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Grandma's Bday Album

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Grandma's Bday Album - Page Text Content

S: Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

BC: Happy Birthday Kathleen, Thank you for all of the love and many blessings you have shared with all of us.

FC: Made with love by your family, June 7, 2011 | Happy 85th Birthday, Kathleen!

1: Dear Kathleen, Mom, Grandma, Auntie Kay, To celebrate your 85th birthday, we have put together this collection of photos, memories, and notes.

2: Born in Edmonton, Alberta, June 7, 1926

8: November 20, 1948, Highlands United Church, Edmonton

12: Note from Kathryn, June 7, 2001: Dearest Mom: I have many, many wonderful memories of you and the loving atmosphere in our home all through our lives: a. Early, early memories of reading “Tommy Toothbrush” - by heart of course - so cozy, so close in bed with you in the afternoons as a sort of “nap”. Is this where they say that the love of reading starts?

13: b. You teaching me to spell “psychology” and feeling enormously proud of this accomplishment at 3 - ! Thanks for taking the time to teach me this, and so many other things. c. Sleeping in the car between you and Dad when traveling to the Okanagan district - I may have been 5 or so - head on your lap, feet on Dad’s - the ultimate in a cozy world and adventure combined. d. Your wonderful patience and acceptance upon returning home after my elopement with Vicky Quelsh. True terror, until I saw that you were going to forgive all, after all. e. The wonderful night of Brenda’s birth, being woken by Dad, a mysterious, elated ride in the car in a frozen dark night, to the hospital, singing “I have a little sister...her name is Brenda Lee” at the top of our lungs. True joy. f. Many happy afternoons at Pigeon Lake - skipping and swinging down the road to Pinky Raynor’s, and home for a nice supper, cards, and feet to be washed - well. Then up the next morning to cast around in the bush searching for saskatoons.

14: g. Your compassionate, muted dismay when I arrived, beaming, with a very, very large bouquet of nettles, | just for you, which I had been inspired to pick (the better to share with you), after being so overcome with their beauty that I just couldn’t help lying down in them first. h. Your generosity and hospitality to others, always, so that our home was filled with family dinners, cousins, and friends. i. The wonderful example of loyalty and love to Danny, Brenda, Auntie Ella, and me, over all of the ups and downs of life. j. The example of true marital devotion and constancy --

15: For all of these we recognize, love and respect you - and wish you the very happiest of birthdays, and many more. -Kathryn | - and love for our father, and he for you that can endure and live on in the example that you set for others. k. your love and constancy of affection to my children - to say nothing of Danny, Brenda and me - as well as to each of your nieces and nephews and to the many whom you call friends.

16: Dear Mom: How wonderful to have so many of of your loved ones together in one place to celebrate you on this special day! I want to thank you for all the love, loyalty and generosity that you gave Kathryn and I growing up.

17: You've extended this to our children which, of course, ever deepens our love for you. Everyone gathered here tonight has been deeply enriched by your presence in their lives. I think it's safe to say that your generosity of self has facilitated all of our lives in a multitude of ways. You're an inspiration to watch, and you possess a great curiosity for life that you share with everyone who crosses your path. | All the care, warmth, opportunity and joy that you have given both Kathleen and myself is deeply appreciated. | Happy 85th birthday Mom! I wish you many healthy and happy years to come! Love always, Brenda Lee

18: Presented to Kay at Thanksgiving, 2001 by her brother, Danny: A CELEBRATION OF KATHLEENÂ’S 75 YEARS OF STRENGTH In my own way, I have known Kay, or Kay-Kay as she was first introduced to me all her life, although I plan to focus her genome, and, at that, the last couple of hundred years of which are, for me, the most memorable. | The most striking part of KathleenÂ’s personality, in my estimation, and I speak from the perspective that comes with a lifetimeÂ’s training and practice in psychiatry, is her character. And what a character! The particular qualities of resolution, single-mindedness, devotion, stubbornness, caring, altruism, loyalty, and selflessness are those that have come out of the settlers, homesteaders, and immigrants of the old west. Kay's Grandmother and Grandfather came from Prussia in 1876. They arrived in Guelph, staying a year to collect themselves and supplies for the big push west.

19: What a state of mind they must have been in. They faced the crossing of thousands of miles of the country by foot, at the break up of winter. They led mules ladened with all that could be carried, enough to sustain the Weder Family in the wilds of the west for two winters. To bring a family across these barren lands by foot in the severest of weather (Auntie Ella's 2001 edit: "They didn't go on foot - they took the train!"), to feed this family off the land while they quickly traversed these thousands of miles so that they might arrive in time to put up a meager shelter. They had to quickly to grow some vegetables before the winter to sustain the health and hope of the children on this perilous journey would be a daunting undertaking that none of us here have ever contemplated. But imagine enduring such a journey with what were, by then eight children who would be asking every 2 hours through the 6 month trek, “are we there yet?”. What guts! When they arrived they discovered a country more harsh and unforgiving than they had imagined. The fortunate put up a shelter to keep out the snow and wind. Proper stoves and chimneys were uncommon in the first winter. Then, with their families, they would settle down under rugs, eat what little frozen vegetables they had, and sleep in a semi-frozen state, hoping that they would survive into the spring. Most didn’t.

20: It would take several years with winters like this, before these homesteaders, like the Weders, would establish a foothold on the land. The qualities of spirit, personality and character that came from this family are found in Kathleen, but in the form that was refined, graced and civilized by Martha Weder and John Pollock. It was a magical mixture of Prussian steel with the Irish Lyre. | John, or Jack as he was called, brought with him from Ireland a different set of values and strengths. He was an Ulsterman. They were derived from Scots, who came to subdue the Irish and ended up marrying into them. They retained the British character and Protestant religion. They were somewhat imperious, strong, opinionated, and my father, being born in 1895, was clearly a child of VictoriaÂ’s empire. Yet he had a very gentle side. He was musical, with a wonderful ear and a fine self-taught violin player. He came from a large Irish family that had settled at the northern tip of Ireland and was born at a farm called Altikeeragh, just across the gulf from the famous Golf Course of Portomarnoch. The family moved of Omagh, County Tyronne, where eight children were raised, my father being the second eldest.

21: He was destined for government service, and took exams for the civil service and apparently scored the second highest in Britain. However, there was a family donnybrook that sent everyone but the eldest son to a different part of the globe. This brought him to Canada where he was given the job of Bank Manager in Bellis, a small prairie town in Alberta, near the WederÂ’s farm. Jack Pollock was a self-contained man of great dignity and quiet reserve. His outer demeanor and courtly grace belied the steel of his resolve. He worked his way up the senior ranks of the Bank of Commerce, but in the late 1920Â’s, came down with tuberculosis and had to spend two years in a sanatorium. He was discharged in the midst of the Great Depression. There was no social safety net, no medical care insurance, no job security, and no provisions for family assistance. | Dad would never gamble with his family, but fate dealt him a rending blow. Quietly and effectively, he got the only job he could find during the Depression as a simple accounting clerk with the City of Edmonton. What must have been mortification of a very proud former senior banking executive, humbled by illness and fate, to become a city clerk, was borne by Jack Pollock with humbleness, without complaint or bitterness.

22: He did not hold back from others what had been taken from him. He established a fabled reputation in the city as he rose up the ranks to the senior administration. It was said that no one in Edmonton ever lost their home during the depression or the war because of unpaid taxes. He must have had a keen sense of empathy and pledged to himself that no one else would go through the same burden that he had. He was eventually recognized as EdmontonÂ’s citizen of the year. Martha Pollock was regarded as a youthful, vivacious woman and a loving friend. Auntie Ella says that when she first saw Meghan Pollock at six she felt she was seeing her sister walk into the room again. MarthaÂ’s life started off with the joy and promise of a marriage and husband that would provide her and her family tremendous opportunity and security. | The tuberculosis that struck our father, struck Martha, Kay and her brother Jack just as hard. They all suffered equally. MarthaÂ’s fortitude helped shape KayÂ’s strength during this difficult part of her childhood. I've been speaking of traits of personality. Kay acquired some of them genetically, some were taught at her parents' knee, and some were acquired through her own wisdom as an

23: His influence is greater by the brevity of his stay among us. Just when KayÂ’s dad was getting reestablished with the city, KayÂ’s mom Martha developed breast cancer. Metastases developed and Martha spent four years in the hospital battling a devastating and slowly progressive secondary bone cancer that drained away her life, but not her spirit. | amalgam of her own. What was clearly evident was that by her early 20Â’s she had developed a character that was evident to someone with a most discerning eye. George Clement Berge was my brother-in-law, and one of the finest influences in my life. He was wise, not academic, brilliant, not pedantic. He earned the highest academic record attained at the U of Alberta. I have not met anyone who was a more devout Man of God. George was thrilled by Kay and he was a wonderful influence on her and all he knew. | November 20, 1948

24: This too, gave a source of inspiration to Kay. She gave back in equal measure, and was as attentive a daughter to her mother as could be, and supported her every day of her long illness. Kay had inherited a distinct liability for when Martha was forty, a surprise came into her life. This occurred just when the burden of caring for our mother was the greatest. It did not help that this burden was a surprisingly difficult, stubborn and willful child. In helping to support, raise and sustain me through all these years, and for this, for her love, she has my enduring gratitude. | Kay has raised two lovely daughters, and four granddaughters. It is of significance that the measure of a grandmother may be weighed by the popularity of the names of the granddaughters, for two of them are named Kathleen. Her two daughters, Brenda and Katherine have been raised as accomplished women who have tremendous self respect and have shown throughout their life the ability to give to others. Their own daughters are cut from the same cloth. Kay has given to Geoffrey and Meghan all the love that a grandmother could offer, and I know that for them, there is no one alive whose love they are more sure of.

25: You have been a true joy as a daughter to our parents, a loving sister to Jack and myself, and for me much more. You have been a person whose love I always knew reigned supreme, someone whom I had to battle to find my independence, and one who was always there to encourage me at my darkest hours. George’s life was filled with wonder and love by you. Enough said about that. Kathryn, Brenda, Geoffrey, Meghan, Kathleen Mary, Kathleen Francis, Kristin and Anne all cherish you. Kay, it is a real joy and a thanksgiving to see you flourish for three-quarters of a century and are going strong to its completion. - Danny

26: On June 26, 1953, after Martha died, this was found in her hospital night table: "Climb an old mountain to behold the miracle of the never setting sun and to praise God for such mighty wonders. But let us remember that life is very much like the climbing of a mountain. We must reach the heights before we can behold the view. And in like manner, do we all see the world from different levels, for we have not all come the same journey. How therefore, can we afford to judge each other? Consider first the distance you have climbed. Has he, who you would judge, reached the same pinnacle of wisdom and faith? For in the fullness of God's promise, the higher we climb, the smaller become the things of earth - doubts, envy, fear, selfishness. And the nearer your heaven...." - Martha Pollock

28: George Berge's Blessing for the meal at the wedding of Kathryn and Jerry, August 28, 1976: Eternal Spirit, source of light and life, bless we pray, these two (Kathryn and Jerry) who have this day pledged themselves to each other in the bonds of holy matrimony. We pray that the love of these two may be strong and holy. May they soberly see beyond these days to the future. Grant that they may regard their home as a sacred sanctuary, and that in their lives together they may find peace and fulfillment in their commitment to one another, and in their desire to be of service to others.

29: I have many great memories going back now nearly 40 years. I often think of how kind, generous and welcoming you (and George) were to me back in the early 70's when I was poor and always hungry. For countless delicious meals at your table, through to teaching me how to cook stir-fry, through to raising my wonderful wife - to provide but a few examples of the things I recall with gratitude- I wish you the very happiest 85th birthday. Fond Regards, Jerry (2011) | May they realize that marriage is a relationship between man and woman in which independence is equal, dependence is mutual, and obligation reciprocal. May your blessing descend upon Kathryn and Jerry and upon all of us here today. Give us pure minds and strong hearts to accomplish those purposes which you have for each of us, and may this food become a means whereby we may more eagerly and more perfectly live justly, love mercy and walk humbly. Amen.

31: Among my favourite memories of Grandma are those from when I was very little when she would to come to Victoria to visit from Toronto. She would stay at a B&B a few blocks away, which we would often sneak away to for a few hours. She would make me rice pudding and let me watch Mr. Rogers; TV was rather limited for me during these years, so this was a huge treat! As with all my memories of her, she was generous, loving and fun, just as she is today. A very happy birthday to you Grandma! We love you so much! Anne | I have lots of great memories of your visits to Victoria when I was younger. I loved it when you would take me shopping downtown and to the Eaton's restaurant for a treat. I also remember having fun coming to visit you in Toronto and tasting your delicious sticky toffee pudding. You have been a wonderful support to me all of my life, and I appreciate all of the help and love that you have shared with me over the years. I always enjoy your emails and our talks on the phone. I'm happy to be here with you to celebrate your birthday, and I look forward to spending time with you this summer back in Victoria! Love Kristin

32: Dear Grandma: Whenever I reflect on my favourite childhood memories, I find myself thinking about all the time that you and I spent together. | I can honestly say that you’ve been like another parent to me. I’ve learned so much from you over the years and am so grateful to have you in my life. Your generosity and loving nature have enriched the lives of many. | I hope you feel all the love that you have given to others returned to you today Happy Birthday! Love always, Kathleen Mary

33: Happy birthday! Thank you so much for being such a positive presence in my life - I am so lucky to have you as a grandmother! Some of my absolute favorite memories of our many great times together include | meeting up for coffee in Cook St. Village (especially at Cafe Fantastico!) and all of your visits to Victoria when I was younger. I also always look forward to chatting with you in your cozy home at Minton House. I love you very much and am looking forward to many trips home to Victoria this summer to visit! Love Kathleen Frances

34: When I was a young girl, my Auntie Kay’s visits from out west were an event that I looked forward to with great anticipation. It was always such a joy to spend time with her, exploring life through the lens of her creative and curious mind. We particularly enjoyed sharing a good laugh, not to mention a good backrub – and there is no one who could ever hold a candle to Auntie Kay’s talents as a masseuse! The day that Auntie Kay came to live in Toronto was one of the happiest of my childhood. I remember being so excited when my dad went to pick her up from the airport. Even though it was well past my bedtime, I refused to go to sleep until he returned home with my Auntie Kay so that I could at least give her a big hug before saying my goodnights.

35: We've had so much fun together and enjoyed a very special relationship, for my Auntie Kay was more like a grandmother to me. And to this day, I still have the beautiful piece of prose that she gave me, typed out on a Q-card, for my eighth birthday. It was a favourite of my grandmother Martha Pollock and has brought me great comfort and inspiration each of the many thousands of times I have read it over the years. | Dear Auntie Kay, I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You are warm and witty and loving and generous, and you have brought such wonder and richness to my life. I wish you all the happiness in the world on your birthday and always. I love you - a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck! Meghan

36: I will always remember when I first met her in Edmonton when I was 19 years old. I had cobbled together a rather risquÃé outfit to wear as part of the Klondike festivities and I could see by her eyes that she was slightly shocked. Nevertheless she graciously greeted me and introduced me to her two young daughters Kathryn and Brenda. I have often wondered what she had to say to them later when I had left. Not to worry, she was kindness itself when I re-appeared to spend Christmas with the family. That was my first experience with her generosity. I believe I had just as many thoughtful gifts under the tree as everyone else even though I wasnÂ’t yet close to being a member of the family. What a magical Christmas it was in the BergeÂ’s wonderful home in Edmonton. I later learned that Kay had been the site supervisor for the construction of that fabulous house. It was my introduction to this lady of many hidden talents and skills. | Kay has played many roles in my life including simultaneously being a mother-in-law-like figure and a wise and experienced sister-in-law. She played these roles while also being the Pollock matriarch extraordinaire and my dear friend. She has consistently been kind, generous and supportive not only with words but also with actions.

37: She has consistently been kind, generous and supportive not only with words but also with actions. I will always look up to her as a heroine who I helped to raise her younger brother while her own mother was terribly ill. | She nurtured Dan throughout his life and their complex relationship included both happiness and sorrow but no matter what happened it was clear she always loved him and I believe prayed for him every day of his life. - Sharron

38: Kay, it is a real pleasure to be able to celebrate with you and pay tribute to you on this auspicious occasion. About a decade ago, Kay welcomed me into the clan with open arms as a friend, a sister and eventually as a sister-in-law. I have come to know, to love and appreciate this great lady. Kay is a woman of multiple talents and virtues. | I have many memories of her generosity of time and talent and will recount but a few. The first recalls those occasions when Dan was faced with the sudden and unexpected absence of his office secretary; Kay always cheerfully volunteered and admirably “filled in” for the administrative assistant. Dan was not only deeply grateful but he very much enjoyed working with her and often said, “She is the Best!”

39: Her generosity of time extended to the community. For many years, before coming to the family Christmas dinner, Kay would serve Christmas dinner to others at a local soup kitchen. Speaking of dinner, on every special occasion in our home, we remember Kay when we use the lovely Millennium Collection toasting goblets that she gave us. They are meant to celebrate virtues that Kay holds dear: Love, Happiness, Health, Peace and Prosperity. Only quite recently have I come to appreciate another of Kay’s many talents: her Art of Persuasion. Last fall, Kay was at Pearson Airport about to return to Victoria. I accompanied her to the Departure Gate and we were, surprisingly, very early. When she discovered that she was seated in a middle seat she exclaimed in dismay, “This will never do. If I sit in the middle I’ll never get out!” Attempting to be helpful, I said “I’ll take care of this for you.” I approached the desk only to be told “The flight is full.”

40: s | So Kay said “I’ll go and talk to them!” So struggling out of her chair, wielding her cane, she slowly approached the desk and began in a sweet voice: “I have 2 bad knees and I’m seated in a middle seat and if I ever sit down I’ll never be able to get up again.” And with a pleading voice she asked “Could you please find me a bulk head seat or at least an aisle?" Again she heard the refrain “The flight is full .” She appealed to 3 consecutive flight attendants, each time the plea became more urgent, with the last sounding like this: “If I sit in the middle seat, it will take 2 of you to pull me out! Yes.” Well there was a young woman near where we were seated who had witnessed this entire drama. She finally approached the desk and said, “I would like to give my bulkhead seat to this poor woman with the bad knees. I’ll take the middle seat! And so Kay’s persuasive powers won the day! And in a way we would never have anticipated!

41: Kay, I know you pray daily for all those you hold near and dear to you. May God bless you, especially today, and always, and hold you with love in palm of His hand. With much love and admiration, Your sister, Elaine

42: On The Occasion of Aunty Kay’s 85th Birthday Unlike everyone else, who is relating stories of their fondest memories of Aunty Kay and telling about how wonderful a person she is, let me take this opportunity to tell you about my earliest recollection and how she scarred me for life. It was when I was around two years old. My parents were away for a vacation and Aunty Kay was babysitting. It still pains me to recollect the horrors that I was forced to endure. It is only now, that I am able to speak of it publicly. During the first morning after my parents did instead of diagonally.

43: the unspeakable during breakfast: she cut my peanut butter sandwich horizontally. It is difficult for me to overstate what a traumatic event this was. At this point, I knew that there were cruel and evil people in this world and that one of them was likely trying to kill me off. However, it got worse. When I eventually stopped crying –some hour, or three later—and was finally able to put this past me and take a bit of said sandwich, I knew positively that Aunty Kay was trying to poison me: she put butter on the bread, prior to putting the peanut butter on it. As everyone knows, butter, toast –especially cut horizontally, not diagonally—and peanut butter is a lethal combination, which brings certain death if consumed. Fortunately, I was able to detect the presence of the butter prior to swallowing and was able to spit it out – naturally enough, all over her. You might say that this is an isolated incident, but I have further proof of her nefarious intentions: years later whilst again babysitting, she made me eat off of my Brussels sprouts, prior to leaving the table. She would not listen to my entreaties that I was deathly allergic to all green vegetables, especially spouts. I told her that if given a concoction of ice cream, cookies and chocolate in sufficient quantity to line my stomach prior to eating the toxic vegetables that it was possible that I would survive the ordeal. For only the most diabolical of reasons, she refused my modest proposal and forced the sprouts upon me. Again quick thinking and the gag reflex saved my life.

44: Not content with trying to kill me off, Aunty Kay decided to sabotage the entire city of Toronto. Let me set the stage: it was 1978. The era of Darryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald, Borje Salming and of course Mike Palmateer. The Leafs had just defeated the New York Islanders and were in the Semi Finals against the hated Montreal Canadians. It was during the semi-finals that Aunty Kay was babysitting once again and when she put her plan into effect. How, you ask? Everyone knows that it is vitally important to watch each moment of each game in order for a team to be successful. During the quarter finals, when we had unexpectedly defeated the Islanders, I made certain never to miss a moment. But during the semi’s Aunty Kay would only let me watch the first two periods, before insisting that I go to bed. We got swept in 4 games. The difference between this series and the Islanders was that I was unable to watch the third periods. No matter how eloquently I made my case, notwithstanding my reasonable arguments, my irrefutable logic, Aunty Kay remained resolute. Knowing that I was too savvy to be poisoned by horizontally cut toast, butter with peanut butter, or green vegetables, she thought of trying to kill be off by breaking my heart. I cried, and cried and cried. I note that the Leafs STILL have not won a Stanley Cup.

45: She was given me more love and affection than I can possibly recount. Whenever I go through a rough period of my life, I know that I can always count on Aunty Kay. When we learned that Jeniya was pregnant with Danny during our honeymoon, it was Aunty Kay that received the first call. The moral of the story is that even the most irredeemable characters, ones that have repeatedly tried to commit murder are redeemable and can eventually become the truly warm, wonderful and loving person that we all know today. One last thing Aunty Kay: when you babysit Danny know that I will be watching how you cut the toast! Love, Geoff | Years later, something remarkable happened: Aunty Kay stopped hating me, abandoned her plot to kill me and started loving me.

46: Special message from Vivien to her friend Kay on her 85th birthday: Dearest Kay: It is hard to believe that you are 85 today. You have the looks of a 60 year old, and the spirit of 16 year old! I am so fortunate to have you in my life. As you know, you are my dear friend, my sister, and my mother all in one! We’ve shared many intimate conversations, good times, and I have received so many hugs from you to make up for any hug deficit that I may have had before I met you! What drew us together was your spirit – your friendliness, your love of beauty, your sense of fun, and above all, your spontaneity. I think not only of our times singing together, listening to jazz at the Chicken Deli, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (I believe you were then 72 – you always had pluck!), but also of how you would constantly surprise me. I would find grapes in your soup or some other surprise ingredients that the most imaginative of chefs have yet to dare to try. I would also get a foot message while conversing with you in the middle of an elegant afternoon tea in your apartment!

47: What sustained our friendship, however, is your loyalty. I know that I can always count on you, and that you will never let me down. That, to me, is worth more than anything in the world. Thank you, Kay, for being such a good friend. As mentioned, I am fortunate to have had you in my life for the last 25 years. May we have another 25 good years together! Finally, Dan and I want to wish you all the joy and love that you deserve, and the best of health in the coming years. With all my love, Vivien

48: Poem recited at Kathleen's 85 birthday party by her cousin Derek: I came here from Old Ireland, known as The Emerald Isle. I landed in New York and found it not my style. I then came up to Canada and what there did I find? Families of Pollocks and Berges to ease my troubled mind. With Dr Dan and Sharron I had some great old times. Then I met dear Kathleen and the meeting was just fine. We seemed to like each other and that took just no time. We have a super friendship though she lives so far away. And I am glad to see her if only for one day.

49: I know that one nine two six became a special year. Cause I came in December, and Kay sure beat me here. Though I grew up with Leprechauns and Kay with Buffaloes. We remain the best of friends no matter where we go. Its nice we are together in The Granite Club today to wish Kay much happiness and joy ON this special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY ***MAY YOU ENJOY MANY MORE YEARS IN GOOD HEALTH*** - With Love, Derek & Fran

50: Dear Kay, I have some memories to share. As a young child living on the farm near Vulcan, we did not see our Edmonton relatives very often, so it was a special occasion when we would make the trip north for Christmas or perhaps a summer trip. The roads were not the freeways of today, so the trip took much longer, and I remember that Dad would make a shelf in the footwells of the back seat so that it was level with the seat. This was before the days of seat-belts, so we would play or sleep back there to pass the time. It was always exciting to see our cousins, and aunts and uncles. When our family lived in Edmonton for a short time while I was in junior high and high school, we were able to visit more often. Auntie Kay was always such a gracious hostess, and we always felt welcome.

51: After Shirley and I were married, and I was attending the University of Alberta, we would visit with Uncle George and Auntie Kay. Kathryn and Brenda were gone by then, off to their own adventures. It was an interesting time of transition from being a young nephew to a young adult, and they were welcoming and encouraging and supportive, but not afraid to ask hard questions about what we wanted for our future. We hope you have a great party, and look forward to more in the future. Best wishes, Stewart and Shirley Galbraith

52: Dear Aunt Kay, We have been remembering some fond memories of you. The first thing that always comes to mind when I (and Catherine too) think of you is your wonderful kindness and acceptance of others. Since I was a little boy I can remember how kind and sweet you were with everyone. Special moments: a) meals at your house and family get-togethers at Christmas, b) the chord organ in the basement (kind of a horizontal accordion), | c) learning to swim at your cottage a Pigeon Lake (with Danny’s help), d) looking after Queenie while you were on vacation, e) mathematical challenges and games (like HI Q) with Uncle George, f) being taken out to your Country Club - I still remember it as one of the best meals in my childhood,

53: g) your encouragement along with Uncle Georges’ to go into medicine. h) the “toasting glasses” a beautiful fine crystal that rings beautifully every time we toast, and reminds us of you. We will have a special toast at the time of your party. Both Cathy and I are so thankful for your friendship with Naomi. She absolutely loved her visits with you. We also had such a special time down at the Outer Banks with you and Brenda. As the kids would say it is just great to “hang out” with you. Wishing that you may continue to enjoy the blessing of each new day and we | know you will continue to bring joy into many many lives. Much love hugs and kisses, Robb(ie) and Catherine Blackwood (Chesapeake) and all the rest of our clan including: Stephen, Naomi, Ben, Jesse, Tim, Mike, Nathan, Davey, Anna, and Joseph.

54: Aunt Kay: I have wonderful, fond memories of you. My early years have happy memories of our family celebrations at Christmas and New Years. The carefree summer fun at Pigeon Lake cabin was always a highlight. You have always been interested in what was going on in my life. No matter the activity, whether it be music lessons, school studies, sports, hobbies or travel plans, you have shown a genuine interest, encouragement and support. Now that I have my own family, your generous spirit is still demonstrated by asking how each one is doing and keeping current with what is happening in each of their lives. I have also appreciated your quest for knowledge as you have continued to learn, study, and observe life with interest. You have audited university classes and become adept at computer skills and communication. I admire this and believe it has kept you young at heart and mind. You are compassionate and caring. I have never heard a harsh or disparaging word from your lips. You are always one to look on the bright side of life. Yours affectionately, David

55: Aunt Kaye, I recall the first time I met you at a family gathering at David's parents. We had just been engaged and David was introducing me to his family. You were so warm and accepting of me. You always make everyone feel very special. You are full of grace, beauty, and always up for an adventure. We loved to hear your fishing tales when you would stay with us on your way up north to fish with your Edmonton friends. You were such a gracious hostess when we visited you in Toronto. Our kids have always considered you as a SPECIAL AUNT. Thank you for being a great example of how to live life to the full. God's richest blessings on you as you celebrate your 85th birthday! Love always, Gayle

56: Aunt Kay, May you still find the joy & happiness you have always dreamed of... May you still find faith, hope, and peace along the way. May you still enjoy the beauty & splendor of life's special blessings. And may the love of family and friends surround you on this day! On June 07 Aunt Kay celebrates her 85th birthday. The world is celebrating this special day with you and we do as well. As the Vancouver Pollock Family (Barry, Lydia, Jason, Christopher, Kati, Joshua and Peyton) we wish you continued good health, that you will be able to live among us for many, many years to come, to inspire us, to encourage us. We wish you a wonderful day together with your family and friends.

57: I believe this quote on family says it all: "Every family has a story that it tells itself, that it passes on to the children and grandchildren. The story grows over the years, mutates, some parts are sharpened, others dropped, and there is often debate about what really happened. But even with these different sides of the same story, there is still agreement that this is the family story. And in the absence of other narratives, it becomes the flagpole that the family hangs its identity from." Congratulations on your 85th Birthday! Love Barry

58: There is a lovely lady called “Auntie Kay” She came into our life one fine day So kind, so affectionate we did see Kay set the example of what a family should be. Do you remember giving us the Pollock family spoon? We were so happy that it made us swoon What a lovely thing to do for us And that’s just one example of a lifetime of plus. The apartment on Bloor was very posh Kay enjoyed the museums, galleries and going for a nosh Nice views and free parking could be had by all So many good times we’ve had a ball. These days Kay is enjoying her life in BC Relaxing and playing down by the sea We’re happy to celebrate with Kay on her big 85th day And Kay many thanks for showing us the way! Cheers and Lots of love from Linda & Milo & Jessica xox

60: Please join Kathleen’s family in celebrating the 85th birthday of Kathleen Emily Juanita Pollock Berge Tuesday, June 7, 2011 – Cocktails: 6:00 pm; Dinner 7:00pm The Granite Club, 2350 Bayview Ave., Toronto ON

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