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growth and development project

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BC: By: Marissa Wayne

FC: Growth and Development Project | marissa wayne

1: Zygote week 1 | 1. I, as an egg, am in the fallopian tubes 2. I am merging with the sperm to become a zygote 3. My cell division is occurring quickly

2: zygote week 2 | 1. Placenta is beginning to be built 2. The beginnings of my umbilical cord is visible and partly functional 3. I am surrounded by a yolk sac and its main job is to protect and nourish me.

3: 1. I am the size of a sesame seed. 2. I am composed of three layers; the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. 3. This will one day become my nervous system, vital organs, and skeleton. | zygote week 3

4: 1. I am now starting to look like a mini manatee. 2. My larynx, internal ear, and eye lens are present, but hard to identify. 3. Small bumps are starting to form on, which will soon become my arms, elbows, fingers, legs, knees and toes | zygote week 4

5: zygote week 5 | 1. My head is growing the most and the fastest now. 2. My head is growing the fastest because my brain is starting to develop and regulate my heart and blood. 3. I am now about 5 mm long.

6: 1. My fingers are starting to become visible. 2. The bottom of me is not growing as fast as the top of me. 3. My neck is starting to straighten out. | zygote week 6

7: zygote week 7 | 1. I look like an alien because of my pointy head and big eyes. 2. My ears and eyes are the most defined right now. 3. You can start to tell that I am a girl here.

8: zygote week 8 | 1. I am now one inch. 2. My spinal cord has disappeared so I am starting to look more like a human. 3. I no longer look like an alien, but my head is still way bigger than my body.

9: fetus month 3 | 1. I am fully formed and about the size of an apple. 2. I have developed sucking and swallowing. 3. My taste buds are starting to form as well.

10: fetus month 4 | 1. I am now about five inches long. 2. I am now covered in a layer of thin hair called lanugo. 3. My finger prints are starting to develop.

11: fetus month 5 | 1. I now have little eyelids and eyebrows. 2. All stretched out, I would be about 10 inches. 3. Vernix caseosa, a white greasy coating, has formed over my skin.

12: fetus month 6 | 1. I am now up to a pound and a half. 2. My wrinkles are going away and my skin is smoothing out because I am forming my “baby fat” 3. I am also starting to kick a little now too.

13: fetus month 7 | 1. I now weigh about 3 pounds. 2. I am about 15 inches long as well. 3. I can now open and close my eyes.

14: fetus month 8 | 1. I weigh about 4 and a half, almost 5 pounds now. 2. I now have more fat and am starting to round out. 3. Now, my lungs are well developed.

15: fetus month 9 | 1. I am about 19 inches long. 2. I am also about 7 pounds. 3. I am also in the head position now.

16: infancy: 0-3 months | 1.When I was first born my head was a little dis-formed, but went back to normal shape shortly after. 2.At about 3 months I started learning what my hands could do. 3.I started laughing at 3 months.

17: infancy: 3-6 months | 1.I grew about 7 inches since 3 months. 2.I can now sit up alone. 3.I still could not sleep through the night at this time.

18: 1.I got my first tooth at 9 months. 2.Also at 9 months, I started standing up with help. 3.Mostly babbled, I only would say mama and dada. | infancy 6-9 months

19: infancy 9-12 months | 1.I started crawling at this time. 2.I was easily amused by just watching my other brother. 3.I still mainly babble but have added a few words to my vocabulary.

20: 1.I started walking at this time. 2.I mainly enjoy playing with hands-on toys. 3.I even try walking backwards now too. | infancy 12-15 months

21: infancy 15-18 months | 1.I can stand alone at this time for a while. 2.I like following my mom around and trying to do whatever she does. 3.I try to do the stairs, but cannot fully yet.

22: 1-4 years old | 1.I learned how to write my name. 2.I learned how to tie my shoes. 3.I became potty trained.

23: 1.I learned how to ride a bike. 2.I learned how to read. 3.I always wanted to win no matter what game it was. | 4-7 years old

24: 7-10 years old | 1.I started playing an instrument. 2.I learned how to tumble and became more involved in other sports. 3.I wanted more responsibilities.

25: 1.My hand writing became neater. 2.I started growing a lot more. 3.I learned to deal with problems on my own. | 10-13 years old

26: 13-16 years old | 1.I got my period. 2.I grew a lot more. 3.I developed curves.

27: 1.I got my license when I was 16 and was given more responsibilities. 2.When I was 17 I got to see R rated movies without an adult. 3.When I was 18 I went off to college and had many more responsibilities. | 16-19 years old

28: age 20-30 | 1. I started to put on a little weight which can be very unhealthy in later life. 2.I got married and had a child. 3.I was trying to find a stable job.

29: age 30-40 | 1.I had a hard time staying fit and in shape. 2.I had another child in my early 30’s. 3.I didn’t want to have any more children in my late 30’s because that is when there are increased risk of birth defects.

30: age 40-50 | 1.My menstrual cycle started to change. 2.I got my period less frequently and it was lighter. 3.I developed osteoarthritis in my hips and spine.

31: age 50-60 | 1.My hormone levels shifted and I reached menopause. 2.I work out almost every day now. 3.Working out this much decreases helps my risk of diabetes.

32: 60-70 years old | 1.I frequently get tested for varies types of cancers, like breast, lung, etc. 2.I also had a bone density scan. 3.As well as a scan for osteoporosis

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