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Gavin 2 years old

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S: Gavin Joseph 2 years old

BC: The End | "Having a two year old is like having a blender without a lid." Jerry Seinfeld

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen | You pretty much potty trained yourself this year! You created very interesting ways of using the potty!

2: Birthday at Ouabache | You started fake crying. Everyone was laughing, so of course you kept going!

4: This is the year you got your strider bike! | We spent about 4 nights at the campground. It was a great family time before everyone headed back to school, babysitter, and work | A little scary, but you love it when uncle Craig does this!

5: Instead of cake, we had popcycles and ice cream sandwiches!

6: All things grow better with love.

7: Not to long after this picture was taken, we got rid of your paci. We told you we gave them to little babies that needed them. It went a lot smoother than we expected!

8: Born to Ride... | Strider style

9: Happy Halloween

10: Springmill | state | park

11: park | We spent Fall Break camping with the whole Herring family. It was COLD but we had lots of fun!

12: Pictures with Santa | Cindy (your babysitter) bought you this outfit and took you to the mall for this picture!

13: "Hanging out" at Ma and Pa's Christmas | We went to Maw and Paw's house on Christmas Eve. You got a new pillow pet and played with lots of cousins. When we got home you got to open your new pj's for this year. Yours were Elmo. We went to our first Christmas Eve service at Pleasant Dale. You wore your Elmo pj's

14: Christmas at Na Na and Pa Pa's

15: After supper you got to open your stockings and your yearly nutcracker (yours was wearing pj's this year). You all loved the "tooting cans" that you got in your stockings. We had to hear tooting sounds all night. All of the kids also opened new toys that would stay at na na and pa pa's for you to play with. | The next morning we had a huge breakfast and then opened gifts. You got a bunch on Look and Find books, Mickey Mouse characters with cars, a huge Mickey that walks/talks/dances, Pooh stuffed animal characters, bubble gun, and a monkey hat. | All of you kids had a slumber party in the living room. Caleb wanted to sleep with you so badly, but you were crazy. You just kept jumping on everyone and not letting anyone go to sleep. You ended up having to go to bed with mom and dad...you even kept us up FOREVER!

16: Christmas at our house | You got a Cookie Monster ABC play dough set, a Mickey snow globe, an ABC/123 book filled with pictures of you, a mater car from Santa, pull ups, Elmo from Maddie, clothes, big bugs, and food (oatmeal, granola bars, and fruit snacks) | I guess we should have just gotten you a container, since that's what you were most interested in

17: We ate egg casserole and monkey bread for breakfast. We spent the afternoon playing and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Herring's house. | Dad got underwear from Santa

18: Christmas at the Herring's

19: We spent Christmas night at Grandma and Grandpa Herring's house. We opened gifts after supper that night. You got a big truck (Chucky), clothes, books, stuffed animals (giraffe and dolphin),

21: We didn't get much snow this year (no 2 hour delays or cancellations), but the one snow we got was a good one. It was the best snow for building a snowman. You mostly enjoyed eating the food we used to decorate!

23: Playing with the pigs!


27: Digging the basement

28: Home #1...the camper | Home #2...Miss Miller's We went here to do laundry, take baths, get away from the house, and run around! We got 2 go on bike rides since the river greenway was in her backyard | Home#3...Zurcher's After we finally moved back into our house, a big storm hit. It blew down Hoffman's barn and took out our electricity for many days so we moved in with Mark and Vickie | HOMES SWEET HOMES

29: I was a little nervous once I saw 12 foot drop offs around the entire house. The only way to get into the house was by walking across the boards above. You scared me, so I followed you everywhere! | When we finally moved back into the house, the central air wasn't hooked back up, so you guys got to sleep in the living room the rest of the summer! This is definitely a summer our family will never forget!

30: You got the toilet seat stuck around your neck. How and why you do things like this...I have no idea! | Who needs Superman, when you have... | Supermom to the rescue

31: Our house got flamingoed (a church fundraiser for our kid krazy day) on the first day of school. You kept wanting to ride the "ducks" and pulling them out of the yard. You had to go around and say night night to all of them before you want to bed! | Acting Silly with Sissy

32: You like getting into the washing machine and closing the lid. One day you filled it with water, get in, and said you were swimming. When you closed the lid you got a big surprise...it started. You freaked out and cried a long time. I have a feeling you won't be getting back in the washer for awhile! | Pa Pa's 60th Surprise Party at Main View

33: You and Payton are addicted to anything with a screen. You ask to play my IPAD all the time! | SPLASH UNIVERSE in SHIPSHEWANA a great family get away!

35: While daddy was with high school kids on Spring Break we did lots of fun stuff. We spent time with grandparents and ate at the new coffee house | We ended the week by freezing at the easter egg hunt at the ball diamonds!

36: We had so much fun on April Fools this year. We played tricks on each other all day!

37: A date with Demi | A Day at the Bounce House | You ran away from us and ran right on to the ice

38: You find ways to entertain yourself at the ballpark. One day you entertained others by taking your pants off on the playground there!

39: We took this picture and made it into a puzzle for Na Na when she broke her foot

41: MOMENTS TO REMEMBER You started acting like you were ready to potty train right after you turned 2. You would keep taking your diaper off. One day you were upstairs and kept yelling YUCK MOMMY. I told you to come downstairs...big mistake. You scooted down all of the steps holding your dirty diaper and leaving marks all the way down. You lick EVERYTHING (tables, bottom of shoes, people, etc.) You love stuffed animals! You love anything that has to do with Sesame street or Mickey Mouse characters. One day I had finished giving you a bath and you were playing upstairs. You came down smelling very strong and your head was wet. I was afraid you had gotten into some cleaners or something. I ran upstairs and noticed finger marks in the lysol bar that hangs over the edge of the toilet (inside the bowl). I figured out that your hair was wet from toilet water and I think you even tasted the lysol bar! We taught you how to sign "please" since you were a baby. Now that you are talking so much we are trying to get you to say please instead of signing it. When you ask for something, we ask "what do you say?" and we remind you to say it with your mouth. So when we would ask...What do you say? You would say "mouth" with a big grin on your face. Cindy is your babysitter and she definitely spoils you. She takes you places all the time. She has taken you to the zoo about 3 times in just 2 months and takes you to McDonald's often.

42: You love playing with cars know. You push one at a time from one side of the house to the other all day long! You always ask mommy to sing the ABC song and "the dog song" before you let me leave your bedroom at bed time. The dog song goes..."Hush little rooster with you cock a doodle do. Hush little kitten with your myou myou myou. Hush puppy dog with your bow wow wow. Please don't moo moo mister cow. Hush, hush, we are talking to God just know. Then we say prayer! You ask for oatmeal every morning for breakfast. One day you decided to poop in your bedroom. Mommy and daddy didn't see what you had done and daddy put you in your room for your nap. Mommy kept hearing you playing around for about an hour so she went up to check on you. You had been playing in poop! You had a huge spot smeared deep into the carpet (along with many more spots). You had poop on the walls and you had even driven your toy cars through it!!! It was disgusting!!! Thank goodness it was a day your daddy was home to help. We had to rent a carpet cleaner. Daddy cleaned all of the carpet in the entire house. When you get older, you can pay us back by getting us some new carpet! | More Memories

43: We are starting to nick name you "terrible two!" You are getting quite a temper and testing us often! You always talk about monsters, Star Wars, Veggie Tales, and Lion King. You sit in the van at home and listen to Lion King. You get obsessed with certain toys and have to have them everywhere you go. Right know you have to have Larry Boy, 2 lions, and a bunch of fish that are actually pool toys. You will cry if one is missing and you always know exactly what one you need! You stopped taking naps when you were about 2 and a half. You must not require much sleep because you take FOREVER to fall asleep. You wake up screaming and scared at night. We created a girl room for Maddie so that you and Payton could be together in a boy room. We were hoping this would help but know you keep everyone awake because you want to play. You get in a lot of trouble at bedtime because you won't calm down and listen. We even started putting vinegar or soap on your tongue because you get mad and growl at us a lot. Mom and dad are hoping this stops soon and we will laugh about this memory in the near future! We still love you no matter what! One day I heard you go outside and I knew you had your clothes off again. I ran after you to tell you to put your clothes on and I caught you peeing on Tipper (our cat)! What will you think of next?

44: We buried payton in the sand box and you walked up and peed on him! You love to play in the van. One time you opened all of the items in the Faith Bags for homeless people and another time you got into mommy's carmex chap stick and smeared it all over yourself and the van...you had to say goodbye to playing in the van! | Your mom actually found her first gray hair in May of 2012 and here are some of the things that may have caused it... pouring salt all over the floor, pooping outside, opening an entire box of bandages and sticking them all over the bathroom, escaping from the church nursery in North Manchester and running into the sanctuary yelling for mommy during the sermon, throwing fits and yelling NO, not going to sleep at night...You are worth every gray hair you give me! | Mommy ended up reading "the Strong Willed Child." After reading that book, I started spanking with a spoon. That helped some. One day we were at Aunt Heidi's house and I grabbed some other kitchen utensil. When I finished, you just looked at me and said, "That's not a spoon!"

45: You moved on from being obsessed with Lion King to being obsessed with fish. You talk about sharks and whales all the time. You think there are sharks in every puddle and pond that we see! What will you become obsessed with next? You love cheese. You eat about 4 pieces of string cheese everyday! You are addicted to fish. You can't wait for your birthday party. You keep saying, "I want to go to my shark party now!" I take pictures of you every year wearing daddy's tie. You hate it. I was trying to just let you play outside while I snapped some shots, but you kept pulling it off. It's a miracle that I get this accomplished!

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