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Great Gastby

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FC: The Great Gatsby By: Haley Rainwater

1: I am Nick Carraway, the narrator of The Great Gatsby. I am from Minnesota. I live in a rented house on a part of Long Island called West Egg. West egg is the home to the rich. My neighbor is Jay Gatsby. He lives in a mansion. One night my cousin Daisy called and asked to meet up to eat dinner in East Egg with her and her husband Tom Buchanan.Tom is a former member of my social club at Yale. I think Tom is cocky and rude. Tom is selfish and arrogant. I try my hardest to hide my feeling of irritation, but one day it is going to get the best of me. | Chapter One.

2: As I'm looking out of the window of the commuter train Tom and I passed The Valley of Ashes. I watched men shovel ashes as hard as they can on this long day. It is depressing and gray. Passing through West Egg and New York, we made several stops along the way. One day, as Tom and I are riding the train into the city, Tom forces me to follow him out of the train at one of these stops. We walk down to Mr. Wilson's beat up shop. He's gray from the ashes and he is quite handsome. Myrtle runs to New York all of the time with Tom. Mr. Wilson thinks that Myrtle is going to see her sister Catherine, which is true, but she goes with Tom a lot. we got to the apartment, where Tom hides his affairs. I see Catherine, Myrtle's sister, and the Mckee couple. I've only been drunk once in my life but I think I'll make it twice tonight. As I sit with Mr. Mckee, I see Tom swing and hit Myrtle, breaking her nose and that ends the night. I leave drunkenly and take a 4 a.m. train ride back to Long Island. | Chapter Two.

4: As I'm on my back porch getting oranges to make orange juice, I see a chauffeur walking across my lawn. He had a surprisingly formal note. I was invited to Gatsby's mansion. The honor would be entirely Gatsby's, it said, if I would attend. A little after seven, I was dressed in white flannel and walking across the lawn. Arriving at the party, I became a little ill because I did not know any of the people. Wondering, if they thought I was as out of place as i felt, I saw a few people from the commuting train that looked a little familiar. On my way to becoming roaring drunk I see a very familiar face. It was Jordan Baker. She took a hold of my arm and two other girls in yellow dresses followed. The next thing I know I am sitting at a table with the two girls, Jordan, and the Mr. Mumbles. They gossiped about Gatsby and how he was German. Jordan and I got up from the table, and wanted to meet the host. The more time I spent with Jordan, the more I became attached to her. | Chapter Three

6: I am sitting here looking back at the long list of names that had gone to Gatsby's parties. There were many names. I began to think back of the moments I had with these people, good and bad,That day Gatsby came by to invite me to lunch. I accepted. Gatsby never had much to say. Coincidentally, Gatsby asked me what I thought of him. In my mind, I wondered what he wanted from me, We lived by another for a while Gatsby mentioned to me that he didn't want me to get the wrong idea of the rumors I heard about him. Gatsby went on about his past, and told me how he was brought up from a wealthy family, in the Middle-West. He was raised in America and educated in Oxford. Gatsby had lived like a Rajah when his family passed. Then Gatsby began to tell me about how he was in the war. He showed me a photograph of him and a dozen men in the war. | Chapter Four

8: I agreed to have Daisy and Gatsby over for tea. When I returned home from the store, Gatsby had sent someone to cut my grass. About an hour later Gatsby arrived in a white flannel suit. He was shaking and was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Gatsby complimented on the house and the grass. Daisy arrived and I remember Gatsby had jumped up. When she walked into the house he was almost in tears, because he thought he had made a mistake. They talked for a while and then Gatsby decided to show his house to Daisy.Gatsby walked Daisy and me around his house. and Gatsby had received a phone call that night, and I guessed it was another illegal drug dealing. Daisy noticed that it started to rain. They started dancing around the room and decided to leave them alone, and so I headed back to my house. | Chapter Five

10: I remember glancing out of my window and seeing a reporter arrive at Gatsby's house. Gatsby came to the door and did not have much to say, so the reporter left. Fitzgerald began to tell the truth about Gatsby's past. James Gatz is his real name. He changed it at seventeen and at the moment he noticed the beginning of his new career; Dan Cody's yacht dropped its anchor on Lake Superior. Gatsby borrowed a rowboat and went out to Cody and informed him that the wind might catch him about a half hour. Gatsby's parents were unsuccessful farmers. He didn't think of them as parents. Gatsby created the image of himself as a Rajah, and has been living that dream since. Gatsby was a janitor for a while, to pay his way through college. After learning all of this it was a halt to my affair. I didn't see or talk to Gatsby for several weeks. I was mostly in New York meeting Jordan's senile Aunt. It was a Sunday, and I had finally decided to go see Gatsby. Tom Buchanan walked in. I was in complete shock because it had never happened before. Gatsby got the bravery to tell Tom that he knows Daisy. Tom was a little Ticked. The woman mentioned that the three of them would come to Gatsby's next party, and Mr. Sloane insisted on leaving. The woman asked Gatsby to come to dinner with her, and Mr. Sloane takes her by the arm. I remember feeling awkward sitting there because I knew Gatsby wanted to go, but Tom and Mr. Sloane did not want him to go. Gatsby met them there and he founds Daisy. Gatsby walked Daisy and Tom around introducing them to everyone. Tom went to sit down and eat dinner with Gatsby, Daisy, and I and insisted on going to sit with a few nice looking ladies. Daisy gave Tom her pen to write down addresses, because she knew Tom was going over there to talk to the women. Daisy and Gatsby left his party and sat on my front porch.About an hour later as the party had died down, Tom asked who Gatsby was in a smart elic tone. He implied that Gatsby was a bootlegger like other rich people around here, and I quickly corrected him. Tom and Daisy were arguing over Gatsby and the women Tom had met, Gatsby ask me to stay. | Chapter 6

12: One night I was wondering why Gatsby's lights did not go on. Then I realized that the point of Gatsby's parties was to solicit Daisy's attention. It was his only way of getting to see her. I went to Gatsby's to make sure he was okay. He had fired all of his servants that worked for Meyer Wolfsheim. The rude servant slammed the door in my face when I told to him to tell Gatsby I came back. The next day Gatsby called me. He told to me that Daisy had been coming over in the afternoon while Tom was gone. They invited me to lunch with Gatsby and Daisy. I arrived the same time Gatsby did. Daisy and Jordan were sitting on the couch. Daisy gets up when Tom leaves the room and kisses Gatsby. Jordan and I was surprised, A nurse brought in Daisy and Tom's daughter, and Gatsby was shocked. It did not seem real to him that Daisy had a daughter. Tom received a phone call and Jordan claimed that he was talking to his girl. I felt the need to assure Daisy that the rumor was not true. Daisy comes up with the idea to go to town, and insists on riding with Gatsby no matter what. Tom can see that Daisy loves Gatsby. She told Gatsby she loved him right in from of Tom. Tom insists on driving Gatsby's car, but Gatsby not too fond of the idea, but they go ahead to town. Tom stops to get gas from Wilson's garage. Mr. Wilson had found out that his wife had been cheating on him, but didn't know with whom. He looked pale. Mr. Wilson insists on buying Tom's car. As we are leaving I notice Myrtle Wilson poking her head around the curtain. Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, Jordan, and I go to a hotel to cool off and Tom makes a smart comment to Gatsby. He starts letting out all of the stuff he had gathered about Gatsby. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him and that she is leaving him. Daisy admits to it, and storms out of the hotel. Gatsby follows, and Daisy insists on driving. She felt the need to drive, hoping it would calm her down. Tom, Jordan, and I get in Gatsby's car and as we begin to almost be back to the Buchanan's, there is a wreck. Myrtle Wilson had been hit; her body split into two. For the first time, I saw Tom show his emotions for Myrtle. Tom drives back to his house and as I am pulling out of his drive way I see Gatsby in the bushes. He said that he is waiting for Daisy to blink the lights if Tom tries to hurt her. So I went home, after telling Gatsby that nothing will happen. | Chapter 7

14: That night I was unable to sleep. All I could think about was the terrible things that happened today. Right before morning, I hurried to Gatsby's as if I had something to tell him before it was too late. Gatsby tells me that nothing happened. It was what I expected, and what I told him in the first place. I told Gatsby that he needs to go away some place, but Gatsby can't leave Daisy until she decided who she wants to be with. Gatsby tells me the real story of how Daisy and he met. The gardener insists on draining Gatsby's pool. Gatsby tells me he hasn’t been in the pool all summer. I realized it was twelve minutes until my train arrived to go to the city; I missed that train, and a few after. I didn't want to leave Gatsby. I shook Gatsby's hand and told him I'd call. I told him he was worth more than those Buchanans. I arrived to the city, and was going over the quotations of stock and had fallen asleep. A phone call from Jordan woke me. She told me that she had left Daisy’s. Jordan's voice seemed harsh. The act annoyed me, and her next comment made me rigid. I all of a sudden did not care anymore, once we got off of the phone. I tried calling Gatsby, but the wire was kept open for a long distance from Detroit. I went back to West Egg for Myrtle’s funeral. Catherine had been into the liquor and George Wilson was on the couch inside. Wilson found out that the yellow car belonged to, and Wilson talked to Michaelis until Michaelis had become worn out. George Wilson went walking through town. Kids told the police that they had seen a man acting sort of crazy, and Michaelis told the cops that George Wilson had found out who the yellow car belonged too. The cops figured George had gone from garage to garage all over town. That afternoon Gatsby decided to go for a swim. HE told the Butler to bring him the phone if someone called. Gatsby never received a call. The butler heard a few gun shots but didn't think anything of them. I was at Gatsby’s house I couldn't believe it. The Butler, the gardener, chauffer, and I started with Gatsby's body toward the house had noticed George Wilson's body lying in the grass a few feet away. | Chapter 8

16: Many reporters and photographers invaded Gatsby's house. They were exaggerating stories about his murder, his life, and his relationships. I know if Gatsby listening to all of this, he wouldn't care. He would want them to find out for their selves who he really is. I am trying to plan a funeral as big as Gatsby's parties. Daisy and Tom skipped town, they are so full of themselves. Meyer Wolfsheim and Klipspringer refuse to come to his funeral. I thankfully find someone to be there; Gatsby's father. He appeared at Gatsby's door step and admired his house. He had a picture of Gatsby's house that he carried around, and I could tell he had shown the picture to many people. Mr. Gatsby asked to see Jimmy's body, so I showed him to the body and he came out with a lifeless look. The only other person that attended Gatsby's funeral was the drunken man who is known as owl eyes. I met up with Jordan in the city to end our affair, and she claims to be engaged to another man. My stomach turned. I can't help but to be in love with her. Months later I ran into Tom Buchanan on New York's Fifth Avenue. He reached to shake my hand, but I refused to shake his back. I have no sympathy for him. I believe he is the one who caused Gatsby's death. I asked him what he said to George Wilson the day Gatsby was killed, and he said he had to tell him who the car belonged to because George Wilson had a gun to Tom's head. I reach out and shake Tom's hand, and that's the last I hope I see of him. I stared at the moon the last night in West Egg. I came to realize that the Buchanans, Gatsby, Jordan, and I are Westerners who came out East. I realized that Gatsby was dreaming of the American Dream when it was already dead. | Chapter 9

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