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Happy 50th Bday

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S: Happy Birthday 2010

BC: Mom, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know how loved and appreciated you are. As my inbox was flooded with emails from people wanting the chance to tell you how much they loved you, I shed many tears and continually agreed with everything that was written. You truly are a special, special women and anyone who has the chance to be near you can automatically feel that same love and generosity. It is a true blessing to know you and an even bigger blessing to be your daughter. You always said "The more you are blessed, the more Heavenly Father expects." I know I have big expectations to fill because I am loved by you and blessed by your kindness every day of my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE YOU! Chelsea June

FC: Happy Birthday! April 19, 2010 | Mother | Sister | Daughter | Wife | Friend | Grandma | Aunt | Cousin

1: Written by the Mother of Andrea Ruth Larsen Davis April 19, 2010 Andrea was born Tuesday April 19, 1960. A bit of prose says “Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” The synonyms for grace are elegance, refinement, loveliness, polish, beauty, style, poise and charm. “Now if that don’t paint a picture.” She has established the open door policy in her home. With refinement and charm she welcomes family, friends and strangers to eat, sleep over, sing, practice dance and play. With poise and polish she listens and counsels. Her home and all that surrounds her are elegant and beautiful. She is full of grace and loveliness. “Now that paints a picture.” Andrea has been her dad’s advocate. They had a particular association of love and trust. He confided and counseled with her and she approved and supported many of his dreams and ambitions. I love my daughter with all my heart. She has honored our name and has been an example to those who know her. Her love and kindness has exceeded the normal daughter parent relationship. She has praised us, protected us and loved us for all of her 50 years. If I had only one wish it would be to live it over again with her in the same way, at the same places with the same love, joy and happiness. 1 2 3 Honor Bright! Mom

2: I will always remember the first time that I saw you@ Sounds tryouts. You were wearing sparkling white bell-bottom pants that went over broad based strapped 2-3 inch heels. Your top was a ‘BYU_blue’ button up the front white collared shirt, with length sleeves with white cuffs. Your short blonde hair was ‘smartly bobed’. You wore pink lip stick/gloss. And you had the most beautiful, bright-white smile. And this was all before I heard you sing a note. Holy smokes!!!! Then you sang. What a heavenly, sweet voice! Was I hearing your voice or was it an angel from heaven that I was hearing??? It was Both!!! My heart skipped several beats and in my mind I said, “OH MY”!, “THAT’S MY DREAM”!!! Needless to say I was completely smitten!!! Now I had to get a date with this Goddess of beauty, which took patience and persistence on my part because her dating calendar was sooo full, it took me a couple of months before she could finally squeeze me in. At fifty you have just gotten better and better!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 123

3: So first off I'll state the obvious by saying that it would be impossible to explain on paper even a small part of what Mom has done for me. I am who I am because of her example and love. I've always believed that I could accomplish anything I ever wanted to accomplish and that is one hundred percent Moms fault. Anyhoo – so the thing that comes to mind right now is that Mom is the most selfless person I think I will ever meet. She has lived her entire life worrying about people other than herself. It's almost a fault of hers. I really believe that Mom wakes up each morning and goes throughout the entire day thinking, “What can I do to make so-and-so's life happier.” I've seen it hundreds of times with my own little family. Sometimes we're having a rough day, then Grandma shows up and by the time she leaves or we head home, all of us are happy and excited about life. What she does is truly a miracle. I hope that my kids can say the same things about me when I turn the big “five – 0”! Love you Mom! TJ | When I first met you, we became instant friends. You've been such an amazing example of the kind of Mom I want, and try to be like. There have been many times when we have been together laughing, that we have said we feel more like sisters than in-laws. I still feel the same way today. Thanks for being such a great support to us. My kids wake up each day and ask if we can go to Grandma's. You are wonderful, giving, caring, and the list could go on a mile long! Happy Birthday, and we love you! Erin Grandma, we love you! Thanks for all the fun sleepovers, and fun things we do at your house. We really love to play at your house. Happy Birthday Grandma! 3 Forever, Carter, Tanner, and Hayden

4: Mom, Seriously, what can a lucky daughter such as myself say to an amazingly wonderful mother such as you on her 50th birthday? I love you about sums it up! You are the type of mother that everyone wishes they had... wise, understanding, supportive, helpful, loving, patient, kind, fun, giving, selfless, strong, and so much more. I would be doing good if I had even half of those qualities mastered by the time I turn 50. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my mom! I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I learn new things from you every day, especially now that I have kids of my own. Thanks for always loving me, Andy, and our girls. I truly hope you are around for another 50 years... even if I have to wipe your bum for the last 20 of them! :) Have a GREAT birthday! I love you so so much... to the sky and back! 1 2 3, Sharli Rae | For your 50th birthday I compiled a list of 50 words that best describe you! 1.Unselfish 2.Patient 3.Gentle 4.Graceful 5.Beautiful 6.Kind 7.Polite 8.Respectful 9.Generous 10.Forgiving 11.Understanding 12.Tender 13.Sympathetic 14.Considerate 15.Compassionate 16.Determined 17.Talented 18.Skilled 19.Brilliant 20.Creative 21.Original 22.Inspired 23.Genuine 24.Refreshing 25.Exceptional 26.Unique 27.Amazing 28.Enthusiastic 29.Dedicated 30.Inspiring 31.Uplifting 32.Encouraging 33.Entertaining 34.Witty 35.Clever 36.Loving 27.Lovely 28.Lovable 29.Loved 30.Courteous 31.Grateful 32.Thoughtful 33.Caring 34.Honest 35.Faithful 36.Obedient 37.Reliable 38.Willing 39.Smart 40.Stylish 41.Classy 42.Insightful 43.Easygoing 44.Relaxed 45.Fun 46.Cheerful 47.Proud 48.Happy 49.Supportive 50.MINE That's right...You're MINE and I couldn't have asked for a better mother and an example of charity then what I see in you. Thank you for everything you are to me and everything you have taught me to become. I LOVE YOU! Happy Happy Birthday! Chelsea June

5: Drea, you are the best mother in law ever. Period. I am so greatful to have you and your example of selflesness in my life. Thanks you for all that you do and all of your support. Shar and I would be lost without you and Dad. You are a very loving and dependable person who has always accepted and loved me without question. I don't know how to pay you back for what you have done for us except a lot more GRANDKIDS! So we will do our best to keep bringing down those little ones. Love you. Andy | I knew what I was doing when I picked Chelsea to be my bride. She fit everything I wanted in a wife: she had my humor, she was strong in the church, she was an alto...etc. It goes without saying that she was gorgeous. In my younger years it was said that if you want to determine the "FP" of your girlfriends, you should look at their mothers. All I can say is if Chelsea looks half as good as you Drea at your age, I will be a lucky man! Thank you for always loving us unconditionally. You have so many children and other issues to attend to, but when you talk to us you really make us feel as if we are the most important people in the universe. I am blessed to learn from your patience, your selflessness, your talents, your generosity...the list goes on and on. Thank you for all you do in front and behind the scenes. I am not sure how I will ever be able to repay you for all the lessons I have learned and your kindness, but taking care of your daughter to the best of my ability will be my first step. I love her with all my heart and am so glad to be a part of this family...even if we are the black sheep living half way across the country! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, J.R.

6: In contemplating what memory of Mom I might submit in celebration of her 50th birthday, I found it difficult to think of a single outstanding event. I think the reason that no occasion sticks out in particularly is because Mom has been so thoroughly involved in each aspect and step of my life that it’s hard to think of any experiences I’ve had that I would not associate with Mom’s influence. So instead of an individual memory, I want to share some of my general thoughts and feelings on how Mom has eternally benefited me. Mom, you are the most selfless person I know. When I think of your dominant qualities, words like service, sacrifice, and giving are the first that come to mind. You are constantly concerned for the wellbeing of others - to an extreme I’ve never seen in anyone else. You put yourself in situations to serve and always place the satisfaction of others at higher priority than your own. You may not think we notice, but I’m aware, for example, of how you purposely don’t eat all of your food when we go out to eat and say that you’re full because you know that someone at the table is either going to want more, even after finishing their own, or not like what they ordered, and you want to be ready to provide. You may laugh, but think of how many times that has happened. Making others happy, especially your family, is what brings you joy, and it is evident in your every action that you have dedicated your life to doing so. You have mastered the art of selflessness. What a difficult Christ-like attribute to obtain! Thank you for raising our family in love and righteousness. You are always quick to express gratitude, asking why you have been so blessed with such faithful children. In Doctrine and Covenants 130 it says that when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to the law upon which that blessing is predicated. The blessing of a righteous posterity is no coincidence or accident; it is the result of dedicated, obedient, and worthy parents who have done all they can to teach their children correct principles. We are the way we are because of how you raised us and how you continue to lead us today. Every good decision I make is affected by your influence. Every positive thing that I accomplish should be, in great degree, attributed to you. Thank you for your awesome example. I love you so much. I hope I can find a wife that will be half as good the mother to my kids that you are to me. I love you Mom. Happy Birthday! Diesel

7: A memory I have with mom is when me, her, Derek, and TJ went on the trip to New York. Me and mom decided to make appointments for make-overs on one of the days. We got our make-up done by an extremely feminine man, and the whole time we would exchange looks of how crazy he was! He did our make-up with extreme colors and we both ended up looking ridiculous. We couldn't stop laughing the whole way back to our hotel because we looked at each other and realized how ridiculous we both looked. The money wasn't so much well spent on the make-over, but it was definitely well spent for the laughter we got out of it. It was a fun day :) Mom has always been a great example to me of selflessness. She was always looking around her for someone to serve. The biggest example I can give of this is the many shopping trips we went on together. She always made sure that I felt good about myself at the end of the day, and she always spoiled me rotten! I am grateful for her example of love and patience. I know that being the best mom possible was her first priority in life, and we as her kids are so lucky to have her as our mom! I always knew mom loved and cared about me. I hope one day to be as good of a mom to my kids as mom has been to me! She loves her kids and husband unconditionally :) Love you mom! Happy Birthday!! Whitney

8: A Smile As Sweet As Spring | Happy Birthday!!! Mom you are the best there is so many words that I don't have the time write down to express my love and appreciation for you. Thanks for always being there when I have questions and problems... You seem to always have the right answers. Thanks for the support you give with the sports and other things i sign up for. You are the number one mom and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! :) I am very lucky to have chosen you as my mom in the very beginning!! You have taught me some very valuable life lessons. I want to be just like you when I have seven kids of my own. You will always be hip and cool no matter how old you get!! :) Love you tons, and don't you ever forget it!! luv your favorite daughter out of the five, Tyrali Jane

9: Happy Birthday Mom. Your amazing! You have always been there when i needed you, and you always try to make others happy! If i didn't have you i don't know where i would be! Thanks for every thing you do. You are the best mom any one could ever have! When i grow up i want to be just like you. Love you to the sky and back!! 3!!! -Love Kenzie

10: The Incline and Fall of 1978 In the spring of 1978, I began rehearsals for my first summer as the piano player at the PVPH. Andrea was sparkling and spunky playing the part of the heroine in the heart-wrenching melodrama Adrift in New York, or, Her First False Step. My coming to know Andrea came in a circuitous, serendipitous way. In the early 1970’s Mary Ann and I lived in the married student housing at the University of Utah. John and Marlys and Steve and Jeanne also lived there and the six of us were asked to put on a melodrama. We did so, amid much acclamation, cheers, boos, and hisses. When we moved to River Heights in 1972, we lived just a few blocks from Legrande and Betty Larsen. Thru much physical and spiritual labor, along with a bright eye of faith, they opened the PVPH in 1977. When the piano player for that summer moved away, they asked around for piano players who could take his place. John and Marlys recommended me, which brings us back to the spring of 1978. That spring I was also called by President Larsen to be a bishop’s counselor in a ward in his USU stake. Later that fall, we had a huge influx of new members in our ward, among them Andrea. I had grown to respect and know her well from that summer at PVPH. She was one of the best all around stage performers I had ever seen. I thought that the best word that described not only her performance, but her, was sharp. Sharp also best described the wit, manner, and appearance of an RM named Ted Davis, who also moved into our student ward that fall. Sharp, however, did not define my performance as a bishop’s new counselor. Since this was my first opportunity in a leadership calling, I bumbled along in issuing the many callings necessary with the huge influx of new members. The bishop thought Ted could best serve as our new Sunday School president and asked me to issue the calling. Instead of using the bishop’s office or a quiet room to issue the call, I buttonholed Ted in a busy hallway.

11: Ted told me he thought this to be strange and later wisely mentioned this to the bishop. The bishop buttonholed me in his office and repeated the manner in which callings should be issued. However, I did do one sharp thing when I called Ted: I pointed him in the direction of Andrea. He said that he had already “taken notice of her” [that turned out to be an understate-ment]. He also said he was “inclined” to ask her out but was reluctant because she was in a league way above him. I told him I had married a gal like that and it turned out great for me! I then admonished him to follow his inclination to ask her out, and to do so, as they say in Oklahoma City – “sooner” than later – take courage, and ask her out. Ted did follow his inclination, sooner than later early in the fall of 1978. He asked her out, and, as they say, the rest is history! Over the years of Pickleville, Andrea and Ted, Betty and Legrande, and the other Larsenites have become family to our family, literally in the case of Mindi, and figuratively in the many instances of love and support for our children and for the two of us. Many favors have been doled out at the ticket counter, much concern has been offered in times of hardship for our family, much rejoicing has been expressed in our happy moments. Our children wore out the steps on the stage sitting right there at the piano player’s feet while he played in the performances, feeling a part of the show. Our kids have loved being there, whether on the stage or off. It has been the major part of their growing up years. Thank you so much for offering them amazing memories. We love you, Drea.. you and your entire family. “Thanks for the Memories!” Ralph and Mary Ann Degn

12: I'm just going to start with--love her. Love the woman! Of course I really got to know her through Pickleville, but I knew of her before that. Mindi and I were friends for FOREVER, and I always saw and heard about this really cool Aunt Drea. She had/has such a great affect on people. I'm sure that she didn't know that--at the time being a young mom, so busy and wife of a brand new Dr. She was always so full of life and energy--such a positive force. I enjoyed my experience at Pickleville so much because you mom made me feel a part of the family and life going on there. It was much needed for me, and I looked forward to my weekends. My second season at Pickleville was especially challenging for me since my wedding was called off just before Pickleville opened (drama, drama). The plan was to have this amazing summer working at Pickleville, running the barbeque, newly married--didn't work out that way. Drea was there for me with her positive attitude and sunshiny way, and turned my whole attitude around. It also helped to have these cute little Davis kids running around me all of the time! Family, love, hope, laughter--the best healing remedies, and an example set by Drea. She is this well of unending creativity that has trickled down through her amazing children, and wrapped itself around the rest of us. This life is about finding your calling and doing it--Andrea has done and continues to do this, no matter how the plans continue to change. I am so happy to know her and to call her my friend. Happy Birthday amazing woman! You are loved by me! much love, Melodie Taylor-Mauldin | Ah! I have so much I could say about Drea. She is basically my second mom and I'm so grateful to have gotten to know her. Drea is such an inspiring person. She is so strong and keeps a happy attitude about life no matter what. I've never met a mom who makes me laugh so much! I love Drea's sarcastic sense of humor. I know it helps her and all of the family get through a lot. Drea is also one of the most loving people I've ever met. She loves all of her kids SO much, but then has love left for the numerous people, like me, who just show up at her house and throw themselves into her life. I can remember when Shar's twins were born... Drea couldn't stand to be away from them for more than a couple of hours! She is such a good grandma, mother, and friend. I love her so much and feel like I can never repay her for all she is done for me. Michelle Ringer

13: Drea and I made a great team over the years with Pickleville Cousins, and I always had a ball working with her. Drea is so talented with the choreography and putting our little 10 minutes together. But her best trait was how she worked with all the cousins. She was so kind to all of them--no matter their personalities (and we had some who were not always fun to work with). But the kids all knew she loved them and we never had any real problems because they respected her and did what she told them to almost all of the time. I also really enjoyed playing the piano for the play and working with her doing that the year I braved that. If I didn't have so dang many kids taking up my life, I'd love to work with her again doing that. I also have appreciated the example she has set for us all the last few years. She seems to proceed through life with a quiet grace about her and just goes along with what life deals her. Laura

14: Andrea- I have seen you work miracles with different groups and put together wonderful shows. I have admired the closeness of the Davis family. Over the last decade there have been ups and downs for us all. One of my favorite show memories was watching Ted fill in for a couple of nights in 2001 (maybe ?). It was a clinic on stage presence, character and performance. I was in awe as I watched him make every scene better by making everyone on stage better. For your birthday, I would like to actually ask you for something, uncustomary, I know, but this is me, after all: if the day comes that you find yourself on stage again, I would love to be there, to see you perform. Happy Birthday Andrea! Love- Dan and Lainey Anthony | Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our lives are measured by these.” -Susan B. Anthony | “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.”

15: it's always spring in a grandmother's heart | Drea, I'm very, very grateful for the privilege I've had to be a part of your family. You have given me the chance to develop myself like I never imagined before. Thanks for your love, support, and faith in me! I'll always cherish the time I've had at Pickleville and the way you always stepped in to make sure I was comfortable and fed :) You are an inspiration. Happy, happy birthday, my Pickleville Mama! Cory Keate (aka Chuck Wagon, Sparky, and Sheriff Rowdy) | Andrea, Happy 50th! Wow where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was playing in your bedroom at Grandma's house and thinking how cool your orange car was. I hope you have a happy birthday. Thanks for everything you have done and taught me in my life. I grew up always watching you and wanting to be just like you, on stage and off. You're an amazing person and I'm so glad you have been a part of my life. I love you! Karen Karren

16: Happy Birthday! We first met you when Patrick and I were newlyweds. We would talk about how much we loved your family and visiting your home. You always made everyone feel so welcome and seemed so interested in each of us. We hoped our future home would be similar. We were always so impressed with how well your children got along with one another. I remember being so touched at TJ's missionary farewell, when all the kids sang together. We are so grateful for such a wonderful example you were to us when we were just starting out. Have a wonderful birthday! Love, Liz & Patrick Rose | Drea, You are my second mom. Literally. From feeding me, to letting me sleep at your house, to coming to see all of my shows, you are number 2. I love you SO much. Words just aren't good enough. You have such a special place in my heart. My life has been richly blessed because of you. You have given me so much, and I can't thank you enough. You are also my hero. I admire your strength and your positive attitude. I hope that I can be just like you someday. All my love, Megaldee! (a nickname by you) :)

17: Drea, Happy 50th! What an amazing woman! Thanks for including me in the PVP family! Your heart and home have always been open for others. What a great inviting/welcoming/safe spirit is in your home! I appreciate you taking me in and letting me be a part of your family's lives. As I taught Chelsea and Shar, I was able to see first hand what kind of mother you were and what kind of teaching was going on at home. I hope some day I will have a family that I can teach as you have and a home that has the same welcoming spirit as yours. Everyone who knows you loves your smile and laughter. Thanks for all the humor and laughter you have afforded so many people. The sacrifices you have made for PVP have blessed untold millions! Each cast member has felt unconditional love and seen an example of a truly happy family. You truly have a gift of seeing the best in others and helping others to reach their potential. Thank you for who are you and for what you have helped so many people to become. Melanie Kieffer | When J.R. first introduced us to you.... you were on the floor directing "Forever Plaid" at your house. He didn't tell us you were Chelsea's mom!! I thought you were just another one of the young adults doing this "Pickleville" thing! I felt really dumb when weeks later J.R. told us you were Chelsea's mom!!! Andrea, you look so YOUNG! Happy Birthday. Love, Marsha Haynie

18: There are so many good memories I have when I think of years gone by. The fun time with all our kids at the beach, the fun shows and most of all the good visits with you. When we first starting coming to Pickleville I would sit in the audience and be green with envy, you had such a wonderful voice. It was so fun to see you on the stage. You were superb. I was very jealous. I always wanted to be like that but never could. I am grateful for your kindness over the years in allowing us to come up and enjoy some time with you and the family. You were always fun to be around and a good listening ear when I needed it. We have come a long way baby. Life has dealt us some difficult games to play. One thing I know is that you are a winner and will always come out on top. I do not know how you keep going and going. Maybe you the original "Energizer Bunny". I want you to know how much I admire you and love you dearly. I have always wished we lived closer. It would be fun to see you more often and just go do girl things. I love you, Bonnie

19: Andrea... Words cannot adequately express the thoughts and feelings that come to mind when I think about the things you have taught and shared with me over the last 14+ years. From the very beginning, I felt your love for your children and your desire to help them become the very best they could be. I never felt you push them to achieve your dreams, but to find their passions and follow their desires. I have never heard you speak negatively about your children and admire that you expect them to work hard so that each opportunity can mean the most for them. I know that you have cried and rejoiced for and with each of your children (as well as with many other peolple's children who have become part of your fabulous family!). What a beautiful example. I also have been privileged to see the love you have for your amazing husband. Even when I know you are exhausted and discouraged, your delight in serving him and caring for him is evident in your eyes and manifests itself in your actions. I have always felt that your eternal companion came first, not just now as he needs you at his side, but from when I first met you years ago. Again, your example has touched my life. Finally, I'm not sure how to thank you for believing in me and giving me the courage to try something I had never done before. I could only have been brave enough to direct "Joseph" this winter because of you. You gave me the taste of confidence that helped me become the "professional" person that I am. Thanks you Andrea for touching my life in so many important ways! I will always consider you a dear friend and mentor. May God continue to bless you and your family. Debbie Ditton

20: Dear Drea: Wow! U’ve reached a 50 yr milestone ! Congratulations! I’d like to join all your other well-wishers and send you a BIG HUG and BEST WISHES ! Thanks for all you have done for me and my family over the years. This includes the numerous accommodations to Pickleville and the genuine hospitality to your home. But even more the opportunity to rub shoulders with you and share our lives as we raised kids, played together, enjoyed holidays and discussed relationships. Thanks for your genuine interest in being of service and your unique contribution. Needless to say, your kids are now an extension of your talents and personality. And they will always be a reminder of the FABULOUS person you are and the creative gifts that you have unselfishly shared over the years. And last but not least, Thanks for the tender service you have given to Ted. Your children will always be able to remember and emulate this Christ-like service because of your sacrifice and devotion. What a wonderful gift you have given them. Thanks again for being YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come! Love , Don

21: Andrea! Love, love, love her. I remember always feeling like I was one of her children. She has an incredible way of making people feel so special. Drea, I have always looked up to you and as a mother I look up to you even more. I only hope to have the love for others that you have and your incredible strength. I love you so much. Sarah Passey Roberts | Drea, Happy birthday! I really can't say enough how much I have cherished my time with you and your family. I have so, so many fond memories of your kindness and unconditional love. You will never know how much you gave to me when I was a lost teenager looking for a place I could call home. And I found that at Pickleville and at your home. I always felt welcome and loved. I will always cherish our chats in your kitchen over grilled cheese sandwiches as we designed costumes or sets. And even more than that, I will cherish all of the long, heartfelt conversations we had on the slow Bear Lake afternoons in the box office or the late night stories over baked potatoes. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and mentor. And thank you for taking a chance on an awkward 16 year old. Happy Birthday! With much love, Justin Berry | Andrea, Happy Happy 50th! I can't believe it. It is cool we share the same birthday. I always remember yours. I just wanted to tell how amazing you are. Just looking at the strength of your family is a testament to you. I have to say you are the best Doctor's wife that I have ever met. You always have a smile for everyone. Just seeing you and Ted together warms my heart. I still giggle when I remember you teasing Ted if he wasn't nice to you you could just unplug him. Your humor and grace through this trial is such an example of a woman of faith. I hope you have a great day. Love, Amy Jensen and Family

22: Most of my memories of Andrea come from when she was a baby and little girl. Our family and Uncle LaGrande and Aunt Betty’s were close and we had holiday dinners and fun occasions together often. Our favorite times were when Andrea or Andrea and Wayne were loaned to us for a visit. Andrea was an amazingly charming child. She had a funky little speech pattern that was impossible to resist and I would always try to get her to talk so everyone could enjoy it. However, she was a selective performer and did so at her choice and never on demand. As we were trying to coax her into speech she would study us very seriously as if questioning our sanity. If only we had known all we needed was a spotlight and a stage and she would share all her vast talents with us. I remember how excited the boys were to get a little sister and especially how proud Jim and John were of her. Anytime we were holding her they kept a close eye to be sure we were doing it properly. Another memory that is so clear to me is Wayne’s surprise seeing Andrea when he returned from his mission. She had made the transition from child to young lady while he was gone. If I had to describe Andrea I would tell of her charm, her talent, her generosity of spirit and self. She is an amazing sister, mother, daughter and wife. But the truly incredible quality Andrea possesses is her desire and ability to continually widen her circle of loving influence to include the many people she comes into contact with her. I wrote a small paper for my writing class in college that tells of some of the Andrea magic I always feel in her presence. And, just a note, I got a A. Kim Chantrill

23: Andrea By: Kim Chantrill I spent an exhausting afternoon last week-end ‘keeping an eye’ on my four year old cousin. My aunt used the term keeping an eye on her. I find keeping both eyes, both hands and a couple of bribes rarely slow her down or keeps her in sight for long. Unless a great deal of tact and imagination is used along with any attempt to confine or control her energy is met with active opposition. Awhile ago I summoned all of my tact an imagination and invented a game to entertain her that we call "What ifs, Hows the come, and Why”. The rules are simple. It requires two players, one supposedly more intelligent than the other and two active minds. The player, who cries if she doesn't get to start, starts. She asks a question that begins with what if, hows the come, or why”. The other player must immediately counter with a ‘silly pooh’ answer followed by another question. The game continues until, hopefully, one of the players goes to sleep. Last week-end the game almost reached perfection. Andrea began. "Why do stawers stay up in da sky?” I answered, "Because the angels use Elmers glue, silly pooh!” My easily amused little cousin chortled and rolled on the floor in glee. | According to the rules it was my turn to ask, "How's the come you have five fingers on your right hand?” "’Cause I have five on da ahver hand silly pooh!? Her laughter was even louder this time. "Now it's my turn.” She announced as she closed her eyes and put her tongue between her little teeth. Her face wrinkled in concentration. "Oooh. I've got to fink hard.” Suddenly she smiled and opened her eyes wide. "How's the come da twires aren't made out of woad and the woad made out or wubber?” Frankly, it left me a little blank. I finally countered with, "So just the tires go flat and not the whole highway, silly pooh.” Andrea was again vastly amused at my ‘brilliant’ answer and laughed delightedly. We played a few more rounds and pretty soon Andrea was yawning and crawled into my lap for some snuggling. Two more question and her eyes closed and her breathing deepened. I held her for quite a while watching her beautiful little face and wondering; How do clouds stay up in the sky? Why aren't roads made of rubber? Hmmmm? Now let me ‘fink’.

24: There is a place I know and love, on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake, complete with a monster. It is a charming log theatre, Pickleville Playhouse. I spent my childhood every summer at the foot of my Father's piano bench, in the dim glow of the footlights, and watched my imagination come to life. Complete with post-intermission popcorn and Sunkist pop I would mouth every word and note that would emote off the stage, and at the heart of all this pageantry and melodrama was a beautiful songbird-heroine named Andrea. I would watch her every move, tilt of her pretty blonde head, and bat of her eyes and thought she was a Disney Princess/Damsel in Distress in the flesh! She was just as sweet and adoring off stage. Nary a harsh word or raised voice I ever heard from her. She embodied beauty, talent and goodness to my impressionable young soul. I would think, “When I have a daughter, I am going to name her Andrea or Lilly White.” Besides the hummable tunes and ingnue etiquette I learned, I was taught important lessons every summer. Important things like Honor: “a dutiful daughter must do as her Daddy demands,” Ethics: “Cigareets and whiskey and wild, wild, wimmin’ will drive you crazy they’ll drive you insane.” Purity: loose lips, sink ships and “keep your mind on your drivin’ keep your hands on the wheel, keep your snoopy eyes on the rode ahead,” and Bathroom Safety like “what I aim to figure out is what the heck I et!” As I grew up and continued to watch and learn more from Drea, I learned more lessons still. She is not only a talented performer, director and producer, but one of the strongest people I know. Through the trials and curve balls of life, she shines as an example of charity, service, patience and optimism. I well up with gratitude and tears as I think of this Woman of God and her influence on my life and the lives of all who are fortunate to know her. The greatest role I have watched her perform is this; a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend. Drea, there is a place all your own in my heart. Besides my own family, the Pickleville Family influenced my young life more than anything else, with YOU as yet again, the heroine. You still embody talent, beauty and goodness to me, and on this special birthday, and every day I hope you know that I love and admire you. Happy 50th Birthday Drea!!! All my love, Jessica Degn Rampton

25: Drea, HAPPY 30th b-day! (or at least that's how old you'll always be to me!) It's been fun to think back on all my memories that include you....basically every summer of my childhood that I can remember. You ALWAYS were so upbeat, talented, happy, positive and with a smile on your face. I look back and think "How in the WORLD did Drea deal with me?!?!" When I was little, I was always in the way, at EVERY practice, on the bench with dad and singing from the balcony during the shows. How annoying is that? Even when I was in the shows, I'm in "ah" with how you dealt with the obnoxious, immature and silly things I would do. I wonder why you didn't just smack me sometimes. :) But you were always so kind to me, even when I was way below the talent level that surrounded me, you still buoyed me up and gave me a chance. I always look back on those years with SO many fond memories and I randomly dream back to those times. Thanks for putting up with me and loving me just like family. I love and miss you dearly and I pray there is always a calming peace in your heart, because you always gave that to me. Love you, Melissa (Degn) Smith | My favorite memory of Drea is her dancing and jumping up and down during the Olio. She'd be in the lobby just out of sight from the audience, but there so that we could all see her trying to get everyone to have more energy. :-) Andrea was a great director and a great friend. Have a Wonderful Birthday! Mindi Hansen

26: Nothing Is So Beautiful As A Righteous Women | when I married Jim in 1967. She was fun and busy. It was fun to watch her grow and watch her in many activities. Our children loved her and she always made it fun when we would visit. I have always admired her talents in singing and acting. Andrea was about 17 when Pickleville Playhouse was built. It seemed that after that we spent a lot of time together. Andrea started to help direct the Pickleville Cousins. Our children have great memories of Pickleville Cousins. Our children were among the first because we are the oldest. We have a lot of fond pictures and memories of PVP. Jim enjoyed working with Andrea in directing the plays. Andrea, thanks for loving our children and our grandchildren. Andrea is a big part of a lot of our memories. Christmas parties, Lake Powell, The Arches, missionary farewells and homecomings and many family activities. This is one of my greatest blessings in my life to marry into the Larsen family and the Larsen family includes Andrea. I have learned a lot from Andrea and I love her. Love, Jim & Judy

27: I knew right away what my favorite memory was of Andrea. This memory extends way back to the days when she and Ted were just getting started. Andrea was always willing to help in any way and to share anything she had with us. Our family was always in and out (since we lived elsewhere) and their home was always open to the weary travelers. Of course when I say “home” I’m also including Pickleville! We had such a blast with your family in both places and always looked forward to our visits. It was always a big family reunion and the kids had so much fun. They have always loved Aunt Drea and knew that there would always be something fun happening wherever she was! Of course as the years have gone on, we’re still having fun but I have a much greater love and respect for Drea as I have watched her care for Tedder, my little brother. I REALLY don’t know how she does it. The only thing I can think of is that she’s just not human because it just doesn’t seem humanly possible to keep up everything that she does on a daily basis! I’m pretty sure that in some sense she really is an angel because everything seems to run smoothly and fabulously wherever she goes and everyone benefits from all that energy and love! We love you Drea! Keep up the good work! Jane and family

28: I remember swimming in our apartment in Logan-when I was like 2 or 3 and Andrea coming to swim with Brandon and I. Her and Wayne were our favorites. She spoiled me! I remember her wedding at grandmas house. It was perfect and all of us girls felt so special in our pretty orange dresses. We felt like we were the stars of the wedding. We loved uncle Ted too. We had known a few of her previous boyfriends and we really liked Ted. I remember sleeping over at their apartment in Salt Lake (I think) before they had any kids. We watched videos and ate lots of treats. I remember Drea and Ted coming to our house in Magna and staying over with us while my parents went out of town somewhere. We had so much fun! (Random) I remember going to the costume closet (in Drea's little orange car) in Salt Lake and TJ having a major blow-out all over Drea's lap. My most favorite memory is of Drea on stage at Pickleville. She was my idol! I could sit there every night and all day at rehearsals just watching Drea. She was the most beautiful person in the world! She had an amazing voice and was perfect (still does and is today)! My favorite was the oleo. She would sing "Blue over you" (can't remember what the song is really called) but she wore a blue dress (I wore that same dress the year I was the heroine in Mindy's play). Anyway, I loved how she sang that song. In fact, one night, I was backstage with Drea watching from the wings and she let me come out on stage with her while she sang that song. She held me in her arms and sang to me. Andrea, to me, was like a Disney Princess to all other little girls! I loved every minute of Pickleville cousins, especially with Andrea teaching us. I don't have too many memories of the other lady who taught us, but I remember being taught by Drea. I loved the song when Drea came out (Hard Knock Life) and I was sleeping on my broom handle and she said, "Celesta, get to work!" and I said, "Oh Drea!" (Very random-I know-but your mom had a great influence on me!) I remember when Drea had TJ. I loved sitting on the bed watching her change his clothes, feed him and play with him. She was so nice to all of us cousins. Later in life, I was privileged to get to start a business, Spotlight Pizazz, with Andrea and Karen. I learned so much from Andrea and because of that, I have been able to keep Spotlight Pizazz going for the past 12 years. I had such a great experience on stage all of my life and I was able to give my daughters a glimpse of that through Spotlight! I know that part of who I am today is because of my Aunt Andrea! I feel so blessed to be in this family. I have told grandma a million times, we have an amazing family! How could anyone go wrong, being in a family like ours! Thanks so much, Drea, for everything you have given me in my life! Happy Birthday, Andrea! Love, Celesta

29: There are so many fun memories of Drea and the Davis family. If I had to pick just one it would be the time Drea and I sat on her couch in the piano room, and just talked. Although I'm sure she had plenty of other things to do, she took the time to be with me for that moment. I'll always cherish that time and all of the many valuable things I learned from her. Drea has a twinkle in her eye and a love for her family that is incomparable to anything else. Love ya, ~Lindsay Bashaw Nicholas | Andrea~ I simply love you. Thank you a million times over for being such an example to me, especially during my impressionable high school years. My very first memory of you is meeting you for the first time in your old Hyde Park home. I think I was carving pumpkins at your house when you walked in the door and a quick introduction was given. I remember thinking, “She is so pretty!!” I learned a lot from you during that time and through those years. I remember watching you and Ted at many basketball games scream and cheer for those SV Bobcats! You always support your kids 110% in everything they do. I remember making many posters at your house! Some, “VOTE for TJ” and some “VOTE for Chelsea.” I know that if we had a vote for, “Wonder Woman” you’d have my vote! You truly can do it all. I remember you making fondue that was SO delicious! Someday I need to get your recipes. (I have a random memory of us taking a picture of our feet! Where that came from, I can’t remember but I know there is a picture floating around somewhere of our feet!) I remember after I received my mission call, I came over to your house one afternoon and we talked and talked in your living room. I could feel your love and excitement for me and the experiences that awaited me. One line in my Patriarchal blessing reminds me to “observe what I see in my home and in others homes and to work to make those things even better in my own home.” Other than the home I grew up in, during my high school years there wasn’t a home I observed more than yours. Always full of love and laughter and FUN. The spirit was there and you were what made it that way. Now that I am a mom, I see so much more clearly the influence of a good woman in a home and in the lives of her children. You are a perfect example of that “good influence”. I hope you have very Happy Birthday and always remember how wonderful you are. Thank you for the good memories. Love always, Ky

30: One of my favorite memories of Andrea was in our youth. While growing up, Andrea and I would alway wrestle each other. When we were real young I could whip on her but as she got into Jr High and High School, as commonly happens, she out grew me, and so she became a formable opponent. The matches became quit intense at times. Mom (Grandma) was usually close by, refereeing the match, telling me not to hurt her. I owe much of my success in wrestling to Andrea. She allowed me a lot of mat time outside of the wrestling room. Drea, your awesome, alway giving your all to help anyone improve their skills.. Your loving Brother, Wayne

31: One of the biggest things that I remember is that Drea was so fun. One time we went to Raging Waters and she was the only aunt to actually put on a swimsuit and come swim with us. It was so fun and I always thought that I wanted to be that way when I was a mom. My mom and the other aunts wouldnt even put on their suits. She was such a fun mom. Tish | Drea- First of all we can't believe you are really 50! You look so great and are still so much fun we would've never guessed! We don't really have one specific memory of you... we just remember our trips to pickleville and how good you are to us and our kids! Our kids look forward to being up there every year and talk about it nonstop for months afterward. We appreciate you being so willing to let us come every year and for treating us the way you do! Also we remember how good you and Ted were to us when we were first starting our lives together! We wouldn't have the family we have today without the help of you and your sweet husband and we will be forever grateful to all the help you gave to us in getting Kaden and Kassidy here. Always know we are deeply in debt to you guys and if you or your kids ever need anything we are here to help! We admire what a hard worker you are, the strength and optimism you have, especially in the last few years, your attitude toward life is truly inspiring! And what a wonderful family you have raised- we love and admire each and everyone of your children. They have grown up to be such great people themselves and that says alot to you as parents! We are very blessed to be a part of your family! Thank you for everything Drea! Hope your birthday is one of the bestest!!! All our Love, Paul and Jenny

32: Dear Andrea, When Chelsea asked me to write something up for the book that she was doing up for you for your 50th birthday. I thought to myself I would have rather sewn something up for you than to write something. Lots of time has gone by since I first became acquainted with you. Chelsea was just getting out of High School then and as I have watched her grow and develop over the years. My love for you and your family has grown so much. I so appreciate all that you have done for me and the family over the years. You have been so good to all of us in all the tickets and the dinners at Pickleville. How we have loved those shows and meals , it was a special treat for me and Cec to with so many of our kids.I have loved doing the costumes and working with you over the last thirty some years. I love you and admire the strength and courage that you have in taking care of Ted and your family. And still be able to direct and produce your plays at pickleville each year. Have a Happy 50TH Birthday Andrea Much Love and a Friend Always, Lois Hugie

33: I first remember Andrea as a tom boy trying to fit in with 6 brothers. I remember her wrestling Wayne as he was going to pursue a high school wrestling career and schooling him on several occasions. I remember her teaching the chicago cousins how to play house when they got tired of having me try to teach them how to hunt. Andrea never seems to get angry--always has a happy disposition. I have most admired her as I've watched her raise her family and work with Ted and manage a thriving Pickleville business. She has a do-it-or-die Larsen attitude accompanied with her happy disposition that is contagious and fun to be around. Mom and Dad have left a legacy of love and many loyal friends. Drea will represent the Larsen's after Mom and Dad are gone through service to the community through the theater, dedication to her family, and all the time maintaining a positive outlook on life and what life has to hand to us. I suppose we get so busy with our own lives that we don't see others' lives clearly. As I pause and think of Andrea, she is a remarkable person, willing to help when she can even with all her own problems. I am sure glad she was her to help with dad and mom and now just mom. 50 years is old. you can never go back. I think of all the things I would like to do over or different. I am not sure Drea has those regrets, she seems to do things so well and correct the first time. Happy birthday Drea, I hope the next 50 years treats you well. Love ya Ryan

34: My first memory of Drea goes back to the summer when Sky View High did Joseph, when Chelsea was choreographing while in a leg bace and Drea was directing the children. I have never seen anyone deal with that many children which such ease and love. She really did some magic, like she has done hundreds of other times. That same love is and was evident to me when she played with her family, talked with them, and also directed them. In wishing Drea a happy birthday, it would be unrealistic not to express so much thanks to a lady with a very giving heart. Drea we love you! I love you like an adopted son, since I lived with you more than I did with my family from Smithfield. Once again, this speaks of your good and very large heart. Drea you have taken in so many of us, people needing direction and love, and a good environment in which to enjoy our summers. Drea you are fantastic. You have multiple children who would claim you as their mother and Chels and I are some of them. It has meant a lot to Chels and I to be included as family/family friends. We love you very much. I will always claim you as a mother; feel free to claim me as one of your many sons whom you didn't have to give birth to. Thank you so much. Love, Brigham and Chelsea Moore

35: I've actually known Andrea since high school, she was a year younger than me. I didn't really know her very well then. I got to know her better when I started working for Dr. Davis. She would come into the office every now and then to make copies and just to see how everything was going. I really appreciate the way she helped Rhiannon when she was in Pickleville. Rhiannon had a great time and I know she learned alot. Andrea is an amazing person, she is always smiling and so upbeat. She takes great care of Dr. Davis and has become an excellent nurse. Andrea, have a great birthday, you deserve it! Love, Kathy Hansen

36: A Smile As Sweet As Spring | It was interesting at our home in Driggs as we grew up. Our last addition to the family came in the form of a beautiful little girl that was born at the Teton Valley Hospital in Driggs, Idaho. I remember the night that my mother went into labor. Grandpa Butler was at our house in Driggs taking care of us and waiting for the blessed event to occur. I remember Grandpa’s face when the news was delivered that mom had delivered a baby girl. He was so excited and happy he could hardly contain himself. It was thought impossible that the Larsens could have a girl after 6 boys had preceded her. She was beautiful and Grandpa would hold her and rock her and look endlessly into her eyes and face. It was like he knew her from before. I think Grandpa was happy because he knew how much mom wanted a baby girl. Enough of the boy stuff; it was now time for a different flavor and tone in the Larsen home. It was a beautiful flavor and wonderful tone. There was really a difference in the family and home when Andrea came to be. It’s funny, but I never felt like I was less loved with Andrea in the home. Mom still loved me and Dad; well Dad was Dad and he loved me too. It was great growing up in Driggs and being together as a family. Another favorite memory of mine was watching Andrea perform. She was on stage at Pickleville Playhouse in its formative years. I always thought that she was so beautiful and pretty. When she would sing it was like I was in a whole different world. Her melody and harmony with the music was something that captivated me. I would sit in the theater during rehearsals just to hear her sing. Her movements would harmonize with the songs and were so graceful and elegant. She truly was a lady in the purest sense of the word. I always knew that if Broadway ever heard her sing and saw her dance she would be famous. I know that her children come by their talents because of their mother. Those were great days and fun days building Pickleville and watching my sister perform for the world. It was a real sense of accomplishment knowing that one of the purposes for that building was to showcase the talents of my little sister. Now my memory of her is for her strength and faith with handling her family situation. I am still amazed at her talent and grace as she goes through each day taking care of Ted and juggling all her other responsibilities as a parent and a grandparent. I hope that when I grow up I can be like her and have her Strength, faith, beauty and grace. The beauty and grace are probably out, but maybe the strength and faith could have a chance. I cannot believe that you are 50 years old. I hope your 50th is a good day and a good year. I so admire you and love you. You are as beautiful now as you were those years ago dancing, performing and singing on stage. Love, Bruce

37: My aunt Dre memory is actually a string of memories. I lived with Ted and Dre for a semester upon returning home from my mission, and again during a summer that I worked the cookout. During those months of craziness and dating she was unfailingly kind. Some nights I got home pretty late, most of the time I was trying to balance a very heavy school load, work, extra-curricular, Latter-Day-Voices, and of I brought a decent number of girls home to auntie and she was always so engaging and warm to them. I look back and realize that my love for people and my desire to find ways to serve throughout my upcoming career surely have been influenced by the excellent example of my Aunt Andrea. I've never seen anyone with so open a heart maintain such an open lifestyle. Dre, may or may not know it, but during the summer of "Annie Get Your Gun" and "The Hanging of El Bandito" I know of at least one (probably two or three) cast members whose testimonies were revitalized because of their interaction with Pickleville and the Pickleville family. Thank you so much! Your Nephew, Lance | Drea~ The first thing that comes to mind when I think of you is how you ALWAYS welcome friends! It seems like no matter what time it was or who it was, the door to your home (and your pantry!) was always open. There are so many of us that probably owe you a grocery bill! It was so fun at USU to feel like there was a "family" for all of us to belong to. I have one specific memory of playing some kind of wild game, running ALL over your house, and the coffee table in the family room was the "base"...I'm sure there's a name for it but all I remember was having a BLAST! There's such a great spirit in your home and a warmness in your smile. We felt welcome and loved and like we had a place to hang out and belong. I have always admired how close your family is and I definitely think that accomplishment lies with Mom. I think it's such a gift to have a family who loves to spend time together. You are so supportive of your children and their talents and dreams. Well, and let's be honest, you have amazing children!!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration of how to live and how to love. We love you!!!!! Love, Becca and Paul

38: Dear Andrea, Some of our fondest memories relate to you. We remember when Betty brought home a beautiful baby girl to help her keep the six sons in line. We remember that you learned to smile within a few days and have been continually doing so ever since then. We cherish the holidays we spent with you and your brothers in Driggs, playing and laughing continually on each day of our visit. We fondly recall enjoying your loving spirit during our trips to Moose Creek Ranch. We can't forget your falling off the trampoline in the Moose Creek lodge, but not being willing to let anyone see you cry. We think a lot about your becoming a professional singer and dancer about the same time you entered first grade. We will alway have your picture in our minds of how great you looked on the stage at the Pickelville Playhouse. We still retain the memory of your beauty as the bride of extremely handsome Ted Davis. We cherish each baby announcement as you blosomed into the age of motherhood. We relish the times we watched plays you had directed for the many fans of Pickelville. We mostly remember how it feels to get hugs from you when we are fortunate to be guest in your home. All our love to you Aunt Colleen and Uncle Everett

39: K, my most favorite memory of us is when we would perform many many times "Sam, you made the pants too long". I admired you so much, I wanted to be just like you when I grew up, I loved performing with you at Pickleville, You would always pair me up with the cute quys and let me do some solos, even though you knew my voice wasn't all that great, Thanks Dre. I love being around you and watching you perform, you are an amazing woman, you have gone through so much in your life, you are my hero in every way, you would always welcome Dave and I into your home and treat us like we were your favorites, I also remember your little apartment that I would babysit your babies, that was way fun. Secretly you were and are my favorite aunt we did tons together, you had the neatest room, it looked like a princess room. we would play for hours in there. I would beg to sleep over so I could sleep in your room. When you got married, you were a princess, I remember starring at you the whole time, you looked like an angel to me. All in white. That was the neatest thing ever. My heck I could go on and on about the memories I have of you and I and all the things we did growing up and grown up. I LOVE you so much "Aunt dray", you have taught me so much in my life, and continue to be an example to me in my life now, I know I don't see you much anymore these days, and that is poopie, I would love to follow you around like a little puppy again and soak in all the goodness. You work way to hard, and have accomplished so much, Thank you for loving me and teaching me so much." HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"!!!!! Janell Larsen Aamodt

40: Happy Birthday Andrea! Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady who we love and admire. When we first met Andrea, she was just "Ted's latest girlfriend", but it didn't take very long before we knew she was THE ONE, and she became family to us as well. As we have gotten to know her over the last 25+ years, we have seen her as a: * Devoted wife and mother *Talented actress, vocalist, dancer, choreographer and theatre manager *Feeder of Thousands (we've been the recipient of many of these meals) *Home manager, decorator, building designer, and author of a wonderfully warm and welcoming home *Cheerleader-Supporter of a student-husband getting his M.D. *Compassionate Caregiver *Amazing Skiier *All around very fun person While we didn't see Ted and Drea as often as we would have liked because of the physical distance between us, we never felt an emotional distance. Whenever we were in town, Drea would make time to see us even if we just "popped in". During their time in medical school and residency, we were happy to have them nearby in Detroit. We love Drea and Ted and their family! We feel privileged to be included in her 50th Birthday Celebration. Love, Ron & Sherrie and Family

41: The Davis family is one that filled the need of family when I was thousands of miles away from mine. There were plenty of afternoons over at the house when I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life, with warm meals and entertaining moments. I was always so relieved to know that they were there. I remember specifically the week of Chels’ wedding, the hustle and bustle at an all time high at the Davis house. Matt Dickamore and I spending an innumerable amount of time in the garage creating the pieces for the reception. I went into the house to grab something and there was Drea, sitting at the counter taking a moment ~ something I’m sure she hadn’t done all week long. Not wanting to interrupt her rare moment of quiet I started to retreat back to the ‘creation room’. But she stopped me and we talked for a moment. Although her plate, as it normally is, was full and she had a million things to do she asked how I was and listened as I responded. We laughed about a boy and then we talked about Chels and JR for a bit. It was one of the moments when you realize just how loved children are by their parents, she spoke with tears in her eyes about how much both meant to her and how thrilled she was for their future. There was a look in her eye, a look of love and admiration, a look that is always in her eyes as she talks about her family, her life. She truly loves, more than most. She serves because she loves and she teaches us all through her fantastic example. Love you Dre! Happy Birthday! Kasi French

42: President Larsen – A Man Who Knew How to Pray In the 1970’s, I was the accompanist for the River Heights Priesthood Choir. Jess Thompson was its founder and conductor. Jess was an incredible Irish tenor and the choir was his joyful project. Jess had died a few days previously and Sister Thompson asked that I conduct Jess’ beloved choir at the funeral. She requested that we sing “O Home Beloved,” Jess’ favorite hymn. With poignant words by Evan Stephens and rich D-flat harmonies by Joseph Parry, it is a real tearjerker. As with most funerals, choirs don’t have much advance notice so rehearsal time is usually short to non-existent. Our rehearsal time was more like the latter. So with our limited rehearsal, a first-time choir director, our feeling of loss for Jess, and the moving words and touching harmonies of the hymn, our composure was under great duress. As a result, we hoped that our rehearsal was not a harbinger of our performance in a few minutes. Dr. Larsen was singing tenor that day and I asked that he pray before we went into the chapel to sing. I don’t believe I’ll ever forget that prayer of faith he gave that day. This is pretty close to the exact words he used: “Dear Heavenly Father. We thank Thee for the opportunity to fulfill a request to sing at the funeral of our beloved brother, Jess Thompson. Jess’ sweet wife has asked that we sing his favorite hymn, “O Home Beloved.” Now, Father, Thou hast heard how our rehearsal has gone. We want to honor Thee, Jess, Jess’ widow, and those that are attending this funeral service by singing how Jess would like us to. So we ask Thee, dear Father, bless us to sing better. And if we don’t sing quite on pitch, please adjust the tone in the ears of the listeners so they hear us in tune. Please bless us with angels to sing along with us so we can hear how to sing correctly. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” To a man, not one of us moved after that prayer. We all felt the confirmation of the Spirit so strong. Finally, Dr. Larsen said, “Let’s go sing”! That day was the first time I conducted a choir of angels. I couldn't believe that such a resonant, balanced, rich, tonally perfect sound could come from 23 men! Each of the brethren that I talked to afterward told me that it sounded like they were in the middle of a choir of 300 angels. Many in the service that day told me the same. Sister Thompson was totally touched. Such was the result of a prayer from a man who was a master at praying, because he knew the Master. All of us in that room never forgot that prayer.

43: Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express. ~Joseph Addison

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