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Fossil Collection

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FC: The digital collection of fossils from the Burgess Shale, By: Sydney Edwards

1: The Burgess Shale Located in the Canadian Rockies

2: Claw of Anomalocaris 540 million years old | Marrella splendens Most common fossil in shale. | Tuzoia Found in the Raymond Quarry | Olenoides serratus Largest species of trilobite

3: Vauxia gracilenta Found in Walcott Quarry | Canadia Segmented marine worm | Burgessochaeta Bristle like worm | Eiffelia Complex globular sponge

4: Hallucigenia sparsa Caterpillar-like with spines | Hallucigenia sparsa Caterpillar-like with spines | Hallucigenia sparsa Caterpillar-like with spines | Hallucigenia sparsa Caterpillar-like with spines

5: Wiwaxia Slug-appearing animal with spines | Canadaspis perfecta Found near British Columbia | Eldonia ludwigi An Echinoderm found by Walcott | Canadaspis perfecta From the Middle Cambrian

6: Choia carteri Found in the Burgess Pass | Lingulella waptaensis A brachiopod from the Cambrian | Peronopsis montis Found on the side of Mt. Stevens | Opabinia regalis Found by C. Walcott

7: Eldonia ludwigi Found near Field, Canada | Burgessia bella A type of anthropod | Pollingeria grandis Found in the Burgess Pass | Scenella Found by C. Walcott

8: Waptia fieldensis Dates back to the Cambrian | Anomalocaris canadensis Found by Whiteaves | Ottoia prolifica Found near the Burgess Pass | Pirania muricata From the Middle Cambrian

9: Canadia spinosa An Annelid found near Field | Ptychagnostus praecurrens Found by Westergaard

10: Chengjiang Located in the Yunning Province of China

11: Anomalocarididae Dates back to 545 mya | Eldonia eumorpha Found in Chengjiang Biota | Fuxianhuia protensa Found in Chengjiang Maotianshan Shale | Waptia ovata Dates back to 525 mya

12: Eoredlichia intermedia Found by Hou Xian-guang | Maotianshania cylindrica Nemantomorpha worms | Jianfengia multisegmentalis Known as the "great apendage anthropods" | Yunnanocephalus yunnanensis Found in the Quiongzhusi Section

13: Ambrolievitus Dating back to 525 mya | Naraoia spinosa Found in the Quiongzhusi Section | Xiaoheiqingella peculiaris A rare carnivorous worm | Eoredlichia intermedia Lived close to the sea floor

14: Burithes yunnanensis From about 525 mya | Yannanozoon lividum Found in the Yuxi section | Onychodictyon ferox Early Cambrian | Misszhouia (Naraoia) longicaudata Soft bodied trilobite

15: Amplectobelua symbranchiata Found in Kunming City | Xianguangia sinica Primitive sea anemone | Tuzoia sinensis Found in the Gang Tou Chun | Sinoeocrinus Age back to the Middle to Early Cambrian

16: Microdictyon sinicum Found in the Yu’anshan Member | Yannanozoon lividum The earliest hemichordate found | Sinoeocrinus Date back to the Early to Middle Cambrian | Acosmia maotiania 525 million years old

17: Branchiocaris Among the earliest animals to have a shell | Clypecaris pteroidea 525 million years old | Waptia (Chuandianella) ovata Found in the Heilinpu Formation | Cardiodictyon catenulum "called the velvet worm"

18: Haikouella lanceolata 525 million years old | Ercaicunia multinodosa Rare shelled anthropod

19: Mazon Creek Located near Chicago, Illinois

20: Sphenopteris 299 million years old | Alethopteris Part of an extinct group | Asterotheca Fern fronds | Diplothmema From the Carboniferous Period

21: Neuropteris Reproduced by the means of seeds | Palaeoryxis A leaf from a fern | Sphenopterid Part of a fern; worm tubes present | Pecopteris Resembled a modern palm tree

22: Rhizodus scale 299 million years old Rhizodus scale | Anthracaris gracilis Belongs to a group called eocarids | Acanthotelson stimpsoni Looked and lived like a small shrimp | Palaeocaris A shrimp like Crustacean

23: Euphoberia armigera From the Pennsylvanian Period | Cyzicus Also known as clalm shrimp | Acanthotelson stimpsoni Belongs to a group called syncarids | Heterologus langfordorum This specimen is closely related to cockroaches

24: Euproops danae Closely related to a horseshoe crab | Euproops danae a small xiphosuran | Lepidoderma mazonense A predatory sea scorpian | Pleophrynus ensifer This spider-like animal lived on land

25: Pleophrynus ensifer Member of the arachnid family | Spirorbis A tube-like worm that fed on ferns | Essexella asherae A modern day jellyfish | Fish scale a scale of an unidentified fish

26: Cordaianthus Plant with veins | Pelecypoda This nodule contains a small pelecypod | Pecten Related to modern day scallops | Cordaicarpus gutbiem seed Seed of a cordaites tree

27: Lepidophyllum A relative of the modern club moss | Tully Monster Part of the chordate family, had a jaw and eaight little teeth. Would generally attack and kill animals bigger than itself.

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