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Geometry in Sports

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FC: Geometry in Sports | By: Eric Taleghani Geometry Block 4 2/16/12 |

1: Table of Contents | 1. Parallel Lines 2. Two Congruent Objects 3. Vertical Angles 4. Perpendicular Lines 5. Intersecting Lines 6. Supplementary Angles 7. Adjacent Angles 8. Acute Angle 9. Isosceles Triangle 10. Obtuse Angle 11. Parallelogram 12. Trapezoid 13. Equilateral Triangle 14. Hexagon 15. Diameter

2: Parallel Lines Two lines on a plane that never meet. They are always the same distance apart. | If the yard lines weren't parallel, it would mess up the distances on the field. The lines would all intersect which messes up what the field looks like and how the players know what yard line they are on. If the lines weren't parallel, it wouldn't even be a football field anymore. |

3: Two Congruent Objects Geometric figures with an equal size and shape | If the yellow painted rectangles weren't congruent, then the free throw line wouldn't be the right distance away, or the painted area could be too large or small. If the free throw line is closer or farther, it gives one team an unfair advantage. This would also make the court look extremely distorted. |

4: Vertical Angles Each of the pairs of opposite angles made by two intersecting lines | The person created the vertical angles in this picture because that's how a standard four square court is shaped. SInce vertical angles are congruent, it ensures that the opposite angles will be equal in measure, creating a fair court and a fair game. |

5: Perpendicular Lines Two lines that intersect to form right angles. | If the foul lines weren't perpendicular and didn't meet in a right angle at home plate, the field would not be the right shape. Since they are perpendicular, they create the standard baseball diamond with the correct dimensions. If the lines weren't perpendicular, it would mess up the shape and measurements of the field. It would either be too wide or too skinny. |

6: Intersecting Lines Two lines that meet or cross at only one point | It is important that the half court line intersects the sideline to mark where half court is. If the didn't intersect, then the would be parallel, leaving no way to know where half court is. This would also make the court look abnormal. |

7: Supplementary Angles Two adjacent angles, that when added together, equal 180 degrees | If the mid field line did not form two supplementary angles with the sideline, then the sideline would not be a straight line. THat would mean that the field wouldn't be a rectangle, and therefore would not be standard or legal to play on. It would also mess up the size of the filed. |

8: Adjacent Angles Two angles with a common side, a common vertex, and no common interior points | If the angles pointed to by the finger were not congruent, then there would be no specific area to extend the court for a doubles match. This would cause the court to be either too small during a doubles match or too large during a singles match. It would also make the court look abnormal and not have the right lines or dimensions. |

9: Acute Angle An angle less than 90 degrees but more than 0 degrees |

10: Isosceles Triangle A triangle with two equal sides |

11: Obtuse Angle Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees |

12: Parallelogram Four sided plane figure with opposite sides that are parallel |

13: Trapezoid A quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel lines |

14: Equilateral Triangle A triangle with all three sides of equal length |

15: Hexagon A six sided polygon |

16: Diameter A straight line going through the center of a circle connecting two points on the circumference |

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