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Hamblen Australia

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FC: Comparative Governments

1: The United States | Federal System | Limited Government - Power resides in the people

2: Political Parties | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Libertarian Party | Green Party

3: Constitution Written September 17, 1787 Ratified March 4, 1789

4: Executive Branch | President | Head of Gov't & Chief of State | 2 terms of 4 years | Vice president | Appoints Cabinet Members - Must be approved by senate!

5: Legislative branch | 2 houses (senate & House of Reps) | Senate - 2 members/state 6 year terms | House of Reps - 435 members 2 year terms based on population | Judicial branch | supreme court - 9 justices Highest court | Courts of Appeal - 12 regional courts | District Courts - 94 in 50 states

6: History's Affect | English monarchy punished colonies too much. As a result, the new government had branches where the power was split up

7: Market Economy | Top Imports 1. Crude Petroleum 2. Digital Disk Drives 3. Integrated Circuits | Top Exports - refined oil, capital goods, and organic chemicals


9: Constitution | None existent | treaties | Common law | Statutes | Human Rights act of 1998, Constitutional Reform Governance Act 2010, Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011

10: Gov't | Unitary System | Limited Government

11: Executive Branch | Chief of State – Monarchy (Queen Elizabeth II now) | Head of Government – Prime Minister (David Cameron now) | Cabinet of ministers appointed by the prime minister Monarchy inherits the throne

12: Legislative | 2 Houses House of Lords House of Commons | Lords No elections 780 seats | Commons 650 seats

13: Supreme Court – 12 justices, Established in 2005 by the Constitutional Reform Act Subordinate Courts - Courts of Appeal (civil and criminal divisions), High court, Crown court, county Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, Court of Sessions *Varies with country* | Judicial Branch

14: Conservative, Alliance Party, Democratic Unionist Party | Labor Party, Liberal Democrats, Party of Wales, Scottish National Party | Sinn Fein, Social Democratic and Labor Party, Ulster Unionist Party, United Kingdom Independence Party

15: Economy | MIXED | Top Imports - Manufactured goods, machinery, fuels, foodstuffs | Top Exports - beverages, tobacco, chemicals

16: History's Effects | Monarchs Gain too much power -> Parliament comes in with Acts to limit the power of the monarch

17: China

18: Constitution | December 4, 1982 Amendments have happened - last one in 2005

19: Government | Unlimited | Unitary System

20: Executive | Chief of State: President and Vice President (5 year terms Head of Government: Premier and multiple vice Premiers | Cabinet: appointed by National People's Congress Elections: elected by National People's Congress for a five-year term

21: Legislative Branch | Unicameral National People's Congress 2,987 seats serve five-year terms

22: Political Party | Chinese Communist Party

23: Supreme People's Court - 340 judges, 13 grand justices Subordinate Courts - Higher People's Courts, Intermediate People's Courts, District and County People's Courts, Autonomous Region People's Courts, Special People's Courts | Judicial Branch

24: Economy

25: Exports - electrical and other machinery (data processing equipment, radio handsets, textiles, integrated circuits) | Imports/Exports | Imports - oil and mineral fuels, nuclear reactor, boiler, optical and medical equipment, metal ores, motor vehicles; soybeans

26: History's Effects | Mao Zedong led the communist side in the Chinese Revolution. His forces seized control and established the Communist views in 1949. His Marxist ideology implemented a communist regime that is still present today

27: Mexico

28: Constitution February 5, 1917 2012 - Amended Last

29: Limited Government | Federal Systems

30: Chief of State & Head of Government: President | Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president | Elections: popular vote for a single six-year term | Executive

31: Legislative | Bicameral National Congress consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies | Senate 128 seats 6 year terms | Chamber of Deputies 500 seats 3 year terms

32: Judicial Branch | Supreme Court - 21 judges and 5 supernumerary judges) Judge selection: judges nominated by the president and approved by the Senate; judges serve for life Subordinate courts: federal level includes Electoral Tribunal, circuit, collegiate, and unitary courts; state level and district level courts

33: Citizen's Movement Institutional Revolutionary Party Labor Party Mexican Green Ecological Party National Action Party New Alliance Party Party of the Democratic Revolution | Political Parties

34: Economy | Market Economy | Imports - electrical equipment, car parts for assembly, repair parts for motor vehicles, aircraft, and aircraft parts Exports - manufactured goods, oil and oil products, silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton

35: Francisco Madero led forces in the Mexican Revolution in 1910 and overthrew the government. He instated some basic democratic principals that have been examples for constitutions in other countries | History's Effect

36: Australia

37: Government | Limited | Federal System

38: Legislative | Bicameral Federal Parliament – Senate and House of Representatives | Senate – 76 seats, 12 members/state, 2 members from each two mainland territories, 3 year terms | House of Reps- 150 seats, 3 year terms, majority vote

39: Implemented January 1, 1901 Last Amended in 1977

40: High Court of Australia (7 justices with chief justice), final appellate court beyond the state and territory supreme courts, judges appointed by governor-general with service for life and retirement at 70 | Subordinate Courts – Federal Magistrates’ Courts, Federal Court, Family Court

41: Executive | Queen Elizabeth II (Chief of State) Prime Minister Anthony John Abbott (head of government) Deputy prime minister Warren Truss Cabinet (Prime minister nominates candidates who are approved by Parliament) Monarchy is hereditary Leader of majority party is sworn in as prime minister

42: Australian Greens Party Australian Labor Party Family First Party Katter’s Australian Party Liberal National Party of Queensland Liberal Party National Party of Australia United Party | Political Parties

43: D | M | & | Economy | Imports - machinery and transport equipment, computers and office machines, telecommunication equipment and parts; crude oil and petroleum products | Exports - coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport equipment | MIXED

44: History | The Australia colonies banded together to form a government. The written government is seen in the constitution that takes aspects from the Untied Kingdom (Parliament) and other countries to form a sound body for governing.

45: KANGAROO | Favorite Animal

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