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GAS LAWS WEBQUEST (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Smith-Brown Webquest Extra Credit

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2: What is the mechanism of flight for each one? That is, how does each fly? | There are three kinds of airships that have been manufactured: blimps, dirigibles, and hot air balloons. | How are these airships similar? How are they different? What are the relative advantages of one over the other? What are the limitations of each? | Give historical examples of each and be sure to include at least one photo for each one. A zeppelin is a dirigible. Where did the name "zeppelin" come from?

3: There are Many different ways the airship's are crafted. Blimps use air and helium,Hot air balloons use heats the air to 100 degrees ferienheight using burns.Dirigibles fills a large hull with helium or hydrogen.they are also similar in some ways .as in they use gas to take off.some different as in blimps can actually steer and Hoover were as hot air balloons can only go where ever the wind blows them. they all have advantages and disadvantages and in hot air balloons cannot control where they go they just float with the breeze dirigibles and blimps have controls where they go and how fast they move

4: The German zeppelinHindenburgwas filled with hydrogen gas. Not surprisingly, the airship was destroyed in a violent fire near Lakehurst, New Jersey on May 6, 1937. | The Hindenburg was originally supposed to have a different name. What was it? Write the balanced chemical equation for the combustion of hydrogen. | We know that chemical reactions are often exothermic or endothermic. What do these words mean in terms of chemical reactions? What are observable chemical indicators of each? Is the combustion of hydrogen exothermic or endothermic?

5: The equation that would be used is 2H2+O2---->2H2O a chemical reaction is endothermic means that heat was absorbed during the reaction usally when a substance melted , boiled ,or evaporated it indicates that a endothermic reaction has taken place exothermic means that its heat was released. a exothermic reaction takes place when heat,light or sound has been released.

6: Modern airships are filled with helium | Why are modern airships filled with helium? | Why wasn't theHindenburgfilled with helium instead of hydrogen? | Using a diagram of orbital diagrams or electron configurations or both, explain why helium is safer than hydrogen for use in airships. Use diagrams and words to explain your answer.

7: they are filled with helium is not hot flammable.. Helium is safer to use in airships because it is a noble gas .hydrogen is less stable than Helium.It originated planned to use helium but the majority of the worlds helium supply comes from the U.s And U.s had military embargo on it.So Germans changed the design of the ship to use hydrogen.

8: Though more potentially dangerous, a given volume of hydrogen gas will lift more weight than an equal volume of helium because hydrogen is less dense than helium. | Use Avogadro's hypothesis to explain why hydrogen is less dense than helium.

9: Hydrogen is less dense than heium because if you have one mole is less Than helium , it makes hydrogen less dense than helium.

12: The Hindenburg was filled with flammable hydrogen but recent research suggests that hydrogen was not the primary material involved in its tragic demise. | How did a paint made from powdered aluminum contribute to the disaster? What is the chemical formula for the paint? How is powdered aluminum used on the current United States Space Shuttle? | Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction aluminum underwent in theHindenburgdisaster. Also indicate if this reaction is exothermic or endothermic. Use the octet rule to explain why powdered aluminum can behave as it is thought to have done in theHindenburgdisaster. | Do you think an aluminum can would behave in the same manner as powdered aluminum? Describe the experiments carried out by Addison Bain. Then, explain how his results and other evidence led to the conclusion that the skin of theHindenburgwas the major cause of fire that destroyed the airship.

13: The painted used was coated with flecks of aluminum ,which is a component of rocket fuel. It caught fire from electric discharge,the ignited the hydrogenChemical equation 2Al+O--> 2AlO the reaction was exothermic.Powdered aluminum acted as it did because it does not have a full octet of electrons and because of that it is very unstable..I say it would behave the same under different conditions you would only have to have an electrical charge. Bain thought that the hydrogen was not main factor in the catastrophe.He found out the parts the skin was still on fire.A hot air balloon pilot increases the flame by turning up the flow of gas , which increases vertical speed. Hot air balloons also have a cord to open the parachute valve at the envelope .The hotter the envelope get the more the hot air rise and needs to expand causing the balloon to get bigger and rise.

16: Hot air balloons are filled with air instead of helium. | How does the handler "pilot" his airship? That is, how does the pilot get the balloon to go up into the sky? How does the pilot get the balloon to descend to the ground? Explain how the pilot travels north, south, east or west. What kind of control do they have over this? | Use the ideal gas law to explain why a hot air balloon rises.

17: A hot air balloon pilot increases the flame by turning up the flow of gas , which increases vertical speed. Hot air balloons also have a cord to open the parachute valve at the envelope .The hotter the envelope get the more the hot air rise and needs to expand causing the balloon to get bigger and rise.

20: French chemist, Joseph Gay-Lussac is most famous for his description of the gas law, Gay-Lussac's Law. | What is the formula for Gay-Lussac's gas law? Explain Gay-Lussac's law using words to describe the relationship between the variables. What are the assumed constants in Gay-Lussac's law? | How did Gay-Lussac use balloons to study chemistry in the early 1800s? What did he learn from investigations he carried out using a hot air balloon?

21: The variables represent the following ...........P is the pressure of the gas ,T is the temperature of the gas Measured in kelvins. K is a constant. Lussac increased the kinetic energy of the gas in the gas in the balloons as its particles collide more frequently , thus increasing pressure of the balloon. When you increase the kinetic energy of gas ,you increase the pressure of the gas.

22: It makes sense that a balloon filled with a lightweight gas such as helium would float when surrounded by heavier air. But why does filling a huge balloon with hot air also make it float? This resource from the NOVA website offers a series of interactive activities that describes and illustrates the chemistry (mass, volume, density) of what happens inside hot air balloons. Go through this NOVA site and then summarize the key points learned.

23: What i leaned from the website was when heated, hot air balloons total mass of air will decrease yet its volume will stay constant. density is the relationship between materials mass and its volume.Also due to density , Objects of the same volume can have different masses . Objects of lower densities float above those of higher densities. Hot air has lower mass than air around it.

26: An airplane typically cruises at an altitude of 30,000 - 40,000 feet. Hypothesize what problems might be encountered in a suddenly depressurized airplane cabin at 30,000 feet. Be sure to use what you have learned about the gas laws in answering this question. There are many myths regarding sudden depressurization. What are some of the myths? What would actually happen if a window or emergency door came off of a plane cruising at 30,000 feet? Why? Be sure to use what you have learned about the gas laws in answering.

27: When you depressurize a cabin suddenly 30,000 feet, the passengers would probably pass out and wake up with tremendous headaches . *You would be sucked out the the door and killed *If you soot a gun it will depressurize instantly. *If a plane suddenly depressurized passengers would explode.

28: Let's say you want to go on a hot air balloon ride here in the Indianapolis area. Find out where you would go to take a ride. How much would it cost? How long is the ride? Are there restrictions on what time of year you can go for a ride (here in Indianapolis)? In what general direction do hot air balloons travel? Why is this? What fuel is used to heat the air? How many balloon accidents have there been here in this area over the last 30 years? Were they serious? What is the most likely cause of the accidents?

29: *You will call and make reservations and meet at a designated spot. *Typically we will fly about 5 to 10 miles in an hour and we will climb to one or two thousand feet above the ground unless maneuvering to land which might be 500 feet above the ground before touchdown *3 hour total experience: In the air flight time 45 minutes to 1 hour. Typical launch areas include Westfield, Fishers, and Noblesville, IN *Hot air balloons use propane to heat the burner. Just like the propane used in barbecue grills. However the burner system in a hot air balloon gives off much more heat. In fact balloon burners produce 30,000,000 BTU.

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