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GRAPES of Elizabethan England

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GRAPES of Elizabethan England - Page Text Content

S: GRAPES of Elizabethan England

BC: The End

FC: By: Deven Jacobi | GRAPES of Elizabethan England | Plus a Little Shakespeare

1: Billy Is WILD | ...I had to write that

2: Geography | Britain, Wales, & Northern Ireland are part of Elizabethan England. Scotland was separate from them at this time in history. England is made up of mountains, plains, & rolling hills. This made travel best by horse on land, but faster on boat overall using rivers. The Thanes River, Atlantic Ocean, & English Channel are the major waterways. The black plague ravaged Europe and killed half the population.

3: Physical map of England. | The English countryside with rolling hills and mountains.

4: Religion | Back then witchcraft and withes were of common accusation. Women were more accused than men for some "unknown reason." Classic superstitions included saying bless you and witches flying on broom sticks. England changed from Roman Catholic to the Church of England back in the 1500s. The bible was the first printed book ever. An act in 1559 said that church and state are separate. Belief in ghosts also existed.

5: An Anglican Style church. | That's one mean old witch!

6: Achievements | The Renaissance brought advancements in art, science, and theater. Classical art debuted concepts such as oil paints, mosaics and perspective. Painter Leonardo da Vinci displayed classical art in his painting the Last Supper. Astrology thrived the most in science. Adding music to plays changed theater forever and the musical was born. Medical achievements included surgery and real doctors.

7: The Last Supper, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. | YEA!

8: Shakespeare's Date of Birth and Date of Death | April 23, 1564 | April 23, 1616 | Politics | Laws of Elizabethan England stated that politics are not to be mentioned in the theater. Wisely Shakespeare took out all mention of the Queen in his plays as the law was not widely known to the public. Queen Elizabeth I was England's monarch at the time. Their relations with Spain worsened and conflicts arose.

9: The Globe Theater. | The city of London during Elizabethan times.

10: Economics | Britain's primary export was woolen cloth because many sheep grazed the plains and hills on farms. They sent their exports to the center of European trade in Antwerp, Netherlands. Huge amounts of commerce occurred there and products traded the most turned into monopoly goods such as tobacco. In England, miniature portraits caught on with the public and gained speed.

11: Every year the sheep would be sheared to yield all the possible wool to be traded. | The trading city of Antwerp in 1520.

12: Society | In Elizabethan England life changed as the seasons changed. During the warmer seasons outdoor sports and tournaments were held for entertainment. But the colder seasons called for indoor theater and also indoor tournaments in an arena. A different idea was that when women were married they didn't wear a dress. Social structure put men on top of women in society and jobs.

13: An outdoor jousting tournament | The crowd watches as a play is being performed.

14: Shakespeare Section 1) Early Life & Parents 2) Wife & Kids 3) Career 4) The Globe Theatre 5) The Plays

15: Early Life & Parents | - I was baptized on April 26, 1564 at the parish at Stratford upon Avon - My parents names were Mary and John Shakespeare - My father was a whittawer, or leather and glove maker - I was one of eight of my parents children, me being the third one - Some subjects I learned in school were the English alphabet, Latin, and Religion - I lived most of my life on Henley St. in Stratford upon Avon 1

16: Wife & Kids | - My wife was Anne Hathaway and we had three children together - People were concerned about the marriage because the ceremony was rushed, she was pregnant, I did it out of shame, I may have been homosexual and Anne was 6 years older than I - Susanna was our first, then we had the twins, Hamnet and Judeth - A tragedy came upon our son Hamnet at the age of 11 and he died by the plague - I reluctantly left my family in 1585 to become famous in London - My wife died after me on August 6, 1623 | 2

17: My Career | - I am famous for being a playwright, poet, & actor - During my career I wrote 38 plays, but also sonnets and narrative poems - the Queen influenced my success in London because she had interest in theatre and wanted the public to see fun & risque` plays - I only achieved my fame after leaving my family, so it's bitter sweet - My acting company was named Lord Chamberlain's Men, which was later switched to the King's Men | 3

18: The Globe Theatre | - I co-owned the Globe Theatre with Giles Allen - We built it outside city limits to avoid building restrictions imposed by London authorities - The Globe opened on September 21, 1599 - It was 3 stories, able to hold 3,000 people, 100 feet in diameter, and it was an open-air amphitheater - The Great Fire of London & the plague caused all theaters to be closed for two whole years - Fire destroyed the Globe in 1613 - Females didn't act in theater because it was illegal | 4

19: The Plays | - My plays were categorized into History, Comedy, and Tragedy - These include Henry V, As You Like It, & Julius Caesar - Some famous quotations are remembered today like, "To be, or not to be," from Hamlet and, "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo," from Romeo & Juliet - My inspiration for Romeo & Juliet came from a poem named "The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet" - I wrote my plays in Early Modern English - These are words like 'tis, o'er, e'er, & ope | 5

20: My Persona - Squire Colombo Moretti | Age - 15 years old Occupation - Squire Family - Capulets Height - 5'8" Weight - 135lbs Description - Brown Hair, Brown eyes

21: The Real Colombo Moretti | My usual day consists of me caring after the lords, learn the way of the lord, ride a horse, train with weapons, and learn court etiquette & manors. In the Capulet house, I look after those in the house almost like a servant, but I have other occupations to attend to. I have to learn what it takes to become a lord because squires are destined in life to reach that position. I study Lord Capulet each to learn about the job of a lord. He is my mentor in some sense. In society, my economic status is higher than others, but I'm not the richest man alive. I am making my way up in society financially slowly, but surely. Words like brave, loyal, and trustworthy describe my personality. I am talkative amongst the lords, calm most of the time, and quiet in court. My physical attributes can be described as fast, lean, and athletic. I speak firmly with a passionate voice, and plenty of hand gestures because I am Italian, with correct posture. I dress formal all the time with the essence that I am high up in society. My family has not been started yet, so I have no kids, no wife, as I am still a young lad.

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