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George the Starfish

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George the Starfish - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: George the Starfish | ___

1: & | Taxonomy of a Starfish | Kingdom:Animalia (Animal) Phylum: Echinodenata (Marine Animal) Class: Asteroidea (Starfish) Order: Forcipulatida (3 bones in the body) Family :Asteriidae (common species of North America and Europe) Genus : Asterias (Best known species of starfish) Species: Rubens (common starfish)

3: It was a warm summers day. The sky was baby blue with no clouds in sight. The scent of ocean waters surrounded me. I lied still as I watched the children play in the deep blue waters.

4: There are days when I wish I could join them. However, sadly I can't. For I am just a normal starfish named George.

5: I always enjoyed watching the humans play and fool around on the beach. But I couldn't help but wonder how much fun it would be to join them.

6: Even if it was just for a day; I desire nothing more than to play and join them in their human games. On a crystal clear day in the middle of summer, a chubby seagull came and started to talk to me. His orange web feet set on the dark brown rock besides me. His wings were gray that went into a black at the tips. He had the brightest yellow beak i have ever seen.

8: "Hello there little starfish. Isn't it an amazing day to go catch some fish in the ocean?" Said the seagull. His voice was a deep strong tone. I got interested in him. This is the first time someone has tried to talk to me. Normally I'm running away because they try to eat me! But I always win in the end.

9: Even though sometimes they grab onto my arm I can just get rid of it. For my arm will grow back in a few months. And if they didn't eat that arm it would be able to grow a whole new body.

10: Shyly I responded, "Yes, it is." He stared at me for a few minutes. I started to get really nervous and blurted out "My name is George!" The seagull smiled at me. "Hello George. My names Steve. I see you always staring at the humans. Why don't you just join them?"

11: "Because I have no brains." I answered sadly. A wave washed up on shore and a small clam washed up. It looked so delicious that I just had to have it! using my hundreds of tube feet I hurried over to the clam before the ocean could take my prey away.

13: I held on to the clam with my feet. Ripping the shell open. My stomach came out of my mouth and ate the inside of the clam. Once my stomach was done eating it went back inside my body. I know it's such a weird way to eat. But thats how every starfish in the ocean eats. I cant help but wish I could eat the way humans do.

14: Feeling a little down I took a swim in he dark blue ocean. It looks like there will be a storm tomorrow. But I can't see very well. I can't see in general. I just sense light through the eye spots on the ends of my arms. In addition i can also tell by the way the ocean is rocking. I found a nice looking rock and suctioned myself onto it and fell asleep.

15: When I awoke from my slumber the waves crashed on the once beautiful sandy beaches. However now it looks as if a natural disaster is arising.

16: It appears what I thought was a storm turned out to be a hurricane. I quickly used my starfish instinct and buried myself in the sand. The water still swirled around me, so I buried in deeper. I sensed sound from the shore. It sounded like high winds and an emergency siren. I just dug deeper and tried to sleep.

17: When I woke up again it was finally quiet. I decided to swim up to the shore to see how the beach was. The sea had stopped rocking and it appeared to be safe. However my beach was ruined. Everything was knocked over and shattered. There was just a mess everywhere.

18: Some humans were walking around trying to clean everything up. One little girl who looked to be about seven caught my eye. She was working with her dad. I reached to my left, grabbed a clam, did my stomach trick again, and watched them. I was still hungry. Starfish are carnivores, so that means we eat meat. I looked for more clams. I never took my eyes of the little girl, though.

19: I decided that when I could get a human friend, it would be her. She must love the beach because I think I've seen her before. Then her father and her started to clean the beach around me. She was so close! She had blond hair as bright as the sun and enchanting blue eyes. Her swim suit was blue like the ocean.

20: Her father was tall with black hair. However they had the same eyes. The little girl got close to me and just stared. What is she going to do? I questioned. I hope she likes me. "Hey Daddy, why are there tiny spikes on the starfish?"

21: Her voice was sweet, gentle and kind. The little girls father walked over and took a look at me. "Starfish have that to protect themselves from natural enemies."

23: The girl slowly touched my back. She stroked my spikes. I think she likes me! Maybe she'll be my friend! "Daddy?" She asked. "Yes, Peach?" He responded. The little girl's name was Peach! "Is this starfish a boy or girl?" She asked as she turned me and flipped me over. And over. Whee! This was fun.

24: "Well, the interesting thing about that is that starfish change genders. He can be a boy or she could be a girl." Peach's eyes went wide. I was surprised too. I didn't even know that! And I am a starfish!! "This starfish is rather light. They could weigh up to 11lbs. This one is about 4lbs." I hope Peach still wants to be my friend after this... "That... is... so... COOL!!!"

25: She burst into a huge smile. I relaxed. "Daddy, how do you know so much about starfish?" She asked. She went back to stroking my back. She ran her fingers over my spikes.

26: "Well, Peach, it's my job." He replied. Her dad has a job that has him learn about starfish? Maybe he could be my second human friend. "What's your job?" Peach asked. "I'm a marine biologist. I study animals, like starfish, who live under water in the ocean." He explained as he took me from Peach's hands.

27: "We recently did a lot of work with starfish just like this little guy. Do you want to take him home?" He asked. Peach smiled. "Yes! Yes! Thank you Daddy!" She grabbed me back from her dads hands. "Oooohh! I'm going to keep you forever and ever!" she said to me "We are going to be best friends. I'm so excited!" A best friend. "I think I'm going to call you... hmm. I think I'm going to call you George!" My day could not get any better.

28: 6 Months Later I now live happily in Peach's room in a wonderful fish tank. There are so many different colored rocks! So many bright colors! Anyway, life is fabulous. Peach kept her promise and we are still best friends. I've also made some new friends; the other fish in the tank are really impressed with my stomach trick.

29: Twice a month Peach puts me in a dish of water on the open windowsill. Steve flies over and we talk. I miss him but I'm happy in my new home. So that's my story. I'm just a starfish named George. And I have a best friend.

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