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Game addition

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S: Video Game Addiction

BC: Video | Video Game Addiction | By: Christian O'Brien

FC: Video Game Addition | by Christian O'Brien

1: Video game addiction is an addiction were people play video games instead of going to school. It effect people of any age it does not matter if your 10 or 110 you can be effect by it. It is all over the world every one is affect by it in the world besides animals. people play video games all day every day of the week until they beat the game and go to another one. The reason why people play video games so much is they are getting bullied at school, got bad news, got a bad grade at school, or got in a fight in school with a lot of your friends and you got blamed for it not your friend when he\ she started it ("Video Game'). Also “gamers are often trying to escape personal problems or just the difficulty of growing up” ("hooked on Games").

2: Secondly, they might just doing it because they love playing games and never want to (depends on the player) leave their room to go to the bathroom, get food, or get sleep for work or school. also they might do it to get the trophy for the games and to get every thing online. like get to the highest level on the game. Some popular game they would do that on is call of duty, assassin creed, or even need for speed games.

3: Thirdly, they play video games so much they some times will never sleep because of the game. on average a person that play video games is 20.5 to 22.5 hours per week. the more they play and nothing else the more they talk about the games they play and nothing else. Another reason is if your son is not bring the same friend over or talk to before coming in and leaving their backpack in the living room and is allows in his room. You can a some your child is addicted to video game. also in 2006 114 million or more play video game just in 2006. If 114 million played in 2006 who many played in 2011?

4: Lastly, kids grades can drop from an A+ to an F- just like that. the more they play the more you can see that your child school grades going down over time.your child wouldn't tell you until the teacher say some thing about it. also when you ask your child if he\she finish their home work if you see them on their Xbox 360 or P.S. 3 their normal response is “yes I did mom now let me play game I'm in a hard core game”. Also they might just pretend to work on their home work when you come in but when you left their room they jump on to their game and start playing it instead of working on their home work.

6: Background on Video Game Addiction From studies professionals think that video game addiction is like the other addictions, that means that it can be stop and not become a bigger problem in the years to come (“ Video Addiction”). Also playing video games might be a secondary problem(“ Video Addiction”). that means they can assume that the really problem might be depression (“ Video Addiction”). Another thing is the child might be running from a internal problem like getting bullied or the fact that it is difficulty for them to grow up (“Hook on Games”). also its hard for them to make friends or to talk to new people because playing so much of their games on Xbox, Playstation, Game boys, or the WII (“ Video Addiction”).

8: the percent of kid how play a group of professionals gave some schools a packet of question relating to video games and told the teachers to give it to the students. overall 3,034 students took it and 2,200 of them were males and the rest which were 834 students were females (“Video Game”). on average kids play video games for 20.5 to 22.5 hours per week alone that's 2.5 to 3 hours per day for one week alone (“Video Game”). some players are unaware that they become addicted to video games just because they play every day and they only play for 2.5 to 3 hours a day (“Video Game”). 83% of the volunteers reported that they played some times and 10% of them said that they play video games in the pass. that means that only 3% of them said they never played video games in their life's (“ Video Games”).

10: Send them to a program. A Clinic professionals say is a good clinic and only clinic to send your son/ daughter to is Smith@Jane's clinic in Amsterdam (“Most video game addicts”). that clinic treated hundreds of people that played video games and help them with social skills as well (“ most video game addicts”). also the Smith& Jane go on for four to six weeks for each person(“ Hook on Game”). with professional help(“ Video Game”) the gamer can stop playing as much and use their time to work on school work or their job work or to go outside with their friends and family and play games with them in stead of playing the newest games like call of duty or assassin creed or battle field.

12: What Family members can do. What family members can do to help their video game addicted son or daughter is pot a time limit on how much they play. you should limit them to only two hours or less (“game ‘addiction”).the reason why is they will go over that three or more hour limit and say they are doing their home work when they really aren’t doing their homework. parents should also include the tv, Ipods, and Phones as well. also a therapist should talk to his\her family and friends to make a plan to get them away from their video games. also try to get them to outside with their friends and family or indoor actvities like non-electronic games broad games, talk abut school, or even about sports or how their day is going. also the parents can take their computer, game system, and other electronic games from them until they improve in school and in outdoor activity like sports, playing with friends, take a bike ride, or even stay after school and work out by them selfs or with friends.

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