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Golden Slumbers

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BC: Madalyn Meier 2010

FC: Golden Slumbers By Madalyn Meier

1: Golden Slumbers Once There Was A Way To Get Back Homeward By Madalyn Meier

2: Table of Contents | Prologue...... Letter of Introduction...... Likes and Dislikes...... Extended Metaphors...... Nationals: The Experience of a Lifetime...... Love...... Shoes...... My Room...... In Years to Come...... How to Dance in the Rain...... Who am I...... The Aroma...... | Page 4 Page 5 Pages 6 and 7 Pages 8 and 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17

3: Good writing always comes from the soul and never the mind.

4: Prologue Throughout my life my dad has played Beatles songs over and over again. When I was little in the car we would play a trivia game with Beatles songs. At first I would have to guess who was singing the song, either John, Paul, George, or Ringo. When I was a little older I started to guess the song title, and then I would guess the album it was from. It was my brother and I's favorite game to play in the car. Now I love the Beatles and all their songs, but one of my favorites is Golden Slumbers. Therefore I decided to title my writing portfolio it because the writing in that song is amazing. I hope that this writing portfolio can be considered amazing as well.

5: Letter of Introduction I am Madalyn Meier. I am loud and happy. I love to write prose and poetry. I truly enjoy expressing myself through my writing. I feel that writing can unleash true feelings that people are holding in. I hope through this writing portfolio people can feel the writing and the soul within it.

6: Likes Music: The sound of notes coming together to create the most wonderful sound Family: Crazy people that somehow survive living together and spending time with each other on holidays Dogs: The mammal that is always there whenever you are in need for a friend Friends: People that put up with every bad thing about you but still love you Smell of Cut Grass: The scent of freshly mown grass Spring: Season of the year where you can't help but be happy because of all the beauty Winter: Season of the year where everyone is stressed, loving, crazed, and peaceful all at the same time Sports: Games and activities that push you to the extremes, can make you cry of happiness and sorrow, and teach you strength of mind and body Cinema: Movies and television that cause you to enter a alternate world of imagination Jesus: The person that saved my life

7: Dislikes Brussel Sprouts: A green vegetable that children are forced to eat by their parents and then forced to gag by their taste buds 3OH!3: A band with a stupid song that I do not like Ke$ha: A solo artist that is a Lady GaGa want to be Miley Cyrus: A solo artist/ actress that is not talented but yet making millions of dollars Paranormal Activity: A disappointment to all people, places, and things relating to horror films World Geography: A class that gives tests that consist of multiple choice that I do not enjoy and tend to get wrong Island of the Blue Dolphin: A book that the Concordia 6th grade class is forced to read, but I refused to finish because of my dislike for it. Allergies: A sad sickness that has the need to come around ever winter People that lie on the phone at the DPS: The rude people that lie about mother's needing to be present to receive your permit Losing: A feeling of failure in a competitive sport or activity

8: I am PURPLE Vibrant and bright Loud when bold, but quiet when soft and pastel I am PURPLE Filled with stories within my many shades and tones Loved by many I am PURPLE | I am SPRING Happy and joyful Looking forward to the future and all things new I am SPRING Caring for all things young and old Loved by many I am SPRING | I am GRAND CANYON Rough and beautiful Strong when needing defense, yet gentle when giving love I am GRAND CANYON Standing firm in my beliefs and ways Loved by many I am GRAND CANYON

9: I am FRIDAY Proud and celebrated Cherished by family and friends who I watch over and for I am FRIDAY Living life waiting for rest and adventure Loved by many I am FRIDAY | I am GIRAFFE Tall and clumsy Reaching to touch great heights and sometimes falling I am GIRAFFE Wanting to do things on my own, but waiting for someone to pick me up Loved by many I am GIRAFFE | Extended Metaphors

10: When people ask me what my favorite memory is or what day I would live over I know exactly what to say, Nationals. The Lutheran Middle School National Tournament is by far my favorite life memory. It is the only time I have been able to play basketball, hang out with friends, drink smoothies for five days in a row. I love basketball and my eighth grade team that I played with. We all worked hard to bring out the best in everyone and bring out their best abilities on the court. My team consisted of six players and four managers. We all knew each other so well and how we each played on the court. The reason we knew one another so well is because we were such good friends. If we were not playing basketball together we were watching other teams play or watching movies in the hotel lobby. We all loved hanging out with each other on and off the court. Throughout the tournament we all had to eat together too. Our coach had us on a really strict diet consisting of smoothies, smoothies, and smoothies. To sum it all up we had a lot of smoothies. I love smoothies so the fact that we were able to drink smoothies everyday just about made my life. All in all aNationals was by far the event of my life that I would certainly live over again without changing anything. We may have not won the tournament, but I did win. I won an amazing time with my friends playing basketball and drinking smoothies. | Nationals: The Experience of a Lifetime | Flashback

11: Family Influence

12: Sadness and Sorrow Gloom Anger that can not be unlashed Fear of events of these happening again Unable to do anything for all are lost or free Hatred toward the man The man that ruined thousands, millions of lives The man that cursed the world The man that showed what the want of power can do to a single human being The shoes The shoes of the children that cried The shoes of the women who longed for a light of hope The shoes of the men who hope for the longing of light Heads were blown Stupidity of the people who knew nothing Who did nothing The human sinful nature wrapped into one spree of endless sin Of endless effects The memory of the children The women The men Who Died in the Holocaust | The Shoes | Memorable Event

13: My Room Yellow and Loud Is No More For I Am Moving To A New House All In These Photos Are In Numerous Boxes Hidden Away In My Closet Therefore I Am Sad For When I Enter My Room It No Longer Feels Like Mine | Room Sweet Room

14: 5 Years... In five years i want to be in college with a wonderful relationship with Christ | 10 Years... In 10 years I hope to be finishing or finished with college continuing to love my Christ | 15 Years... In 15 years I hope to have started a family with a person I love that too loves Christ | 20 Years... In 20 years I hope to have a family and wonderful friends and a steady foundation in Christ. | 100 Years... In 100 years I hope to be living in heaven with Christ | As Time Goes Bye-Bye

15: How To Dance In The Rain Dancing in the rain is one of the most fun activities to do. First it has to be raining in some kind of way outside. That includes sprinkling and drizzling. Next you need to put on the appropriate gear. This would consist of a light or heavy jacket, depending on the temperature, rain boots, if available, and an umbrella. Then you make your way outside onto a sidewalk or safe street way. Try to find an area with plenty of puddles if possible. Puddles always add to the experience. You then dance in circles and sing loudly any song that makes you feel happy. You can also jump in the puddles if you feel the need to. To ensure the best time invite several friends to join in the fun with you. Remember the most important thing to do while dancing in the rain is to enjoy yourself and have fun. | How To...

16: Sister I am a sister Kind at heart Caring whenever needed I cry when they cry I laugh when they laugh I am a part of them | Friend I am a friend Spirited at heart Comforting whenever needed I cry when they cry I laugh when they laugh I am a part of them | Teammate I am a teammate Strong at heart Supportive whenever needed I cry when they cry I laugh when the laugh I am a part of them | Daughter I am a daughter Loving at heart Helpful whenever needed I cry when they cry I laugh when they laugh I am a part of them | Christian I am a Christian Living at heart Thankful always I cry for He died I laugh for He is back He is a part of me | Who Am I

17: Aroma that fills the air Wakes me up on Christmas morning All things breakfast that are good Put together into one breakfast dish Eggs galore Mixed together with sausage and bacon Creating the best breakfast meal in the world Better than pancakes or waffles The pleasure that this breakfast is comes once Once every year on Christmas morning The aroma that fills the air Wakes me up on Christmas morning It is Homemade breakfast casserole | The Aroma | Are You Hungry

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