am in search of my real parents. In my search I meet and man by the name of Arnold Shapiro, he is the lawyer who performed my adoption back in 1933. But now he is very old and cannot remember much, so I visit him as often as I can to see if he remembers the names of my real parents. But as I am talking with him and learning about his life, he accuses the home that he is in for stealing his money and checks. He also showed me the proof, by showing me the missing checks. What should I do to help my new friend that is trying to help me? Sincerely Sandy.

9: Dear Sandy, I read over your problem and my advice to you is to do some investigating of your own. I think that you should do a little digging and see if you can find the truth that they are stealing his money. When you find out if it’s true or not you need to confront somebody about it. If it is true I recommend that someone be the police and then they can take over from there. Hope this helps. Good Luck, Abby.

10: Found Mr. Shapiro's obituary wrote down some of it. | Arnold Shapiro of St.Paul Passed away yesterday after a fulfilled life. He Contributed so much to the law profession. He left behind one son and all of his closets friends at the home for the forgotten and friendless. He will be missed by friends and family forever.

11: Picked up some menus from my new favorite restaurant. The Restaurant is where i had my first Coney Dog and learned about Jean and her brother Don. Every time i am at the gopher bar I will have one for Don.

12: My Beautiful school in all of its glory. I am so sad that this is my last year there. I wish I never have to leave.

13: Love this Album

14: The End

16: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

17: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

19: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

21: Our Ancestors

22: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

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