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Greek Mythology

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BC: A Greene County Gifted Education Publication Grades 3 - 5 Angie Tipton, Teacher May, 2013

FC: Our Big Book of Greek Mythology A Collection of Original Stories

1: Greek Mythology has captivated the minds of young readers in books such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. They have inspired us to explore Greek Mythology and write our own myths. This book is dedicated to all who yearn for an exciting hero story or seek to understand the unexplained. In this book you will find gods, goddesses, and monsters. Brace yourself! Do not turn the page unless you have a great imagination. Matthew P, 4th grade

2: Table of Contents | Stories Explaining How We Came to Have... Blue Oceans 6 - 8 Snakes 9 Salty Seas 10 - 11 Rainbows 12 - 13 The Moon 14 - 15 The Moon 16 - 17 The Earth 18

3: Stories about Heroes The Story of Mount Heada 22 - 23 Nike Becomes a Legend Defeating a Legend 24 The Story of Apollo 25 Nike and Hera 26 - 27 Argus 28 - 30 Stories That Teach a Lesson Claycen and Artemis 34 - 35 Samulas 36 - 37

5: Explanatory Accounts Stories in Greek Mythology often attempted to explain the natural world.

6: Why the Ocean is Blue A myth by William | There once was a powerful flag ship for the city-state of Athens. It was named the Olympus. It was a victorious ship that always flew a noble blue flag. It and the fleet were headed to attack the Persians. In the middle of the night a horrific storm hit. The ships were separated and the Olympus was set adrift. Without supplies it was doomed. The next day she was left no oars or sails; it was at the mercy of Poseidon, god of the sea. The men prayed to Poseidon for

7: their memory to live on. Poseidon heard their call. He sent his messenger, Hermes, to send a message to Admiral Georgius. Hermes came in a dream and said, "You shall be remembered in time, but for now Poseidon has a plan." Georgius sprung awake and yelled to the crew, "He said yes. Poseidon thinks we are worthy. We will be remembered." Poseidon heard the ungratefulness and thought, "I'll send tridentus." He went to his kraken and said, "My pet, these mortals have been ungrateful to us. Destroy them." The kraken howled and fled. The sea was calm and the ship was adrift unsuspecting and unaware.

8: Tridentus approached the endangered vessel. He snuck up on the Olympus and wrapped its tentacles around the ship. It let out a piercing shriek. Ripping the mast and shredding the deck, Tridentus mangled the bulkheads and slashed the prow. The ship was rendered helpless as Tridentus broke the ship in half and pulled it and the people under the sea... In a moment's notice the ocean turned a mirabilia blue. To remind all who see the ocean not to defy Poseidon, god of the sea.... Finis

9: You know the story of how Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, right? Well this is the continuing story of it. After Perseus gave the head to Athena, Hades, the god of the underworld, wanted more people to join him. So he stole the head of Medusa from Athena and cut of one of the serpents from the head and gave it to Zeus to give it life and put it on earth. Athena soon noticed that so many people were in the underworld that she soon noticed that the head of Medusa was missing and found Hades stole it. She traveled to Hades and retrieved the head and saw that it was missing a serpent. Later she found out that Zeus gave it life and put it on earth. Angrily she shrunk it in to the size of her arm and gave it the name of a snake. With its small size it could no longer kill as many people. | HOW SNAKES CAME TO BE by Alex

10: How Seas Came To Be Salty By:Matthew | In the beginning, when the seas were full of pure, fresh water, Poseidon was sitting in his underwater palace staring at a picture of his darling Medusa. Meanwhile, Medusa was arguing with the great goddess, Athena. "Why won't you let me travel into the south?" Medusa asked. "I just won't, I forbid it," The ground shook as Athena yelled. As the goddess of wisdom was turning around to go back to Olympus, Medusa shouted, "You're just jealous because I'm more beautiful than you!" Medusa didn't consider the consequences before she spoke. Athena, whose face was like rock-hard stone, was about to go "king-kong" on Medusa.

11: Matthew's story | "How dare you say that to the great goddess of wisdom, You shall be cursed, for anyone that looks at you shall be turned to stone!" Medusa was petrified. "And as for your beautiful hair, it shall be snakes!!" BOOM, There was a flash of light. 3 months later... Medusa was hissing in her "statue shop". Medusa, with her keen sense of smell, smelled Perseus, son of Poseidon, and knew that he was sneaking in. "Ssson of Possseidon, I presssume?" While she thought Perseus was in front of her, clever Perseus was behind her. With his golden sickle, Perseus cut off Medusa's head with one blow. When Poseidon got the news, he cried and cried and cried! And that is why the seas are full of salt. The End

12: The Story of Iris by: Eliza Once there was a lady named Prism, who would later give birth to a girl named Iris... under Zeus' command. On the day of Iris' birth Zeus descended from Mount Olympus in order to see his newborn daughter. When he got there prism said, "It has been an honor to give birth to your daughter but I do not think I can take care of her because I am just a poor widow." When Zeus heard that her told her. " Fine then I will take Iris away and you will never see her again." Zeus then snatched poor Iris away and said to her, " You will be all of these colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue,indigo, and violet." Prism cried and said. " Why? Why would you do this to me?" " If you are going to whine and fuss over this then I command you to go to the underworld!" said Zeus. Then Prism disappeared in a flash, and Iris began to scream and cry. Zeus tried and tried to make her stop, but then he realized that every child needs his/her mother. So he wondered around the Greek city called Lafalia in search of help for his daughter. He knew that his brother Hades wouldn't let Prism come back. He couldn't find

13: anyone to help. Then he knew just where to go. He needed to go to Hera's temple. When he arrived he knocked on the door, then Hera came to the door and said, '" Why is that child screaming?" " I don't know." Zeus replied. " Well then bring her in here,and where is her mother?" said Hera. " In the Underworld but I thought that you could be her foster mother, for now at least." said Zeus. " Fine I will, but only if you will visit me regularly." said Hera. "I will, don't worry," said Zeus. Then he left Iris alone with Hera. The years passed and Iris slowly began to develop her powers. Zeus never came, though, and Hera was upset. She said to Iris, "You are of age and can now go out on your own. So goodbye, Iris." "Goodbye, Mother," said Iris. Off she went to make a living, but when she started walking to find a house, her father gave her a daydream and in it he told her about her real mother. She began to cry, and then her powers began to work. All of the colors her father had told her she would have coated the sky in an arch. Everyone stared at the sky and many were heard to say, "My word!" Iris proclaimed to them all, "It is a rainbow." The End

14: How The Moon Came To Be by Aubrey Once there was a girl named Selene. She loved the light. She would always be outside on sunny days, and when it rained or got dark, she would light a candle to keep it going (she made the biggest wax ball I've ever seen). Selene always wished there was a source of light in the night, too. One day, Selene was walking in the forest with only a bag of fruit and a canteen of water when a nymph approached her. Selene did not know what to do. The nymph spoke to her in a scratchy voice, "You have passed into my territory. What do you bring me as a gift?"

15: Selene was overcome with amazement, but she finally recovered her voice. "I've brought you fruit and water. I hope you will accept my offering. It's all I have." The nymph thought for a while, but she finally made a decision. "I have decided to make a deal with you. I am in need of a caretaker. If you agree to live here in the forest with me, I will grant a wish for you." Selene agreed to live with the nymph and be his caretaker. As time went by, Selene thought and thought about what her wish would be. Suddenly, it clicked. She said to the nymph, "I wish to have an everlasting light in the sky at night. I shall call it the.....moon. It shall always change shapes, for I do not want a lot of light every single night." The nymph did as he promised, and that is how the moon was made. To this day, Selene's wish is still showing in the night sky - a bright, luminous moon. The End

16: How The Moon Came To Be by Madison One day Zeus and his wife Hera gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Artemis. Artemis soon grew older and more beautiful. Everyone loved Artemis. That is, everyone except Hera. One day, when Artemis was eighteen, Hera said that it was time they had a talk. When Hera took Artemis on a walk Hera told her to stay where she was. With that, Hera ran to find Zeus. She told him there was a Phoenix in the garden where Artemis was, and she told him to send a rock from space to kill it. The rock was twenty feet away from Artemis when, all of a sudden, her brother, Apollo, sent it back up to space. ASrtemis had not seen it coming. When Artemis was inside with Apollo right behind her, Hera knew her plan had failed. Artemis explained it all to Zeus. Then, Zeus decided

17: that he should send a team out to search for whoever did this. Hera was nervous and thought she should pretend not to know. "What a tragedy that would have been. I should have never left you alone out there!" exclaimed Hera to Artemis. Zeus asked Hera if she knew anything. Hera just shook her head and walked off, really starting to get worried that he knew something. Later that day, Zeus asked Hera what color the Phoenix was. Hera panicked because she had never actually seen a Phoenix before. She quickly said it was blue and yellow. Zeus then knew that it was Hera who had done the horrible thing to Artemis. Zeus knew that it was not a coincidence that he had sent a rock down and Artemis had almost been killed. He told Hera he knew what she had done and that she would be punished. He decided to light the rock that had almost killed Artemis. The rock would bring light to the world all through the night, but once a month the it would not shine with light. This is to remind us of Hera's evil ways. The End

18: There once were Dirt, Fire, and Water gods and godesess.. Dirt was a god and so was Fire. Water was a goddess. One day Earth and Fire got aggravated at each other because they got shot at by Cupid, the love god, and were dreadfully in love with Water. So Fire shot a flame at Dirt and missed, the flame shot out into space and curled up into a ball. Then Water got involved and shot a splash at Dirt, but Dirt shot earth at Water and the water and earth combined on top of the fire ball and made a planet called Earth. The only thing wrong was that the earth was just one big blob of dirt in one spot, so Zeus, the god of all gods and goddesess, thought that Earth needed to be spread out more, so he shot a lightning bolt at Earth and spread it out into continents. | How Earth Came to Be By : Ansley

21: Heroes | Greek heroes are strong, intelligent, clever, resourceful, beautiful, quick- thinking, and courageous.

22: The Story of Mount Heada by Emily | Once, deep in the mountains and canyons of Topsius, the horrible sisters of Medusa lay on the ground, howling for their sister. But their sister had been killed by Perseus, the god who was assisted by Athena, who had given tools to defeat Medusa. The sisters decided to trick Athena into giving them power and weaponry to find and kill Perseus.

23: One of the sisters, dressed as a beautiful maiden in an evening gown and a simple straw hat, tried to fool Perseus into following her home. There, the sisters and vicious creatures they had called from deep in the forest were hiding on the walls, on the high ledges. Then, bringing Perseus into her home, she lead him close to the trap. The sisters and creatures pounced on him, and tied him in a gunnysack, six layers thick. After they had captured Perseus, they blew long and hard into his trumpet, summoning his sister, Athena. They forced her to surrender her possessions to the sisters and instead work as their servant. Athena lead them to Mount Heada, a place where only important people were allowed. She lead them to her private garden, where she kept Medusa's head. She told them, "Kneel down here and great power shall be given to you." Obeying, they knelt by her feet. At once, she threw a lightning bolt, and the sisters were gone forever. Athena flew back to the cave, defeated the monsters, and freed her brother. The End

24: Once there was a giant gorilla named King Kong. There was also a boy named Nike. The boy was very athletic and loved sports. King Kong challenged Nike to a game of kickball. He accepted the challenge. He put on the best shoes he had. They went to the field of sports. When they got there they immediately started. King Kong called kicking first. Nike rolled the ball and the gorilla kicked it straight to the boy. He caught it and got King Kong out. Then he rolled again. King Kong popped it up straight in the air. Nike ran and caught it for the second out. The gorilla got mad. The boy rolled it again. King Kong lined it to the boy. Surprisingly, he caught it. Now it is Nike's turn. Nike kicked it over the fence right away. He had just won the game. Now he had defeated a legend. In later years people still remember this amazing game and named athletic shoes after Nike. | Nike Becomes a Legend Defeating a Legend by Eli

25: The Story of Apollo By: Kendal Apollo was an orphan. His Mother died when he and his five brothers were still very young, Zeus took Apollo under his wing and trained him to be a great warrior. When the older siblings saw this, they were jealous. They threw him into space, and he crashed into the moon. The goddess of the moon, Selene, took control of Apollo and made him be a slave. Although he hated his life on the moon, the hard work of a slave made Apollo very, very strong. He got stronger by the minute! Finally the day came when Selene said, "Apollo, you are released to return to Earth. Your great strength is too powerful for me." On Earth, Apollo set off to find his older brothers. | Apollo's older brothers did not recognize him, and they did not believe his heroic tale. They asked Zeus what should be done with him. Zeus replied, "Throw him into the hydra pit. If he can kill the hydra, then he is truly Apollo, my son." With his bare hands, Apollo destroyed the hydra as if he were squishing a worm.



28: Argus by: Kaleb There once was a man named Argus. Though beautiful, he had grown up having to fight for everything he got. His uncle, Pythagoras, was very jealous of his beauty. Pythagoras went to Zeus for permission to give Argus two tasks. Unfortunately for Argus, Hera said yes because Zeus was indeed mad at Argus. Pythagoras went back to Argus and said, "Hera and Zeus have given you two tasks." The First Task Pythagoras told Argus that he must go to the cove of the five headed dragon. Nobody has ever come out of that cave alive. Argus believed he could come out with a dead dragon inside.

29: When Argus got to the cave the was ready to fight, with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. The dragon approached Argus, also ready to fight. The dragon shop flames at Argus ready for him to burn, but Argus dodged the fire, landed on a rock and cut one of the dragon's heads. The dragon was mad now. He hid in the dark and waited for Argus, but he didn't fall for the trick. Argus cut off another head. The dragon was so furious that he lost control of himself. He spun, twirled, bit, blew fire, and all of those crazy things. Argus took advantage of it and sliced off the three remaining heads. The dragon was dead! Argus went back home with proof - a dragon's head. Pythagoras was very mad. He told Argus to do the most impossible thing he could think of - kill the king of the revods. Now this king was a very powerful man with a million guards. Argus accepted. The Second Task Argus arrived at the kingdom. The king was in his castle dining. This time Argus brought a bow, some arrows, and a rope. Argus used the rope to climb up the castle wall and go into a window. He crawled through the rafters. He

30: aimed for the king, but one of the guards noticed him. They started climbing up to him while the archers were shooting at him. Finally, Argus was able to get a shop off, but he missed. Argus was shop in the hand and fell. He landed on the king immediately killing him. Argus got up and ran out the door. The guards followed him down the hill until he ran out of their kingdom and back to his home. Argus was furious at Zeus and had to go talk to him. Zeus said he thought that Argus was a mortal because he had heard the name, but he hadn't met him until now. Zeus agreed that Pythagoras needed to be punished. Argus was so excited! He went back home forgiving Zeus for the troubles he had survived. Argus was safe, for now... The End

33: Teaching a Lesson Stories in Greek Mythology often included consequences for bad decisions and bad behavior.

34: One day in a far away land there was a young boy named Claycen. He lived with his mother and his older sister Merida. As a child he loved to hunt and be with animals. One day his mother got him a silver spear that could kill any animal that it was pierced into. As he grew older he went hunting more and more. Sometimes when he went hunting Artemis went with him. As they tot older they started falling in love with each other. Soon Artemis went with him. As they got older they started falling in love with each other. On the day of the wedding, Hera sent an eleven headed monster to stop Artemis and Claycen. Claycen drew his sword and prepared to slay the monster. | Claycen And Artemis by Grace

35: "It's our wedding day!" Artemis called out as Claycen ran after the monster. "I know," he yelled. "I'll be back soon, I promise." Claycen ran and ran until he finally caught up with the monster. Suddenly, the monster swatted at Claycen. Claycen cut off his hand, and fed it to the monstrous fish living in the river nearby. After that the monster ran back to the jungle where it had come from in the first place. The next day Artemis and Claycen had the wedding. After the wedding. Artemis called her friend, Gracella to come give them some advice o how to kill the monster in case it ever came back. "Hello," cried Gracella. "It's so nice to see you again," said Artemis, hugging Gracella. "I would like you to meet my husband Claycen." "Hello," she said as she waved to Claycen. "Hi," said Claycen. "Look! There it is!" Claycen drew his sword, but Gracella stopped him. She told him, "Feed the monster bacon - every head - and it will be friendly." Claycen and Artemis were happy to be friends with the monster.

36: Samulas by Samantha Samulas was getting ready for a normal day. He went to his father because the day before his father said he had a mission for Samulas. When he got there, his father was sitting on the steps of their cathedral. His mission was to turn the world upside down so the oceans would spill on the sky. Samulas had no idea how to accomplish this very difficult task. He thought and thought. Then he got his idea. He would reverse the world's gravity force and pull everything toward the sky. He went to find Gatti, god of Gravity and Force. He asked for the exact opposite of gravity and Gatti said, "Bring me the Earth Sphere, held by Evis, the god of the Earth. To help you in this task, I shall give you ten gold coins to exchange for the Earth Sphere. Evis could never resist gold." This very difficult task was getting harder by the minute. Samulas set out on his journey. He finally reached Evis's castle. Evis was in the garden, planting corn and tomatoes. Evis said,

37: "I knew you were on your way, I had a dream about you coming on your journey. You have come for the Earth Sphere haven't you? "Yes," Samulas said. "Do you have your gold coins?" Evis asked. "Yes, Evis." Samulas gave him the gold coins. Evis gave Samulas the Earth Sphere. "I thank thee for being so graceful," Samulas said, and began his journey home. Samulas reached Gatti's castle and gave him the Earth Sphere. Gatti turned the Earth Sphere upside down, and they fell up. They never realized that they would go up such as the ocean did. It was an utter disaster! The ocean had drown them. They had let fo of the Earth Sphere, and it went right side up again. The ocean had turned the sky blue! That was just as his father had intended...just not his son drowning. He had wished he had never sent himout on that mission. The debris that had fallen along with everything else had left white spots in the sky. We still see these spots today as clouds. Never fix something that is not broken. The End.

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