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geometry scrapbook

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S: Geometry scrapbook

FC: Geometry scrapbook | By:Dylan Dessert #3rd period geometry Nov/15/2012

1: Page 1 table of content ch.1 pg,2-5 pages 2-3, Geometry basics pages 4-5 angles and their measures ch.2 pg. 6-9 pages 6-7, Angle and segment bisectors pages 8-9, Complementary, and etc angles ch.3 pg.10-13 pages 10-11 parallel lines and angle formed by transversals Pages 12-13 perpendicular lines ch.4 pg.14-17 pages 14-15 triangles pages 16-17 Pythagorean theorem and distance formula ch.5 pg.18-19 pages 18-19 congruent triangles ch.6 pg. 20-21 pages polygons

2: Page 2 Geometry basics Ch.1 collinear points- points that lie in the same line coplanar points- points that lie on the same plane intersect- a figure that has a point in common | Real world example Intersect When your driving and four roads meet at an intersection the middle is the intersect.

3: page 3

4: page 4 Angles and their measurements Angle- A shape, formed by two lines or rays diverging from the dame point. Acute- measure is between 0 and 90 right- measure is 90 obtuse- measure is between 90 and 180 straight- measure is 180 Real world example When a engineer builds a construction they must have specific angles on certain parts of the construction, such as support beams other wise the construction will not stand.

5: page 5

6: page 6 Angle and segment bisectors Segment bisector- A segment, ray line, or plane that intersects a segment at its midpoint. Angle bisector- a Segment or ray line that intersects an angle at its vertex. Real world example when you cut a pizza into eighth or twelfths.

7: page 7

8: page 8 Complementary, supplementary, and vertical angles complementary angle- when the sum of two angles equal 90 degrees supplementary angle- when the sum of two angles equal 180 degrees vertical angle- when two angles are not adjacent and their sides are formed by two intersecting lines. real world example An example of a complementary angle is the angle of the flap on an envelope from the corner.

9: page 9

10: page 10 parallel lines, angles formed by transversal parallel line- two lines that lie on the same plane and do not intersect transversal and its angles- a line that intersects two or more coplanar lines at different points and forms angles real world example rail roads tracks

11: page 11

12: page 12 perpendicular lines perpendicular lines- two lines that intersect to form a right angle. Real world example A bridge, and Stonehenge

13: page 13

14: Page 14 Triangles, angle measures, etc Triangle- A figure formed by three segments joining three noncollinear points. vertex- a point in a triangle that joins two sides of the triangle. interior angles- the angles inside of the triangle exterior angles- the angles outside of the triangle. real world examples yield signs and the all-seeing-eye on dollars

15: page 15

16: page 16 Pythagorean theorem and distance formula Pythagorean theorem- Ina right triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs. Distance formula- The square route of x2 minus x1 squared plus y2 plus y1 squared. real world example architecture and satellite positioning

17: page 17 | Distance formula

18: page 18 congruent triangles Congruent triangles- triangles that are exactly the same. 5-ways to to prove congruency ASA, AAS, HL, SSS, SAS. ASA-angle side angle, AAS-angle angle side, HL- hypotenuse leg, SSS-side side side, SAS-side angle side real world example the pyramids

19: page 19

20: page 20 Polygons Parallelograms- a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel. Rhombuses- a parallelogram with four congruent sides Rectangles-a parallelogram with four right angles. Squares- a parallelogram with four congruent sides and four right angles. Trapezoids- A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides. real world examples a book, a wallet

21: page 21

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