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Great Gatsby Journal: Daisy Buchanan

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BC: The End

FC: Great Gatsby Journal: Daisy Buchanan

1: Table of Contents Chapter 1 pg.2 Chapter 2 pg.4 Chapter 3 pg.6 Chapter 4 pg.8 Chapter 5 pg.10 Chapter 6 pg.12 Chapter 7 pg.14 Chapter 8 pg.16 Chapter 9 pg.18

2: Chapter 1

3: Today was very nice. My friend Jordan came by the house. We sat and talked for a while until Tom and Nick came in. Its been so long since I've last seen Nick. We had a short conversation before dinner, but he seemed more focused on Jordan, which is a good thing. I would like to get them together. It was very hard to talk since Tom kept interrupting me. I worry about Tom; he acts odd. Jordan seems to think so too. It was so hard for me to get a complete sentence out tonight since Tom would change the subject every time I spoke. He as also been a bit of a brute, but he seems worse now. There was a strange call during dinner tonight. Tom took it. I stepped out to see what it was about, but he ended the call as soon as he saw me. When I tried to talk to him about it he became angry with me. When we got back to the table I couldn't help but think about who i thought was on the phone. I put on a smile nevertheless. After we ate we all took a walk down to the stables. I finally got a chance to talk to Nick and tell him how i feel. Nick didn't have much to say though. It is so nice to know I have Family close now.

4: Chapter 2

5: . Gatsby mentioned something about a party he was planning to have. It would be nice to attend but I need to talk to Tom about it first. After lunch I left Gatsby and went back home. Jordan came over after her tournament was over. We sat and talked for awhile. She seemed like something was bothering her. I asked and asked, and finally she told me. Tom has a mistress. I knew he did but I didn't want to face it. Ill just have to act like I don't know. | Tom and Nick are gone to Wilson's garage this morning. I would've spent the day with Jordan, but she had a golf tournament today. I really wanted to be with Gatsby, so I gave him a call. He seemed happy to hear from me. We took a walk the park and then had lunch. I had such a good time with him. I feel so much better when I'm with him. Tom can never find out. I'm scared to know how he would react. He is such a hostile person already.

6: Chapter 3 | Chapter 3

7: I awoke early this morning due to Ella crying. She simply had a nightmare. For some reason I could not go back to sleep, so I stayed up and watch the sunrise. It was truly beautiful. I had forgotten what it was like to see the sun come up. Tom awoke a few hours after I did. Once again he was in a bad mood. Myrtle called around about noon. It was then that i fund out her nose had been broken, but she wouldn't tell me how it happened. Today was a very lazy day. There wasn't much going on so I stayed home and played with Ella. She really enjoys that.

8: Chapter 4

9: Today was another uneventful day. I stayed at home while Tom went to town. He stays gone almost all of the time now. He says it's business reasons, but the business has never seemed to interfere with home life this much. Sometimes I get the strange feeling he's hiding something from me. I've talked to Jordan about it many times but she does not have much to say. It's odd how we became friends. I remember when Tom and I were getting married. I had cold feet, but Jordan helped me trough it. If it wasn't for her I would probably be with James in Louisville. I've tried to call Nick many times, but he never answers. It's beginning to bother me that he hasn't called or came around for a visit in some time now.

10: Chapter 5

11: Nick called this morning. He invited me to tea with Jordan and himself. He told me not to bring Tom. I wondered why Tom was not allowed, but I didn't ask. It was raining when I arrived at Nicks house. It was nice to see him again. After I arrived Gatsby came to the door. He was soaked and looked like a was exhausted. When he came into the room he clumsily | knocked Nick's clock over. It was very odd seeing him like this. After an awkward few minutes everything became great again. Nick had left the room by then. Jay and I talked about some old memories and I found myself begin to cry a little. The rain had stopped and he invited us to his house. It was beautiful. He told me how he | still hopes for us to be together and watches a green light at the end of my dock. He talks so highly of me. It makes me miss the old times we had together. I wonder what life would've been like If I had not married Tom. I'm not sure if that is something I would be willing to find out now.

12: Chapter 6

13: Over the next few weeks Gatsby and I spent more and more time together. It was a fantastic time. I can not remember when i have been this happy. I think Tom knows about Gatsby and I. He seems more agitated with me recently. On Saturday Tom and I attended a party at Gatsbys' house. I was excited at first but after a while the party became more and more tense. Tom seemed very angry and watched virtually everything I did. Somehow Gatsby and I managed to dance. This did not go over to well with Tom . He later told me that Jay was only rich because of unethical means like bootlegging. I knew this wasn't true because he has a very successful line of drug stores. We left the party early that night due to the fact that neither of us had a good time. It was not a very pleasant night with Tom though. I wish he was the same man I married a long time ago.

14: Chapter 7

15: Today had to be the worst day of my life. It all started with lunch this afternoon. Gatsby, Jordan, and Nick all came over. It was such a hot day. At first it was nice everyone being here, especially Gatsby. I wanted to show Tom that I did not love him. Tom was on the phone when the guest arrived. Jordan and I joked about his mistress on the phone, but Nick covered him and said it was a legit call. Gatsby looked so cool this afternoon. I wanted to just run away with him right then. Tom finally came in and immediately jumped on Gatsby. I finally got tired of hearing Tom degrade him so I suggested that we all go to town. Tom didn't want to at first but soon changed his mind. I rode with Gatsby in the coupe while Tom , Nick, and Jordan drove Gatsby's car. It was a nice ride, we talked about when we will get married when I leave Tom. At the time I thought I was telling the truth. We finally got to the hotel and rented a suite. It was so unbearably hot and opening the windows didn't help much. I thought maybe we would have fun, but Tom and Gatsby started at it again. I truly hated it and just wanted to leave. Jordan and Nick wanted to too. After a while Gatsby began to ask me to tell Tom I did not love him. I loved Tom, as well as Gatsby. I try to make myself believe that I did not love Tom anymore and when I said it the words stung my throat. I just couldn't take it anymore and finally managed to get everyone to leave. I drove with Gatsby on the way home. Not much was said except for the pleas for me to leave with him. My nerves were haywire so when the woman ran out in front of me I hardly noticed. It didn't sink in until a few minutes later. I killed a woman... I don't know what I'm going to do now. When I reached the house I ran to my room and locked myself in. Gatsby made me promise to give him a warning if Tom tries anything. Tom finally got home. We talked in the room for a minute then went to the kitchen for dinner. Neither of us ate. We talked and after a while worked out our differences. Even though this all has happened, it still doesn't change what has been done.

16: Chapter 8

17: Jay waited outside till early the next morning, until i finally went to the window to give the signal that all was well. It hurt me to see him leave but I love Tom and want to be with only him. I realize now that I have always loved him even though he has his ways sometimes. Although we went to sleep late that night, we both awoke early. I could hardly sleep. The event of the previous day still played in my mind. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forget that awful awful day. As we ate our breakfast Peggy came running to me crying about a dress. | I took her to her room and let her pick the one she wanted. When I came back Tom was standing outside talking to the man who owns that garage down in the Vally of Ashes. I knew then that must have been her husband... When he finally left Tom came back in and suggested that we leave town. I loved that idea. We spent the rest of the day packing for our trip. Maybe when we get back everything will be alright.

18: Chapter 9

19: We left around noon that morning and went to the Plaza hotel. It was so nice to have my family all together and happy. Tom took us to lunch at the lovely little restaurant. We all had such a nice time. Peggy liked it the most. It seems we don't spend enough time with her. I see now how fast she is growing up. Soon she will be off getting married and having a family of her own. I pray she is nothing but a beautiful fool. Nothing but a beautiful little fool.... We bumped into Nick and Jordan later that day. They were enjoying a nice meal together. Tom saw them first and walked over to them. They seemed to be having a pleasant conversation but Nick looked worried. I ran over to join them, but when I got there Nick informed us that he was moving back west. Jordan didn't look to thrilled. We all talked for a while longer then Tom and I headed off to catch our Train to Chicago. I will really miss my dear cousin.

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