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Grey's Anatomy Plague

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Grey's Anatomy Plague - Page Text Content

S: Bubonic Plague

BC: By: Aurora Wang

FC: Property of Amiria | My journal. NO SNOOPING!

1: Its Summer now. My favorite season! I get to look at the sky, smell the flowers and run around the field with my boyfriend. I'm very glad to be a baron's daughter!

2: June 21 1348: I find it strange when i hear in the middle of the night, screams of agony, terror, grief! Dad says that it was the peasant praying to god to stop torturing them. Every time I hear those screams, it send chills down my spine.

3: June 22 1348: Ugh, i heard more screams. Did you know? One of my Fathers peasants died! From the rumors, he had boils everywhere around his body and coughed until his last breath swept out! This is creepy. I hope i don't catch it! Did god sent a butterfly to torture us?

4: June 23 19\348: Oh wow. ANOTHER peasant died! i wonder if we're going to have any peasants left to work for us. Plus Today's my birthday! But i have to celebrated on November. Anyway I'm twelve now. Colin is also twelve. Colin's a sqiure for now and when i marry him he's going to be a knight! | And THATS going to be us!

5: June 24 1348: I heard that the-first-peasant-that-died''s family, died and the-second-peasant-that-died's was sick.Is it possibly that they didn't pray hard enough or is it that they did something so horrible that God had to punish his whole family? Well, I went out for a walk because i was getting a headache form thinking until i saw two flowers. I picked, one for this book, the other one for Colin. Do you think he will like it? Wow, i got so off topic.

6: June 25 1348 Yay! Colin gave me ten hand picked flowers!! Now I need to hurry up and pick twenty flowers for him! I'm done! Twenty fresh hand picked flowers for Colin, one flower for dad, and one flower for mom. Colin P.S. Now I'm absolutly positive that they did something really bad becuase i heard the family pray all night

7: June 26 1348 Colin was so happy when i gave him the flowers that he kissed me! i was blushing badly but I am so happy! Plus the priest is now praying to God to not let anymore people die. I hope it works! Maybe I'll pray as well...

8: June 27 1348: Oh my gosh, its the middle of the night and I'm hearing prayers to God. I wonder if thats the way to cure the desaese. Well might as well get some sleep! Plus Colin sent me a note! | O Amiria, Too many peasants has died of the new diseases. I pray to God everyday so you'll never catch it. Love, Colin

9: June 28 1348: Today Colin me that his mother's serf caught the diseases. He now has boils all over his body and tis coughing uncontrolibally. Colin's mother sent him home. Plus Colin dragged me outside the castle to a pond. There we saw a swan giving birth!! It was so exciting!

10: June 29 1348 Colin and I went to a forest! we found a lot of cool things! We also found a dollar. Mom and Dad talked about what to do with the diseases. I overheard Dad taking about killing all the peasant with the diseases but then the person who killed the peasant will get the diseases. So then Mom said that we could make all the peasant who caught the diseases never come out again and cover up all their windows and doors. Dad thought it was brilliant and used that way. Personally I find it strange...

11: Nigel, Iam willing to accept your offer of work. please meet me at my garden to find your place

12: June 30 1348: I am writing with white paint so please do not mind the messy writing. i drew the tree outside the yard. Does it look pretty? By the way, a total of 13 peasants already died. I hope that god will stop torturing us! I am going to pray for a full hour today so God will stop torturing us.Me, Colin, and my parents are going to be praying. I hope god answers!

14: July 1 1348 Today the priest's setting fires around the castle to prevent the diseases entering the castle. I wonder. Fire keeps everything alive from going in, is it possible for the diseases to be transmitted by a rat or flea? A cough? A touch of the boils? Maybe i will ask God to give us the answer.

15: July 2 1348 Today's Colin's Birthday! i wonder what I'd get him. Do you think he might like more flowers? No, to plain. I need to think of something else... Hey how about a bookmark? Do you get it? Bookmark? You use it to mark where you can read. What a brilliant idea! Sketch ->

16: July 3 1348: Colin and i went to the river and found some cool pieces of grass. And we drank some cool river water. I am so happy. A river weed

17: July 4 1348: Did you hear? Peasants are now spoking tobacoo too stop their boils! How weird it that! Tobacoo

18: July 5 1348 Colin told me that the priest said that the peasants weren't praying hard enough so they were getting cursed. So if they prayed even harder they would all live. I told dad that and he ordered all the serfs and peasant in his fief to pray to God everyday, every hour, as they work. So like a billion silent prayers. I feel bad for God that he has to answer all those prayers.

19: July 6 1348 God isn't answering the prayers, More and more peasants are dieing. I wish it wasn't that way. Dad told that every peasant now must pray ever night unless they want to get punished. By God and him.

20: July 7 1348 I heard that a monk got the diseases. If he pray hard enough do you think he'll live? I'm starting too doubt that praying works. I'm going to avoid every peasant now...

21: July 8 1348 No! A peasant coughed on me! The priest told me that if i want to live then go to the church and beg mercy from God. I hope this works. I'm done praying now. Its about noon. I started praying from morning to noon. Maybe God will answer me. Colin was praying for me as well. So were my parents. Four people praying. I think God will answer.

22: June 9 134 I have a high fever. Very weak right now. Colin is arfaid to see me. The boils are growing. I feel weak, too weak to go to church. Maybe God will accept bed prayers.

23: June 10 1348 My prayers weren't answered. The boils are getting worse. I wish Colin was here. Mom and Dad is also avoiding me. Today I'm going to pray the whole day so God will answer and if I'm not better in the morning then i will commit suicide. I don't want to suffer anymore. Being isolated and having a high fever as well feels as if your dead already.


26: Refrences Name: Susan Carroll-Clark Title of the Work: Names from the Middle Ages Published at: 53 Thorncliffe Park Dr. #611, Toronto, Ontario M4H 1L1 CANADA copyright © 2010 by Images

27: The End

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