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Great Gatsby: Nick Carraway

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BC: The End

FC: Nick Carraway By: Antwoine Carter October 22, 2010

1: Today is the day I embark on a new life. I've just moved to West Egg to learn the bonding business. As I arrived I noticed a mansion with a sign at the gate reading "James Gatz", I will introduce my self as I get settled in. I'm excited about the welcoming dinner, my cousin Daisy is having for me... I'm back home from the dinner party, I felt welcomed when I saw Tom on the porch. He started to be a little annoying as he tried to make us interested in a book called "The Rise of the Colored Empires". The dinner got awkward when Tom rushed out of the room to take a call, and Daisy ran behind him. I was let in on the awkwardness by Jordan when she told me Tom's secret lover called him. I then drove back home and as I pulled in I met James Gatz. | Chapter 1

2: Today I got to see another side of Tom. We were on the way to New York, but he forced me off at an unusual stop. He told me we were going down by the Valley of Ashes to Wilson's Garage. What he didn't tell me was that he was going to fight with him and walk out with his wife. After we left the garage we continued our journey to New York City. We arrived at his "affair house" to have a unplanned party with Myrtle's sister, Catherine. But she talks way too much about nothing, she started talking about James Gatz is Kaiser Wilhelm's cousin, Germany's ruler during World War I. I was drunk and tired of hearing the gossip, so I tried to leave. In all the same moment Tom and Myrtle started fusing because Myrtle once again didn't know how to be quiet, but about Daisy. Tom gets fed up with the teasing and punches her in the nose and the party came to an abrupt halt. I left drunk and had to take the 4 a.m. train back to Long Island.

3: Chapter 2

4: This morning I received an invitation to Gatsby's party. I was skeptical about going but I decided it wouldn't hurt anything. At the appointed time I walked to his house, to find guest marveling at all his house attributes, but talking about him in the same sentence. Walking around I bumped into Jordan Baker , we both began to wonder where Gatsby was and set out to find him. We ran into a man who I now call Owl Eyes, in the library reading Gatsby's books. Midnight had hit so Jordan and I went outside to watch the entertainment, and sat at a table with a stunning young man who said I looked familiar to him. Me and the young man then realized that we had been in the same regiment together. He then introduces his self as Jay Gatsby. I find myself growing fond of him, on how he separates his self at his own party. 2 a.m. hits and I begin to hear husbands and wives arguing whether or not to leave. Gatsby calls for Jordan, and I begin to leave. After their meeting Gatsby rushes in the house to take a call from Philadelphia. On my walk home I see Owl Eyes pushing his car out of a ditch. I stop and talk to them for a good minute. Ps. I really been thinking about what Tom and Daisy said about me and Jordan i think i will try her.

5: Chapter 3

6: The party was good, but don't think I can get that drunk anymore. I believe I'm going to make a list of the people from the parties this summer, but before I do that I need to write this down about the trip Gatsby and i made to New York for lunch. It began as we were on our way to lunch, when he started telling me about his past. I thought they were lies, but he told me that he was from a wealthy family of deceased parents from San Francisco. After that another set of accomplishments rolled out of his mouth. I didn't believe him until he showed me a metal from Montenegro and a picture of him playing cricket at Oxford, but I was still tired of hearing him. As we enter the city we get pulled over for Gatsby speeding, that didn't matter cause all he did was show him a white card and he APOLOGIZES for bothering him. | Chapter 4

7: As we walk into the restaurant Gatsby introduces me to a man named Meyer Wolfshiem, who says he is responsible for the fixing of 1919 World Series. He seems shady to me, he also gave me the impression that Gatsby's riches came from organized crime, organized with him. After the lunch in New York, I saw Jordan Baker and she was eager to tell me about the conversation she had with Gatsby the other night. He told her that he is in love with Daisy, and this was way before she married Tom. They were in love before Gatsby left for war, but when he did leave she married Tom. The night before her wedding she drank herself numb, because she received a letter from Gatsby. Jordan also told me that he bought his mansion just to be near Daisy. He asked ME to arrange a meeting between him and Daisy, because he doesn't think she will come if he knows its him. So I have to arrange a tea party for him, to force her to see him.

8: Just got home from the date with Jordan. As I arrive home Gatsby's house is brightly lit up, but looks unoccupied. As I walk in my yard Gatsby startled me from walking across the lawn. He tries to offer me a swim, someone to cut my grass, and a chance to make some money. I felt offended that he wanted to pay me for helping him with Daisy, I refused but still agreed to help him. On the day of the meeting even though it is raining, Gatsby sends the gardener to Nick's house to cut the grass and sends another man with flowers. Daisy arrives a little while later, but when I bring her in I notice Gatsby has disappeared. A knock on the door and he walks in. The tea party starts off awkward, as Gatsby comes in he knocks over the clock on my table. He tells me and Daisy he thinks it was a bad idea for the party to be arranged. I left so I could give them some alone time, she didn't come for me.

9: But when I returned they were happier than I left them, she was crying and he was forever smiling. It had stopped raining, so Gatsby invited Daisy and I over to see some of his possessions. Daisy for some reason was deeply in love with everything he had, and when she saw the English shirts she began to cry. He begins to tell her about the nights he spent looking at the green light at the end of her dock, wishing for their future. I really don't think that Daisy is really what Gatsby is looking for, but at the moment they really look happy together. Gatsby feels like hearing some music, so he calls Klipspringer in to play the piano. he begins to play a song called "Ain't We Got Fun?". I knew then it was time for me to leave, so without them knowing, I quietly went home. | Chapter 5

10: Everyday I continue to hear a new rumor about Gatsby, but I haven't seen him or Daisy for a couple of weeks since the tea party . I stopped by his house one day and surprisingly Tom was there. He was there with Mr. and Mrs Sloan for a drink. Gatsby invites them to dinner but they refuse and offer the same, he accepts. Saturday comes around and Gatsby has a party. | Chapter 6 | This party had no interest to me, and I even see Daisy not enjoying the party.She's upset because Tom tells her Gatsby fortune comes from bootlegging, and she defends him saying it comes from his chain of drug stores. After Tom and Daisy leave, Gatsby comes to me about his problems with Daisy again and how he wants it to be like it was back in Louisville.

11: I try and tell him to move on, and that he cant re-create the past. he argues with me that he can though. I remember when He kissed her, it was magic but i believe that the dream is over.

12: Today I am going to East Egg to have lunch with Daisy and Tom. When I arrived Gatsby and Jordan were already there , but Gatsby and Daisy were talking about going to the city together. Tom interrupts and says he thinks everyone should go, so I ride with Jordan. On the way we stop at Wilson's garage to hear that he has found out about Myrtle's affair, but not the identity of her lover. At that moment, I realized that Tom and Wilson are in the same position. We continue to the city and decide to get a suit in the Plaza Hotel. That was a mistake, because all Gatsby and Tom did was argue the whole time about Daisy. Jordan and I try to leave but they stopped us at the door. We finally left and Tom told Daisy to ride with Gatsby just to prove a point. It hit me as we were leaving that it was also my birthday. On the way back we see trouble over by Wilson's garage, and come to find out Myrtle had been split open by getting hit by a car. Tom tells us to come on as he is moping back to the car. When we arrive at Tom's house he tells me to take the car home, and as i was leaving i saw Gatsby hiding in the bushes. He tells me that he is just waiting to make sure he don't hurt her.

13: Chapter 7

14: Last night was the worst night I had of sleep in a long time. I woke up restless right before dawn and went to Gatsby's. He tells me that he was waiting on Daisy to go to sleep until 4 a.m. and that nothing happened. I tried to tell Gatsby that he should leave Daisy alone and get out of Long Island, but he refuses to leave Daisy behind. Then he goes into this story about him and Daisy in 1917. The gardener interrupts and tells Gatsby that he is going to clean the pool, but Gatsby told him to wait, because he wants to take a swim. I realized that I've been talking to long and was late for work, so I hurried off. I couldn't focus at work for some reason, I even canceled the date Jordan and I had planned.

15: I just cant stop thinking about what happened to Myrtle last night. I left work early cause i felt sick, but i came back to reports and detectives at Gatsby's house. I found that Tom and shot Gatsby

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