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Giggle Anthology

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S: Giggle Anthology

FC: Giggle | Ishak Johnson | Anthology | Collected by

1: Ishak Johnson | Giggle Anthology | Ludacris Publishers 2010 at Nonya Businesses Inc | a compilation by | 1

2: Table of Contents Fussy Cat The Hunter COMPLAININ' JACK Camouflage Butt Lotion I'd Rather The Tortoise LITTLE HOARSE Excuse Me Tiny Mustache Samuel Ness Eastman | 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. | 4 7 8 10 13 15 16 19 20 22 25

3: 4

4: 4 | Fussy Cat by Bruce Lansky | I didn't clean her litter box, so my cat got quite upset. She wouldn't go inside the box, and now the carpet's wet.

5: I chose this poem because it is something that has happened to me in the past. However, when it happens to someone else, i can not help but laugh at their troubles. | 5 |

6: I chose this poem because i had never thought of hunting in this way. It now seems stupid to even try and hunt, as it is an intellectual human being trying to outsmart a duck, whose actions are solely based on irrational instinct. Hunting is like playing a baby in a game of chess, except sometimes the baby wins. | 6 |

7: The hunter crouches in his blind 'Neath camouflage of every kind, And conjures up a quacking noise To lend allure to his decoys. This grown-up man, With pluck and luck Is hoping to Outwit a duck. | The Hunter by Ogden Nash | 7

8: COMPLAININ' JACK by Shel Silverstein | This morning my old jack-in-the-box Popped out-and wouldn't get back-in-the-box, And it's cutting me through and through. "There also is a crack-in-the-box, And sometimes I hear a quack-in-the-box, 'Cause a duck lives in here too." Complain, complain is all he did- I finally had to close the lid. | 8

9: I really liked this poem because everything just seemed completely absurd. When I imagined this jack-in-the-box complaining, I could not help but laugh. Also, the subjects of complaint were entirely random. The whole poem had a very whimsical feel to it, which made this an enjoyable read for me. |

10: A gay man is sitting in a hotel lobby smoking a cigarette. He stomachs my breasts dutifully like spinach or lima beans or other things that make one sick because he fears the red-necks at the bar are on to him. | Camouflage by Jewel Kilcher | 10

11: I found this poem funny because I envisioned a fairly awkward scene while reading this. A woman's breasts, usually placed as an object of desire, are instead portrayed as instruments of torture for this gay man. I also found the motive of the man's actions to be rather comical in the way that the author wrote it. |

12: This is a poem that i composed. It was created during a class assignment, which consisted of turning random words placed in front of us into poetry. After I finished and read exactly what I had placed together, I was fairly amused at the sensical, yet absurd poem which had seemed to place itself together of its own accord. | 12

13: Butt Lotion by Ishak Johnson | Peach Lotion soothes her skin. The girl's plump butt is now soft. | 13 |

14: I could relate to this poem because I have had cats all my life. I know exactly how horrible it is to have to clean out the cat's litter box,so I found it easy to laugh at this person's duties. However, i got away with not having to clean my cat's litter box after the third grade. My dad does it now. |

15: I'd Rather by Bruce Lansky | I'd rather wash the dishes. I'd rather kiss a frog. I'd rather get an F in math or run a ten-mile jog. I'd rather do my homework. I'd rather mow the lawn. I'd rather take the garbage out. I'd rather wake at dawn. I'd rather dine on brussel sprouts or catch the chicken pox. I'd rather do most anything than clean the litter box. | 15

16: The Tortoise by Ogden Nash | Come crown my brows with leaves of myrtle; I know the tortoise is a turtle. Come carve my name in stone immortal; I know the turtoise is a tortle; I know to my profound despair; I bet on one to beat a hare. I also know I'm now a pauper Because of its tortley turtley torpor. | 16

17: I like this poem because it is funny. Everyone knows the story or the tortoise and the hare. Although the moral may be true, it is obvious that a hare would beat a tortoise in any race. I find it hysterical that any man would be silly enough to bet on a tortoise based on a childhood story. | 17 |

18: This poem is funny because it is a pretty good play on words. I enjoy a good pun. What makes this funny though, is that this man's kids automatically assume that he's a horse and jump on his back. | 18 |

19: My voice was raspy, rough, and cracked. I said, "I am a little hoarse." They stuck a saddle on my back And jumped on me- and now, of course, They trot me and they gallop me, They prance me up and down the town Yellin',"Giddy up, little hoarse." (Some things don't mean the way they sound.) | LITTLE HOARSE by Shel Silverstein | 19

20: Excuse Me by Patrick Winstanley | The orchestra's mid-rehearsal And I'm dying for a pee But, although I'm holding up my hand I can't make the teacher see I clash the cymbals, bang the drum But he doesn't hear my plea If I have a tinkle on the piano Then he's sure to notice me. | |

21: I chose this poem to be in this anthology because I can look back on my times in band and find several instances when I have been in a situation just like this. I would need to pee, but rehearsal would just keep going. | 21

22: It never ceases to bother me, I have to shave every day Or see A thin, gross mustache growing on me. This is a bad effect of puberty. I wish, I wish to not have a 'stache I would even resort to paying you cash Anything To destroy this 'stach, Rip it off, and throw it in the trash. | Tiny Mustache by Ishak Johnson | 22

23: While compiling this anthology, I took a bathroom break. While washing my hands, I saw my disgusting, half-grown mustache on my face. With fresh inspiration and a lyrical set of mind from just having read masses of poetry, I got to work on this poem. I included this work in my anthology, however, because mustaches can be very funny. If I could see someone else in my situation, I would laugh at them for having such a ridiculous hate for the mustache that they have. |

24: 24 | photo by Katie Schrammel

25: Samuel Ness Eastman by Ishak Johnson | When I watch you playing music in the morning blaring sweet melodies through your trombone or when I watch you gaily skipping down the hall like a bunny hopping through a fiend of flowers giggling through the sorrows of life I say when I watch you brushing your voluptuous hair aside smooth black mane upon your head silky and strong like a panther trouncing through the jungle I stand up just as friends I stand up

26: During the whole year, in my English class, I have been telling my buddy Sam that I would write a poem for him, as a joke of course. When we received this poetry assignment, I saw my chance. Luckily, Sam was not offended and took my poem for the joke that it was. After reading my poem out loud in class, and receiving a class full of laughter, I knew that I had a poem worth being placed in the Giggle Anthology. | I'm not gay | 26

28: Kilcher, Jewel. "Camouflage." A Night Without Armor. New York, HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1998. 47. Print. Lansky, Bruce. "Fussy Cat." If Pigs Could Fly... and Other Deep Thoughts. New York, Simon & Schuster, 2000. 33. Print. Lansky, Bruce. "I'd Rather." My Dog Ate My Homework. Minnetonka, MN, Meadowbrook Press, 2005. 27. Print. Nash, Ogden. "The Hunter." The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash. New York, Washington Square Press, 1962. 3. Print . Nash, Ogden. "The Tortoise." The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash. New York, Washington Square Press, 1962. 41. Print. Silverstein, Shel. "COMPLAININ' JACK." Falling Up. New York, HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1996. 9. Print. Silverstein, Shel. "LITTLE HOARSE." Falling Up. New York, HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1996. 29. Print. Winstanley, Patrick. Funny Poems for Kids. Web. 10 May, 2010. | Works Cited

29: About the Author Ishak Johnson is a 16 year-old student attending Stillwater High School. He is in Mrs.Dawson's Pre-AP English II class and has just been introduced to poetry. Although it is not his passion, he does write some poetry for school assignments and reads poetry for the same purpose.

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